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Ticks Again                2/24/18

We are having the warmest February since they started keeping records... which, just so you don't get excited, was in 1939... not a particularly long time in the overall scheme of things. We have ticks all year long and often fleas, unless we have an extended period of freeze. Which we did this year. Normally, I don't worry about ticks and fleas and puppies before March or so. And since my moms usually spend quite a lot of time playing and snuggling with their pups, weeks after they are weaned... and only want her for playing and snuggling... they are protected from pest invasions by the Advantage and Frontline their moms wear. This year I noted that Patsy was an exceptional mom UNTIL I moved the pups from the bedroom into the front room and when that happened she lost active interest in them. Even though I also noted the exceptionally warm February, I was seeing no fleas on any of the adults and only an occasional tick. It never occurred to me... told you I was getting old... that the pups could have some seed ticks. Unfortunately, one did.

With seed ticks, which are about the size of the POINT of a well sharpened pencil lead, they lie dormant until warm weather rouses them. Or a nice warm bath.

The big chocolate parti guy left Thursday. He was spoken for on Wednesday and I agreed to"hold" him until the weekend, but his new lady called and said they had been able to rearrange their schedule so they could come the next day. Bright and early that morning we went to the groomer for the routine hydrosurge and general sprucing up. My groomer is very good about telling me if she sees any bumps or sores or pests. She didn't say anything. I passed the pup off to his new people that afternoon, along with some food and his shot record and did say he was almost 12 weeks old and could be started on flea and tick prevention. He went with them... no choice since he was being held... and some time during the 6 hour ride, decided he was safe, so when they got home, he ate and drank and acted like a normal, if a little cautious, puppy.

Next day, he went to his new groomer for another bath and his first clipping (besides his face.)

BUT all was not well. Ticks! Lots of ticks! Especially in his feet and some in his ears. Since he was acting a little lethargic, off he went to the vet.
Where he was started on prevention immediately (which will solve the infestation problem also immediately,) and an antibiotic just in case.

His new people were understandably upset. And the blame is mine.

Coco is fine. Eating, pooping, behaving like a puppy. BUT it was a bad beginning.
His smaller choc parti brother is leaving on the 1st, going to Angie's. I inspected him with a magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb last night. No ticks. No fleas. He is now carrying a dose of Frontline between his shoulder blades.

Things are Looking Up                2/18/18

Just as I've always suspected: my dogs live to make a liar out of me. They read the blog... or maybe my mind... and immediately do whatever it is I say they don't/won't/can't do or vice versa. Yesterday I reported Peri to the world as a "tease." Last night, while I was trying to enjoy the 1986 remake of Stagecoach (terrific film! Great cast. Wonderful script. Memorable one liners: "What's an ovary?" and "Why would I slap the baby?" for instance.) Anyway, Peri decided she was ready. Changed her mind. Changed it again, back to ready. Nope, not just yet. I ended up lending Boon a hand in keeping her focused on "I think I can, I think I can, I think I will" until it became "I think I just did."

We had another breeding late this afternoon. So now I think we're back on schedule.

Bits and Pieces                2/16/18

None of them particularly exciting or earthshaking..

First, Peri is in heat.
Second, Peri is NOT co-operating
We are running down the clock. Talk about frustrating! She flirts with everyone... Boon and the two unacceptables (Crocket the Crested and Squirt the old Malti-Poo)...but flirting is the extent of her interest.
Which is rather weird since she was always getting in with Patsy's pups from the time Pat said it was ok. Maybe it's "other people's kids" syndrome.

California Chrome's younger full brother... with Thoroughbreds you are a full sibling if you have both parents the same, just like every other living thing... BUT you are a half sibling ONLY if you have the same mother. Dads don't count. So anyway, California Chrome's ONLY full brother, 3 years old Faversham, is running in his second race on Monday (the 3rd at Santa Anita, 7 Eastern.) His first race, he was slow out of the gate and took a bit to get into the race, but finished a fast closing second and accelerating. BIG hopes for this guy! And he's pretty too. Also, word is he has the same laid back sweet natured really into people attitude as his big bro. Yea!

Patsy and Sons                2/10/18

It's been a few weeks since Patsy kissed the pups good-bye and left them to fend for themselves in their new home in the media room. They didn't seem to mind and after the first couple days, paid no attention to her, even when she was lying next to the pen. And outside of that lying close to the pen, she paid no attention to them.

Two thirds of them moved out and this weekend, one of the 3 still with me left for her new home. Today, when I opened the pen, Pat went in and greeted the 2 chocolate parti boys, inviting them to play. which they did for over an hour, mostly on the slide. It was nice to watch. Now, she and her sons are stretched out within touching room... but not touching... all asleep.

No pictures because my camera makes a chiming noise when I turn it on and Patsy doesn't like having her photo taken. She immediately stops whatever she's doing and glares at the camera.

Breeding news
Peri is in season. Too early for her to be interested in Boon. But it's never too early for Boon to be interested!

"Old" Puppies Check In                Feb. 8, 2018

From time to time, some of the pups who have moved away send me updates... usually their people do it, but occasionally I hear from Tucker himself...obviously he doesn't type but talks to his computer. This first photo was accompanied by a letter telling me how much more suited he is... and how much more he enjoys... winter weather than his lady does.

Last year, it was SUMMER sports.

Tucker, by the way, will be 8 in April and is the son of Emy and Sparky.

And celebrating her first birthday in November, Nugget and Hoo-Rah's daughter, Millie

Then there is Emy and Boon's boy, Oogie, on his third birthday in January

People have to be careful of "hot" mics. Dogs need to watch out for hot cameras...

Current pups
Two chocolate parti guys are the only ones left with me. One is around 14 pounds and will probably be a large klein or small standard. The other is smaller, and will most likely be a klein. There is one solid black male at Angie's house, still waiting for his permanent family.These pups are 9-1/2 weeks old.


Box Day 2                1/31/18

It Never Fails                1/30/18

My daughter sent me a ClimbCart for my birthday, which because of a mistake in the address, never arrived. So after several months... I kid you not... of tracking it down... she is very persistent... I kid you not... her money was refunded. And she replaced the order, counting it as a Christmas present. (She fails to get why I say I got nothing for my birthday....) Apparently the ClimbCart has become very popular and it was on back order, so I didn't get it for Christmas. (If you're counting, that is TWO presents I'm out.) The good news is it arrived the Saturday before Martin Luther King day. One out of three gifts accounted for!

Yesterday, I opened the box and put the thing together. Very easy. And it worked correctly the first time. Since the pups started their 8 weeks birthday in the afternoon (remember half were born before midnight and the other half after,) I gave them the shipping carton as a present. For anybody who has had a puppy but has not given it a box, you have no idea what you're missing!

The bottom of the carton, which is probably 15" x 18" x 6" high, was taped shut and I folded the top flaps criss-cross to make them secure. The puppies spent a minute or two sniffing all over it, then a couple minutes pushing it around with their noses. Then the first brave soul stepped up on top... and King of the Mountain was played in earnest.

ALL day!

At one point this evening I noticed things were quiet in the front room, so I wandered in to see what was up, which turned out to be nothing, including all three pups. The two boys were collapsed in slumber in front of the food bowl and the girl was... see for yourself:

Of course, they eventually woke up and the festivities resumed. The game is now "It." One pup chases the other two until he catches one of them, then he runs to the box and climbs up/in and the one just caught becomes the chaser. There are definite rules to this game and I have no idea how they were set up. However, if you are on the box, you are safe. Guess who is safe for the next couple hours!

Two Poodle Guys Available                1/27/18

Pictured above at 7-1/2 weeks, both these guys are CKC registerable Poodles, klein.moyen size which is medium, bigger than mini and smaller than standard. The larger boy, on the left, is more chocolate than white and will be a large klein/small standard. He is $1200. The pup on the right is smaller and about 50/50 chocolate and white. He will be in the general klein/moyen range of 16-20 inches/25-40 pounds and is $1500. They will be ready to go around Valentine's Day 2018. Call or email for more info.

Junior (California Chrome) is up to 6 babies foaled, equally divided between male and female. Quite a lot more of his AMERICAN foals due in the next few months... then the long wait until they start racing as 2 year olds..

And speaking of waiting, we're still on hold with Peri and Boon. Well, with Peri. After a year and a half off from puppy-raising, she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get back in the business!

Oh Happy Day!                1/12/18

Everyone who's been here a while knows my other love is horses. And the BIG love there is California Chrome. Well, Junior is now a Senior! His first foal arrived during the night.

Mom is Pay the Man, who raced into her 8th year and won over one million dollars.

photos from Calumet

TWO Pups Available                1/19/18

These are purebred KLEIN (medium size) Poodles. The two available are the two chocolate and white parti (spotted) males. Turning 7 weeks in a couple days, they are making their first trips to the groomer. It is amazing how getting the fuzz off their faces make them look like... POODLES!

The Winner Is                1/12/18

The prize for First to Get Up ON the First Stair goes to the female parti with the least color, who was also the First to Be Born. She gets up there and lords... ladys... it over the rest. She is also practicing jumping off... it's maybe 6 inches high. When she gets down and wanders off, there is a mad rush from the others to see if they can make it... which is what their trouble was in the first place!

I was going to get a picture and found out my camera is stuck on menu. So now I'm going to have to get my birthday I-pad back from the son who gave it to me and then borrowed it (my birthday is early August...) and figure out how to use it.

Late update
The Frisr to Make it to the Second Step and Put Feet on the Top
is awarded to the black parti BOY. And not only that, he JUST NOW made it all the way up and is getting the First to Sit on Top of the Mountain title! In addition, he is practicing walking back down instead of falling, and has made it as far as the first step before his legs get tired or his excitement takes over. What a guy!

The Nine have Moved                1/11/18

FINALLY! Patsy's pups decided they need more room They had been totally happy in the puppy pen in the bedroom... until they turned 5 weeks. This is a very "birthday" oriented bunch! On Monday, all of the pups noticed there is life outside the pen's wire and made it abundantly clear they wanted to see it. Plus they are running... actually full out... steady on their feet... running from one side to the other (about 10 feet.) And have learned how to do it down one side, across the end and back up the other side without stopping. A few mishaps. And a couple collisions when two or more got their signals crossed and ran down both sides and across at the same time. Nobody got hurt.

Anyway, I've moved them into the front room where they have twice as much space. Of course, since they are so advanced, I expected them to get plunked down in their big new world and take to it like ducks to water. But in the interest of giving ME something to think about, they huddled together... on the blanket... and some of them cried. Eventually, as Pat was sitting outside the pen watching, I put her in with them... thinking she wanted them to nurse (it had been 5-6 hours) and she thought they needed some comfort. But wrong again! She just wanted in to check out the pen... which she had been wandering in and out of several times a day since the LAST litter left months ago... and to stick her nose (and tongue) into their food bowl. She definitely did NOT want them to nurse and tried to make it clear by growling and running away. They ran behind her en masse, paying no attention to her vocalized displeasure. A few minutes of that and I had had enough. I let her out, she glared at me and went back to sitting next to the wire, watching them sleep.

Today is a different story. They made it through the night... actually made no more noise than they did in the bedroom... ate their bowl down to the puppy dog face in the bottom and played chase. This afternoon they discovered the stairs, which have been in there all along, and are trying to figure out what they do. A couple have ALMOST gotten all four feet on the bottom step at the same time. They might be more successful if three of them weren't trying simultaneously. A little of that and back they are, in the front of the pen, sleeping in a pile.

Except for the same two who are always different. The black female and bigger chocolate parti male are stretched out on THIS side, pressed against the wire, as close to me as they can get.

I Had to Turn the Heat Down!                1/4/18

And no, it is NOT warm here. We haven't been above freezing for some time, haven't been out of the 20s for a couple days and our nights of been single digits and some non digits. No snow or sleet. Probably too cold for that. BUT. Yesterday, after hearing the weather report, I finally put plastic over some of the windows AND, for the first time in 18 years, put a heater in my bedroom. Plus, the wind did not show up. So, at bedtime (which was 4 this morning) I turned off the bedroom heat and turned esimultaneouslyverything else on low. Our high for today was 22 at 2 AM this morning. It has been straight downhill since. And yes, the heat is back on full blast. And no, it is not hot in here... but it's better that the 50 (inside) which was the highest I had been able to get it up to.

It had felt so cold in here that Patsy went to bed with the puppies... something she stopped doing a while back... and stayed there all night. Her maternal instincts continue to amaze me! The pups had been whiny, but within a couple minutes, they were sound asleep and quiet. During the day, which is usually 5-10 degrees warmer inside, the Nine sleep in a pile... and I mean on top of each other, not just sprawling over each other, but piled up. By the way, the pool is flat. Puppy nails are sharp and with the whole gang climbing in and out all day long... well, what can I say. Since it has always been their bed, it is still in the pen with their blankets in it. No sense confusing them when they have done such a terrific job of figuring out where to sleep and where to poop!

We are supposed to stay way lower than normal through the weekend but warm up into the 40s for several days next week.
One can only hope!

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