Klein is German and Moyen is French for MEDIUM.
The KLEIN is a size of Poodle, recognised around the world except in the US. Here, we have just 3 sizes: TOYS which are up to 10 inches, MINIATURES up to 15 inches and everything over that is a STANDARD. The problem is, you won't see anything in the standard show ring under 23-24 inches and there are a lot of Poodle pups that mature bigger than 15 inches and smaller than 22. That's where the klein/moyen fits in. In the US, those pups are called oversized minis or small standards depending on which of the recognised sizes it is closer too.

At IN.Klein, I have just two Poodles in my breeding program.
My stud dog, Mountain Summit's HOO-RAH, and his mate, Mountain Summit lN.KLElN'D TO PARTl , are both kleins and they come from klein parents.
Since each is brown/chocolate factored I expect every litter will have one or more brown pups.
AND Parti-Girl is parti-colored (spotted,) so there should be partis as well.

Hoo and Parti are house pets. Although they are crate and x-pen trained, they usually spend their time following me from room to room, ocassionally allowing me to sit on the couch with them. They like car rides and meeting new people. Hoo is especially enchanted with children.

Puppies from Hoo-Rah and Parti will arrive in the summer of 2015.
To get on the waiting list, email me at inkleinpoodles@fastmail.com. Once you are approved, a $250 deposit is required.