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After more than 40 years breeding and showing purebred dogs, I am amazed and delighted with the reactions of the families who receive my Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Whoodle puppies. Whether it be F1 (first generation,) F1b (backcross) or a multi-generation backcross, they are impressed, as I am, with the health and attitude of these mixes. All sizes of Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Whoodle puppies... standard, miniature and small... seem to have a special affinity for children and they get along well with other animals (provided, of course, they are socialized with them.) While these pups are pretty smart, they use their intelligence to please their humans rather than trying to outwit them, making them easy to train. Because most inherited problems are caused by recessive genes and have to be present on both sides of the pedigree, a puppy with parents from two different breeds that do not share a particular problem will not have the problem. However, it may be carrying the recessive FOR the defect and when bred to another dog carrying the same recessive can and most likely, will produce it. I am not interested in seeing these mixes 'progress' to breed status with a closed... and contaminated... gene pool.

In the last couple years, there has been a proliferation of 'Doodle breeders... to the point where even the "best" breeders... the ones who carefully select their breeding stock for health and temperament, who raise their puppies with lots of care and attention, who are thoughtful about where they place pups and stand behind them for their whole lives... have trouble finding enough good homes. Therefore, as much as I love 'Doodles, I am now concentrating my breeding program on Whoodles. With fewer breeders involved, it is easier for buyers to contact a good many and to get a feel for the PERSON they get the pup from. Choosing the right breeder for you is at least as important as the puppy you get. The pup definitely benefits when both the buyer and seller can be selective.