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APRIL 2013

Pictures        Apr. 25, 2013

One of the really neat people who post on the Brokeback forum is a lady in The Netherlands who breeds and shows White Shepherds. Do not confuse European White Shepherds with US and Canadian white German Shepherds. White Shepherds are a separate, FCI recognised breed. Today, Conny posted pictures of her youngest girl's brand new litter of 10.
This is mom, Imala, and the sire of the litter 9 weeks ago when they were courting

And this is Imala 6 weeks pregnant

Finally, this is the last born of the 10 pups, a female

Nothing New        Apr. 24, 2013

Some Emy pups recently celebrated their first birthday. Here's wishing them and their families many more.

Around here
everything is calm and mostly quiet. The trees are pretty much green, except for a few big oldsters who are still holding out. Since the weatherfolks are saying we have a "cold front" coming through tonight and are warning that temperatures could be at or just above freezing, maybe the old ones are the smart ones.

My daughter's dog
is a miniature Schnauzer, a SMART mini Schnauzer. The other day, she was sitting on the floor in front of my 22 year old granddaughter who was sitting on the couch calling her name. Every time Princess looked up, the human in this scenario would pick up a pillow and put it in front of her face, telling the dog "HA, ha, I can't see you!" Finally, Princess decided she had had enough of the dumb game. She jumped up on the couch and stuck her own face between the pillow and my granddaughter.
Can you see me NOW?

As I always say, the trick is to be smarter than the dog.

WARNINGS!!        Apr. 20, 2013

These are no joke.

The first "heads up" comes from my vet and concerns Lyme Disease. If you live in New England, New York and some areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania your dogs need to be vaccinated against Lyme Disease. If you VISIT those areas, they need an annual shot. Lyme is carried by the deer tick, is hard to diagnose and can be very serious.

Pet food recall by NATURAL Pet Produts
I don't post most of the ones I am notified about, but I know a lot of you feed these products.


Natura Pet Products is voluntarily expanding its March 29, 2013 recall of dry pet foods because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The expanded recall now includes all dry pet food products and treats with expiration dates prior to and including March 24, 2014. Please see the table below for details of affected products.

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

Sampling conducted by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the Georgia Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of Salmonella in additional dry pet food and a cat pet treat. In an abundance of caution, Natura is also recalling product made in the surrounding timeframe. This action affects dry pet foods and treats only; no canned wet food or biscuits are affected by this announcement.

The affected products are sold through veterinary clinics and select pet specialty retailers nationwide and in Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Costa Rica, as well as online.

Consumers who have purchased these pet foods should discard them. For additional information, consumers may visit For a product replacement or refund call Natura toll-free at 800-224-6123. (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST).

California Natural All Sizes
All dry dog and dry cat food and treat varieties
All UPCs All Lot Codes
All expiration dates prior to and including MARCH 24, 2014

EVO All Sizes
All dry dog and dry cat food and treat varieties
All ferret food varieties
All UPCs All Lot Codes
All expiration dates prior to and including MARCH 24, 2014

Healthwise All Sizes
All dry dog and dry cat food and treat varieties
All UPCs All Lot Codes
All expiration dates prior to and including MARCH 24, 2014

Innova All Sizes
All dry dog and dry cat food and treat varieties
All UPCs All Lot Codes
All expiration dates prior to and including MARCH 24, 2014

Karma All Sizes
All dry dog food varieties
All UPCs All Lot Codes
All expiration dates prior to and including MARCH 24, 2014

No canned wet food or biscuits are affected by this announcement.

About Natura Pet Products

Natura Pet Products is recognized as a trusted name behind natural and holistic pet foods and treats. Founded more than 20 years ago by John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins, Natura is dedicated to providing the best natural nutrition. Natura is committed to making premium pet foods and treats based on nutritional science and high-quality ingredients, combined with trusted manufacturing processes, for complete pet health. Lines include: Innova®, California Natural®, EVO®, HealthWise®, Mother Nature® and Karma®. To learn more about Natura Pet Products visit

Natura Pet Products
Jason Taylor, 513-622-3205

I'm Over It        Apr. 16, 2013

And I'm sure you all know I'm talking about Summer.Three days of Spring and back into the mid 80s. So I'm done. One of the main rerasons for moving to the mountains was cooler temps and if that ain't gonna happen, I might as well live in southwest Indiana!

Once again...
a year and a half ago, with Maggie and Cisco's first litter, I was amazed at how black they were AND the fact they were STAYING shiny coal black as they matured. That rarely happens in my breeding program, so I was really impressed. And I was the first to point out, yet again, that I don't have a crystal ball when it comes to predicting adult colors. So this year, the second Maggie litter arrives, this time sired by a BLACK dog (Cisco was apricot,) and I was not surprised that all seven were shiny coal black. When Peri's boy, Bob, left this weekend to live with Lula, a Maggie/Cisco pup, and her family came to pick up the new puppy, they brought her with them.

She has gray hairs everywhere in her coat!

It's not enough... yet... for her to be salt-and-pepper. But give her a little more time!

And last week, I got an email from another Maggie/Cisco family...
You can't tell from the picture but we recently had him cut short and he has a lot of grey (SALT AND PEPPER) at the base of his neck spreading onto his back a little

HA! Even when I don't know, I know!

The real reason Dewey's mom wrote in the first place...
By the way, I just read the post about some of the pups having dew claws. I remember how this was an issue I had many questions. I want to let you know that, although my vet was pushing to have them removed during neutering (Dewey's dew claws are a little bony and attached somewhat), I decided against it. They are not a problem what-so-ever and am very happy with the decision I made. I read about the concern over having one ripped off, but the chances of that occurring is really small. The only issue I have had with them (if you want to call it an issue) is that when he is taken to the groomer I have to stress that they trim the extra dew claws - because Dewey can be quite furry, they are not always easily spotted. Any way, those are my non expert two cents and I know look back and laugh at my previous concerns

I am so happy that people stay in touch and share their personal experiences. It helps a lot of others!

. I'm Seeing GREEN!        Apr. 12, 2013

No, I don't have a new litter of 13! But the trees, which were barely fuzzy brown yesterday... and just skeletal branches on Tuesday... all have actual leaves of green today. They're small leaves and you can still see through them to whatever is behind, but they ARE leaves and they are green!

Of course, my grass has also grown two inches this week. The weeds have grown THREE.... But you have to take the bad with the good.

Bill-Bear and Bob
Both leaving tomorrow. Bear's taking a jet plane and Bob's going for a car ride. Not sure what I'm going to do.

Let the Sun Shine In!        Apr. 6, 2013

Maybe, just maybe, Spring has sprung. Temperatures have been up and down dramatically all week... Wednesday was mid 50s, Thursday was mid 30s, yesterday was 60... but it is supposed to climb every day and be in the 70s by Monday and close to 80 next Thursday. Ordinarialy, I would think that was way too hot, especially at this time of year. And as soon as I thaw out, I probably will think that!

Bill-Bear and Bob are outside playing. They figured out how to get up the stairs right away and I think they have now figured out how to get back down since the whining outside the door stopped. They are really good puppies! I love how they are so agreeable to what I want. At night, they'll be rough housing all over the bedroom, but as soon as I put them in the pen, they immediately lie down and go to sleep. No argument. And in the morning, they have learned I'm not getting up to stay until I put my shoes on... I could walk around bare footed all day and they'd wait patiently... quietly... for me to go back to bed. Well, maybe not!

My deer seem to be on vacation
Yes, I said my deer. There is a herd of 6 who live here with me. They are safe from hunters because of the way the property blocks access to the woods. I believe they are a mama and her daughters and grandkids. All does... except one of last year's two fawns who may be a buck. I say that because "he" is flightier, quicker to spook than the rest of the group. I haven't seen the two oldest does for over a month. The two middle girls were around maybe two weeks ago and the youngest two, now yearlings, were gone until yesterday. My neighbor, whose property joins mine on the other side of the drive, used to feed them. Every year he put in a garden and let them eat what they wanted. That kept them centered pretty close to us. He moved early last summer... his place is for sale. Yesterday, the two youngsters were in the garden area, rooting around. They watched me as I drove down the drive toward them, the one standing still, chewing what she had in her mouth, and the other moving off a few steps, looking around, weighing his options. When I came back, about an hour later, just one was still in the yard. I figure it was the girl since she barely looked up. I love looking out the window and seeing them grazing on my brush (!) or sitting on the deck and watching them come cautiously out of the woods... as long as the dogs are in the house. Can't wait to see the new babies.

Well, Finally!        Apr. 2, 2013

Zenyatta, Queen of Racing, was born on April first, nine years ago. Her people, including a good many fans, had a big birthday celebration for her yesterday. And twelve minutes before midnight, SHE gave everyone a present. 13Z was on his feet, unassisted, within a half hour and nursing within his first hour.

Mom and son doing... and looking... terrific!

No Joke!        Apr. 1, 2013

Spring has finally FINALLY arrived here. It is still rather gloomy and wet, but the temp is above freezing... sometimes for more than 24 hours straight... and we actually had a full day of sun on Saturday. Winter is my favorite time of year, but ours didn't start until January and then it never stopped. So I'm glad it's over.

Do y'all know why penguins wash their clothes in Tide?
Because it's too old outtide.
Sorry, just heard that on Ellen and thought it was cute.

Bill and Bob
Both are spoken for and will be moving in about two weeks.
Bill is going to Connecticut and will be near family and Bob will be in Alabama, living with a Maggie pup from 2011. I am tickled to death with both homes.

My next litter(s) won't be for a long time... summer is the soonest. I hope I'm moved by then because I really don't want to upset mommas with newborns. Emy won't be a problem since she is experienced, but Clooney is a youngster and it will be her first litter. However, I learned a long time ago that what happens, happens and we get through it.

Rachel's baby
This is a photo of the filly born to Rachel Alexandra who is being raised by a nurse mare. The little girl and both her moms are doing well.

So far, Queen Z(enyatta) has not had her 2013 foal.

MARCH 2013

Not Exactly as Promised        Mar. 31, 2013

It took a day, or two, longer than planned, but the final pictures are up on The Seven's puppy page. Their new names are there as well. They seem to be doing great in their new homes as evidenced by the following:

The world according to Nelson is a fun fascinating place. He is very curious about everything and like a toddler it goes into his mouth. Plants, sticks, leaves are all exciting mysteries so mom spends a lot of time taking things away. On Tuesday he walked off the deck into the fish pond. I had to rescue him as his swimming capabilities were a bit lacking...then he had his first tub bath. Wednesday we visited the barn where he met Nari. One horse was okay but when they started to come from all directions he felt safer in the tack room. Those are big animals! However yesterday he saw his first butterfly to chase which was much more elusive than he thought so he quickly turned his attention to a leaf tumbling down the drive. Housebreaking News! The big achievement yesterday was that he did not have an accident in the house nor has he today. Car rides have become exciting especially in the Miata where he can sit up in the front. ... I have not put the top down as yet. Overall life is wonderful with Nelson and I am enjoying his energy and enthusiasm. His sweet nature and instant bonding with me have been endearing. I already cannot imagine my life without him. I cannot ever thank you I will say it again... thank you, thank you... very much. I love this dog.


We have a snow dog! She loves it. The 10 inches of snow we got last night has Margo lovin' it! She runs, jumps, rolls & most importantly, eats it! The cold does not seem to bother her at all. When she comes in the house she is definitely covered:0) Nights are much much better. No crying or whining when she gets in her kennel. Housebreaking is coming along just fine....only one slip yesterday & none so far today....hooray.


We are doing great here with Gracie. She seems to have bonded with us and we are addicted to her. Nightime routine has settled in and we have gone two nights where she has 'slept through the night' -- and I have too. Daytime potty habits are still a work in progress, but I am relaxed about it. She enjoys going for walks and has made a few dog friends in the neighborhood. The kids are teaching her how to play freeze tag and I know before too long, she will get the hang of it.

There are more, but you get the idea. Puppyhood is a work in progress until it's not. One day, way sooner than you expect, you realize you no longer have a puppy. The potty training is over, things aren't getting chewed up any more and Fido comes when called.

Good luck with that last one!

I Keep Forgetting...        Mar.28, 2013

And I have forgotten to mention this for so many weeks I feel like there is something Freudian about it!

Some of Maggie's Seven have back dewclaws.

There. Now it's out! Whew.

Before anyone gets all panicky, it's no big deal. In fact, it's such a little deal, I've forgotten it all this time. BACK dewclaws are different than those in front which are like residual toes and have some use to the dog. Backs are generally just nails in a pocket of flesh and are not attached to the bone. It is very easy and non traumatic to remove them... that means to have THE VET remove them. They can be taken off with local anesthesia or when the dog is spayed/neutered. (By the way, "neuter" actually is aceptable terminology for females as well as males, but is seldom used that way.) OR you can just leave them alone. The dewclaws, I mean. My wonderful ol' country vet in Georgia told me dogs with back dewclaws make great snake dogs, for what THAT is worth!

New photos
Just posted new pictures of Bill and Bob (finally!) on the website.
AND I have the departure pictures of The Seven edited and ready to post on their puppy page but haven't done it yet. I'll get around to it later today or tomorrow.
Or this weekend.

Rachel Alexandra
The sweet Rachel got to go home to Stonestreet Farms on the 26th after being in the hospital one day shy of 6 weeks. She is still being grazed on lead, but is back in her own stall and is going to be turned out loose in a small round pen this weekend. Her pen will be enlarged one or two panels at a time over the next few weeks until she is considered well enough to get back to her regular routine. There have been no updates on her filly, which is a good thing (I guess.) I'd love to see a photo of her!

And Zenyatta
Queen Z is taking her own sweet time dropping this new baby. Any day now....

Last Two Going Tomorrow        Mar. 22, 2013

I have not been missing in action and I have not gone AWOL. I simply have been busy! The last of Maggie's seven pups are leaving me tomorrow and before you ask, no, I'm not going to miss them. I plan on sleeping for a week. THEN I'll miss them!

So far, things have gone swimmingly. (Not really sure what that means, but considering the pups dicovered the fun of splashing in their water bowls, it seems appropriate.) No real problems to report, although a few people had unbelievably high expectations for these babies and got a somewhat rude awakening. They ARE just babies and even though they're smart babies... REALLY smart babies... some things are just beyond them right now. They'll get things figured out and it won't be long before the pains of puppy raising are forgotten.

The other two
Bill and Bob are interesting pups AND I can tell them apart! (I just have trouble remembering which is Bill and which is Bob!) When I was watching them play the other day, I wondered how different their attitudes were going to be as adults from Maggie's pups' attitudes. B and B have had just each other, so when one is awake and wants to play, the other is forced to go along with it. With The Seven, an awake pup could pounce on several sleepers before finding one willing to join in a game or wrestling match and the rest could go back to sleep. I have noticed that B and B tend to be a little firmer about saying "no" than the older pups, but none of either litter has a short temper or bad attitude.

Along with getting The Seven ready and out the door, one of the rescues found a home in Texas. I had her spayed two weeks ago today and this morning she flew out to meet her new mom and canine companion, Buddy. She won't arrive for several hours yet and the poor thing was not happy at the airport, but I think this is a really good home for her and she'll like getting more attention.

Here's the thing...
I have at least four more ADULT, SMALL BREED/MIX rescues that need homes in the next month or two. As I've mentioned to a couple people, I am going to be moving to Indiana and can't take all the dogs with me. Of course, MY dogs are going, but I have to place as many of the little rescues as possible. They are all healthy and generally easy to live with. They get along with other dogs BUT HAVE NEVER BEEN AROUND CHILDREN. Anyone who has room or knows an adult home that really needs a wonderful addition, please let me know ASAP.

And They're Off!        Mar. 12, 2013

Three of The Seven have met their families and agreed to going home with them. Another is leaving on Friday. Of course, tonight and tomorrow night we have predictions of snow in the area. But this time, at least, it is only supposed to be "showers" with minor accumulations. And that is probably what is going to happen since it is Race Week and bad weather is not allowed.

Bill and Bob
have turned into monsters. And I have only myself to blame. They have discovered the world beyond the puppy pen... because I opened the gate and let the dogs out... and now they think they're just as good as the other dogs (older dogs) who live free most of the time. The fact that everyone else is house trained and speaks English has escaped them. And escaping is what they try to do every time they think I'm trying to round them up. Yodeling at the top of their lungs is what they do once I get my hands on them and put them behind bars.

And yes, Peri is still nursing... HER desire as much as theirs.

Departure Countdown        Mar. 5, 2013

The Seven are this close to 12 weeks and moving to their new homes. The first one leaves on Thusday (weather permitting and that looks iffy right now) with another going on Friday and Sunday. This afternoon, those three and I are headed through our current torrential downpour to the vet. The weather reports, which get worse every time they're updated, have snow moving in late tonight and through tomorrow. It started off with a prediction of a rain event here with light to moderate accumulations at higher elevations. We're now up to 1-2 inches here and 4-6 inches above us. It WAS going to be in the 40s and 50s Thursday and on, it's now in the mid 30s until Saturday. I'm going to stop watching the weather!

The pups are getting their second shots, another worming, a dose of Advantage, and anything else I can think of before they leave. Trying to get them to come to me is becoming problematic!

The last of the three informational emails went out today. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or discuss problems with me. This is a happy, active... vocal... bunch of pups and I expect they are going to be a handful. They're sweet but opinionated!

Bill and Bob
have had a taste of life outside the puppy pen. It's always so cute the first time or two when they walk out and start exploring the room. And THEN... they are suddenly not happy confined. As soon as they see me, they start yelling to be let out. It takes them a week or so to learn I'll let them out when I want to.

Peri is spending most of the day away from them... beause I am forcing her to. I have to crate her since she climbs right out of any pen I put her in if she doesn't want to be there. She sleeps for a couple hours, then wants back in with the boys... who are seven weeks old and still nursing. I wish I could say this was unusual, but ALL my mamas act the same way. The fact that they all feel a NEED to stay with their "older" pups, even when they are allowed to not be with them, let's me know that is the natural way of things with dogs. Puppies are suppose to stay with their dams long past eight weeks.

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