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So...             Feb. 27, 2016

Since nobody ever listens to me, California Chrome came in first. Actually, he sort of skipped through the race and when he saw the finish line then just moved ahead of the pack without breaking a sweat. Victor just sat on him, probably thinking about what he is going to do when he retires. The he retiring is... maybe... Victor... who told some reporters he really doesn't like being a jockey. The guy hasn't a clue. Junior (Chrome) DOES since he didn't exert any more effort than necessary to win the race. Unfortunately, the competition in the World Cup is stiffer, by a great deal, and Junior will be high weight again. It's really a shame American Pharoah is in KY making babies... how much fun would it be to see him and California Chrome in a race?!

Ben, the new guy here, is doing quite well. It's been a week and he's made great strides, especially as he was a kennel dog. He is learning to understand spoken English and my body language. He is pretty much sleeping through the night, even though he still wakes up earlier than anybody else. He's stopped counter surfing every level of the bedroom, probably because I've put everything in drawers and there's nothing left for him to grab. And he's getting his digestive/elimination system under control... probably the hardest thing for a kennel dog to figure out. He is a beautiful silver tipped (sable) chocolate... looks like a chocolate cake dusted with powdered sugar! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get an pictures that show that. His first litter will, most likely, be with Peri in the fall.

Speaking of litters, I am going to schedule Nugget's ultrasound for the week before Easter. She had a split heat (meaning she stood for breeding a couple days, then stopped for a while... with no interest on Hoo-Rah's part... then they were back at it for a couple days.) This means it is difficult to judge WHEN she conceived (all the eggs are released at the same time) and when time is up. We'll go basically with how big the pups look on the ultrasound... and exactly when she goes into labor. Interesting times ahead!

Big Day Thursday             Feb. 24, 2016

California Chrome is in Dubai preparing for a run in the $10 million World Cup in March. He finished second last year, then didn't race again the whole year. Junior has been in Dubai almost a month and is entered in a prep race tomorrow. Now here's the deal... after being off for almost a year... he ran and won at Santa Anita in January... he is carrying at least 20 pounds more than anybody else in the race. Honestly, it seems a little sketchy to me. It would be one thing if he had been racing... and winning... all this time, but that is not the case. Another not so good thing is he drew the rail position and, as a three year old, did not race well on the inside. But he's 5 now and all grown up and handled being hemmed in pretty well the last time it happened. My hope is that he has a good time tomorrow... goes out there and makes a race of it without using up too much in the process. I don't even care if he doesn't win. In fact, I'd prefer he finished second or, better than that, THIRD. That way, come next month and the 10 million dollar race, he won't be carrying all that extra weight and can make a big show of it! (However, Victor Espinoza is up and he's not particularly good at strategy.) Around noon tomorrow since Dubai is 8 hours ahead of Eastern time.

Here We Go Again             Feb. 23, 2016

Several nice days in a row. Low 60s. Sunshine. Then the rain moved in. And back out. Today is another mid 60s, bright Springlike day. Tonight... yikes! Severe storms, with thunder and heavy winds. Luckily, any tornado activity is supposed to stay south and west of us. (One can only hope the tornadoes get the same weather reports!) THEN, a cold front moves in, dropping temperatures, changing the rain to snow. Wednesday. Thursday. Maybe Friday. Around two inches possible at my level. So my "road" is going to be even wetter and muddier than it is already, frozen and snow covered.

Bring it!

Just as a precaution... I'm learning... I'm going out tomorrow... early... to add to my dog food supply. I went today for people food. And got some sweet stuff as well as real food. Like I said, I'm learning.

Here is a picture of Peri's first born, Esther, who is almost 4 years old and lives in New York.
She definitely knows how to handle Winter!

FINALLY! Maybe.             Feb. 20, 2016

Friday, Feb. 19th... Moose went to the groomer, got a bath and shave (just his muzzle.) Then, all spiffed up and smelling like coconut, he went to the vet for his departure exam. Mike was rather amazed that Moose was leaving because he is absolutely gorgeous... until he learned he was only 16 weeks old. Now, Mike may be my new vet since Jane and Bill retired, but we've had a few dealings over the last dozen plus years and he is aware of the size of my dogs. He understood at once what the problem was with Moose... and we were both backed up when the pup weighed in at a whopping 33 pounds! Then, I took Moose back home, proud of the way he had behaved at both places AND how well he did on lead for the first time. A couple hours later I made the trip out to the airport to pick up Ben, Moose's replacement, whose plane arrived a mere 20 minutes behind schedule. A good day all 'round. Especially as I was 100 %... well 90%... pleased when I opened the crate and got him out. He is EXACTLY the right size and since he is just two weeks shy of 8 months, that isn't going to change much. The 10% that was not stone cold happy had to do with his color... he is, as I was told, silver beige. In non Poodle terms, that means light chocolate that will fade a good deal lighter. He does have a nice splotch of white on his chest (a mismark in Poodle-ese) which helps, in MY opinion. And this is a sweet, calm, friendly guy. Not a house dog yet, but that's not his fault and easily fixed.

So here are two shots of Moose all glammed up and one of him and his replacement.

About to Be Paroled            Feb. 17, 2016

The rains came, as usual mixed with ice and snow, but the temperatures got above freezing and the accumulated snow slowly melted away. My van... which hasn't moved (or even been started) since the 7th, is totally uncovered. The driveway, for the first time in a month has NO snow on it anywhere, not even on the sides. My "road"... well, what I can see of it looks free of snow, at least down the center. There is still some piled on either side. But the clear area in the middle is bright shiny red which tells me it is mud... slippery mud... not dirt. Still, it looks like I'll be able to get down and, more importantly, back UP tomorrow. IF the car starts!

Friday (the day after tomorrow) is the day Moose has to go to the groomer and the vet for his departure exam AND the day Ben is finally arriving. For ONE night, Ben will be here with Moose who he is replacing and Hoo-Rah, who Moose was supposed to replace, AND Sparky, who Hoo was meant to replace. I wonder if I can get a group shot....

Is It Spring Yet? Reprise            Feb. 13, 2016

The title says it all. Snow every night... jot a lot, an inch or two. Daytime temps right at freezing... until today and now it is staying below... like it is 24 right now (2:30 PM),,, and going to be the same tomorrow. EXCEPT late afternoon it is supposed to get up to 35 or so. That's to make it easier for the precipitation to fall as freezing rain and THEN turn into snow overnight and all day Monday, when the entire thing will be repeated.

The new dog, Ben, is supposed to ship in Tuesday. His travel has already been postponed once.
And Moose is supposed to be leaving for Alabama, after his departure exam by the vet on Tuesday... which isn't going to happen.

Nugget and Hoo-Rah took a break in their canoodling... several days of no interest... I thought they were done... and now they are back at it. Really screws up "projected delivery date" projections!

Two of their pups from last year dropped in with pictures
Willy in the pretty much always sunny Atlanta area:
and several of Rolo in the great state of Wisconsin

with his best pal

Is It Spring Yet?            Feb. 11, 2016

As predicted we got more snow Monday and Tuesday and frigid temperatures. The snow came down frozen instead of just cold. But it was fairly light and spread over 2+ days and only amounted to about 2 inches. Most of which has blown all over the place. Haven't tried, but I'm pretty sure I could down... and back up... if I decided to go out. The temperature tomorrow is supposed to be above freezing and Saturday even... warmer, so I'm going to wait. As much as the dogs like the white stuff, they haven't been exactly thrilled about going outside a couple times a day.

However, I have pictures to share of relatives in the snow and having a ball!
Going by age...
This is Louie from Peri and Hoo-Rah's very first litter (Aug. 2014)

From Emy and Boon (Jan 2015) Oogie

And the baby of this bunch, Jozy, Peri/Hoo-Rah (May 2015)

Jozy: "Ok, knock it off with the camera!"

Same Ol', Same Ol'            Feb. 5, 2016

The problem is there are no little puppies around here, acting like puppies and giving me something to pass on to you.

But, thanks to Nugget and Hoo-Rah, that is going to change in about 2 months.

There ARE a few things going on. For one, remember that sweet little klein Poodle pup I got Christmas Eve? He was exactly 8 weeks old and weighed around 10 pounds. I called him Calvin until he told me his name is Moose. The first thing I noticed, after the usual stuff... how sweet he was, how pretty, etc... was he was growing like Jack's beanstalk. He is now 14 weeks... JUST 14 weeks, a few days over 3 months... and weighs 25 pounds. That's more than 2 pounds a week weight gain. Which is bad enough. But he's getting taller and taller, already well over the girls I wanted to breed him with... Zuri and Peri... and just as tall as my biggest Whoodle gal, Nugget. I expect by the end of the weekend, he'll be towering over her as well. Because he is simply going to be too big for my breeding program... and that is the only reason... Moose is moving to Alabama.

Which puts me right back in the situation I was in before he arrived! Luckily, another young guy is moving in next week, weather permitting. He is an older pup and about the same size as Hoo-Rah. More on him after he gets here.

Molly from the Jan 2015 Emy/Boon litter

and Ozzy from Nugget/Hoo-Rah 2015


Free at Last, Free at Last (to coin a phrase)             Jan. 31, 2016

For 13 days, my 2003 van sat, untouched by anything except snow and ice, and it still started as soon as I turned the key. A quick trip into town for fast food and a cup of coffee...! And when I got back, I made it from the blacktop through the areas of snow and slush and quicksand mud, to my drive. Where, as I turned in, I floored it and slipping and sliding with wheels spinning made it through the remaining snow to the gravel and bounced all the way to the top. A'whoopin' an' hollerin' to beat the band!

The dogs went nuts.

Two weeks with "mom" home 24/7 has them easy to stir up when she disappears for a half hour.

So tomorrow, before the next round of bad weather sets in (supposed to be just heavy rain and wind toward Thursday and Friday,) I'm going to get started on the long list of things that needed to be done what will by then be LAST month!

I've got pictures to post but before I start on them, I want to share this guy with you.

This gorgeous baby is a Thoroughbred from racing parents. He is a "medicine hat" paint, but under The Jockey Club registration rules will be listed as white. "Medicine hat" refers to the colored ears and mane. He looks like he has a few body spots as well. The bold coloring comes from his mom's side of the pedigree and he has a 2 YO half brother, also a paint, in training in NY and a year old half sister who, poor thing, is just a plain old bay. She'll probably outrun both her bros!

My Sad Tale of Whoa (Pun Intended)             Jan. 26, 2016

No posts from me for over a week. Coincidently, that's how long I've been snowbound. And it doesn't look like I'm getting out of here before the weekend. You know, I tell people about the "road" I live on and most think I exaggerate. And I tell them not to trust google or their car's GPS. But they always know better. Yesterday, I was out of pretty much anything I wanted to eat... since I rely on "fast" food and seldom cook, I don't keep edibles, even staples, in any great supply... so I called Domino's. My son, whose truck has even less chance of negotiating the trail up from the blacktop, much less my driveway which gives him trouble when it's in good shape, had told me Domino's had a delivery driver with a 4 wheel drive. Unfortunately, I learned that guy wasn't scheduled to work until 6 PM and the manager didn't know if he'd be driving that car or the one he usually drove. The young fellow who had answered the phone told me he could have the possible 4 wheeler call me when he came into work, but I told him my road was bad enough in the day light in good weather and I would never ask anybody to try it snowfilled at night. So the kid asked how far HE, the current driver, would have to walk if he parked on the blacktop and hoofed it to me with my order. "Several football fields" didn't sound like too much of an adventure to him, so I place an order for enough food to get me through the next several days. Then I asked him if he was familiar with my area and offered to give him directions. "No problem," he said. "I'll use my GPS and call you if I need help."

Which he did about 40 minutes later. He was at the home where the GPS put him, but it wasn't MY home. It was maybe a half mile away AND on the blacktop. He said he remembered passing a street sign with the name of my road on it and had slowed down, but Seri yelled "NO! Do not turn! Continue on straight ahead!" so he did as Seri said, thinking the road might be a circle or something. It's not. It goes to the top of the ridge. Period. So, while we're still on the phone, he turned around and went back to the street sign, telling me the road hadn't looked TOO bad and he though he might be able to at least pull over on it. And I wanted to yell, like Seri, "NO! Do not turn!," but I calmly told him that was not a good idea and suggested he park in the driveway across from my road because the people who lived there were usually gone until about 6. He got to the road, started his turn and then said he had changed his mind as up close he could see there was only one set of tracks on it, already half covered with fresh droppings. We discussed exactly how far he should trudge up the road and how many what looked like driveways but might or might not be driveways he would pass until he reached mine and we hung up.

A couple minutes later, he called again. He was at a house but nobody was home. Not my house, I told him. Sounds like the one below me. I described MY house, starting with the 6' chain link fence surrounding the entire property and he could see it through the woods. "You have a tan van?" he asked. "Yes," I answered. "I'll come up through the woods," he said. "I wouldn't do that...." But he was right. Coming through the old growth woods, where the snow wasn't nearly as deep as in the open, was easier and faster. He wasn't even out of breath when he got here... in his short sleeved shirt and sneakers!

And the first thing he said, after he navigated his way up the solid iced steps to the equally icy porch, "You really ARE snowed in, aren't you?"

That was yesterday and I'm still snowed in today and judging by the weather report which never seems to report better weather except in the distant future like June, it will be the very end of the week, maybe the weekend, before enough snow melts that I will be able to get down the road to the blacktop and freedom!
By the way, I gave him a $20 tip and I really appreciate him!

Brief Departure from Whoodles             Jan. 18, 2016

Before there were Whoodles, before there were 'Doodles, there were Khalas. The word, khala, is Quechuan for "bald" and is used for the various hairless dog "breeds" who live in Central and South America. It describes a group rather than a specific breed, like "sporting," "herding," "hound," etc. They are found in just about every Latin American country; The recently AKC recognized Xolo is a khala. Xolos have long been an established breed and is the national dog of Mexico. Most khalas are not so "lucky." They are usually semi-wild village dogs and seldom kept as pets much less being in established breeding programs. In a few countries, there ARE people trying to change the situation. In Peru, the Perro sin Pelo (Dog without Hair) is making the most headway and a good many of them reside in the USA, known here as the PIO or Peruvian Inca Orchid, and in Argentina, Khalas are called Pila. There are strong similarities no matter where the Khala originates as well as many differences. My foundation was a PIO bitch and a Bolivian dog, along with a couple other Bolivians and a coated male from Chile.

Pictured are 9-1/2 years old Bailey who has a Peruvian mom and Bolivian dad and Gerty who is 4-1/2 years old. Her mom is Bailey's sister and her father ia a purebred standard Poodle. Hairlessness is a simple dominant... you get the gene, you get no hair. Bailey and Gerty are enjoying the GOOD life in California

Finally, Snow!             Jan. 12, 2016

The first snow of any depth the puppies of 2015 have seen!
First is Emy and Boon's boy, Willy, born in January last year

Then there's Nugget and Hoo-Rah's daughter, Pepper, born in September 2015

And then there is Margo, Maggie and Alex's 3 year old girl, wondering what all the fuss is about

Made Me Cry!             Jan. 9, 2016

Junior's back! Here's the video of the San Paqual at Santa Anita
California Chrome is such a gorgeous, smart guy! He put out just enough effort to stay in front. Running in his new "silks"... chrome colored, of course!
On to Dubai!

All Gone             Jan. 7, 2016

Critter is on her way to Ohio. At 16 weeks, she weighs in at 14 pounds 3 ounces. Poor Critter has known for the last couple days that she is moving... I've had to catch her to do anything with her. Since she really loves attention and being petted, it's been hard on her... wanting me to pick her up conflicting with her suspicions of my motives. She'll get tons of attention from her new people and, eventually, will be glad she's moved.

Not a Lot Going On             Jan. 5, 2016

Been very quiet around here since the first. Lion left for Florida and Critter went on her best behavior. She and Calvin (the new klein Poodle puppy) are playing like old time friends. The fact that he is growing like a weed and is already as tall as she is may be a factor. She has teased and taunted and coaxed him into learning about the stairs. She even took his favorite toy and left on the very top step. He saw it, worked his way up to get it, then deposited it on the floor and went off to play sliding-in-the-newspapers. She hasn't put anything else up high, but today he was trying to get the soda bottle up there! He sort of works his way up the first two steps and is dying to get on the top one to sit like Critter does, but so far, hasn't made it. The closest he's come is 3 feet up, 1 not quite there. Critter is leaving on Thursday and Cal is going to miss her. BUT he's had two weeks to adjust to his new situation, knows all the dogs (including the ones who would rather NOT know him,) and feels comfortable. It really IS easy for younger pups, especially those who go to homes with dogs already in them. But older pups are easier on the people in their new homes....

Several litters of Emy pups will be a year older this month. Willy, from the 2015 litter, sent a two-fer photo, Christmas AND birthday.

Note he is still in full coat!

Jan. 1, 2016