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Adult Pictures                Feb. 21, 2017
Spring cleaning started early here... for one thing, it's consistently in the 70s and for another, clipping has been delayed because of the strange up and down winter we have had. I started with Pat and Zuri, because of their heat cycles:

There is no new picture of Zuri because she will NOT look at me, or even get close, if I have something in my hand that might set off a bright light in her direction.
But here are Hoo-Rah and Ben:

The oldsters, Sparky and Diamond, are scheduled for this Friday, with everyone else spread out over the next couple weeks.

          Feb. 16, 2017

SO! You notice I'm two days late and well more than a few bucks short. However, I have BIG News!
Well, semi big news.

BOTH Zuri and Patsy have just been in season. Actually, Pat is in the nitty gritty part of her heat, out in another day or two. Zuri was NOT bred although Ben did his absolute very best and she cooperated fully. Since neither of them have had any breeding experience, the size difference was just too much.

I would like LOVE to tell you Patsy was all grown up and a willing participant in the ending of her maidenhood. Alas, no. She WAS 90% different in her attitude and HAS had the girl friend experience. IF I had had anyone I could call on to lend a hand, she would now "have to get married," to coin a phrase. But do not despair... a lot. Yet.

Patsy and Boon spent the morning at the vet's office, getting some help in the fertilization process. I am not a fan of artificial insemination because, with normal breeds, it isn't particularly successful. However, since they had come     t   h   i   s     close on their own and she is still giving off all the signs and scents of being at the breed-me-NOW stage, I decided to give it a try. So this morning, the vet and the rest of the day and night, penned alone together, and tomorrow morning back to the vet for a second insertion. It is the best I can do.

So happy belated Valentine's Day from ALL of us, especially

Did You Miss Me?                Feb. 11, 2017
Some of you probably didn't even know I was gone! And I appreciate hearing from those who checked in to make sure I was ok. I was. Just let the winter get me down. Or maybe I'm just getting lazy in my old age.

The dogs are doing great and the pups the same. Penguin, Monkey and Lion have settled right in with their families. Frosty and Reindeer are going to their new homes on Monday... happy Valentine's Day! on Tuesday... which leaves just Tiger still here. She is the LARGEST, even bigger than Frosty who at 14 weeks is 16 pounds... heavier and taller. Both Reindeer and Frosty have a lot of silvering going on, strangely scattered over their bodies rather than in the normal "markings" areas like chest and legs. Can hardly wait to see what they look like in a year! Once they've left, Tiger will get to spend most of her time with the big dogs. Actually, she'll spend all of it with them, but be crated (or penned) alone when I have to leave the house. I have NO (NO) intentions of keeping her, but she'll be happy thinking she's won the last man standing contest every litter has.

I know I have to do the litter's puppy page and I'll get around to that soon.


Some Pluses, Some Not So Much                Jan. 10, 2016

The pups are well... fat, sassy and active. They do have the good sense to know tv off/lights out means bedtime and are usually sound asleep before I get my covers situated and al the small "bedroom" dogs lifted onto the bed. And the pups play quietly when the sun comes up in the morning and don't get noisy until they hear me up and moving around. Over all, they're a good bunch.

There are two... issues... with them. The first thing is something I've not run into for a long time. They are still pottying all over the pen. Usually a litter has chosen a bathroom space long before 10 weeks and everyone uses it. With this gang, I am still covering much of the floor with newspaper. The other thing is somewhat minor but aggravating. My camera makes a little tinkling sound when I turn it on. The pups recognize that sound, even in their seep, and immediately flock around the side of the pen I'm closest to. It's great that they are ALL so into getting attention, but it is also the reason I haven't been able to take any candid shots of them. It took me several days to get these pictures of them on the steps and I've had to turn the camera on... tinkle... and then keep fooling with it without taking any pictures (to keep it from shutting itself off) until they lose interest and go back to playing.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah                Jan. 3, 2016

The holidays were somewhat discombobulated (if that's a word) this year. Between getting as much rain in December as we had had the entire rest of the year, daytime temperatures ranging from mid 60s to low 20s... often back to back, the pups deciding they should be out running around the house whenever they were awake and holiday tv programming...! But we should be getting back on track soon.

Picks are done and I will post pix and puppy destinations in the next day or so.

The two available pups are Tiger and Frosty:
(7 pounds)

(7-1/2 pounds)

More info later in the week.

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