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February 2013

Puppy Weights       Feb. 27, 2013

Maggie's Seven are eleven weeks old today. They have been here five and a half weeks, half their lives. And boy! have they grown!
This is what they weigh today with what they weighed when they arrived in ( )...

Snowman -- 14-1/4 pounds (6-3/4)
Lion ---- 16-1/4 (7)
Green orang -- 15 (7)

Pink orang -- 15 pounds (6)
Penguin --- 14-1/2 (6-1/2)
Heart ---- 15 (6-3/4)
Black/white dog -- 13-1/2 (6-1/4)

The largest in the litter now is Lion. At six and a half weeks, he was tied for largest with Green orang.
The largest females are Pink orang and Heart. At six and a half weeks, Pink orang was the smallest in the litter and is the one who grew the fastest.
And no, I still can't tell them apart just by eyeballing them. ALTHOUGH, I can almost always tell which one is Black/white dog since she is currently the smallest of the lot.

Bill and Bob
At 6 weeks, the boys weigh in at just under and just over 5 pounds (in that order.)

Rachel Alexandra
The beautiful Rachel is doing remarkably well. This last weekend, 10 days after her surgery, she was taken off IV fluids entirely and is no longer being fed nutritional supplements. She is eating grain and hay and goes out daily for walks, on lead, and is allowed to graze. Her vets are still cautiously optomistic and continually remind everyone that her road to complete recovery is a long one. The next update on her progress is scheduled for Thursday, the 28th. There have been no updates on how her filly is doing, but no news is good news!

Pictures       Feb. 23, 2013

First, Bob and Bill at 5 weeks

Then, The Seven, boys first, then girls, 10 weeks old


Bill and Bob       Feb. 22, 2013

This morning, while Peri was outside socializing with her peers, I set up the big puppy pen in the bedroom and moved her two boys. Peri is with them ALL the time, even though she is now willing to leave them three times a day and spend an hour or so outside with the other dogs or snoozing on the bed. The rest of the time she DEMANDS to be in with them. Bill and Bob are good while she's out, even if she is on the bed where they can see her. They play and they have started eating kibble, so they'll snack and they nap. They don't seem to miss her at all.

But as soon as I put them in the big pen, they started squawking. They both crowded into the corner closest to where they had been living and stayed there yelling for their mom. At first, the other dogs in the room pushed up against the wire and seemed to try to comfort them. But that didn't last long. I started getting the "make it stop" looks from some of them, then they left the room. Interestingly, the FEMALES left. Shadow and Ennis stayed. There must be something about male brain structure that makes them immune to the cries of the young of whatever they are. The pups didn't quiet until I let Peri in with them.

A few minutes later, reassured that things were as they were supposed to be, the kids wandered away from their mom. Then SHE started playing with them. I've not seen her instigate play with them before. She ran straight at them and pounced. She actually got rough... almost to the point of me telling her to settle down... but neither of them cried. The first time or two, they were intimidated. The third try, when she turned away, Bill went after her which is apparently what she wanted. She let him "trip" her and then jump on her when she "fell" down. Bob stayed on the other side of the pen, watching them wrestle. After a bit, Bill left his mom and went after Bob. Now this is the opposite of what has been happening for the last week or so. Bill has always been the aggressor, the one to start the games, but move them to a new neighborhood and you get new pupies! They started chasing each other. Finally... and you have to understand, all this took just a few minutes since they are babies and tire quickly... they lay down a few feet away from each other. Then Bob discovered the newspaper was movable and a second later Bill realised it could be chewed and torn into little pieces.

I left the room and joined the females in the tv room where The Seven were sprawled all over, sound asleep. Peace and quiet!

Of This and That       Feb. 18, 2013

The Seven... are a pretty funny bunch. They are now in the full size puppy pen, 80 square feet. On their own they have designated bath and dining rooms. They stay out of those areas except when using them for the designated purpose. Well, since the bath"room" takes up quite a bit of space, it is incorporated as part of the play area when there is clean newspaper down. As soon as I finish tidying up and put them back in the pen, they make a beeline for the back and proceed to dig in the newspaper, chew on it, tote it around... make a complete shambles of it, actually... until the first one poops back there. Then it is automatically the no-play zone. When I enlarged the pen, I moved the sleeping area and while they still nap all over, as soon as I turn the lights out in the early morning hours, they all migrate to the blanket. And the most interesting thing, to me, is they always... always... put all their toys back on the blanket at night.

The Two... are growing like weeds and are very SOLID puppies. They no longer seem particularly fat, but no one would ever accuse them of being skinny either. They are like little tanks are four legs and spend much of their time wrestling with each other and trying to get their mom involved in their play. Peri stays lying down and uses her head to push them around, knock them over, hold them down, etc. She has a tendency to take an entire head inside her mouth. They grab her ears, cheeks, chin hair and pull on it. I hear they growling when playing with her, but not when playing with each other. So far, at 5 weeks (today) I still haven't seen either of them in her food although they readily drink water. And those short coats they HAD... much longer and thicker now that they are not spending all their time wrapped in Peri's long hair.

Rachel Alexadra
If you've been around the blog for a while, you know of my love for the 2009 Horse of the Year, Rachel Alexandra. Last year she had a colt by Curlin, 2007 and 2008 Horse of the Year. There were complications after foaling. On Feb. 12th this year, she foaled a filly by Bernardini and during the birthing process, her colon was nicked, causing a leak into her abdominal cavity and a severe bacterial infection. About 15 hours later, she was rushed to Rood and Riddle Equine Vet Clinic in Lexington and underwent extensive and lengthy surgery. She is progressing nicely... alert, normal vitals, allowed some feed after a couple days and even went outside and ate a small amount of grass yesterday.

Her filly has been assigned an experienced Quarter Horse nurse mare and is doing well. Miis Beutiful Ojos had a QH foal a few hours after Rachel and that filly is being handraised along with another nurse mare's colt same age.

Rachel's two post-foaling complications are of different types. It is not known if the surgery she had this time will affect her breeding career.

Happy Valentine's Day!       Feb. 14, 2013

Picking up pups
In case I haven't already told you, I live just a few miles from Bristol and the Bristol Motor Speedway. The Spring NASCAR races are the weekend of March 15-17. Normally EVERY motel room and camp site within about 50 miles is rented. Bristol race WEEK actually starts the weekend before and traffic, restaurant waits, etc. get progressively worse until the last race. It always amazes me that things are back to normal on Monday. What I'm getting at is if you're planning on driving here and spending the night in a motel then picking up your puppy the next day, you should make your reservations ASAP. The economy for the last few years has made a difference, but last Fall's race saw things almost back to normal. I have a list of motels, if you need them.

Nothin' Much       Feb. 11, 2013

After nearly a week of nothing happening weather-wise, nothing is happening otherwise either. Had some sun... which, I admit, was rather nice... had some drizzle, had some temps in the 60s which seemed cold. Funny how 60s mean short sleeve shirt days in summer but require a jacket in winter.

All nine pups are doing fine.
The big guys have now assigned areas for toys, sleeping, bodily functions. So I'm going to enlarge their pen and make them rethink things again. It's a learning process. I gave them two balls, slightly smaller than tennis balls, and they've been having a good time figuring out what to do with them. I find it interesting that the first thing they learned was how to keep them out of the bodily function area! They've also had a couple bowls of adult food over the last few days, just to mix it up food-wise. Bigger kibble, different taste (I assume.) All of them have assigned homes. None of them seems impressed with that. Yet!
The little ones have taken mental and physical leaps. They are steady on their feet and aware of me when I am around. Both like being "massaged." Going to have to move them to a bigger area too so they can get used to the other dogs in the room. As of this morning, they still pay no attention to their mom's food or water and have no need of either since Peri is with them all the time. She is rather obsessive about her babies!

I am still unable to do anything with the pictures people send me IF they are oversized. Pictures that are under 80 K (I said "K") I can use without downsizing them and I have a few. BUT I can't relable them before downloading which means I can't remember which pup it is when I put it on the blog. Going to try to figure out something this week... car's going in the shop and we're back to winter weather in another day or two so I'll have some time!

PICKING!       Feb 6, 2013

The engines have been started! The families with first pick of the boys and first pick of the girls have been notified and have the link to the page with yesterday evening's pictures. There is a separate page for males and females. Once a pup has been chosen, its pictures will be moved from the picking page and put on the regular puppy pix page. The next family will get pictures of AVAILABLE pups. This process usually takes only a couple days from start to finish, so hang in there. Your turn is coming!

Bill and Bob Pix       Feb. 5, 2013

More pix on the website.
These boys are big for their age. They're what I call "two handers" meaning I have to use both hands to pick one up. Usually that doesn't happen for another week. They do have two legitimate reasons for their size... first, Peri is a wonderful... perhaps even an over attentive... mom. She is with them ALL day except for going outside 2-3 times for 45 minutes to an hour. And she starts asking to come back in after a half hour. Second, with just two of them at the milk bar which is available 22 hours a day, they get way more to eat than they would if there were 3 or 4 times as many pups. All they do is sleep and eat. (We've had this conversation before!) But in another week they will just naturally become more active and will stop growing so quickly. They will probably be a little slower at getting into their mama's food because they are getting enough and won't see the need. But eventually, they'll start on the kibble. (I think I had to make Peri go spend her days with the other dogs and not let her in with Esther in order for Esther to start eating real food. I'll probably have to do that this time too.)

Maggie pups pix will be taken this evening. The day sort of got away from me and the Seven are now sound asleep. And I'm not fool enough to disturb them!

This is Getting OLD!       Feb. 3, 2013

Another weekend of bad weather, the fourth in a row. The first two were rain and these last two have been snow. THIS one is an entire weekend of snow "showers" and accumulation. I'm about acculmulated out. Even the pups woke up out of sorts this morning. They've been yelling at me since about 7 AM. And there's noting more irritating than seven shrill shrieks, especially on a continual basis. And to make it worse, every time they settle down... even THEY get tired of it... the big dogs start in. I have a rescue dog in season and if you think CATS are bad, you haven't been at my house when someone smells good but is a no-no. ALL the guys are complaining. Plus, with 6 inches of snow and temps at freezing, I can't just open the doors and throw everyone outside to work off their frustrations.

So, if you value you life, try to avoid calling me for the next day or so. (Emails are fine... the backspace keeps things under control!)

7 Weeks Pix       Feb. 1, 2013

These are not on the puppy picture page which, in case you don't feel like looking it up, can be found at
or by clicking the link on the website.
These are a couple that weren't quite good enough.

Glad THAT's Over!       Feb. 1, 2013

Bye bye January, the wettest January on record for this area. We had 10 inches of rain, most in the last two weeks. There is so much standing water even my trees are doing the dog paddle!

Today's temperature did not make it up to freezing. Again. I think the high was 24. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 30s... with sticking snow, falling overnight and most of the day Sunday. But the first of the week is going to be back up in the 40s, so let the snow fall!

The pups are fine. I just put them back in their pen for a couple hours. I spent the afternoon wrapped in a blanket, sitting with my feet up in front of the tv with the pups tumbling around all over the room. I found out right away that they like people so much, if I don't have my feet UP, they camp on them. My intentions when I let them out was to take another round of photos. But I got warm and comfortable.... I'll do the pictures this evening, once they wake up again.

January 2013

Drive-By Post       Jan. 30, 2013

Expecting severe thunderstorms and high winds starting later tonight (ie: later this morning since it's after midnight) and considering how much water we've already had to absorb this month, I don't know how long the trees and telephone/electric/cable poles will stay upright SOOO....
I want to up date the "reference list."
Since the majority of my pups are placed because their new owners met someone somewhere who already has one... or more!... of my pups, this is not a big issue. However, for people who haven't met a Mountain Summit Whoodle, making that big a commitment and spending that much money over the internet is frightening, as many of you can speak to. Usually a couple people a year want to talk to someone who has been through the process to find out how things went and whether or not it was a satisfactory experience.
I give out email addresses only, no telephone numbers or physical addresses. And I don't supervise.
Anybody who would like to be on... or to get off... the reference list, please let me know.

I know a lot of you are in the same weather boat I am, give a day before or after, so stay safe, dry and warm!

All's Well with All Pups       Jan. 29, 2013

The seven are perfectly at home here. And that is the difference between an infant pup... 6 - 9 weeks... and a toddler pup... 10 - 16 weeks. The younger pup is fine anywhere as long as it is warm, dry and fed, but an older pup is aware that everything in its life has changed when it leaves its litter.

And the other two... Bill and Bob are 15 days old. Their eyes are almost open and their ears definitely open! I heard several little puppy barks this morning.

Look at how much red is already streaked through Bill's coat. He could end up just as blond as Bob!

They Made It!       Jan. 28, 2013

Individual pictures and weights at

The pups are doing great! They made the trip with NO ONE upchucking, although a couple were a little drooly. And they were perfectly happy to go in their new pen in my tv room. They were fascinated with Sparky and Squirt (a Malti-Poo rescue) and not the least bit upset by everyone else barking at them. I found it interesting that Sparky and Squirt, who are older intact males, slept along the fence line instead of where they usually do and the pups slept on the other side, touching through the wire. The pups are all eating, drinking, playing and pooping normally. Lots and lots of normal poop! They were very good overnight... no yelling at all, very quiet. Which surprised Penny who says they were rowdy overnight at her house. One thing I do is make sure both their food bowls and the water bowl are filled to overflowing before I go to bed. If the pups wake up, they'll get something to eat and drink and play for a while (then poop) before going back to sleep, all without making enough noise to wake me up (and I'm a light sleeper.)

Today, Sparky and Squirt are over it and not paying them any attention, although the pups still like THEM.

They've been weighed and are between 6 pounds and 7 pounds, so impossible to tell apart by size. Their coats are pretty much all the same although one of each gender might have very slightly straighter hair. They've been microchipped. I put Frontline on them and a drop of ivomec in each ear to prevent ear mites. And took each one's picture.

So far, so good! I'm very satisfied with them!

Emy's Sept litter pix
If you're looking for Emy's pups' pix, click on the link at the very top of the website's main page. I think it says "Pictures of previous litters."

Big Storm Brewin'       Jan . 24 2013

The plan is for Penny and Kenny to bring the pups down Saturday, early afternoon. However, Mother Nature may have another idea. We are expecting freezing rain, sleet and 3+ inches of snow starting Friday afternoon and going into early morning Saturday. Temps are supposed to stay in the low 30s. Sunday is supposed to be a tad warmer. As soon as I'm done with dogs this morning, I'm headed out to town to get the weekend's running around done. Just in case.

Temperatures starting on Monday and going through the rest of the week are going to be in the 50s.

So much for winter in the mountains!

By the way, what is the difference between freezing rain and sleet?

Nothing New       Jan. 23, 2013

ALL the pups are doing great... those at Penny's house and the two here. I hope Penny's pups are not growing at the same rate Bill and Bob are. Talk about FAT healthy pups! Of course, that is always the case with small litters. Luckily, unlike people, puppies seem to adjust to their correct weight without intervention.

Penny's litter is coming to me in a few days... IF the weather cooperates. We have more snow due tonight and again Thursday night PLUS this morning our local weatherguys (who are really accurate) are warning of a new front that's cropped up which they are watching CLOSELY. That's never a good sign!

Horse racing
The beginning of The Triple Crown Trail is upon us. Right now, before things get started, I know little about any 3 year olds. However, I heard a name and looked up the pedigree and I'm in love! OXBOW. I'm really excited by a horse's mare side. As with a lot of animals, the female side of the family tree gets little recognition... often when a reporter writes up a race, the runners are identified as the offspring of their dad/granddad/etc and even if the mom is mentioned, she is the DAUGHTER of some well known stallion, often without giving her name at all. Well, Oxbow's bottom side Tizamazing, daughter of Cee's Tizzy who is a terrific producer. So Ox is already my favorite.

A few years back the Belmont Stakes was won by Jazil and the next year, his maternal half sister, Rags to Riches, won and the following year, Casino Drive, their maternal half brother, was expected to win but had to be scratched. Three years, three different sires, ONE mama... Better than Honour. And there are a number of mares like that.

It is easy for a stud to have a lot of winners... many of these horse sire more than 100 colts a year. A mare is limited to one.

Now, as far as running, rather than producing, Black Caviar who is Australian, has won 22 out of 22. Her next start is scheduled for Feb. 16th, the first time she's raced since winning in England last June. She's 7 years old and was Australia's 2012 Female Athlete of the Year (which did not make Oz's female Olympic swimmers, gymnasts and runners very happy!)

And just starting her career is Eblouissante, a half sister to our own Zenyata. Eb ran her first race last fall and won going away. She was supposed to run in December but was so excited and eager to get out on the track, she bruised her hip trying to leave her stall for the paddock and had to be scratched. So she ran her second race last week... and won going away. Just like Queen Z!

And, by the way, a PUP's mom has more influence on it than its sire. Fifty percent of its genetics and 100% of its environment/care.

Just saying....

New Additions       Jan. 21, 2013

If you've been on the website recently you know there are two new babies here.

Bill and Bob were born via c-section a week ago today.
Peri and Sparky are their parents.
If you were around last year you know Peri had a problem with delivering her first litter and had to have an emergency c-section. The only survivor was Esther who is now living in New York and has grown into a beautiful, much loved young lady.
I had no intention of breeding Peri when she came into season this time, but she had other ideas and one morning I got up to find her snoozing happily in Sparky's pen... she had climbed OUT of hers and INTO his. Since it was very early in her season, I figured she wouldn't get pregnant and didn't even mark the date on my calendar. A couple weeks ago I had to pick her up and realized she was pregnant... and I didn't know when the pups were due OR if she'd have the same problems she'd gone through with her first litter. An x-ray showed two pups... two BIG pups... which meant even if her labor progressed normally, she might not be able to deliver them. After almost two weeks of nervous anticipation, Peri went into normal labor on Monday the 14th and with me operating under the better-safe-than-sorry theory, underwent a c-section at noon. An hour or so later, she was back home, snuggled up with the boys and all three are doing great.

Bill and Bob at exactly 1 week... chubby little checkers!
Bill is the black and tan, Bob is the red. And both are going to lighten up as they age.

Shoveling Out... NOT!       Jan. 18, 2013

Looks like everyone survived. Hundreds and hundreds of accidents and no major injuries. Of course, all the cars that were abandoned on the roads and highways (most on the advice of law enforcement) were towed... so the streets could be scraped and salted... and today people had to pay to get them back. A lot of people aren't real happy.

And the power is out for thousands. Including Penny.

Now here's my question... why is it one power company (the largest and most expensive in the two state area) is the only one where the power is off... EVER? I live out in the county and my power comes from a company in a different county, 30 miles away and in the 13 years I've been here, it's been out just a couple times and always (knock on wood) restored within several hours. And while the cost has gone up, it is a rare occasion and not a huge increase. Yet the big company ALWAYS, ALWAYS has problems and is in asking for more money every couple months.

I am SOOOO glad I live out here!

Oh, my only problem with the storm is a few fallen trees, including this one that ALMOST landed on the fence.

When I let dogs out this morning, I saw it and THOUGHT it was resting on the fence. However, this afternoon, with the snow melting off the branches, I can see it doesn't touch the fence at all... the branches are on the ground, supporting it. The dogs LOVE it and I'm sure most of the snow is off it because they are all trying to climb or jump up in it thinking 'at last, we can get those pesky squirrels!'

The other problem, at least this morning, was I couldn't get any of the doors open more than a foot. Which meant I couldn't go out and see if there was any damage not visible from my windows.

As if I would go out in all that snow!

Thundersnow!       Jan. 17, 2013

Because my local weather forecasters actually know what they are talking about, I left the house a little after 9 this morning and did a lot of running around so I'd be prepared when the weather changed from steady downpour of rain to snow this afternoon. I was home before noon . It was still raining. Spent some time on the internet, then lay down for a nap about half way through the Jeff Probst Show (maybe 2:30.) An hour later I was awakened by thunder loud enough to shake the house and lots of lightning flashes. So imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and saw this...

The temp is down to well below freezing and the snow is still coming down, although it has lessened considerably. Traffic all over the area... apparently all across the Tennessee Valley... is at a stand still. Cops WERE telling people if they were in an accident that did not involve injuries they should exchange information and go home and report the accident tomorrow, Now they are saying if you are stopped on the road, STAY THERE. Do not attempt to drive any further. They (the police) are out in force, checking on stranded motorists and will continue to do that all night. The news is showing long lines of PEOPLE walking along the sides of the interstates, edging around stalled cars and trucks. The snow is supposed to be out of my immediate area by 9-10 tonight.

It is just reaching Penny's house. I hope her husband and boys are all at home!

Rain!       Jan 16, 2013

It started raining Sunday night and quit late this morning, almost 6 inches later. To say things are wet around here is an understatement of great magnitude! The dogs are all mad at me because they've had to just run out and back in... and even the deer are hiding under the trees so there is nothing to bark at while they're outside. Have to tell you, I LOVE the sound of rain on the roof. But I am really tired of hearing it! It has been peaceful and quiet for about 4 hours. I live on the side of a hill which is on the side of a larger hill which is part of a mountain ridge, so I don't worry about getting flooded. (Trees falling on the house are a different thing, but not worth stressing over.) Unfortunately, not everyone here lives on a hill. The lower, flatter areas ARE flooded. Our schools are closed, businesses shut down (several have had to be evacuated) and shelters, while not overwhelmed, are busy with people who had to leave their homes. The water IS receeding. But I just turned on the news and another front is due in this evening and is expected to last until some time Friday. Guess it could be more annoying, but it sure couldn't be wetter!

And, finally, Penny is in the same situation, only worse as they live on a creek. So far, they have not had to leave the property, but the livestock has all been moved to a higher field and the chickens have taken refuge in the hayloft.

Oh, my landline is not working... well, it is partially not working. I can call out (and get on the internet) but incoming calls get cut off after the first ring. If you need me, my cell number is 423-276-2580.

A Picture       Jan. 12, 2013

I appreciate everyone's restraint about asking for new pictures. Hang in there... the pups will move in with me in two weekends and I'll start with individual pictures as soon as I get them microchipped. I'll also get a few shots of them in general as soon as they get here.

In the meantime, here is one picture... it's the same as the one on the website and it's the only new one, so you don't have to run right over there looking for more.

Puppy Update       Jan 9, 2013

The pups have made their first journey... they moved from the relative calm and quiet of Penny's upstairs bedroom downstairs to the kitchen which is a hub of activity. The first 24 hours, Maggie stayed pretty close. But she has since decided they are safe and is spending a lot of time out of the pen and even out on the porch. The weather has been coldish and wet, so she hasn't resumed her previous self-assigned task of keeping foreign invaders off the property. The cats, chickens and rabbits know that's not going to last long!

Since the pups are being deprived of their 24 hour milk tap, they are starting to eat solid food. AND have learned it is provided by the strange two legged beings that are everywhere downstairs. Even when the bowl is not empty, they start crying early in the morning when they hear people beginning to move around.

In short, their development is right on schedule!

Happy Etc.       Jan 4, 2013

It's lonely around here! The pups have all wandered off to their new homes in record departure time... just 12 days between first to go and last. Usually, they sort of trickle out and I sometimes have a single pup staying with me for a month after everyone else has left. This was sort of wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am!

So far, all the reports have been positive. Not only did they leave in a record span of time, they all seem to have gotten well started on settling in in a record span. The 'slowest' one was Piper, the last to move, but she was just beginning to adjust to being the only puppy after two days so I figured she wouldn't be happy about starting from scratch again.

I have a few photos to post on the litter's puppy page and will do that as soon as this computer and I reach some kind of agreement on downloading and editing. Trust me, enjoy the puppy stage... it's tough teaching an old dog new tricks! (And I'll never understand why things that work just fine have to be' improved' every 15 minutes!) Please, when sending me pix, remember I'm on dial-up. I know that's a foreign concept to 99% of you, but it is a fact of life for me... a VERY SLOW fact of life. If you downsize your photos, it means I can get them downloaded eventually. The larger, 2.5M-1.9M-3.2M-whateverM, shots make my computer freeze midway through the download and after 3 or 4 times of trying, I just quit.

Sad news
On the 31st, I had to put my beloved Goldendoodle, Keogh, to sleep. She was just 9 years old and it is a huge loss for me, especially as I expected to have her for many more years. The most likely cause was pyometra which is a uterine infection AND in my opinion the single best reason for spaying. Keogh was one of my ALL TIME favorite dogs and that's saying a lot.

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