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Quick Update             Aug 30, 2015

Once again, computer problems. (Have I mentioned I hate computers, cars and most electonics?) The new win-8 is stuck on "connected" even though it's not AND I have uninstalled the dial-up program it is stuck on. The computer I'm using now is one of my old ones that almost work... it's win-xp and the keyboard doesn't function. I have an old keyboard plugged in, but the outdated browser means most websites are off limits and the ones that even try to load take forever or just give up. So, emails may go unanswered. Call if you have a problem that needs immediate attention. Or just want to share your I-hate-computers-too-because stories.

Have a functioning vehicle in my driveway. It looks good and SEEMS to run ok, so we'll see.

The really good news is the Emy/Boon puppy in th Kansas City area who was in need of a new home has found one. Fingers crossed that it works out after the current honeymoon period. His "old" family says he seems much more content with the new family, especially as they have 4 kids.

Then there's yesteday's Travers. AmP lost after a really game try. Proving he's a real horse, not a figment of our collective imagination!

Next weekend, during the NBC broadcast of the Breeders Cup "win and you're in" races, Rachel Alexandra's 2 YO daughter, Valentina, is nominated for the Spinaway. We'll know in a coupledays if she is actually entered. Remember... she has run in one race. Which she won in an impressive fashion. Looking forward to actually getting to SEE her!

Well, That didn't Last Long             Aug 27, 2015

On Tuesday, the mechanic went to my son's house and worked on the car. He wired the cooling system directly to the ignition... turn the car on, the cooling system is working. Wa-lah! They let it run for 15-20 minutes and it didn't overheat. So yesterday, my son brought the car back to me and I went into town to pick up the mail for the first time in several weeks and over to the vet's to get Lava's last shot. I intended to go to the bank, stop at Sonic for a Route 44 Coke and back home. A round trip of about 15 miles. However, 9 miles into it, the temperature gauge went from normal into the red... and I mean all the way over... within about 10 seconds. Luckily, I was where I could immediately pull over in the shade under an overpass and turn the engine off. Called the son to come get me, called Triple A to come get the car. I really hate it when I'm right, especially when it's about something I know nothing about, but I knew this "fix" wasn't going to work. Of course, as an old woman, my uneducated opinion means nothing to a bunch of men working on cars. So now I'm vehicle-less again. Or maybe that's still.

American Pharoah
flew from California to Saratoga in NY yesterday. His people said the trip took about 12 hours stall to stall. Here is an Eric Kalet photo of AmP telling all his friends about the trip.

This morning, around 6:30 (which is 3:30 California time...) AmP was out on the track for a little light gallop. Just a mile, to let him get a feel for the surface. His exercise rider, George Alvarez, said this: "You can tell when he likes the track or doesn't like the track," Alvarez added, "but so far he likes all the track so no difference."
The guy's a master of understatement.

Another Voice             Aug 25, 2015

The May 2015 Peri/Hoo-Rah pups are 16 weeks old tomorrow. Here is an update on one's progress, straight from her new mom:
Over here things are pretty much the same. Jozy went to day care for a trial run this weekend (we will have to board her when we are out of town and they require temperament tests at the place that we are taking her to make sure that she is ok with other dogs and that she is healthy etc). She had a BLAST and quickly made friends with every single person and dog that she met! I am told that she is obsessed with water and was apparently outside in their kiddie/doggie pools every chance that she had. (She also seemed pretty unimpressed when I came to take her home and gave me a look as if to say "mom, you're ruining all the fun! i want to stay and play!")

Jozy's sister, Lava, had been watching my son come and go when he brings me my daily dose of fast food while Zuri, who is 2 months older, had taken on the role of meeter-greeter. Over the weekend, Lava decided she should maybe practice the run-down-the-steps-and-prance-around-in-front-of-the-visitor routine just in case MS Z moves out first. So now, anyone who makes it to my gate is "threatened" by two little black whirlwinds dancing around.

The first Peri/Hoo-Rah pups reached their first birthday last week. Here are some pictures of the only girl, Sidi (Obsidian,) as she celebrates in Texas.

Sidi is like her brothers... and her dad... and always looks twice as big in her photos as she is in real life. Like them, she is a mere 20 pounds, plus/minus a pound or two.

AND she looks like a black version of her older HALF sister, Esther.

By the way, Esther is the only BLOND pup from Peri in 4 litters! Maybe I should stop blaming Hoo-Rah! (Actually, I should qualify that "only blond" business. There were 3 blonds and 2 parti in her first litter, but Esther was the only survivor. Peri may think darker colored pups are hardier.)

Reservation List OPEN             Aug 24, 2015

Nugget is pregnant. No doubt about it. The reservation list for her litter with Hoo-Raah, due after September 9th, is open. I expect these pups to mature a little larger than the Peri/Hoo-Rah pups, in the 20-25 pound range. Please keep in mind that Nugget's mom and dad are Emy (who is 32 pounds) and Boon (who is 42.) Grandparents have more influence on size than parents do. Well, if not actual influence, they do explain why smaller dogs can have larger pups and larger dogs can have smaller ones. Blame it on gene match-up!

The car is no longer in the shop. Instead, it is parked in my son's parking lot, waiting for the mechanic to get around to TRYING to solve its problem(s.) He works out of his home and has very limited parking which is all full. So he's going to come to "us." However, I have my doubts it will be any time soon. This having to depend on someone else to do my running around for me is the pits!

Fear the Walking Dead premiered last night. I thought it was a little slower out of the gate than TWD's first episode, but by the last 10 minutes, I was yelling "Get back in the truck!" at my tv. The dogs just rolled their eyes and figured it was Sunday night.

And speaking of slow out of the gate...
Rachel Alexandra's first born, 3 years old Jess's Dream, made his long awaited first start in a race today. Earlier this month his younger sister, 2 YO Rachel's Valentina, made HER first start. She was a tad tardy exiting the gate (or maybe she stumbled, I don't remember) and then she followed the rest of the girls around for a while. When she woke up to the fact that she was in a RACE! she took off and beat them to the finish line by several lengths. Today, Jess's Dream, whose nickname is Taco, wandered out of the gate and drifted along behind the other colts... so far back he wasn't even on the tv screen for most of the race and the commentators were being... well, rude. But when he got tired of eating dust, he shifted into first, caught up with the field, raced 7 wide around the turn and ended up in front by a length at the wire. THOSE apples didn't fall far from Rachel's tree!

While I'm discussing exciting-races-I-wish-I-could-see-the-videos-of-on-dial-up, yesterday Beholder, considered by just about one and all to be US's best female racehorse for the last few years, took her 5 YO self into the Pacific Classic in her first ever race against males. And her longest race ever. She placed herself pretty far back and watched the guys set a blistering place while she contemplated what to have for dinner. Then, getting really close to the wire, she put her ears forward, dropped her body and swooped by all of them to finish in front by a couple lengths. These were not so-so horses but experienced, highly rated 4 and 5 year olds and they're still wondering what that was that went by them. Gary Stevens, her jockey, admitted he was pretty much along for the ride and spent his time sightseeing, letting Beholder decide what she wanted to do and when. Her trainer laughingly said she had gotten tired of beating up on just the girls and decided to stop discriminating against the boys. The win gets her a free entry to the Breeders Cup Classic, just like a win earlier this year got her a free entry to the girls only Breeders Cup Distaff. The Classic is THE race of the year and attracts the WORLD's best horses. American Pharoah has also won a free entry and is expected to run (God willin' and if the creek don't rise.) Now THAT would be a race! If Beholder wins, she will have done something no filly has ever done before ever... beat a Triple Crown winner.

And AmP is entered in the Travers this weekend. Covered by NBC (regular not sports network) from 4-6 Eastern. It's another "win and you're in" Breeders Cup qualifier. This is one way to limit the opposition.

Trying to Move On             Aug 21, 2015

So the theory is the computer or some part of it is the problem with the car. I was quoted a price of "around $1000" (not including charges already accumulated) to fix it. No guarantees, of course. However, one phone call to an auto supply store revealed the computer, depending on which is needed, runs $125 to $200. Seems like... quite a mark-up to me to get to $1000. The car is going to the guy who usually does my tune-ups and repair work, who may or may not be able to install a new computer system. But we'll see.

In the meantime, I'm car shopping at the el cheapo lots to get something to drive until the Focus is either permanently in or out.

NOT fun.

But FOR fun I'm trying a different look with the website. And I'd like opinions. The new one is at
Let me know if you like it better than the old one, or not, or just don't care!
I'll probably change the logo and do away with the "page links." (Too many people don't know what page links are!)

Not Quite ALL Better...             Aug 19, 2015

So, the car's still in the shop. It will be one week tomorrow. They've decided the engine is fine. Sort of fine. It doesn't work but maybe that's because of an electrical short. Which fried the fan resistor (or something that sounds like that.) That has been replaced, but the fans still don't work, so, obviously, the short has to be dealt with. Problem is, without the cooling system (fans) working, the engine starts to get hot, then hotter, then too hot within a few minutes and work has to stop. Now, all this makes perfect sense to me... and is exactly why I distrust anything electrical.

On the plus side, I am now working on a new computer which my son bought for himself a few months ago. It's win-8 and he decided I knew what I was doing when I returned my new win-8 after 2 weeks and went back to his, but easy to use machine. But I'm managing to get around it okay... so far. (Just do NOT understand why there is this need on the part of computer people to constantly "improve" things that are working just fine.)

AND he brought back the BIG tv I gave him a few months back when I went down to just one in the house and decided it would be the small one. We plugged it in and hooked it up and it sounded just as garbled as the little one did. Which meant the problem was the cable. Since Fear the (Walking) Dead starts this Sunday (9 PM, AMC) getting the audio working was a priority so I called Charter and wonders of wonders! the young lady was able to reconfigure or something the cable box while I was on the phone with her and now everything, tv-wise, is up to snuff. Except programming and as I mentioned, Fear starts on Sunday. That leaves only 5 other days (since The Walking Dead reruns are on for two hours every Wednesday night.)

Then there is Peri.... Overnight Friday, as if I didn't already have enough stress in my life, she reinjured her broken leg. Now here's the thing, it had been just 4 weeks since the original horrible incident, but she was back to using it nearly normally. Saturday morning, she was "packing" it and wouldn't even touch the foot to the ground. So she spent the weekend in the crate and Monday my son dropped her off for Bill (the orthopedic/surgical vet) to fix. Again. He called me after he had examined her and done new x-rays... digital x-rays on his new digital x-ray machine... and was really, REALLY pleased with himself AND Peri. He said her leg was healing amazingly well... as healed as he would have expected in 6-7 weeks instead of 4. He also dropped the bombshell that he might be able to leave the plates in since they are still 100% in place and the screws are exactly as tight as he put them in the first place. I had no idea taking them out was the plan. (Unlike Peri, Bill is mindful of my stress level!) Oh, her new injury was "soft tissue" and no big deal. He put her on a pain med for a week and said she was fine.

So all I have to do now is find Blue Bunny's family. She is doing so well here, I wish I needed her! Since I can't go on calling her "Puppy," I've dubbed her Lava which she thinks is a great name. I've also decided, since Nugget is working out, to sell Zuri. The two of them are BFF. It would be great if they'd find a home together. Honestly, for a 3 months and 5 months old puppies, they are NO trouble.

If you want to know what they look like and how cute they are, here is a picture of Lava's sister, Jozy, with the BFF she met this weekend...

Now, is that cute or what?

Not My Week!             Aug 14, 2015

Actually, it started last year....

I used to cut the grass myself. For my first 10+ years here, I'd go out and get it done. Originally, it would take me several days, but as my dog numbers decreased and my age did the opposite, I reduced the acreage I had fenced and the amount of time I had to put into upkeep. Well, the idea was to lessen my time behind the lawn mower, but I found it was taking me twice as long to do the same amount of work. Someone finally clued me in on the facts of life and maturing. Let me tell you, it's not for sissies!

I hired a guy who worked for a friend to take care of my yard necessities every other weekend and for over 3 years it worked fairly well. (Remember, I've been here 15 years....) We'll call him John and he was older than I, but able to push or walk behind the mower, weed eat, lop the bushes, scoop poop, etc even if every year it took him longer to get it done. (No Dorian Grays in Tennessee.) However, the fourth year, he seemed to age at a accelerated rate, to the point that he was toddling along for several hours with me watching anxiously from the house in case I had to call the EMTs.

So this year, I retired John. Never thinking that having a guy here for 8 hours to do a 2 hour job was better than not having anyone here at all. To make a long story short, or not as long as it actually is, it was the end of May before I found someone who left the yard looking better than when he found it. Except... he is afraid of snakes and absolutely refused to do anything in the back of the house where the brush had grown up quite a bit the previous year. (There is only so much I'm willing to make someone do even if I'm paying him for it... and I think I got more tired watching John in the front of the house than he did!) The new man, lets call him James, told me it would take an industrial weed eater to even get started on the back. And to make it clear that weed eating wasn't an easy, problem free task, stopped clearing down the sides of the drive and around the fence.

James was here the weekend after Peri broke her leg... and that was 4 weeks ago (no kidding!) yesterday. I didn't hear from him all that time. And we had a TON of rain every day last week so the grass was getting as tall as the corn in Kansas. Since I was looking for someone to tackle the jungle in the back, I added the front to the job, interviewed and accepted bids from 4 different guys (women don't do yard work for anyone but themselves) and gave the job to each of them... one right after the other when no one showed up or bothered to call and cancel. (No Dorian Gray, no Miss Manners in Tennessee.) The last one was a kid who was here on Monday, said he'd be back on Tuesday, didn't come, didn't call but I had his number and called his mama. He showed up on Wednesday. Actually got the entire thing done, front AND back. With a normal, every day $39 weed eater. Said, without prompting, that when he came back in 2 weeks, he'd bring weed killer for along the fence. Tarzan has left the building... now that he can get out the back door!

So that brings us up to Thursday.

In the morning, took some dogs to the groomer, went over to Petsmart to pick up dogfood... and noticed the car was running hot. VERY hot. Tried to call my son. Fourteen times over the next 6 hours. Sat at Petsmart until the needle went down to normal and after stopping at 2 gas stations who couldn't help because there's a reason they are no longer called service stations, wound up at Goodyear. Where I sat until closing time and my groomer bless her heart, brought the dogs, picked me up and delivered us home MILES out of her way.

The right guy wasn't at work yesterday so the other guy at Goodyear could only tell me it didn't look good, probably a blown head gasket. I know nothing about car engines but I know it isn't worth it to replace one in a 15 year old car that is still running on just about everything original except tires. Been waiting all day to hear the verdict from the right guy and it is after 3....

But wait! There's more!

Last night, turned the tv on and in the middle of Jeopardy, the sound went all garbly. Tried several channels. Same thing. Turned the tv off, worked on a couple websites, tried the tv from time to time, went to bed EARLY.

Audio apparently doesn't heal over night because nothing is better this morning. Of course, it's Friday which means double the service (there's that word again) fee to get the cable guy out here. Think I'll pass. Plenty to do on the computer... and I don't need GOOD audio to watch the Arlington races tomorrow afternoon, plus I already know the Season 4 Walking Dead dialog by heart, so I'm good all day Sunday.

Only, the computer is acting up....

But the grass is cut!

Introducing: Nugget             Aug. 6, 2015

FINALLY got around to getting a couple... and JUST a couple... shots of Nugget (nee Goldie.) Then, the skys opened up. But, since she was bred to Hoo-Rah, it was necessary to get her page at least started. She is on the grooming schedule for the week after next... not saying she NEEDS to be groomed, but she is ALWAYS rough housing with Patsy and Hoo and that is hard on coats... so I'll get some clipped coat pictures then.

What's done of her page can be seen at MS NUGGET

I don't think I could be more pleased with her. She's settled in, learned the rules and is agreeable with the other dogs and the occasional "strange" person who wanders in. I was prepared... and looked... for issues, but none have surfaced.

Ultrasound scheduled for the week of the 24th.

The News (Not That There is Anything Going On)             Aug. 5, 2015

School is back in session here.

Peri is doing fine. Walking a good bit on her leg. Off crate rest.

Blue Bunny thinks she's staying. Not. Finally got a couple pix of her.

American Pharoah was in his first race since winning the Belmont and becoming the 12th Triple Crown winner since the beginning of time. He sort of galloped around the track at Monmouth Park and stayed ahead of the other colts, then went back to California. One of the "up close and personal" stories about him was a video of him lying down in his stall with his owner, Ahmed Zayat, lying down next to him. THAT impressed me! My DOGS get up when I enter the room! I can't imagine a 3 YO colt just staying down in the straw when anybody comes into his space, much less letting him lie down with him.

Thank Goodness July is Over             Aug. 1, 2015

July was a rough month. August is going to be better!

Got some photos for you. First is the only Peri puppy to check in with pictures.
Jozy (nee Bear)

Jozy's people report she got an A+ when she met her new vet and even had her photo put up on the wall and their facebook page.
Cleo (nee Yellow Bunny) also got good marks when she went to her new vet for the first time.
And Tess (nee Lovebug,) who was the first to leave home has made believers out of her new family who are really enjoying getting to know her.
Everyone is doing well... fingers crossed!

Then there are pups from Emy and Boon...
3 year old Cashmere

and 6 months old Oogie

Pups from the first Peri/Hoo-Rah litter:

and Louie

The pictures mke both these guys look way bigger than they are!

JULY 2015

Foal Naming Contest... Help!             Jul 31, 2015

Sunrise Stallions has a contest to name the 15 foals sired by their first year stallion, Heavy Breathing. As far as submitting names goes, the contest ended June 30th. Now the voting is on to pick the number one name over all and a name for each of the foals. The Sunrise owners have also pledged to actually name each of this year's foals from the names submitted. Unlike most foal naming contests, this one has some real prizes. And the big one is a share of the winning purses will be paid to the person submitting the name.

By the way, American Pharoah was named by a fan in a similar contest. I could be wrong, but I have not heard that any portion of his winnings is going to that fan.
Yea, Sunrise!

The idea is to combine some essence of the sire's name... in this case, Heavy Breathing... with some essence of the dam's. Now, when submitting my names, there were a number of mares whose names meant absolutely nothing to me. I looked them up... the actual meaning of the word(s) and sometimes when that didn't help, I consulted the mare's pedigree... and worked with that. For instance, the very first foal to arrive was out of Pylortes. Now, I ask you... Pylortes? The definition, supplied by a fraternity, is "The Pylortes has all the duties and responsibilities of a Sergeant-at-Arms." So we've got an out of breath sergeant-at-arms at a fraternity meeting. And the foal in this case is a filly. MY submission was Meeting Adjourned, my daughter's was The Floor is Yours, my son's Hotsororitysister, and a friend's Girl on the Run. Some sire/dam combinations were a lot easier... like Heavy Breathing and Shoot the Bugler. In the same order, my name: Play Taps for Me, my daughter's: Shortofairandammo, my son's: Provoked and my friend's: Adrenaline Rush.

Now here's my request... please go to
and take part in the voting. You can tell which names we submitted (and of course, I hope you'll give us extra consideration!) because the namer's initials and city/state are listed next to each name. We are:
me: SK - Kingsport, TN
daughter: JB - Evansville, IN
son: AJ - Kingsport, TN
friend: KS - Grants Pass, OR
You vote for ONE foal name for EACH of the 15 mares. Before you hit submit, be sure you have the right foal with the right mare... the last three mare names on the voting form are in a different order than they are on the list. You do have to give YOUR name, address and email but they will not be used for any mailings or other contact.

Have to tell you, my favorite sire/dam/foal combination that I came up with is:
Heavy Breathing with Lavender Hill gives you Turning Blue but my over all favorite sire/dam/foal combination comes from my son...
Heavy Breathing with Tatum Tot equals Channingsinthemood

Not Much to Report             Jul 30, 2015

I know I've sort of been absent the last two weeks. Between letting the pups... except for Blue Bunny who is still here... go home early ad Peri's antics, I seem to stay exhausted.

Peri is doing great. She is actually walking on her leg which was more than broken just 2 weeks ago today. When moving fast, she does hold it up and hop and hasn't tried any jumping (that I know about,) but she is mending nicely and quickly/

Which brings me to a suggestion I've gotten from a couple of people... Go Fund Me. I appreciate the concern, but I have no huge vet bill. Thanks to Peri, the rainy day fund has been dried up, but it will be replenished soon. And if there is a problem before then, I've already taken my own advice and talked to my vet. We're good to go. IF you see a account set up fro Mountain Summit, it IS NOT FOR US.

Blue Bunny is doing quite nicely with being the only puppy at home. She does have Zuri as a babysitter/companion as well as the rest of the gang, but she has adjusted to sleeping loose in the bedroom at night without getting into anything too much. She settles down and goes to sleep at lights out just like everyone else. Poor Shadow, once again, is designated pillow, but he doesn't seem to mind.

And the word is that Tess (Lovebug,) Cleo (Bear) and Jozy (Yellow Bunny) have won the hearts of their families, vets and everyone they've come in contact with.

Nugget, the Emy/Boon girl who moved back home, is doing great. She and Patsy and Hoo-Rah have become the Three Amigos and are together most of the time. Zuri plays with them a lot as well. Nugget's ultrasound is scheduled for around Aug. 24th. Will keep you posted.

Horse racing...
American Pharoah
is entered in the Haskell Invitational at Monmouth on Sunday, the 2nd. He's posted several really fast works in the last 10 days... and he wasn't even trying. I'm actually hoping he proves to be a superhorse and I can get over my disinterest in him. It's going to take that for me to become a fan.

Also this weekend, but up at Saratoga, Rachel's Valentina, the 2 year old daughter of supermare, Rachel Alexandra, is entered in her very first race. She has a 3 year old half brother... and the Queen of Race Horses, Zenyatta, has a 3 year old and 2 year old (both colts)... who have yet to make an entrance. Well, Camper's bro, Jess's Dream, DID run... sort of... once some months ago. But he didn't seem to get the idea of a race and finished a non trying last. So here's to a special gal leading the next generation!

How to Ruin a Vacation             Jul 24, 2015

Or, in this case, TWO vacations. It's easy... just schedule yourself to pick up your new puppy the day you get back. Or even leave the vacation spot a day early and go get the puppy. That is what Bear and Yellow Bunny's new families did. I like it when people are that excited about adding to the family. And I enjoyed meeting everybody... although I may have been too tired to look or act it.

Per instructions, I removed the wrap on her leg Monday afternoon. And she immediately began working on getting her stitches out. So, first thing Tuesday morning, back she went to the vet. I left her there while I took Bear out to the airport for a meet and greet with Annette who flew in to get her just a few hours after she flew from Spain, home to Chicago. All went well... except for the construction which removed any and all parking anywhere within sight of the terminal, but that's another story... and about an hour or so later, Bear was on her way to Chicago. While I was on my way back to the vet to pick up Peri.

The prognosis was still good. A few stitches had disappeared, but the area was starting to heal and no harm was done. She was brought to me wearing an even larger Elizabethan collar and had her antibiotics changed from the one I was giving twice a day to one I'm now giving three times a day. And I was told to bring her back for a check up on Friday (today.)

If Peri was unhappy with her first collar, you should have seen her body language wearing the bigger one. It would have been funny except it meant she was tearing the heck out of my already swollen, sore legs every time we were within five feet of each other. Back in the crate she went when we got home... with me trying to figure out how she was supposed to eat or drink. At bedtime, we all went to sleep and had sweet dreams. And when I finally propped my eyes open wide enough to see anything, what I saw was Peri on one end of the crate and the collar on the other. Since she seemed to have come to the realization that she won't have to wear it if she leaves her leg alone, that's where we left it.

She's been good all week... just an occasional "Leave it!" from me. It is looking really good... closed up, dry, not swollen or too red. So this afternoon, I decided we were NOT going in for a check up. And we didn't. She has to go back two weeks post surgery and that will arrive soon enough.

Blue Bunny
is the only one here. Next week I am going to get some new pictures of her and get on about finding her a home. She's doing really well with the loss of everyone else in the litter. Of course, all day she's been (mostly) loose in the house with me and Zuri and tonight, she's going into the bedroom. No charge to her new family for the extra "training!"

Peri Back Home             Jul 18, 2015

I picked up Peri yesterday afternoon. When the check-out staff got her chart and started adding things up they said "Good thing you're sitting down, Sherry" in sympathy. I just smiled and told them Bill had given me the bad news before he even started on her. So I was pleasantly surprised to find he had over- estimated by almost $25. He gave me the senior discount and the older than dirt discount and the cents off for every year of service discount, all on top of the kennel discount I usually get. I said with all sincerity, "Bless you, Bill."

Peri was still a little "out of it." Her expression, although not nearly as awful as the day before, was still dazed.

She had not been allowed to walk outside the crate and one of the guys carried her to the car for me. I am so glad she is little... 20 pounds, give or take. I carried her from the car to the porch and then watched as she sort of walked with very little hopping to the door. Since I think Bill has it in mind that she not put any weight on that leg for a while, I've carried her just about everywhere since.

Her biggest problem has been figuring out what she is supposed to do about going to the pot. She's never had to do it on lead and has no intention of learning. She also doesn't go in the house... and so far, refuses to go on the porch. Right now she's lying close to my feet in the "media" room, right next to some newspaper I put down for her. I know she knows what THAT is for.

A few minutes ago I had to tell her several times to stop licking her foot. The whole point of that collar is that she leave the leg alone. Come Monday, I may have to trade the one she's wearing in on a bigger one.

Luckily, I already have an appointment at the vet....

Poor Peri             Jul 16, 2015

Listen up! Before you get your puppy, I send out four "informational emails," the last one is entitled "Talk to the Vet" and is an article I found on the internet. Read it and follow the suggestions.

This morning, as every morning, Peri jumped the gate at the bedroom door and went into the dog/media room where her 10 weeks old pups are ensconced. This, as it does every morning, got every other dog in the house yelling "Loose dog!" at the top of their lungs. So, over that ruckus and the loud "Mamamamamama" yipping of the puppies, I called Peri back to bed. As usual, she didn't come right away and I called a couple more times with no results. And little reduction in the noise level which IS unusual... normally, as soon as the tattletales know I'm aware of someone violating the rules, they shut up. Then I heard this low, long moan. It got me up and down the hall in a flash... well, faster than I usually move even to escape a speeding bullet. Peri had attempted to jump back out of the pen... which is 36 inches high... and gotten both her back feet tangled up. She was hanging, head down, on the outside, I don't think her front feet were touching the ground, with her butt in the air and back feet inside. The left foot was most of the way through the very tiny opening. I grabbed her up... taking in the dazed, shocky look in her eyes... and untangled first the right foot, then the left. It took a little force to push it back through to freedom. She didn't squirm or cry out, another not good sign. When I put her on the floor, she immediately collapsed in a heap. After a little bit... probably just seconds... I eased her to her feet and she managed to stand on three of them. The left one she held off the ground and it flapped a little bit. Healthy feet/lower legs do not flap. So I picked her up and carried her back to the bedroom. Since she still didn't struggle or complain when I felt up and down her leg and moved it around, I decided it might be a sprain or just another dislocated hip. (She had dislocated the right one some how during the weeks she was missing on the ridge.) I put her in the crate and set about getting Patsy and Hoo-Rah to the groomer.

However, I kept thinking about how "out of it" she seemed and when I got back from town, I called the vet to say I was coming in with an injured dog.

It was over two hours before we were worked into the schedule. Of course, if Peri had been bleeding or having trouble breathing or in obvious pain, she would have been taken right to the back without me talking to the vet first. But she was standing on three-fourths of her limbs and able to hobble after me when we went into a room. "My" vet, Jane, had the day off and "my" ortho/all other surgeries doctor, her husband, Bill, was in surgery, so eventually one of the other guys came in to see us. About 10 seconds later, he had her in his arms and on her way to be x-rayed. To him, regardless of the way she was acting... or not acting... it was not a displaced hip or a sprain. He came back 15 minutes later without my dog, but with a message from Bill who had looked at the x-rays. He also had one of those mobile tablet things and showed me the x-rays.

Horrible! The worse broken leg I've ever seen and I've seen a few. It was in four obvious pieces... Bill said there were probably a couple more that weren't showing up... broken lengthwise, not across. Long, jagged, spikey pieces. Obviously, it was going to require surgery. And the prognosis wasn't really positive. Plus, Bill couldn't do her until tomorrow. And the estimated fee was $800 to $1000. (If it was any other vet, even one in this area, it would have been two or three times as much. And higher outside the area.)

So I went back home without my dog but with the plan of having the leg fixed in the morning and leaving her until Monday. Luckily, I already had an appointment with Jane for departure exams for Bear and Yellow Bunny.... (Take that as a snide remark.)

Just before 6 this evening, Bill called to say he had finished his planned surgeries early and decided to go ahead and fix Peri. He was much more upbeat and positive about the situation... even though it had taken him almost 3 hours to put the leg back in one piece. He used plates... and spent a few minutes describing how he had had to improvise them to get the bottoms around the ankle. He knows I like these little tidbits of medical information. The gist of it was Peri has excellent boning... especially for a little dog... and he had been able to secure the plates in a manner he thought would get the job done. AND he felt, barring her running a temp, she could go home tomorrow. She'll be confined to a crate... and an Elizabethan collar... for two weeks and then re-x-rayed to see how much longer she has to be crated, sans lampshade. She'll do better this weekend here where she normally is than in the hospital with all that hubbub. (Who wouldn't?)

Did you get the part about $800-$1000? THAT is what you need to take from all this. Accidents happen, even around the house. There ARE insurance companies out there that can ease the burden of paying big, unexpected medical fees. Even if you decide NOT to buy insurance, you should discuss the possibility of a huge bill with your vet BEFORE something happens.

Adjustments, Part 2             Jul 14, 2015

Emy and Boon's daughter arrived back home Friday night and is making herself comfortable. She is doing very well and doesn't seem to have any problem with the change in her environment. She seems perfectly happy to have left an active house with people and no dogs for a house with dogs and one person. Of course, she's in standing heat and has other things on her mind. Like Hoo-Rah.

And he is perfectly happy that she is here. The proof of which should be some (HOPEFULLY!) non black puppies in early September.

Nugget was called Goldie but since she is about as white as Whoodles ever get AND considering all the other girls have names like Diamond, Emerald, Peridot and Zuri (which means "my rock,') a name change seemed appropriate. She answers to it so she must not mind!

She's become friends with Zuri and spends a lot of time... between thunderstorms... out in the yard playing chase. Patsy joins them when she's in the mood. Inside, Nugget has been entertaining and entertained by the pups. Her first day here, she was a little afraid of them, but has gotten over it. She's also touched noses with a few of the others, but because she's in heat, hasn't been loose with any of them. That will come in a couple weeks and by then, she'll be old hat, already back in the family

I'm working on her page for the website.

Adjustments             Jul 13, 2015

Last week was a tough one for the puppies. They got transported away from the ol' homestead not once but three times and the last time brought the biggest change of their short lives.
First they went to the vet and had to put up with the indignity of strangers pawing and probing them. Then it was the groomer where more strangers soaked and soaped and resoaked them, then pointed screaming air blasters at them. Each trip required being loaded into the back of a small house on wheels, the interior of which was about the same size as half their pen, which bumped and bounced, stopped and started and swayed from side to side. ANY part of last week was enough to put even the most mature 9 weeks old baby into a funk.

But the kicker was the third trip. Mom joined the youngsters to give them a little security. It worked well enough for them to roam around and do a little exploring when the mobile pen stopped and they got out on the ground for a bit. Three of the four went back home with mom. None of them have any idea what happened to their sister, Lovebug.

Peri seems to have taken the early departure of one of her kids with a minimum of stress. Actually, it was maybe a sign that the pups were growing up... she hasn't climbed in to their pen since Saturday morning.

The pups came in from the upset tummy inducing ride to the cool house and stretched out for a snooze which lasted into the afternoon. That is when it dawned on them they were short in numbers. Instead of eating or playing they roamed around and around the pen, stopping in various areas to touch noses with each other. Then they lay down in a pile and mulled it over a bit. And fell back to sleep. That is the gist of what they did all day Saturday and until late evening Sunday. They have never been quieter, less active, collectively or individually. It wasn't until around 11 when, instead of watching the news to see how much rain we were going to get today, I was talking to a friend of mine, also a breeder, and it occurred to me the puppies were grieving for their lost sister.

And just about then they seemed to decide enough was enough and entered into a short game of chase, followed by "king of the slide."

Things are back to normal for them today. They've worked out the dynamics of playing when it is two against one.

Haven't heard how 'Bug is doing, but she's probably wondering where her playmates have gone.

The next to go is Bear, followed by Yellow Bunny, but not until some growing up time has past.
That means Blue Bunny is the one unspoken for... and I haven't heard her lamenting about that!

And Then the Groomer             Jul 10, 2015

Pups did NOT like
1) car trip to
2) experience at
3) car trip home.
No one pooped. But one threw up breakfast on the trip home.
Then, back home, they slept the rest of the day and didn't get upset when they didn't get time out of the pen in the evening.

The groomer put all four in the tub together and she said they were one big black wet clump, then one big black soapy clump. They did not panic with the dryer.
Their curls were all brushed out and I tried to get pictures, but I'm not a good enough photographer.

The curls will be back tomorrow!

9 Weeks & Off to the Vet's             Jul 8, 2015

Pups did NOT like
1) car trip to
2) experience at
3) car trip home.
No one got carsick but a couple were drooling. And two pooped.
Then, back home, they slept the rest of the day and didn't get upset when they didn't get time out of the pen in the evening.

Blue bunny --- 6# 10
Yellow bunny --- 4# 15
Lovebug --- 6# 12
Bear --- 5# 15

Big Reveal (Sort of)             Jul 7, 2015

I have a social disease. Don't worry. It's not catching. Actually, it's not a disease, but, rather, a disorder. No, actually, it's a phobia. There. I said it out loud. To complete strangers. (Some maybe not so complete, but that's THEIR disorder and this is MY confession)

I seldom discuss my "problem." Not that I'm ashamed of it, but mainly because it is rather incongruous considering the rest of my life and I don't know how to explain or reconcile it. Probably, anyone who has known me for a while who is reading this will say "Oh, I didn't know that was a real disease. I just thought that was the way she was." We all have our little foibles. But occasionally, little foibles can rear up and make life difficult.

So here it is.
I have a fear of visitors coming to my home.

I tend to think of myself as a recluse... which ignores the fact that I freely spend time out among the crowds... and I'm not just talking about my vet's office. The problem is I do not like anybody...ANYBODY... coming to my home. It's more than just "not liking" it. It is a high stress situation... almost panic. And the more time I have to consider a pending visit, the more time I have to work myself into a frenzy. It's bad when I have to schedule the cable guy around my SON's availability, especially since he doesn't live here. (In a brief aside... he suffers the same paranoia, but either of us can act as back up in the other's home without stressing out. This took time to work out, especially after he grew up and moved out and basically became a "visitor" himself.")

I've been given several theories why I have this problem. None of them quite resonate with me and I really don't care why. Since it is long time issue, I've learned to live with it and to work around it. Usually. But sometimes it reveals itself it such a way I have to deal with it head on.

I live where I do because I like not being bothered with... people. (Until recently, most of my neighbors were of a like mind. But, again, that's another story.) I've posted a number of times about the "road" where I live. It tends to discourage people... usually within the first 50 yards or so... from going exploring, which is fine by me. And when someone, like the cops asking directions, pulls into my driveway, the dogs explode into a chorus of "You better watch out!" which also discourages people from exploring. Sticking my head out the door to find out what's going on doesn't bother me. (Someone sticking their head IN the door is where I come unglued.) The biggest problem with census takers, delivery people, Witnesses, etc dropping by IS the dogs. I can't hear a thing with them trying to get their two cents in and it takes them a long time to get over the excitement. But they don't ask to come in the house.

Apparently I'm not the only one with this particular disorder. I'm not even the only one I know with it. And the others aren't just family members! Still, it isn't the first thing I want to tell people. Or the second. I'm telling you because... well, I'm not sure why. Except maybe it is time. Maybe telling makes it less of a big deal (to me,) reduces it to just another little old lady quirk like not talking on the cell phone when I'm driving.

I want to assure you this is no joke. Look it up. It is a form of "social anxiety." Some professionals (as in therapists) classify it as a form of agoraphobia which seems like the OPPOSITE thing to me, but what do I know? The thing is, it is manageable and doesn't restrict my life by a whole lot. It can be an issue when I have to get my son over here BEFORE I call the plumber about a broken pipe. Thank goodness he relocated to this area several years ago! But other than that it is mostly a non issue.

8 Weeks!                July 1, 2015

Eight weeks old, close to two months, and I have finally forcibly removed Peri from the pups. They carry on like banshees every time they see her... but quit as soon as she is out of sight.

Lovebug -- 6 solid pounds

Blue Bunny -- 5-5/8 pounds

Bear -- 4-7/8 pounds

Yellow Bunny -- 4-1/2 pounds

ONE pup unspoken for.