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Waiting and Reservation Lists and
Pricing in General

and MINE in particular

1.) Waiting & Reservation Lists
2.) Pricing
3.) Payment

Waiting and Reservation Lists

Something to consider: I keep a limited waiting list. Families are screened and approved prior to being added to the list. There is a fee of $100 which is non-refundable but is deducted from the pup's price. The WAITING LIST is NOT litter specific and has no time limit.
Before I post on the website or blog, people on the waiting list will get emails from me about breedings that are being done. That way they'll have a little "leg up" for getting a pup from a particular pair.

Once I've done a breeding and am sure there are pups coming, I open a RESERVATION LIST for that specific litter and I accept only FOUR gender specific reservations. Families on the waiting list are given first option. There is a non-refundable $350 fee to get on reservation list ($250 for people on the waiting list) BUT it is deducted from the puppy's price AND that price is at least $200 less than I charge once the pups have arrived. The reservation list is a FIRM commitment to a pup from that particular litter. Again, families must be preapproved before going on the list.


IN GENERAL, pricing varies according to:

gender (females are more than males,)

color (wheaten is always less than any other color, parti [spotted] and unusual colors [merle, brindle, etc] are always the highest because they're the rarest,)

size (the smaller you go, the higher the cost,)

age (this is tricky because more inexperienced breeders tend to want all their puppies placed by 8-10 weeks and will discount the older pups while breeders who put more time, energy and money into raising and training older pups charge more)

and sometimes location (breeders around large metropolitan areas tend to get more for their pups.)
Also, breeders who do a lot of breeding... and those who have several litters at one time... often will sell cheaper just to get their pups placed faster.


Unfortunately, with the retirement of both my long term veterinarian and groomer, my general upkeep expenses have increased dramatically and I have had to raise my prices. MY prices are $1600/male and $1850/female for families with reservations. Without a reservation on a specific litter, prices start at least $200 higher and are set in this order:
and most important of all... MY MOOD.
Nothing is written on stone, but generally I'm pretty firm about what I think each pup is worth.

The good thing about MY attitude is there are other breeders out there. Feel free to shop around. Trust your gut... you want to get your new family member from someone you feel you can work with, someone who will be there AFTER money changes hands, even years after. For some, raising puppies is a business. For others, it's a calling. Just remember, as my daddy taught me, it's not the initial cost, it's the upkeep. You can't put a price on the intangibles!

I reserve the right to refuse to place a puppy with a family even after I have accepted a deposit on it. If I exercise this right, the deposit will be returned in full.

Deciding to add a pet to the family is a big decision and a long term commitment. Everyone should be in agreement that it is time for a puppy before you start looking at individual animals. With some breeds and mixes supply exceeds demand... that is not true with Whoodles. My screening process takes a couple days and my normal email amount doubles or triples when I announce a new litter is available. While I try to work with just one family at a time for a particular puppy I will not "hold" a pup except for a couple days for payment.


Deposits are one-half the price of the puppy. (If you are on the reservation list and have paid the reservation fee of $350, the rest of the deposit is due when the litter arrives.) The balance of the pup's price is due BY THE TIME the litter is 8 weeks old. Please note: picks are made at 8 weeks in the order deposits are received. If the baIance has not been paid when your turn comes, the next person wiII pick... and the next... etc... untiI your payment arrives.

I no Ionger ship pups.



$100 waiting list fee
+250 balance of reservation fee when list opens
+450 balance of deposit (1/2 pup's price) by 2 weeks of age
+800 balance of pup's price by 8 weeks of age
$1600 total price for reserved male


$100 waiting list fee
+250 balance of reservation fee when list opens
+575 balance of deposit (1/2 pup's price) by 2 weeks of age
+925 balance of pup's price by 8 weeks of age
$1850 total price for reserved female and

Please inquire about pricing on unreserved puppies.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, however under some circumstances, they may be transferred to my NEXT litter. Of course, if something should happen and the puppy you've chosen is not suitable for delivery, your money will be refunded OR you may transfer it to another available puppy or to the next litter, your option.

I accept cashiers checks, wire transfer (ie: Western Union,) direct bank transfer and if you are local, cash. (NO personal or company checks, no credit cards, no paypal.) Checks for the reservation list or initial deposit must be sent with a tracking number. TWO SIGNED copies of the warranty/contract must accompany the initial payment (except for the waiting list fee) or if payment is made via wire transfer or bank deposit, TWO SIGNED copies must be mailed. I will sign one of the copies and return it to you. I do not accept payment until we are in agreement on the warranty/contract.

I reserve the right to refuse to place a puppy with a family even after I have accepted a deposit. Some times after a period of emailing and phone calls, things come to light or become clear which make me feel I will not be able to work comfortably with an individual and keeping my pup's best interest in mind, I prefer to place it in a different home. If I exercise this right, the deposit will be returned in full.

As I said, if you are sending a check/money order for the reservation list or initial deposit, it MUST go to the mailbox I maintain in town. I live on a private road that is unpaved, unmaintained and UNMARKED. The postal service does not deliver to my home and UPS, Fed-X, DHL, etc can't find us either. (They all USED to leave packages with the first house off the main road and the family there would see everything went to the proper location. But since that place was sold, things have not been so good.) Since the post office doesn't deliver to our houses out here, most of us use a po box or a "mail boxes are us" address. Even the police stop by from time to time, asking if I know where so-and-so lives or if I can tell them where such-and-such an address is. I know nothing! The fact that it is so difficult to find me... the road twists and turns and there are a number of other roads and driveways running off it, all unmarked... is another reason I do not have visitation out here. If I have to leave to wander around the area, looking for people lost while trying to come see the pups, I might as well save everyone's time and just meet you in town. Trust me, we don't even show up on MapQuest!

The reason you must pay the extra money for a tracking number so I know you actually sent it. You wouldn't believe how many times the check in the mail is not really in the mail. If I'm going to hold a puppy for someone, I want proof they're serious about getting it. iI doesn't necessarily go into town to check the mail every day. Normally I TRY to get there, but if I'm getting several payments in a row, I just don't make the trip every day.
For the waiting list or payment of the BALANCE (second half) owed on a pup, you may use a personal or company check.
Yeah, I know. All these rules! But now you know the reasons for them.