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APRIL 2018

Day 63                4/21/18

Nine weeks today... well,.later this evening... since Peri and Boon had their first romantic connection.

She's outside, digging for moles.
She's been out there for several hours. Luckily, we have had almost a week without a lot of rain, a couple days with none, so the yard is dry and she's not covered in mud.

This has been the longest pregnancy I've ever been through.
And I have five kids!

Playing the Waiting Game                4/18/18

Puppies should be making an appearance this weekend. And yes, Peri is finally showing signs of being pregnant. She'd still carrying VERY high, but she's put on a number of pounds and has a full belly (when she's on her back) AND has fullness in her breasts. Two nights ago she very calmy let me clean the hair off her belly, face and rump... puppies make a HUGE mess!...which is unusual for her as she dislikes the clippers. She had to spend part of the day in a crate yesterday and didn't give me the "eye of disgust" when I put her in. Then she slept the whole time. Today, the yard guys were here, so she had to go back in a crate. The only time she was vocal was when they were mowing and weedeating right outside the room she was in. Usually, she joins in with everybody else and continually lets me know those men and machines are still in THEIR yard.

Now... it COULD be a false pregnancy. but I don't think so.

Stay tuned!

Undecided Still                4/15/18

Yesterday I was fairly sure Peri was not pregnant.

Today I'm fairly sure she is.

This is really getting on my nerves.

Probably on yours as well!

No Changes                4/ 4 /18

Still nothing to report in the "Is She or Isn't She" area. It is really frustrating for me because a lot of what I am going to be doing for the rest of the year depends on the answer. Same for you, if you're getting a puppy in a few months. If Peri had had larger litters throughout her breeding career, her physicality would be different when she is pregnant (because of normal stretching, nipple changes, etc.) But she looks, normally, like she's still a sweet young thing and has never carried or nursed a litter. She's not DOING anything that indicates she's pregnant... she's eating the same amount as usual, exercising just like always and isn't even cranky. All of which, taken together, is not a good sign. Still, a couple weeks from now....

I'd take a picture of her but we've had a lot of rain and she has been on mole patrol all day and isn't ready to come in and pose. However, her two older sisters are. First is 12 year old Emy and the second is 9 year old half sister, Lily:

Have to go now and get the bathtub ready for use!

MARCH 2018

I Wish                3/31/18

I wish I had something to say. Good or bad or in between. But there are no changes around here.

Peri is... or is not... 6 weeks into her pregnancy. There is this sign that she IS and that sign that she is NOT. I simply can't tell. And, frankly, I'm tired of looking at her and thinking "Oh, yes." Then the next day, or a couple hours later, thinking "No way."

I know there are people in suspense and I didn't want to end the month without addressing the issue.

Happy Easter, everyone. Keep your fingers crossed!

Reporting on Nothing to Report                3/21/18

As in absolutely nothing to report. This has been a month of nothing but weather. All kinds of weather, some of it very pleasant, much of it it cold, wind and/or wet. A number of small snows, not amounting to much so nothing to report there.

Dogs are doing well. Enjoying getting much more individual attention (as in now spoiled rotten) since the numbers are down AND there are no puppies here to take up all my time. I have no clue about Peri and pregnancy. Feel she is one day and definitely sure she is not the next. Six days to the ultrasound....

Picture of the last Pat/Ben puppy to leave home:

They look so different after their first clip!

Some of my previous pups are lucky enough to spend some time vacationing in warmer climes each winter. This is Nugget/Hoo-Rah's son Paxton at the beach.

Eight year old Montana, from Diamond and Brogue (making her a full sister to Emy and Peri) had to vacation at her dogwalker's home in NYC while her folks recovered from multiple bouts of flu. Montana LOVES spending time with her friends.

All of which brings us back to horses.
This is my guy, California Chrome, showing he has lost none of his presence... or his awareness of how to pose for any and all cameras... since he retired to making babies.

And another Baby Chrome (out of Kiosk) proves he is just as good at that as he was racing.

Foaling season brings a lot of ups and downs. Not all babies survive and neither do all mamas. Sometimes, it works out anyway. "A retired Dutch show jumping mare named Zindita who was mourning the loss of her stillborn foal (died in utero) just 2 days earlier, immediately fell in love with an orphaned filly that just lost it's mom named Tolanda. "This picture is taken an hour after the ntroduction.... It speaks for itself."

In Like a Big WET Lion                3/1/18

If you like roller coasters, the weather this winter must be right up your alley. Three weeks of deep freeze and drought, followed by all time record breaking warmth and rainfall and now normal temps but even more rain. And did I mention wind? And living in the woods? That's a combination to keep you... tense.

The house, as of this afternoon, is puppyless. A situation that should last... I HOPE... just under 7 weeks. Peri is feeling like her old self... no more sulking and daring any dog to get near her... so I think whatever was bothering her has disappeared. Ultrasound in about 3 weeks. Fingers crossed!

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