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Another Day Older        Aug. 30, 2013

Not a whole lot to report... which is a good thing. The pups, and their mom, are eating and sleeping as expected. The only thing I noticed since my last post is that one of the darkest pups... the second male I think (but I confess I haven't turned him over to confirm...) leaves the puppy pile when Clooney is away and climbs up on the pile of bedding she has shoved to the end of the crate. The other five stay where she leaves them. I think this is funny since my last post mentioned Clooney... and all my mamas'... habit of discarding any bedding I put the pups on AND a couple people emailed or called to say their older pups also prefer to sleep directly on the floor or crate pan rather than on a rug or blanket. Since MY dogs, when they are not in mom-mode, all want to be on the furniture or the rugs I put down for them, I wonder why that is.

More OLDER pups' pictures
The first is Marna's Di/Brogue daughter, Montana, who is a full sister to my Emy and Peri and comes from the litter between those two

These next two are of the same puppy but were, obviously, sent to me during the winter. I downloaded them to my computer even though I had no way of identifying them and now I don't know who the pup is. The pictures are so beautiful when I ran across them today I decided to post them anyway.

Who Decides?        Aug. 29, 2013

They're 3-1/2 days old and going strong. Their mom was made for this parenting business. And unlike her cousin, Peri, has not tried to pick up even one of them! Clooney prefers scooting the pups around with her nose or even getting up and rearranging herself to accommodate the babies. Another thing I've noticed with Clooney that I seldom see is she listens to the pups' cries. Most dogs ignore the squeals and squeeks unless the pup is in obvious distress. Last night, Clooney was standing in the nest, eating her dinner from the bowl just outside, and one of the puppies started crying. Cloo turned and looked at it for a few seconds, then went back to the food. When the pup cried again, Clooney went to it and nuzzled it, then pushed it back toward the pile of puppies, before returning to finish her dinner. The pup didn't make another sound.

Getting one of MY puppies involves more than just sending me an email of calling on the phone and then putting a check in the mail. I learned a long (L O N G) time ago that they are MY puppies and I am responsible for choosing homes for them. If they were cars or tv sets or cherry pies, it would be different. Over the years I have honed my instincts and learned to, as they say, trust my gut. Not only does the prospective home have to meet certain basic requirements, but the families getting the pups have to be people I feel I can work with, especially if a problem occurs. (And problems, sometimes serious ones, do occur from time to time. These ARE living creatures we're talking about and all the care in the world can't keep Mother Nature at bay all the time.) Sometimes I get an email I just ignore or I'll talk on the phone with someone and cut it short after a minute or two. Sometimes I'll go through the steps up to sending out the warranty/contract before deciding I'd rather keep the pup its entire life than place it with the current interested party. Usually, I'll tell the person exactly why I am uncomfortable with letting the family have one of my youngsters... often it is a matter of timing and down the road that same family would be perfect adopters. None of my "rules" are absolutes and I have broken every one of them when choosing homes. I totally respect... and promote... a person's right to "shop around." No matter what it is you're looking for, you should talk to several different people and get a feel for what is available and what the benefits and disadvantages are of getting something from various individuals. However, the point I'm trying to make is, given a person's interest in having a Mountain Summit puppy, I do the choosing on where they go.

Short and Sweet        Aug. 28, 2013

Great. That's the word for how the puppies are doing. They are gaining weight and are more aware of their surroundings. At least, they know when their mom leaves and comes back to them, and not just because she always steps on one or two. Every once in a while I even hear a squeek tinged with annoyance when a pup is in the back of the pack bellied up to the bar and can't get to a nipple. They grow up so fast!

Now, Clooney. Her ears seem to be much better. I've seen her scratch once or twice today, but I scratch MY ears at least that often. She is more tolerant when I pick her up and put her on my bed so I can stick the various medications in her ear canals. Actually, she's more tolerant of me picking her up period since she knows she can't get in or out of her second story crate without my help. Now, one way in which she has proved to be just as annoying to me as every other mama dog I have ever had is her digging any and all beddings out from under her babies. I have no idea WHY they'd rather have the pups directly on the wood floor, the plastic crate pan or the thin plastic layer of a swimming pool. Any more I just shrug and don't waste my time putting something under them.

Nothing New        Aug. 27, 2013

The pups continue to do well. They are warm and always seem to have nice fat tummies. For the most part, they are quiet, even when Clooney runs outside for a couple minutes. And a couple minutes is all the time she spends away from them. She is definitely taking this momma business seriously... which tells me she had a good mother herself AND that most likely, the girls in this litter will be good mothers since those skills are learned in the nest. Early this morning, Clooney started having an ear problem. For the last day or so... since right before the pups arrived... she's been rubbing her head (her ears) against the side of the crate or, when she was still following me around the house, against the furniture. I checked and her ears weren't red and didn't have an odor, but there is definitely something going on. They bothered her so much this AM she couldn't sleep or even lie still for any length of time. Which disturbed the pups who are used to being cuddled. I had some earmite medication in the refridgerator, a couple months old, so I put some in her ears but that seemed to make things worse. Can't get in to see Jane (my vet) until 1:30 Friday unless I want to "walk in." But THAT means going over there, signing in and waiting... sometimes for 2-4 hours... until I can be worked into the schedule. And that is far too long for Clooney to be away from the puppies. I had one of the office staff give Jane the info and I'm running over there to pick up some medicine as soon as I post this. I don't want Clooney upset. It bothers the pups, for one thing, but I basically don't like it when one of the dogs has a problem.

Almost a Day Old!        Aug. 26, 2013

Have I mentioned that Clooney is the Wonder Woman of dogs? Last night, after I took the first pictures of the pups, I went to the other room to send out birth announcements to people on the reservation and waiting lists and I spoke to my daughter on the phone. I told her there was only one male and TWO were reserved so I hoped Clooney wasn't done whelping. An hour or so later, I went back into the bedroom and Clooney was the proud mama of SIX pups, including a second boy. I swear there was a smirk on her face!

Clooney and the brood had an uneventful night. They were so quiet none of the dogs was excited as they usually are when they hear new puppy squeeks. Well, none of them except Peri. She kept climbing over the gate to the bedroom and jumping up to get into Clooney's crate. I finally put her in the bottom crate and she was up and down... and noisy... all night. Peri LOVES being a mom and is convinced Cloo needs her help. This morning I've put Peri in a pen in the "dog" room and she's gotten out of it twice. Right now, she's snoozing but I'm willing to bet when I go back to the bedroom, she'll be out of the pen and over the gate again. And then back in the bottom crate. So there!

The flash on my camera has stopped working... again... don't know how I got it back the last time. I changed batteries, but that didn't help. In a couple days, I'll remove the babies from the nest... maybe when Clooney's outside... and put them where it's light for more pix. But here are this morning's shots sans flash:
the two boys
the four girls

Update Sunday Night        Aug.25, 2013

Clooney is THE most impressive first timer I have EVER had! She is calm and quiet and is going about this whelping business like this was her 6th litter, not her first. She has stayed pretty much in the same area, keeping the pups close to her belly while she leans over them to welcome each newcomer. She is getting them out of their sacks with no fuss and is cutting cords as professionally as an obstetrician. The pups are quiet and all are feeding well.

I'm just hoping she is not finished!

There are five and all were coal black when they arrived. They are quickly changing to red as they dry. The first was a male and the next FOUR, females. Which is very unusual. And unexpected.

Here they are at 9 this evening.

All Aboard        Aug. 25, 2014

The whelping train is about to leave the station. I think.
Sorry about the delay in posting this morning, but Clooney... and I... were up and down all night and we both fell asleep this AM. Now that we're awake, it looks like we're going to get down to the business of having puppies.The panting hasn't stopped... for either of us... and Clooney is doing a lot of "nesting." If this is your first whelping experience, nesting is digging. If there is bedding, like blankets, the dog rearranges them into a pile and then rearranges them into another pile and then rearranges them... you get the picture. For a long time in the early morning hours, Clooney was under my bed... which sits about 8 inches off the ground... rearranging the floor into a pile. Now that she's back in her crate, she's reconfiguringing the newspapers. She ate last night... nibbled... but not this morning. Most dogs stop eating a day or so before going into labor. And she's having to go outside a lot... quick out and back in... so she's cleaning out in order to keep the "nest" pristine. Well, as pristine as possible considering each pup comes packaged in fluid. Anyway, it's about 2 in the afternoon and I'm going to run into town and pick up some supplies... Taco Bell and Arby's... to get me through the rest of the day and probably the night. This is a long process.

But I will post as soon as possible to let you know how things are going.

Nope        Aug. 24, 2013

And no signs of active labor this morning. These periods of intense restlessness are probably caused by the pups moving into whelping position... Clooney does show the classic football-sideways-in-the-belly appearance of a girl getting close to time. She has definitely adjusted to living in the bedroom and claims the upper crate as hers. Yesterday she started standing on her back legs, trying to figure out how to get up to HER spot when she wanted to take a nap. She's not used to being picked up and it is still a little scary for her when I lift her in or out. In a couple days, it will become old hat for her.

We're not There Yet        Aug. 23, 2013

Clooney went to bed and went to sleep. All night. She WAS up fairly early, but a quick trip outside solved that problem. Today's the day I picked in the pppy pool....

OTHER puppy pix
Angie sent these pictures of her two Emy/Boon daughters who are 16 months old. She says they're just wonderful except for the small thing of chewing on her wood cabinets and chasing the cats.

and Bailey

And then there is 8 months old Nelson from Maggie and Alex. He is pictured at his favorite location.

Still Closer        Aug 22, 2013

Clooney has had two restless nights in her new sleeping quarters. And she was extremely restless for several hours today... panting, pacing, rubbing against the furniture. Then she went and ate. But it could be tonight....

A funny picture
My daughter sent me a couple pictures she took last weekend. The first one is hilarious... however, to be honest, I was tired of the camera and was mugging for the shot. It made Gray smile... or pass gas...

And this second one is of my two gorgeous granddaughters. The dark haired one is 17 years old Lindsey and the redhead is babymama, Chelsea, who is 3 months shy of 23.

Closer...        Aug 20, 2013

This morning, in preparation for the impending arrival of Clooney and Boon's puppies, I ran Cloo into town for a quick "grooming." All we took off was the hair on her belly so the babies would get nipples without a mouthful of other stuff at the same time. Most pups, no matter the time of year and how high the temperature, like to bury themselves in their mama's coat, at least for the first few days until their bodies adjust to being out of utero. Clooney has decided she likes going for car rides and was all gung ho to go with me, although she's too heavy to hop into the car on her own. But once we headed down the drive, she became anxious and started panting and pacing the backseat. We went straight to the groomer and straight home, off the property about an hour. She settled down as soon as we got back in the house. I REALLY have to get her place set up in the bedroom because she is telling me she is getting close to whelping AND she'll need time to adjust to changes in her living arrangements. I've decided to put her in the "upstairs" crate rather than the puppy pen. Having the pups up high where the other dogs can't see them will help keep her calm and will be easier for me to tend to initially. Most first timers sit or lie on their babies or lie down with some of them behind instead of cuddled up along the belly for the first couple days so I'll probably be "rescuing" them fairly often... I hate hearing puppies cry! This is Clooney before and after her haircut... you really can't see any difference which is what I wanted, but you CAN see her baby "bump!"

Other pups report in
This is Emy and Sparky's son, Bear, from last year's litter.

Keri had this to say:
Wanted you to see Bear with his haircut. He looks so handsome and probably cooler as well. He's so much fun. He's finally growing out of some "puppiness" but still playful as ever as,you can see. I just took him to the vet today and he weighs 27 lbs. I thought you'd be interested to know what his full grown weight was. We love our guy!

And Maggie and Cisco's Dewey, now 21 months

Dewey's mom has this to say about back dewclaws:
By the way, I just read the post about some of the pups having dew claws. I remember how this was an issue I had many questions. I want to let you know that, although my vet was pushing to have them removed during neutering (Dewey's dew claws are a little bony and attached somewhat), I decided against it. They are not a problem what-so-ever and am very happy with the decision I made. I read about the concern over having one ripped off, but the chances of that occurring is really small. The only issue I have had with them (if you want to call it an issue) is that when he is taken to the groomer I have to stress that they trim the extra dew claws - because Dewey can be quite furry, they are not always easily spotted. Any way, those are my non expert two cents and I know look back and laugh at my previous concerns. Karen

I usually get ALL the back dews removed (IF there are any) although I do not take off fronts, but sometimes I miss them since they are often just little bumps in newborn pups. Dewclaws are taken off at 3-4 days of age, requiring a trip to the vet, if they are going to be removed.

Finally, here is Emma at 6-1/2 years. This Diamond/Brogue girl is from the same litter as my Emerald and was the darling black-and-tan pup on the "pix pix pix" page.

Emma has made friends all over the country and David writes:
Hi Sherry! I wanted to share a few recent pics of my sweet Emma (now six years old!).
I'll never be able to communicate just how much she has meant to my life. She's the best, smartest, most caring friend I've ever had. She's never had any health issues and enjoys her life immensely. Everyone who knows her, loves her - including my 82 year old mother, pictured with her below. Sadly, we lost my big sister in November and Emma's sweet, caring nature has been a comfort to both of us as we've grieved.
Please give hugs to Di and Brogue for us!

Waiting...        Aug. 18, 2013

Yes, it's been a while since I've posted. Truth is, there hasn't been anything to report.
Miss Clooney is doing fine. She is comfortable and still getting around with no problem. She has settled down a lot and actually acts like an adult dog rather than the puppy she thought she was just 2 months ago. Not to worry... if she's like the rest of the family she'll be back to her old self as soon as the pups are out the door.
I'm thinking this litter will show up on the 23rd. But I really have no say and all my girls delight in messing with my schedule. Stay tuned.

Another family get-together
I checked and it's still 2013, actually, it's still AUGUST 2013 so the fact that my daughter and granddaughters came to visit again so soon had me worried about my health. However, I'm feeling MUCH better with the change in my blood pressure medicine so I think the point of their visit was to introduce me to my great-grandson, Grayson.

Gray was born June 20th and is being royally spoiled by his mom and dad (Chelsea and Dale,) Aunt Lindsey and young grandma, Jen (in photo.) I plan on doing my own form of spoiling when I get moved to Indiana.

Clooney Update, Plus        Aug. 9, 2013

Have to tell you, Clooney is getting quite a belly on her. Often with first time moms-to-be, you can't really tell they are pregnant. Not with this little girl! I;m going to move her to the bedroom a little earlier than usual because I suspect she and Boon may have been canoodling a couple days before they let ME know about it.

And on a different front... pix!
The first is Dasher whose parents are Emy and Sparky

And then there is Cash Meza who is another Emy son, but sired by Boon
Waiting for the kids to get back from camp

One kid checked in...

Finally, Cash and his "cousins" who are not related to Emy!

Happy Birthday to Me        Aug. 3, 2013

Today I am 70. Tomorrow I'll be 70 too, but today it's new. Birthdays have never meant much to me... I have trouble remembering anybody's which is why my calendar is filled with people's names scribbled across days and a reminder list at the top of each month. In fact, birthdays mean so little to me, I've lost track more than once of how many I have had... which is why I find it hard to believe I'm 70.

Early this week, my son called and said "Let's go out to dinner for your birthday" and I agreed. Then on Thursday he called and said he had something to do on Saturday, so could we go on Friday instead. No big deal, it's still a free meal. My daughter called about an hour before I was supposed to meet Andy and wished me a happy birthday and asked what I wanted... since she lives in Indiana, that meant I didn't need to check the mail for her birthday card. I told her I'd like some more of the mints she found for me for Christmas. Then I drove into town to meet Andy at my restaurant of choice, Perkins (right off I-81 for those of you who have been here to pick up puppies.) The place was packed, but we were taken to the back per Andy's request.

Now, I've got to say, not only is the joy of birthdays lost on me, I also tend to NOT pay a lot of attention to people... I have a hard time remembering names and never connect names with faces, especially out of context. Emily from the vet's office is a complete stranger if I see her at the post office. (Dogs, on the other hand, I remember even if I see them just once every 5 years!) Anyway, I'm pulling out a chair to sit in and Andy says "Do you know those people?" indicating a group in the corner, every one of whom was staring... and smiling... at me. They looked like anybody I might have met anywhere at any time. It took me a full minute to recognise my daughter and the kids. Who were supposed to be at home in Indiana. Surprise! doesn't even come close. Stunned is a much better description. Good thing my heart is in good condition.

(In my defense, I haven't seen them in 3 years and I AM 70.)

It turned out the Friday night before I turned 70 was maybe the most fun I've had. Ever. After dinner we went over to the motel where Jen was staying (directly behind Perkins... again for those of you who have been here) and spent several hours playing "Do you remember when?" and "I've got a secret... which I might as well tell you now since I'm 70." Can't remember the last time I laughed so hard I cried.

And Jenny went back to Indiana this morning.

But she left my birthday card AND the mints here.

JULY 2013

The Results, Please!        July 31, 2013

Monday's trip to the vet for Clooney's rescheduled ultrasound gave me a huge surprise. The parking lot was jam packed, as it usually is on Mondays, and I expected my little country girl... who never sees vehicles much less PEOPLE... would be in shock and unhappy with the crowded waiting room. (Yes, she had been in there a couple days before, but the place was empty.) When we went in Monday, I had to drag her through the door and at the counter, she camped out ON my feet. But she started peeking out around my legs and by the time we were checked in, she was standing up and wagging her tail. At first, it was somewhat tentative but quickly changed to long sweeps, back and forth, as people began to talk to her. Normally I don't allow people at the vet's office to touch my dogs... most of them are NOT there with healthy animals... but Clooney seemed so receptive, I let folks pet her. (I did not let her sniff or touch any animals, but they mostly ignored her anyway.) She was fascinated with the kids and would have gone on a chase with them if I had allowed it. By the time the tech came to get her, she had received a number of "beautiful"s and two "gorgeous"es and lots and lots of "sweet"s. Plus I got to tell people how great Whoodles are!

And the ultrasound showed she is definitely pregnant. Pups due in about 3-1/2 weeks (I'm thinking right around the 23rd.)

Clooney is eating twice as much as everyone else and she had "blossomed" so much over the weekend, I knew she was pregnant and almost cancelled the test. I'm glad I didn't because it showed me a really nice side of her quirky personality and it's reassuring to know she isn't as much a "puppy" as I've been thinking.

Clooney's reservation list is open for two females. The male slots have been taken.
This doesn't mean there will be no males available. I take only two male and two female reservations but litters are usually more than that. We just have to wait until they get here and I sort them out to boys and girls. And usually there are more guys than dolls in a litter.

Zonkey        July 25, 2013

I'm not the only one who sometimes has a little trouble getting my animals to do... or NOT do... what I want.

Italian Zonkey

One part zebra, one part donkey, all parts fuzzy and adorable. Ippo, the foal of a male zebra and a female donkey, was reported to be in good health, just a few days after it was born at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy.

The story of Ippo's birth reads like the equine equivalent of a romance novel. The father is a zebra that was adopted by the animal reserve after he was rescued from a failing zoo. The mother is a Donkey of Amiata, an endangered animal species.

Even though a fence separated the two animals at the animal reserve, the zebra climbed over and mated with the donkey, producing Ippo. Serena Aglietti, one of the employees at the reserve, said in a statement, "Ippo is the only one of her kind in Italy."

However, Ippo isn't the only zonkey in the world. The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Georgia was site to the birth of its own zonkey on July 21, 2010. C.W. Wathen, the owner of the animal preserve, said that the zonkey (or zedonk) has been in good health since her birth.

"She's doing fine," Wathen told ABC News. She's easily spotted in a herd, with a light brown coat on most of her body but striped legs. However, she blends in socially with the other animals. "She's still like a child, so she just runs and plays around," said Wathen. "The other animals treat her like a member of the herd."

Since zebras and donkeys are two different species of horses, their DNA and genetics don't quite match up. Even though the animals grow up healthy, they often aren't able to make offspring of their own.

The last sentence is amusing... well, it is to me. If they want this particular Zonkey to breed, all they have to do is tell her NOT to!

No News is... NO News        July 24, 2013

Some of you are waiting breathlessly for ultrasound news. But there is none. Clooney and I were up and out bright and early this morning... well, early anyway. I dropped her off and went to run some chores. Unfortunately for me, two of the three places I needed to visit while in town are closed because of last week's flood to end all floods in downtown Kingsport. So, after being gone for a little over an hour, I called the vet to see if Cloo was ready to be picked up or if they could get the job done pretty soon. After some time on hold, listening to The Skaters Waltz over and over, I was told the ultrasound machine was not functioning properly and the vet was on the phone with the ultrasound machine company and I should come get her. Which I did. We have a tentative appointment scheduled for Monday the 29th but I have to "call Monday before you come in." My own doctor's appointment (yes, another one and don't get me started on THAT) is Monday morning, just a block from the vet so perhaps it will all work out....

I see some of the normal signs of pregnancy in her... sprung ribs and flabby belly... but she is only 4-1/2 weeks along and many dogs show simple pregnancy signs after a heat even when they have not been bred. So we all just have to sit back, take a deep breath, say a few cuss words under that breath and wait. Maybe just until Monday. Maybe a lot longer. This IS the South and things move a little slower around here than in other places.

Wow!        July18, 2013

I know most of the country is going through a heat wave right now, many places hotter than our low 90s. BUT yesterday, in addition to our 91 high, we had the worse storm the Kingsport area has gone through in more than 50 years. The rain came down for about 2 hours and when all was said and done, we got 3-5 inches, depending on the neighborhood, and downtown Kingsport was flooded. Cars were stranded on the main streets and in parking lots... up over their tires in many cases. We probably got 3-4 inches where I live, but about an hour after it slowed down to a normal downpour, I went into town to get Taco Bell for dinner. As long as I've lived here... over 13 years... I've never seen water standing across roads and last night was no different. It wasn't until I got into town and saw all the flashing lights at intersections that it occured to me there might be a problem. Taco Bell was as busy as I've ever seen it because all the restaurants further into town were closed because of high water. Of course, I didn't know that until I got back home and turned on the tv. Unfortunately, this is Fun Fest week in Kingsport and the entire area is just swamped... no pun intended... with people both local and from elsewhere. Luckily, when the water started rising, police were able to move everyone to higher ground. No injuries. But all day today store owners and businesses/vendors set up in tents around the area for Fun Fest have been busy cleaning up and trying to get things open again.

And right now... a little after 6 PM... the storms are rolling in again.

Since we've already had over our YEARLY rain amount, we don't need any more, but nobody asked US!

By the way, Johnson City, which is about 30 miles south, floods every time there is a heavy dew and they got whomped yesterday too. But THEY are used to it!

This and That        July 14, 2013

Nothing much going on around here. That, coupled with not feeling well, has meant I'm staying off the computer much of the time. AND we're about to have our first heat wave... extended time with temps over 90... so I'm not particularly bouncy.

Clooney is acting... normal. She's frisky. She is eating a little more than usual, which is UNusual since everyone else is eating less because it's summer. To me, it looks like her ribs have sprung a bit and she has some extra in her abdomen, but that could be either wishful thinking or her hair growing out. Her ultrasound is scheduled for the 24th and if the result is positive, her reservation list will open right away. All the ultrasound will tell me is she either is or is not pregnant. Not how many or what color or what sex.

I downloaded a few more to post. However... only one was titled in the email and because I deleted the emails (the ones with pictures eat up my storage space) and did not immediately upload them to the website and identify them, I can't remember which pups they are. Some day I might just upload a bunch and post them without identifying them

This is Bear, who used to be Bill, and is the litterbrother of Bob and the younger brother of Esther.

Back to Normal        July 5, 2013

Things are a lot quieter around here. Peri is out of season, unbred!, and the boys are settling down. The last one is Emy and she's still playing it very cool.

Here are four photos sent to me recently which I uploaded and renamed one at a time so I could post them. First, I have to say they were a decent size... the largest was about 250K (yes, that's K, not M) so it didn't cause my computer to freeze up 6 times before I gave up. DIAL-UP, remember. And second, they were all rightsideup, not sideways. Hint, hint.

Cooper, who is from Cotton and Brogue and was 4 years old in May

Esther who is from Peri and Sparky and was a year in May

Bob, Esther's younger full brother, not letting the Alabama summer get to him

Bob and his roommate, Lula, who is from Maggie and Cisco

Clooney Pix        July 2, 2013

So I finally managed to get a couple clear shots of Clooney! She was just clipped short so her color is lighter than it is when her hair is long.

Ms Clooney now has her own page. You can get to it by clicking on her photo in the "My Partners" section on the website or go directly there at

She and Boon have reached an understanding and he is turning his attention back to his kong toy. (What that really means is she is out of season and doesn't smell enticing any more!)