Diamond and Sparky's pups were born May 2nd!

All 6 are parti-colored (spotted) and all 6 are male (oops!) There are 2 miniatures and 1 moyen available as of Aug 17th.

The miniatures are:

Puppy # 3 (faced shaved) * * * * * Puppy #5 (face shaved)

Click HERE for 10 weeks pix taken 7/16/08

Di and Sparky are both around 15 inches tall and 16-18 pounds. These pups can be registered with CKC(USA.)

Price: (for puppies 1-5) $800 each (plus shipping.)

Puppy #6 is a moyen (medium sized, between mini and standard.)
HIS price is $1200 and does NOT include shipping.

FYI: I do NOT dock tails and I am adamantly against early spay/neuter
so my pups are placed intact.

Email me for details and to begin the screening process.

Here are the parents (click on their pictures to see more photos of each.)

Diamond and Sparky

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