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APRIL 2017

Already Tired of Being Impressed!          Apr. 28, 2017

Ok, so I've become used to Patsy as a genius. But the pups are driving me nuts! This morning one of them was squalling and Pat was sitting by the bed, staring at me. Since it was time to get up (in the dogs' eyes, not mine) I decided she wanted to go out... although she's still running in and out... and got up and dressed, pup still yelling. Looked into the pen and one was out, sitting next to the pool. Now, these pups are a week and a half, still blind (and deaf) and shouldn't be wandering away from the litter, much less lost OUTSIDE the nest. As I watched, this pup gets up on its back legs and tries to climb back into the pool. UNBELIEVABLE! He didn't make it... the one ring is higher than the pup is tall... so I picked him up and put him back on top of the puppy pile. This getting back IN business is something most litters don't even start until around 3 weeks. The pups are still small, but are growing... have some heft to them. Nobody particularly much larger or smaller than anybody, but a gradual scale.

The colors are a lot easier to see as the eventual wheatens are lightening up already. AND my eye is picking up some color changes with the blacks... except when I deliberately look for them under a light, I can't see anything definitive.

Pretty Advanced          Apr. 25, 2017

Not only is Patsy an amazing mom, apparently her Bunnies have not fallen far from the tree. The pups are already trying to stand and walk. That's what I said... trying to stand and walk. About a week earlier than usual. Now if they'd only make an effort to all sleep at the same time....

Baby Pix          Apr. 24, 2017

All is well. Except I'm getting very little sleep. With 10 babies, someone is always unhappy about something. They ARE all quiet at the same time for longer and longer periods... we're up to close to 15 minutes!

Here they are, left in one group while Patsy went outside for a few minutes. The red lines point to the two will-be-wheaten-colored pups.

Patsy has SOOO Impressed Me!          Apr. 20, 2017

She is a natural! She went out to potty once yesterday afternoon and again just a bit ago... running and bouncing down the hall... then racing back to make sure no dogs were in HER room... then running down the hall again to see if I had made it to the door yet. She romped around the yard, stopping to pee and poop a little from time to time and then stretching her legs again... for all of about 2 minutes. Then right back in the house and straight to the kiddos. A big grin or her face', especially when she saw they were EXACTLY as she left them. The difference between yesterday and today is they WERE exactly as she had left them (in two groups) and not a peep out of even one. Yesterday they were very agitated, moving all over the place and every one crying for MOM! They grow up so fast!

Can you tell how much they've grown ALREADY?!

Are We There Yet?          Apr. 19, 2017

You bet your booty! 10!

That's right. I said TEN. Six girls and four boys, eight of whom are beautiful black (most with white markings on their chests and who could turn to stunning silver!) and two wonderful wheatens (eventually.) Pups are on the small side, but given the number, anything else would be really weird. They are active, noisy and eating well. Pat is a TERRIFIC mama. Starting with the very first pup, which she produced with just a minimum of hard labor, she was confident and in control. My activities were limited as she no way needed any help. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with her! Truthfully, with the way she acted about Boon getting near her, I expected her to freak out when the pups started showing up. She is already dividing them into groups of five... which is irritating me as well as the pups. They are way too new to this world to appreciate being separated from the rest of their pack and kept from the milk bar. It IS a good idea and one many moms of big litters never get, but the Ten Bunnies need a few days to settle in first. So, I keep irritating Patsy by putting the "go to your room and sleep" group back in the center of things. Where she leaves them for a while.

Happy birthday, Bunnies!
And to my daughter, Jenny, as well!

Not Yet            Apr. 17, 2017

Patsy is still pregnant. She is not eating very much and is sleeping all the time. All the time when she's not outside in the yard giving the moles what-for. Between her and Emy, my yard guys are going to have to be VERY VERY careful not to break a leg... or a mower axle... in a hole! The last two days or so, Pat's been sleeping a lot on her back. Any time I've tried to get a picture, she's rolled over and covered her belly up. BUT just a little while ago, she was sound asleep, against the side of the pen and couldn't get up in time to keep me from getting the photo.

We're getting close!

If It's Easter, Can Pups Be Far Behind?            Apr. 13, 2017

MS Patsy is doing very well! She's feeling good and looking even more gorgeous than ever!

Eight weeks to the day. And she has gained exactly 7 pounds. In a few days, we'll find out how that translates to number of puppies!

Bigger            Apr. 9, 2017

Patsy is a little over 7 weeks along and showing it!

Pat is feeling fine. She eats smaller amounts at one time, but eats more than her usual twice a day. When the weather is nice, as it has been all weekend, she spends as much time outside as allowed, often napping on the deck even when the other dogs come inside. Boon is oblivious!

It Never Fails            Apr. 4, 2017

So, after all night and all day off and on downpours... off minutes after I made dogs come in, on minutes after I put them back out, I filled food bowls, locked gates and went to bed. About 8:30. Woke up every 1 to 1-1/2 hours, as usual. No rain. For hours. Since I haven't paid any attention to weather reports for several days, I figured the storms had past. Got up around 2:30 to let dogs out before bedtime ( ! ) and sent Ben, Hoo and Puppy out. Five... count them, FIVE... minutes later, it is pouring again. They came in. Boon ran out and peed off the deck, then went immediately back to his blankey and all of them are sound asleep already. The rest of the dogs were up yelling "Me! Me! Me!" until the rain hit the roof... I love a tin roof!... and they were back to sleep before I even sent Boon OUT. "Not me" is the current message. That's ok, I'm going to watch Newlywed Game until 4. Then, rain or not, they're all going out. And back to bed.

Prepping for the eventual move to Oregon
Since this has become a more pressing need than my contemplated move to IN a few years ago, I am having to deal with stuff that I... thankfully... put off back then. I was disappointed when, after so much effort then, that move was put off. But, as it turned out, that was the way it should have been. Funny how those things work out. My daughter was offered a different and to her way of thinking, more enjoyable job in Oregon... where we had lived when the she and her brothers were in high school and where she still has a number of friends she actually sees once in a while. It was a temporary position, with both her and her sups having 6 months to a year to make it permanent. She was there less than two months when they offered her a contract... which she put off deciding about for a several more months. Her kids are in college back in IN, living in the house, etc. And she was comfortable with the idea she could always go back to her old life there. Only... she went home for a couple weeks and found out it wasn't home any more and she didn't want to be there any more. Sooo.

Sooo... I have started placing some of the dogs I can't take with me and this weekend, advertised Ben and Hoo-Rah on a website I've used occasionally. The response has been more than I anticipated and I am hoping I find the right place for them quickly. I would love for them to go together as they are pals and even though Hoo is half Ben's weight, he's a couple years older and still in charge. For me, it is very hard to even think about parting with them. They are sweet and affectionate, completely different in personality and looks, but so easy and fun to have around. Fingers crossed!

MARCH 2017

Patsy's Belly            Mar. 30, 2017

Patsy is on day 42, that's exactly 6 weeks since the first A.I. Here she is showing off her growing belly while grabbing a snack

and taking an afternoon snooze

I am happy with how things are going with her. She seems to be having a lot fewer bouts of "morning" sickness. But she is also developing an attitude with the other dogs... mostly Zuri and Tiger-Puppy since she's usually with them, but ith any and ALL of the boys. She's warning them away from the food, even when she's not eating, and tends to want them to ie down and stay put. Interestingly, she is much friendlier with Boon! He goes around shaking his head and singing "How to Handle a Woman."

The News, All Real            Mar. 27, 2017

Patsy and Boon, with a little help from MY friends, are expecting!

I bought Pat specifically to get these puppies and can't tell you how excited I am that they are finally on the way!

The litter is due around Easter... after, not before... and pups will be ready for their new families starting the middle of the second full week in July.

The reservation list is OPEN.
ONE MALE spot is available.

And more good news, from my perspective, at least.
Zuri is NOT pregnant. She'll be on the Fall schedule.

And Peri will be bred her next season which should occur some time between mid May and July.

The hope is I will be able to get completely relocated to Oregon between Pat's pups leaving and Peri's arriving.

Got Soap?            Mar. 18, 2017

The winter has been a wet one, We made up last year's 10 inch deficit in January. And working on a nice amount of surplus for this year. The last couple days, it has poured. At least it's not SNOW! And the dogs LOVE it!

11 years old Emy and

her half sister, Lily, 8 years old

I can hardly wait for April!

No Real News... or Fake News Either            Mar. 15, 2017

The two girls who were just in heat look just like they did this time last month. I'm 99% sure Ben and Zuri didn't get the job done... not that they didn't try. And that's where the 1% lies. Boon and Patsy made those two trips to the vet for artificial inseminations to accommodate Patsy maiden peculiarities. The first was 4 weeks ago tomorrow. And the truth is... I can't see any change in her body. I may be IMAGINING a little heaviness in her lower belly and some loosening of the breasts BUT Zuri feels the same way. And two litters at the same time I do not want!

Pat goes in for an ultrasound at the end of NEXT week.

Still Here                Mar. 6, 2017

As of this afternoon, every adult dog and one puppy... Tiger... has been to the groomer for a relaxing bath and haircut. I didn't get them as short as usual because winter is not over here. Actually, winter never started here. I think it is planning on a big surprise in April and considering that, I figure they are going to need some extra hair for a while. They really look cute and smell nice too.

Poor Tiger! For the first time in her life, she had to go outside wearing a collar and lead... and as much as she yelled her head off, she still had to wear a collar and walk on a lead. Then there was the matter of her first car ride... she did NOT get sick. And also did not move from where I put her on the back seat. Apparently she liked the nice bath and the brushing, even the clippers, because there were no complaints from anyone at the groomer's. When we got back home she did walk with only a little balking... and no vocal griping... from the car to the yard. Then she ran around a few moments. I wanted her to come into the house, but she had to pout a little.

Eventually, she got it out of her system, came inside and curled up with Zuri and Patsy by the heater for HOURS!

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