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APRIL 2015

A strain of dog flu virus that started circulating in the Chicago area has sickened thousands of dogs. All dogs headed to Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and surrounding states are recommended to be boostered on their CIV (canine influenza virus) vaccine.

Really Quiet Around Here             Apr. 27, 2015

Very strange in the house the last couple days. The Emy/Boon pups WERE noisy... nosier than usual... but I had apparently gotten used to it. Plus, they were in the big pen in the tv/computer room... going to redub it the media room... from the time they were born and pretty much in my sight every waking hour. I'm having to stop myself walking in there in the morning with a big "HelLO puppies!"

Peri and Hoo-Rah's pups should be here by this time next week, but with just two, I'll keep them in the big crate in the bedroom until they are on their feet, eyes open and moving around a lot. Peri's a terrific mom, but since her great escape adventure 3 years ago, she is usually attached to my hip all the time. Where the crate is situated... in the corner of the bedroom, on TOP of the Great-Dane-sized crate... she can see down the hallway to where my chair is by the computer which usually is enough to keep her happy, especially when her pups are very young.

Here are several pictures of Gryphon on his two day ride to his new home...

. and one of Oogie playing in his yard (with the newly improved... escape proof...fence.)

The Last Shall Be First             Apr. 24, 2015

Or, in this case, The Smallest Shall Be the Largest. Rabbit, who is now Gryphon, weighed an even 16 pounds at his departure exam. Since birth, he has continuously been the smallest in the litter. Apparently he was just biding his time!

I will say he definitely enjoyed the brief time he was the only puppy in the house. His new freedom did not go to his head and he was very well behaved. Even the dogs who had to put up with his energy and never-say-die attitude got along with him. Unfortunately for Gryph, his assumption that being the only pup meant he was staying proved false. He was rather subdued when he met his new people, but got over it rather quickly on the long ride home.

Zuri at 6 weeks

Projected arrival in Tennessee: May 9th.

Number Four Out the Door             Apr. 22, 2015

Monkey left on Monday. She went to the groomer first and then immediately met her new mom.

She weighed in at 13 pounds 9 ounces, the smallest of all! Remember the first couple weeks, she was the biggest and then second largest for several weeks and finally, tied for second at 8 weeks. And now, the smallest. (This is why I can't predict who is going to be where, relatively, based on birth weight.)

Peri is getting close
And gaining a good bit of weight. Ten to fourteen days to go. You'd think she'd be used to me snapping the occasional picture, but no... it took some time this afternoon to get these two shots.

She and Diamond, her mom, are just about the same size. Diamond who is 11 years old has a different idea about having her picture taken. Here she is, 10 days after her spay.

Have to say, looking at these four pictures all in a row...
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Update on Shared Belief
The 4 year old gelding suffered a non-displaced hip fracture at the beginning of the Charles Town Classic on Saturday. Lucky for him, his regular jockey is Mike Smith. Mike felt a hitch in SB's gait and pulled him up immediately. The prognosis is good... a couple months on stall confinement and then, if new x-rays show the fractured healed, back to training. The October 31st Breeders Cup is iffy. This is the second time this Spring Mike Smith has felt a horse was hurt before the horse even knew it, saving them both from serious, if not fatal injury.

Willy's New Found Wisdom...             Apr. 20, 2015


Willy Adjusting to New Home             Apr. 18, 2015

Willy, nee Elephant, has been gone 4 days and already has his people under control. Of course, they are not aware of that yet.

He likes to humor them whenever possible.

And in other news
Anyone who has read my posts on horse racing know how I feel about Shared Belief... and that is I do not share the belief. One of my main "complaints" is he has never raced outside of California. He is rated the number one race horse in The WORLD and has never run outside of California. This bothers me. The other complaint is he did not race the first half of last year... when he was 3 years old... because of an injury... and, therefore, missed all the Triple Crown races the other boys were competing in. So this year, he's run twice... in California... and won twice. Beating California Chrome twice. (As far as Junior goes, he ran his race and came in second, both times. No excuses.) SOOO. Today, Shared Belief was entered in the Charles Town Classic at Charles Town (duh) WV. Big money ($1.5 mil,) small track (only 6 furlongs... 3/4 mile... all the way around.) So the horses were going to have to go around three "turns." Unless raced at Charles Town, many horses go around ONE turn their entire lives. Some of the "longer" races are around two. Three seems a little confusing for both jockeys and equines. The eight horses entered with Shared Belief included some well thought of stakes winners and some maybe not as good, but none are anywhere on the Top Horses in the World list. Should have been a shoo-in, three turns or not, for SB.
Moreno won. And set a new track record doing it. Shared Belief stumbled out of the gate, was eased and then vanned off the track. First word was he entered the van under his own power and there might have been some swelling in a stifle. (Pretty quick swelling, but I wasn't there.) Anyway, haven't heard anything else as yet. I do NOT wish bad things for SB. I hope he has nothing seriously wrong and is back to training right away. AND I hope to see him competing in the Breeders Cup... which is in Kentucky... this fall. And maybe Junior will be done galavanting around Europe by then to make a real race of it.

Molly Checks In             Apr. 16, 2015

Molly, who was the first to leave home, sent a report on her new situation which seems to suit her just fine. She's settling in nicely with her family and the neighbors (who have dubbed her the "teddy bear.") Her new vet gave her the seal of approval. Here she is, taking a little snooze after a rough day in the yard.

Oogie Writes Home             Apr. 15, 2015

The second to leave, the first to send an update! Oogie's been to meet his new vet and passed inspection, although he wasn't particularly outgoing. A few too many new people in his life right now so he's reserving judgment! (Of course, the very first person he met last week doubled the number he thought were in the world.) He's relaxing with his folks... eating, pooping, playing with his toys. He's also picked up this walking-while-attached-to-a-person-by-a-lead-thingy business.

California Chrome in the UK
Junior went out under tack for the first time since his arrival in Newmarket. Ridden by his new exercise jockey and accompanied by his new roommate, Tell Me Another (a 3 year old in training,) Junior got to walk and trot a little. Since he always has more than enough energy for several horses and has been confined to walking around on lead for the last two weeks, the trip was a lot of work for the jockey who was instructed to keep it slow.

Photo from twitter. And no, I'm not on twitter. It was posted on the 'net.

The Door Swings Again             Apr. 14, 2015

The third puppy left this morning, bound for Indiana. (Maybe I'll see him again, if I ever get moved... which is not looking likely!) Willy/Elephant seemed aware that he was "it" today because, when I let the three pups out of the pen for their morning constitutional, he stayed as far away from me as he could. Unusual for him since he's normally the one most interested in getting my attention. When it was time to put him in the car, I puppy-puppied the other two while standing between Willy and the pen. They ran in. He was trapped outside. For the first few miles, he sat on the front seat, but decided he was a little... upset... with me and climbed into the back. Poor boy. Being naturally smart and intuitive has its down side! Last night, although he has been the litter's camera hog...

His real departure photo is on the puppy page.

Almost Full Circle             Apr. 13, 2015

This afternoon I left my vet's office with the dogs I had taken three trips to deliver there...
Willy/Elephant, the puppy who is leaving tomorrow
Peri, who was there for a pregnancy ultrasound
and Diamond, who was spayed first thing in the morning.
Believe me, all three were delighted to get out of there!
Willy, first made a trip to the groomer and looks ... and smells... terrific. At the vet, he weighed in at 14 pounds 9 ounces. He handled the day very well. Didn't get carsick OR poop in the car (a sign of stress) and spent the rest of the day sleeping it off.
With Peri, the vet found two very active pups and said there may... or may not... be more. I'm betting two is all even though I'd love to be wrong.
And Diamond obviously had the worse time of everyone. She is exhausted, too tired to even complain about things, but she doesn't want me out of her sight. Poor girl. She'll be fine in a day or so.

And way out west...
Junior (California Chrome) has a new baby brother, his third full sibling, born yesterday. Like the rest of the family, the new guy is chestnut, VERY inquisitive and already has the racing world a'twitter (pun intended!) as evidenced by this picture from his grandma, Denise Coburn.

With all the dissention on the California Chrome home front, I suggest Sweat Equity as a name!
Meanwhile, Junior continues to do well across the pond and has been adopted by the English who claim he looks more Brit than American. They have some nice horses so I'm not taking offense.

I SO Enjoy Meeting the Families!             Apr. 12, 2015

The biggest benefit to not shipping is getting to meet the folks who are adopting the pups. The second biggest is the amount of time I do NOT have to spend at the airport waiting to see if the departing flight is leaving on time... or departing at all. But that's another story!

SO yesterday, Molly/Octopus left with her mom, dad and two sisters, all human. The last part didn't exactly thrill her, but she'll adjust. The fact that Molly was wet mouthed and drooling from car sickness didn't thrill the girls, but they'll adjust. Molly is still the biggest in the litter... weighing in at the vet's at 15 pounds 2 ounces. She is also still the darkest in coloring and is quite the stunner in that department. Unfortunately, the close flash of the camera washes out the color... or brings out all the red and blond highlights.

Today, Oogie/Raccoon met his new folks and, outside of an eyeroll or two, seemed perfectly fine with the match. He let himself be cuddled and soothed and spent the time watching all those... two leggers... of various sizes and ages... wandering around the motel lobby. Some were dragging things behind them and even that didn't bother Oogie a lot. He weighs 14 pounds 2 ounces and is the second darkest in the litter. And he actually was NOT scared to death at the groomer's.

Something you need to know about the 6-pounds-in-3-weeks weight gain. It is too much. I've already upped the adult food percentage and will do so again every week for the next few weeks so the pups will be eating all adult food by 4 months. Or in a little less than 4 weeks. Royal Canin, the puppy food I use, is terrific for weaning, but it is extremely high in both fat and protein and causes... rapid weight gain... among other things, some of them not so easy to fix. And with some of the pups going to homes with children, there will be lots of high calorie treats and people food added to their diet..

The other dogs
Diamond, my foundation, Emy and Peri's mom, is going to have a medically required spay tomorrow, Ordinarily I do not spay my retired girls. However, she has a slight uterine infection and, because of the way they are made, that can lead to very serious problems in dogs. The main one is pyometra which is a "silent" infection until the dog is seriously ill. It often results in death, accompanied by a seriously high vet bill. It is the MAIN reason spaying is a good idea. The other fair to middling good result of spaying is a reduction in the number of mammary cancers. Of course, most people think keeping the dog from ever getting pregnant is also a good idea. On the other hand, there is really very little reason to neuter a male. Behavioral issues... hiking the leg, humping, etc... are seldom "cured" by sterilization and there aren't many reproductive tract problems with boy dogs.

Peri's ultrasound is tomorrow as well. I think she's pregnant, but she is VERY small... hasn't gained much weight... so tomorrow we'll see.

Managed to get a picture of Boon with my phone. I took the picture with my phone... after I took it away from him. The next day, he got his entire shaggy coat removed. The picture's not very good, but you can see why he made it through the winter with no complaint, but hadn't stop complaining since. All's well now that he's been skinned.

Finally, the Missouri litter is 4 weeks old. Based on what the breeder is telling me, I'm thinking this is Zuri.

You can see she has a lot of highlights in her very dark coat so I'm hoping she lighten up considerably.

Happy 12 Weeks Birthday to Us             Apr. 10, 2015

And the great escape begins! One note: it took me 19 shots to get these. Two for Molly. And I resorted to the old "hanging on the chin hair" solution for Gryph.

There is a composite of all five pups on their puppy page.

AlmostThere             Apr. 9, 2015

So far, April is not my favorite month of the year. The weather is not cooperating... it's gone straight to summer. My AC is on! The pups have learned to pant. My back is still giving me fits. Not continually... just when I want to do something... like move around. And I've got a lot of moving around to get done in the next few days. Vet appointments, groomer appointments and families to meet. I'm wondering how soon the pups will figure out one leaves the house twice in a row and then the third time, doesn't return. They get very hard to get my hands on as soon as they make the connection.

Here are a few pictures to show you how cute these guys are.

Oogie (Raccoon)

No Name (Monkey)

And Patsy with a mohawk

Actually, it's the coloring of her hair that makes it look like that. She's 11 months and finally got her first haircut. I wasn't going to take her down skin short, but between the weather and her awful fuzzy baby coat, it turned out to be the best option. SHE doesn't mind... some dogs do... didn't miss a beat!

No promises, but will try to get Octopus/Molly and Rabbit/Gryhon's pictures later. Molly is the first one leaving and Gryhon the last.

Peri's ultrasound
is early next week.

The Rumors are True! (A Note from Gunny)           Apr. 5, 2015

The Easter Bunny! It does exist! (Don't tell my sister that she was right). I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter, but I'm a little busy right now trying to chew off my own lucky rabbit's foot

I've Created Monsters!              Apr. 1, 2015

The weather is, once again, really REALLY nice. In the low 70s, lots of sun, gentle breeze. The kind of day I like being outdoors. So, before the Good Friday rain starts, I put up the fence around the deck and opened the door. Unlike most litters, this one didn't hesitate. They were through the door and outside before even they knew it. Maybe it was because as soon as I opened the door Mama Em, Grandma Di and Aunt Peri went out. Maybe it was because these pups have absolutely NO sense when it comes to the "test the waters" concept.

They had a great time chasing back and forth, trying to get Granny and Auntie to play, considering whether or not Santa and the weasel would like to join them in the sun. (Weasel made it, Santa did not.) And although both Di and Peri let the pups know they weren't all that cute, they didn't scare them enough to be left alone. THEY eventually got up on the furniture.

Since it's April Fool's Day, I decided I'd take some pictures of the pups running away from me and post them. I did get a couple shots. But one of them decided to April Fool's ME. He lay down at my feet and waited. He waited while I picked up the camera. He waited while I adjusted the distance. He waited while I pushed the button. And was still waiting when the flash went off in his face. Then he was up and running back outside with everyone else.


Now you're all wondering about the "monster business. I let the little darlings play non stop for almost two hours... twice as long as they usually go when outside the pen. Then I rounded them up and put them down for a nap. All well and good. But here we are, a couple hours later. They're awake. They want O U T and they're making sure I know it.

No good deed goes unpunished.

MARCH 2015

The Game's Afoot, Part 2              Mar. 31, 2015

This morning...
Santa is off the stairs!, Replaced by puppies:


I think Raccoon and Rabbit/Gryphon (same as last night)
Monkey and Elephant run as soon as I pick up the camera.

The Game's Afoot (late night)              Mar. 31, 2015

The pups are getting quite demanding. They don't seem to miss their mom any more than she misses them, but now I am the one in demand. They're pretty good during the night... don't start calling for attention until one of the adults... usually Boon... begins complaining that the sun has been up for   h o u r s   and how long is he expected to wait to go out. Then the pups chime in... and they make way more noise than he! During the day, I can be out of their sight for a couple hours before they get lonely. You'd think they'd be able to keep each other entertained, but noooo.

They have a couple of toys which they make use of every day... the slide, the braided rope, a stuffingless weasel that squeaks, a pillowcase (plain ol' ordinary pillowcase snatched out of the clean laundry that will never see another pillow... ever) and the stuffed santa. And the steps, of course. It's hard to tell which is their favorite. Each of them has spent time sitting and lying on the very top of the stairs and I've seen three steps occupied at the same time by three different pups. For the last couple days, controlling the second step has been their goal. Yesterday, I watched one of them make an extended, concerted effort to get the Santa up to the top of the stairs. The stuffed toy is still too big for them to just pick up and take off with, but it is included in most of what they do. Can't tell you how many times I've had to move it out of the food bowl so I can put food IN. Why the puppy wanted Santa on the top step, I don't know. He actually got him up there... for about a minute. Then one of the other pups... most of whom had been harassing him the whole time... pulled Santa down a step. They've left him there. Guess Santa's in control!

Good... and Bad... News              Mar. 29, 2015

I really planned on taking pictures and getting the pups weighed this weekend. However, as often happens when I have pups around, my back has gone "out." Just picking up newspapers has been a pain... literally as well as figuratively speaking.

That's the bad news
The good is the combination of aspirin and pain patches (Bengay) has made a big difference today. I'm hoping I'll be back to some semblance of normal in the next day or two.

Y'all MUST have known something was going on here since California Chrome ran in a big race yesterday... that was even televised... and I didn't mention it. In case you missed the news reports, he came in second, in Dubai, and is shipping to England where he'll train for the next two months, leading up to a run at Ascot.
Also in Dubai, an Irish colt who belongs to one of the sheiks, is trained by a South African and ridden by a Belgian, won the Derby points... 100, so he's guaranteed a spot in The Race... in an impressive show of superiority. His connections say they are THRILLED to be making the trip to Kentucky with Mubtaahij. Going to be an interesting Derby!

No News, Yada, Yada, Yada              Mar. 24, 2015

I know you won't believe it, but there is really nothing going on around here. The pups have pretty much mastered most of their early physical abilities and are working on the getting- along-with-each-other-because-the-Two-Legged-One-doesn't-like-listening-to-someone-crying issue. They actually aren't bad at it. They are all putting the poop and pee in the same location, even coming back to the newspaper in the pen when they are loose in the house every evening (a small PART of the house.) AND since they turned 9 weeks on Friday, I'm adding a half bowl of adult food once a day to the puppy kibble.

The biggest thing happened last night when I was headed for bed and Emy decided she was coming with me. She went outside for her last potty break and refused to go in the pen with the pups. They went back to sleep when I turned out the light in their room and Emy crawled under the bed in my room and slept there all night. This morning, she walked into the pups room, spent a moment looking at them (probably counting them,) then went outside. When she came back in, she did NOT go to the pups. I had a lead in my hand and she showed me she absolutely wanted to go anywhere I was going. She went to the doggy beauty parlor for the day. Daddy Boon went too... and got a bad report card when I picked him up. Apparently, he didn't want a shave and a haircut. I'm hoping he doesn't know something the weather people don't.

Sometimes a Great Notion, Sometimes NOT So Great              Mar. 20, 2015

Stairs. The kind you can buy for small or infirm dogs so they can get on the furniture or in the car without help. Seemed like a good idea for the pups. Operative word here is "seemed."

THEY think it was a marvelous idea.
Which should tell you a lot.

So, I bought this plastic three step contraption that has wide...8 inch by 15 (or so)... steps, whole thing about 23 inches from floor to top. The steps are carpeted, which I thought of as an extra bonus, something for baby toenails to dig into. It's made of plastic and snaps firmly together, very sturdy for the pups... I wouldn't let anything more than 25-30 pounds on it, but I'm the cautious type.

The pups were all over it as soon as I put it in the pen. And right away, they showed me something that wasn't in the brochure or on the box. The carpet comes off the steps. It's not glued... it's attached by Velcro. They started by trying to take off the TOP piece of carpet, but I outsmarted them with my handy-dandy universal fixer... duct tape. Then I left the pen and locked the door... although they were so interested in figuring out what they were supposed to do with the new toy, I could have left it open.

The first step to lose its carpet was the bottom one, then the middle. So far, because of my duct tape, the top step is still rugged. The two sections of carpet became pull and chew toys, until I took them away.

They took turns climbing to the top and most of them quickly figured out it was a better idea to go back door slowly than to just set out and tumble down. The more they practiced, they better they got at both up (a breeze) and down. Until down got to taking too much time. Then they chose a new favorite song for the litter...I Believe I can Fly. Currently they are trying out for the broad jump record which stands at off-the-second-step-over-the-pup-lying-on-the-bottom-step-and-the-two-wrestling-on-the-floor.

So far, none has broken any bones... although each of them has done a nose dive or two and smashed not only the nose, but the chin. Not one of them has squawked, yipped or even whimpered.

Today I observed at least two of them, at different times, standing on the top step looking down, over the SIDE, wheels obviously turning as they considered the advisability of a 2-1/2 gainer with a twist. I managed to distracted them... by picking up the camera.

And I'm removing the stairs every night. I don't want them practicing any tricks without me right there to pick up the pieces.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! A Letter from Gunny!              Mar. 17, 2015

Dear Friends,
The children in my family are also a mix of Irish and French, just like me, so we understand the importance of this holiday. As you can see, I have been practicing some of my best Irish traits with my Dixie Cups. Mommy said that I'm an" Irish Doggie with a Drinking Problem." I'm not sure what that means, but if she's talking about how I carry the cup of water with me down the hallway and spill it everywhere (including her bed), then I'm not sure what the problem is. The carpet gets thirsty too.

More important than Irish holidays is the fact that spring is in the air. Running through the snow is fun.
Digging in the snow is better.

Digging in the mud is the BEST!

After I dig in the mud I get to help Mommy mop up the bathroom floor while I jump in and out of the indoor pool. I splash the water, she cleans it up, and the floor sparkles like it is new! We should mop more often.

You should know that I am a VIP. That's Very Intelligent Puppy. Even though I'm over a year old, I'm still learning things.
For example, I have almost figured out how to open the door to the garage to let myself in the car. If I only had opposable thumbs....

I almost figured out how to jump onto the kitchen table to retrieve a tissue (I needed to blow my nose), but somebody caught me in midair.

I have figured out that my sister, Brownie, was right, and pillows, blankets, and laps are the best places to snuggle. My sister does not seem to be as pleased with this development as I am. FYI, it is much harder to squeeze all 38+ pounds of myself into your lap when you have that stupid laptop on it. At least if it is my sister I can push her out of the way.

I have learned to trade for the things I want. A dirty washcloth on your pillow for the stuffed animal on your bed. That's fair, right?

And, I am working towards getting a job as a personal trainer. I've been practicing with my little boy. I steal something of his, and he chases me in circles around the couch while I dodge him with my fancy footwork. Pretty soon he'll be running 5 Ks, or at least ready for lacrosse season!

My daddy says I have to behave, and I let him know that behave is my name. In fact, he can call me Miss Behave.

I have to go. There are some deer in my backyard that I need to go bark at. I will not let them in the house. Plus, I need to substantiate this rumor of a bunny who brings dog treats in a basket and leaves eggs filled with goodies all over. I've been trying to dig him out on the back hill, but so far there has been no luck. If any of you see him, let me know!

With Love,

New Toy              Mar 16 2015

The pups have the slide. They think it's the best thing since chopped liver... or at least since the stuffed Santa. I don't use the stairs for it because they are too narrow and steep for pups to navigate. Instead, It is taped to a large box which the pups tend to use as a lookout post and chew toy... which means it gets replaced often. Rather than jumping or climbing from the box to the platform at the top of the slide, the pups try to get up it from the other end. Every once in a while, through some fluke of passing strength and agility, one of them makes it... and immediately jumps off... not down to the box, but to the floor which is at least a foot farther down. Usually they take turns making a run at getting up... often with pups on either side, and sometimes underneath, trying to stop them. It is fun for me to watch and makes them expend a lot of energy. Sometimes, it's all they can do to find a safe place to crash and burn. Sometimes, it's MORE than they can do!

8 Weeks, New Families              Mar 14 2015

The wait is over and everyone knows where everyone is going. Well, everyone except Monkey.
Belay that! Twelve hours later, Monkey has a home too!

Weights at 8 weeks
Light female (Monkey) ----- 8-1/2 pounds
Dark female (Octopus) ----- 9-1/2 (largest in litter)
Lightest male (Elephant) ----- 8
Darkest male (Raccoon) ----- 8-1/2
Medium male (Rabbit) -------7-1/2 pounds (smallest)
Each pup gained 3 pounds or slightly less in 2 weeks.

More pix of each at

Introducing MS ZURI              Mar 12 2015

Finally! The first photo of the new addition to my breeding program!

Zuri was born on March 8th and she is one of these 5 pups. She is a first generation (F1) Whoodle, with a Wheaten mama and mini Poodle dad. Once she grows up, she is scheduled to be Peri's replacement. And, obviously, she is coming from Missouri.

I've just received this photo of one of the Georgia Whoodles. Bo, who was last year's "Skunk" and is now 14 months old, weighs in at 42 pounds... obviously all muscle... and has been a very good boy indeed. At least, that is Steve's assessment!

Peri and Hoo-rah's 2014 litter
Two of the still very black puppies from Hoo's first (and Peri's third) litter got in touch recently. They are both 20 pounds at 6 weeks and well suited to their individual families.

Today's word on the Emy/Boon pups:
The three lighter colored pups are on a different schedule than the darker female and the darkest male. When one group is asleep, the other is wide awake and raising cain. Soon as they get tired, they settle down and the sleepers take their place.

BOTH groups are making an effort to potty on the newspaper... which is pretty easy since they have pieces of it scattered all over the pen and they don't have to venture far to find a spot. But, it's the thought that counts!

Ok, Pictures                 Mar 10 2015

Best puppy award goes to Elephant boy who required just 3 shots for 3 photos. My favorite one

And, as usual, the problem child is Monkey girl who has too much energy for stupid picture taking!
She needed 7 tries.
In between, in order of the number of shots it took to get 3:



Today was so nice, I was tempted to let the pups go out on the deck for the first time. However, it's supposed to start raining tonight and go on through the rest of the week through the weekend... and I don't need antsy puppies wanting to go outside along with the antsy dogs wanting to go outside.

Peri has been sort of entertaining the pups. She sits outside their pen and entices them to stick their feet through to touch her or she'll lean against it so they can pull on her hair. Every time Em leaves, Peri rushes in. Unfortunately, Emy isn't ready for them to have a babysitter who is willing to be surrogate mom, so she runs Peri off as soon as she notices.

Grandma Diamond will play with them OUTSIDE the pen... which Em can't do a whole lot about.

Speaking of Peri
she and Hoo-Rah are done breeding... because I said so. Ultrasound in 4-5 weeks.

6 AM     March 8, 2015

SUNRISE       6 AM
March 7, 2015

7 Weeks, But Who's Counting?                 Mar 6 2015

Picture day...
As usual, these pups are smart enough to have figured out the signs leading up to a photo shoot... the bag of stuffed animals appears, the lights get moved around, all the adult dogs in the room are shooed out, etc... and some of them have started heading for the hills. It hurts my feelings that they dislike having their pictures taken so much they run away from me. So I'm giving you advanced warning... once picks are made, individual pictures will start coming every 10 days to 2 weeks. I know, for some of you, it means facing withdrawal. That's why you're getting a heads up. Load up the cupboards with sweets and/or spirits, send the kids to Grandma's, let the boss know you're not going to be feeling well and could be a little testy.

But for today

Meanwhile, Back in the Snow                 Mar 5 2015

It's Thursday. Usually the second best day of the week for me, behind Wednesdays, the day of 2 hours of The Dead. To be honest, it's not been a bad day overall. The 4 to 6 or 8 inches of snow we were looking for overnight did not materialize... replaced by almost 2 inches of real sloppy, dirty looking freezing rain, otherwise known as slush. The dogs didn't care. They enjoyed getting soaked yet again. (Let me show them a bathtub....)

Peri and Hoo Rah had an afternoon date which went well.
As luck would have it, I just got pictures of two Peri pups.
This is Esther, who lives in NY. Her dad is Sparky. Her human mom MADE this sweater for her!

This guy is Jerry, Hoo-Rah's son from their August 14 litter. At 6 months, Jerry weighs in at 20 pounds.

Puppy fix for the day
Yesterday, I gave the Gang a stuffed Santa to play with and they LOVED it. They've drug it all over the pen... it's way too big for them to pick up... and it's big enough for several of them to chew or sleep on at the same time.

This morning, they were still in love with it.

There is a composite of Santa/pups on the puppy page.

Will Wonders Never Cease?                Mar 3 2015

Sixteen days! Yesterday was the 16th day since I parked my car February 14th. Sixteen days since I was able to get off the hillside. Sixteen days that saw several all time record cold temperatures set here. Sixteen days since I ventured more than a couple steps out my door. And yet, after over 24 hours above freezing and a heavy overnight rain, I went out the door, down the steps to the yard, through the gate and put the key in the ignition, thinking I'd call Triple A on TUESDAY because they were bound to be overwhelmed with people trying to get to work on Monday. The old Ford turned over immediately, no stutter, no hacking cough, not even a whimper. So, I ran out to Hardee's and got fast food. For the first time in sixteen days.

Of course, the yard... and the trail from my drive to the blacktop... is a swamp.
But, hey, it's all good!
Even the weather report which has us at 50 today, 60 tomorrow and accumulating snow on Thursday. I went out today and picked up newspaper and dog food, so they're ready and I'm going tomorrow to the butcher and the store (and Taco Bell) and I'll be ready. Bring it on!

Not to change the subject
but Peri is in heat.
I put her with Hoo-Rah, who did his best to renew their... friendship... but she told him she had a headache and if he didn't stop bothering her, something besides his head was going to be aching. He got the message and went to wooing instead of pursuing. Tomorrow will be a better day!

As Promised... MORE Pix                Mar 2 2015

6 weeks and 3 days!

So y'all think this picture taking is an easy task. Can't wait until YOU are the ones trying to get the pups to look slightly in your direction. Of course, most of you will be using your phone cameras which don't have any lag time between clicking and actually picture taking.

Guess I've punished you enough... not these are a whole lot better, You can see them on the pups' after 5 weeks page,


Weights Plus                Mar 1 2015

So yesterday got away from me and I didn't get the weights posted. No excuses, just lazy. Here they are as of about 10 last night:

Light female (Monkey) ----- 5-5/8 pounds
Dark female (Octopus) -----6-1/2
Light male (Elephant) ----- 5-1/4
Dark male ((Raccoon) ----- 5-3/8
Medium male (Rabbit) ----- 4-1/2 pounds

For the third weigh-in in a row, the dark female is the largest and the medium male is the smallest. The light and dark males have changed places and are now 4th and 3rd in that order.

Picture taking on Friday went fairlywell. Most of the pups got the idea... most of them didn't think it was a good one. However, there was one who gave it her own twist...

What? Not what you had in mind?