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All But One                8/23/17

BOO (nee Lavender Bunny) finally got to meet her new Lady and move to Kentucky on Wednesday. She weighed in at 25 pounds. Walking on lead was not something she was interested in doing and she tried convincing me she was a pull toy... which wasn't so bad on the nice smooth tile floors at the vet's and in the house and not terrible on the grass BUT didn't work well... for HER... on the gravel drive or sidewalk! She has a new Best Friend at her new home, an adult Wheaten Terrier named Max... if only she can convince HIM of that! In the meantime, she's getting lots of love and kisses from Fofo!

Yellow Bunny... now shortened to just Bunny... is LOVING being the Last Pup Standing. Her mom is playing with her again (something Patsy had refused to do when there was more than one pup) and she gets to sleep in the bedroom like everyone else. So far, she's been very good about being A Big Dog. And the noise... as well as activity... level is greatly reduced around here. Bunny doesn't know it but she IS looking for a new home!

Pat/Boon Bunnies                8/21/17

Mr. Parker recently had his 4 month checkup and shots. He has mastered house training, walking on a leash and a few commands. He loves squeaky toys, playing tug-of-war and napping on the sofa with a human. On hot days he goes bananas over a piece of ice, which he carries around and licks until it's gone or small enough to play hockey with on the kitchen floor. He was 22.3 at his last Dr's visit...The lighting (for the pictures) is not good, but he is lighter. He is like a granite counter. Very marbled...white, cream, greys, vary shades of brown and black.

Happy Birthdays!                8/16/17

Peri pups checking in!

Louie, from Peri and Hoo (his first litter) turns 3 years old today.

And Lola, from Peri and Boon, June of 2016

Repeating this litter early in 2018!

Just the Girls                8/13/17

Big brother... all 24 pounds of him... moved out yesterday, leaving just Lavender Bunny (now Boo) and Yellow Bunny still at home. Although they are still confined to the now much too big puppy pen when I can't watch them closely, they are going in and out with the big dog a couple times a day. The only fly in that ointment has been Hoo-Rah who thinks he needs to keep them in their place even when they're minding their own business. He is such a bully sometimes! (On the other hand, it is good for them to learn not all adult dogs like or tolerate puppies.)

Blue Bunny guy, like a number of his siblings, has a LOT of silver in his coat. Bathed and brushed out, he looked terrific! Until, he got back home and the girls roughed him up.

Blue Boy waiting in the car for his new people... contemplating the end of life as he knows it.
And now Banjo being greeted by Dad

One puppy, Yellow Bunny (female,) available to the right home!

Just ONE!                8/6/17

After an eventful week, everybody is spoken for except Yellow Bunny. Blue is here until the 12th when his folks are coming from IN to get him. Lavender will be moving to KY about 2 weeks later. No one has explained that to Yellow yet.

Here are emails from Orange (now Willow) and Charcoal's new ladies:
Update on Willow!
She has been doing awesome. She slept in her crate all night long with her bunny and baby blanket and ever whined once, and no accidents! She has been using the bathroom outside every time. I'm taking her to our vet today at 11:30! She's just awesome! Randy and I love her.

Hi Sherry!
Just a quick update on my Charcoal Bunny baby... My vet said he is very healthy and very big for a miniature haha, which is fine for me. He is absolutely the star of the show everywhere we go! He is a really calm puppy and super smart! I have started bell training him to go outside and he is already hitting it with his nose!! We love him so much and I am so thankful that local family didn't show up to get him!! He sleeps right in my bed and doesn't move until we get up. He went straight to his bell this morning wanting to go out.
Will send pics later.
Thank you again for this sweet blessing,

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!

And Another One Out the Door                8/2/17

Today it was Charcoal Bunny's turn to meet his new mom and it was love at first sight for both of them. He sat on the front passenger seat and took a good long look at her while she and I talked. He actually looked like he was considering, sizing her up. And when he was done, he went to her willingly. He has moved through this part of the transition with nary a hitch, except for not being picked up by those people on Saturday. Which, obviously, NOBODY minds!

One More... Make that TWO                8/1/17

Eventful weekend, followed by a VERY busy Monday and this morning I waved goodbye as TWO of my pups left for the same home in Ohio.

This is Nugget and Hoo-Rah's delightful... and gorgeous!... daughter, Frankie (previously Tiger,) NINE months old today.

She turned into one of the best puppysitters I have ever had and picked which of the Bunny boys to live with.
That is Barkley (once Purple Bunny.)

Barkley's undercoat is totally silver! Can hardly wait to see what he looks like when he gets his big boy pants!

One thing JUST happened...six hours into the trip home, I got a phone call from the dogs' new parents, and Frankie... not Barkley... had ticks on her. I use Frontline BUT it is NOT very effective and is getting less effective every year. There are better products on the market. However they are not cleared for use around breeding dogs and my vet advises against using them... even though I live IN the woods and ticks are around all year long. The bedtime ritual around here is each dog gets a rubdown and I pull the ticks off. I pull them off ME EVERY DAY... I don't mean just wandering down my arm, I mean biting me. Luckily, we currently still have no tick-borne diseases in my immediate area... they are headed this way, getting closer every year. Even though Frankie was at the groomer yesterday, some of the ticks survived... her people stopped and had her bathed at a Petsmart and they found a lot of them in the pads of he feet which is one place I never check (!) so guess what's going to get inspected closely from now on. Lousy way to start a new relationship!

Ticks are nothing to mess around with... Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be devastating... so they cannot be treated casually. Be sure to discuss it with YOUR vet and use what is recommended for YOUR area.

JULY 2017

All's Well that Ends Well                7/30/17

Charcoal and Orange on their way home from the groomer on Friday. And no, they didn't look so spiffy an hour after we got there!

These two were supposed to leave on Saturday and the three of us were ready and waiting at the usual meeting place... in the blazing sun... but no one showed up. Didn't bother to call or even to send a 4 word email: We changed our mind.

This was NOT unexpected. But the discourtesy amazes me.

So, on the way home, I called the lady who had begged me to let her know if HER puppy... Orange bunny... didn't go as scheduled. And here is this morning's results:

The Great Escape... and Ensuing Heart Attack                7/24/17

Trust me when I say it is time for ALL these pups to be in their homes. Even THEY know it.

The first week of letting them out in the yard was almost up and we had gotten through it with little but an upset tummy or soft stool, from eating grass, leaves, twigs, as a non issue. And then there was Saturday evening. They were out in the yard... with Patsy and Frankie as minders... and I was working on the weekend's race results for the horse racing game we have. The pups were running in and out, as they usually do. I... vaguely... noticed they were coming in two at a time, then going right back out. Then I less vaguely noticed it looked like the same two all the time. Imagine my surprise when I made it out to the deck and saw the two "good" pups in the yard watching one of their siblings squeeze and squirm between the gate in the fence and the post it latches to. Then imagine my... shock... as I saw the other three trotting across the road and up the drive from the horse pasture....

As I've mentioned, I need a cane to walk... if you want to call it walking... so by the time I made it off the deck and over to the gate all three pups, down to the last one, had managed to get though the 3-4 INCH wide gap and into the yard. When I... suggested (had no breath for yelling...) we all go in the house, everyone did. No arguments.

They haven't been outside since. And won't be until I figure out how to block off every one of the six gates in the yard.

NONE of my adult dogs... with one exception... gets out of the yard. Period. And some of them are well less than half the size of these pups.

The last two nights I've had nightmares about 5... or even 1... black puppy loose and wandering around the ridge at night. And me with no way to go find them.

The Benefits of Exercise                7/22/17

A tired puppy is a happy puppy. A tired puppy makes for happy puppy owners! The Bunnies go outside and practice things like picking up leaves and twigs and enticing each other to chase, running up and down the stairs, etc. Then after an hour and a half or so, they come inside and spend a number of hours practicing sleeping.

Works for me.

13 Weeks, Looking for Love!                7/20/17

The bonus half of Pat's first litter are all growing like weeks, well watered, fertilized weeds! They have started going outside every evening for an hour to and nhour and a half and have all figured out Stairs 101 (up) and 102 (down.) One girl has also figured out that running down the stairs when I start calling "Come in!" means she gets to stay out longer. I closed the door on her yesterday, thinking she'd come racing up on the deck, crying to get in. Wrong. When I opened the door a few minutes later... long enough to put everyone else back in the pen and for them to get a drink and fall asleep... she was still down in the yard. I left the door open and she eventually wandered back inside. Brat.

Got pictures of the available pups... all 5 of them... and it is easy to see how big they have gotten in just the last two weeks! This is Barkley, NOT one of the 5, who will be moving to Ohio on August 1st.

The other pups are on their page and the website home page.

Warning: Trifexis                7/18/17

Since I am limited to using JUST Advantage and Frontline for flea and tick control, I have no experience with anything else. I recently had several people tell me about problems they were having or had heard about using the flea product Trifexis, usually involving kidneys and/or liver. Sometimes there is nothing to these rumors that are passed around via social media and the internet. And sometimes they are accurate.

Today, a lady with an almost 4 year old Whoodle she got from me called to ask for advice about a serious health issue they were suddenly having with her.

The normally healthy dog, Scout, started vomiting bile about 2 weeks ago. She became listless and not interested in her food. Several trips to the vet for anti-vomit medications provided relief for only short periods. A blood test, when her owner requested it, showed elevated creatinine and BUN levels. Scout spent three days in a specialty hospital on ivs and other supportive care. She is back home but still receiving subcutaneous fluids every other day. After her owner and I talked for a bit, I asked what she was using for flea control.


Possibly a coincidence. But who cares? If Scout continues to improve and never gets another dose of Trifexis, it is not proof the product caused the problem. But, I repeat, who cares? Better safe than sorry.

The Last Wave Goodbye (for the First Wave to Leave)                7/15/17

Cream Bunny girl went to the groomer this morning, just prior to leaving for her new life in Atlanta

and 8 hours later, she seems to be adjusting well and loving her new BFF!

Now that THIS week is over, I'm planning to sleep all of the NEXT!

Two More Hit the Road                7/14/17

Today, Blue Bunny girl and Tan Bunny girl moved out. Tan... now Madelyn... is probably home by now since she was going to NC, but Blue is on her way to Ohio. They, like the other two pups, get carsick at the sound of a vehicle on the tv. In fact, this morning, I put Blue on the front seat next to me and reached over to give her a reassuring pat BEFORE turning the car on and she was already drooling. Poor babies!

Here are their post beautyshop photos:


Meanwhile, back at the ranch... ALL the pups have been very subdued since the first four went away for a couple hours on Tuesday. Usually it takes at least two pups disappearing forever for the rest to realize being singled out is not a good thing. But this is the Mensa litter. The last couple nights, I've been able to watch tv (not that there is anything on worth paying attention to) with the sound turned down to normal decibels. Cream girl is leaving tomorrow. And Jim is coming to do the yard work on Monday... weather permitting... so I'm planning to let the rest of the gang go outside for some REAL exercise after that. Since they all know how to get up and down stairs, I'm hoping sending their mom and Tiger-Frankie out with them will get them following backup and in when I call. Fingers crossed!

The Exodus Begins                7/12/17

Yesterday (Tuesday the 11th) we took four pups to the vet for their departure exams. All four passed with flying colors... well, two passed with black sable coloring and the other two with wheaten sabling. I reminded the vet that these were the result of the magical artificial insemination and complained, again, about 1) the number (10? give me a break!) and 2) the color (8 black!) The vet said "Next time, be more specific about what you want." As if that would help.

All four pups got car sick on the way over there... three wet mouthed and one upchucker. On the way home we had a second upchucker. This is NORMAL, even if unpleasant. They joined their siblings and slept for a couple hours... how pups can sleep while their littermates play ON TOP of them, I'll never know. The four felt much better after their nap. However, the sable male, became an upchucker this morning on the way to the groomer. A half hour later, after facing down the hydrosurge bather and his first blow dryer, he was ready for anything and only got a little drooly on the car ride to the meeting place. He did sleep for almost an hour and a half until he met his family.

Poor guy had had enough of being touched and handled and everything else by people he didn't know. He refused to look at his people... much as he wouldn't even look in MY direction after his bath a couple hours earlier.

This, too, is normal. And short lived. Sable guy... Yellow-Carrot Bunny in his first life... is now Parker and living in NC with his 11 year old about to be Best Friend Forever.

Heads Up                7/8/17

For the families of the four pups leaving next week... the entire litter has just reached the "catch me if you can" stage and many are also in the "down, I want down" stage. They will probably be subdued the first day or two after you get them home, BUT! Smart these pups are. And opinionated. Oh, and they've just discovered the water in the water bowl is good for things other than drinking.... Prepare yourselves!

Finally!                7/5/17

As promised... several times... pictures of the five pups who have decided on where they're going to live. And it is getting harder to do and longer to get done. One little girl took 15 shots to get one that was marginally acceptable. The others were 4-5, except for one who was perfect with the first click. Here are a couple that didn't quite make the cut:

The others are on the puppies' page.

Heavy Weight Fourth of July!                7/4/17

Managed to get a couple things scratched off the list... toenails (several pups getting a little fussy about it... ticklish feet maybe, but Orange was sure it was play time and wrestling was her game of choice,) another application of Advantage, and weights... which surprised me These guys, even with limited puppy food, are growing way faster than I expected (like everything else with this litter!)
Weights for the girls are:

Blue -- still smallest at 11 even, 3 weeks ago: 7-1/2 (was 5-1/2)
Yellow -- 12, previously 8# (from 5)
Tan --12 (tie) was 8-1/2 (from 5-3/4)
Cream -- 14, from 9-1/2 (was 6-1/2)
Orange -- another tie at 14, last time 10 (was 6-3/4)
Lavender --14-3/4, big jump from 9-1/2 (from 6-3/4)

with the boys at:

Purple -- now smallest guy at an even 14, last time: 10 (was 6-1/2)
Yellow-Carrot -- 15-1/4, was 9-3/4 (up from 6-1/2)
Charcoal tied at 15-1/4(tied,) 10 before (from 7)
Blue-- the current big guy at 16, five pound gain from 11 (was 7-1/4)

Interesting observations: the pups are pretty much staying in the same weight position as when they started (which is unusual in my experience) AND the boys are all larger than any of the girls except Lavender (who has always been up there with them.) Usually, I see a fairly even mix of the girls with the boys, weight-wise. Average gain was 4-5 pounds and the pups have all at least doubled their weights in 5 weeks.

Healthy little monsters!
They also seem to be heavy weights in the brain department. I love it... and have never been able to figure out HOW... they know which one of them I'm talking to when a pup is doing something unacceptable (to me.) They can all be playing... rough housing, chasing, whatever... but the ONE who is tearing up newspaper or making chalk on blackboard noises with teeth on ceramic bowls ALWAYS is the only one who looks up... innocently... when I yell say "stop."

So Here's the Deal                    July 2, 2017
The original plan for LAST week was to get pix of the available pups on Monday and then the other half of the litter on Wednesday. However, I have been help-less since... Monday. So no pix. The 10 Bunnies are not speaking to me because they are sure Wayne's absence is MY fault. He definitely breaks up THEIR monotony!

Wayne's wife is feeling better and he is going to TRY to get here tomorrow. The schedule is pretty full since all last week's puppy maintenance chores... worming, Frontline, nails, ears... is now overdue. BUT we will try pix. They will be the last ones before they leave home.

Less than 5 minutes before this picture, the newspapers were clean, down flat and intact, all over the back of the pen.

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