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JUNE 2015

Glad THAT's Over            Jun 30, 2015

Don't know about anybody else, but I'm thrilled to see the end of June. Seemed to me that the last 30 days has lasted a lot longer than normal. Yeah, I had a lot going on and we had 15 days of 90 or above, but even so....

Peri and the pups are doing well. And they are still Peri AND the pups. She has stopped objecting to them being in another room, but still runs to them every morning and before going to bed at night to NURSE them. That's what I said. They'll be 8 weeks old tomorrow and are still nursing twice a day. She spends at least an hour... often two or three hours... with them once she in in their pen and plays with them, cleans up after them, even lies down and sleeps with them. It is interesting to watch her correct their behavior... she no longer tolerates really rough biting or tugging on her ears, tail, legs, etc. Plus, she breaks it up any time two pups get into a scuffle. She and I seem to have the same tolerance level for that activity because we both seem to move toward the offenders at the exact same time. (Glad I am so clued in on appropriate puppy behavior!)

Now that the pups are microchipped I am able to tell who is doing what to whom and when. In short, I've dubbed the kids LAZY (Blue Bunny,) LITTLE (Yellow Bunny,) ACTIVE (Lovebug) and BOSSY (Bear.) None of these are negatives, just shorthand for a CURRENT personality trait. For instance, Bear isn't pushy with everybody else, she just makes more noise when she's playing and if everyone is sound asleep except one, I'm 75% sure that is Lovebug climbing up and down the slide. Over all, they are still as alike as black peas in a pod. None is particularly aggressive... or timid... with the others and ALL are equally interested in getting my attention whenever I move anywhere near. THAT is actually a drawback for me because it makes it very difficult to do things like pick up/put down newspaper, fill food/water bowls, anything that I want/need to do around them but not with them. As for the newspaper situation, a little sooner than normal, I am putting paper down in just one area of the pen and they are all using it and not going anywhere else. Of course, with only four to reach an agreement, it is easier for a litter to make this decision than for a litter of ten.

And now for July!

Once More into the Fray            Jun 29, 2015

It is a good thing there are only four pups in Peri's litter... the way things have been going since they arrived, most of them would still be here a year from now! First the heat has me down and out and then the remodeling and now my ISP decides to go on vacation! Late last Wednesday, I suddenly couldn't get on line. Every connection number I tried either did not respond or the computer refused to recognize my user name and/or password. Of course, Thursday morning, when I called tech support, I was told there was nothing wrong on THEIR end. I was doing nothing different, but it had to be MY fault. Same thing Thursday and Friday. So Saturday I just pouted rather than argue with them. And Sunday I drove into town and tried to use McDonald's Wi-Fi... with no success. It kept telling me I was on line, but wouldn't open any websites... except the one where I play mahjong. So this morning, I had had it. Phoned first thing to tell them I was going to risk the quagmire that is Charter internet service... but that's another complaint... but couldn't force myself to stay on "hold" for an hour. Then, a few hours later, dogs all settled down for the day, I decided to try again and the first thing I did was test the connection. Which worked. The dial-up internet connection genies have moved on. For the moment.

So here are the photos. The first four taken Wednesday, the second late Saturday. Do not let the sweet, angelic looks fool you!

June 24

June 27th

Best Laid Plans             Jun 20, 2015

Today did not go as I had hoped. Suffice it to say I was glad it was a Saturday and most businesses were closed except for their automated systems which would not have helped me one iota. I finally got around to chipping the young'uns late this evening and managed to get some half way decent shots fairly quickly. Probably because those huge microchip syringes were sitting right next to the camera..... Going to have to remember that on Wednesday!

Here are the first individual, identifiable pictures of Charlotte/Elizabeth/Dina/Judith, not necessarily in that order, who will henceforth be known as




BEAR ...

You Win Some, You Lose Some             Jun 19, 2015

First off, I have a serious problem with heat... like medically serious. So the last week has not been much fun for me. With house renovations not finished, it's been impossible to keep anything but the bedroom nearly cool enough. Even Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana and Judith have been pretty quiet. And, since I'm on dial up and there's no connection in the bedroom, the computer has not been a diversion.

So that's the lose some.

But yesterday afternoon, we got the air conditioning going in the main part of the house. Really good air conditioning.

That's a win some.

And this morning, the cool house was refreshing enough that I got a temporary puppy pen for the girls set up in the big room. Normally, they are moved into what used to be the "media" room a few days before they turn 6 weeks. Didn't happen this time. And until that room is finished, there's not going to be a pen in there. Plus, since it is now going to be computer and tv free, I won't be spending a lot of time in there so C-E-D-J will be staying in the big room. And to make enough room for them to have a big pen in the big room, someone... or in this case, THREE someones... have to move out. Sparky, Hoo-Rah and Patsy volunteered.

Ok, I lied about that.

They will NOT be happy about moving, even for a few weeks (as if dogs had any idea about a few anything.) But since I am The One Who Decides, they'll move.

(That's another win some... for me.)

So, the pups are in a new place. And without their mom for backup. They were upset for maybe a minute. At 6 weeks, NOTHING is a big deal for long. On the other hand, Peri hasn't stopped complaining all day. The first thing the girls found... after they introduced themselves to Sparky, Hoo and Pat on one side and Boon on the other (all of whom either growled, backed away in disgust or, in Sparky's blind/deaf confusion, walked around sniffing the new puppy smells going "What? Who? Where?") ... was the Santa. Which would take at least two to move. Then they discovered the slide.

That's a win for the pups AND for me.

They wore themselves out... actually were more active for a longer period of time than ever before in their lives... and have been sleeping for hours. ON Santa.

Tomorrow, microchipping commences. Then the first of the individual pix.

Is Atlanta Closed for the Summer?             Jun 12, 2015

I'm feeling all alone here. Ignored. Unloved. (Except for the pups and dogs that populate my world!)

Haven't heard from a single person... not even in the negative... about letting the family Whoodle meet a non Whoodle family.

But, hey! It's all good. I hope everyone has a nice, safe Summer!

So, since I'm deserted by dog people, back to the horses.
Both my guy California Chrome (who is racing in England next week) and American Pharoah (who is entertaining crowds in Kentucky) are great GREAT GREAT grandsons of THE great Secretariat, both through daughters of his. Secretariat is known as a broodmare sire... meaning his female offspring have contributed more to Thoroughbreds than the male. However, a little known story is that when Big Red was retired from racing and sent to the breeding shed, his very first cover was a test breeding to an Appaloosa mare named Leola. The resulting foal was a colt, an Appy (and aptly,) named First Secretary.

Penny Chesney, Big Red's owner, refused to sign the Appaloosa registration papers for the colt, but that didn't change anything. He sired a colt named Proud Secretary who, in his time, sired Baby Doll's Secretary. And guess what she's gone and done...

Introducing Secretariat's great great grandkids, the Appaloosa TWINS, Amazing King and Amazing Grace, at 3 weeks.
(Photo from owner Sylvia Passow's facebook page)

Let's see AmP... or Junior... match THAT!

11!             Jun 11, 2015

A very happy milestone... Cooper turned 11 yesterday!

I Win!             Jun 10, 2015

Of course, I had no chance of losing in the first place! All four girls, led by hunger and instinct, have started eating puppy kibble. It was just a matter of time. These gals seem to be four pups wanting to play follow the leader... with no one wanting to BE leader. Usually by 5 weeks, which they are today, I've already given out several "First to ______" awards, almost always to different pups. Charlotte-Elizabeth-Diana-Judith are all winless. Very interesting litter! And Peri, now that the kids are eating solid food, has been MORE interested in being with them. At least, she wants to be in the pen. I watched last night as she led all of them into the nest and as soon as they were asleep, got up and left. Which woke them up, so they followed. She stayed lying down in the pen long enough for them to go back to sleep... just a minute or so... then got up and went into the nest. Which woke them up, so they followed. This time she stayed with them for about 5 minutes and when they were done counting sheep and definitely moved on to sawing logs, she tippy-toed away. This time they stayed put.

Attention Atlanta Area Whoodles             Jun 9, 2015

A family in the Atlanta area is interested in meeting a Whoodle so they can make an informed decision about getting one of their own. If you are planning to attend a Whoodle birthday or anniversary party or a WhoodleFest near Atlanta and are willing to meet with this family, please let me now and I'll give you their contact info. The sooner the better!

In the meantime, here is a photo of Tucker (Emy/Sparky) who recently celebrated his fifth birthday.

Out and About             Jun 8, 2015

In a departure from normal litter activity, this group of girls from Peri has been rather reluctant to move passed the 3-4 week achievement stage. I put them in the puppy pen (4' x 8') in the bedroom, in a large (pieced together) cardboard nest. The end of one side was just 6-7 inches high. Now, I've had pups as young as 3 weeks find the low end of the nest and get out. Ok, so it's usually because the pup is leaning over the edge and just falls to freedom, but out is out, especially after the first time. C-E-D-J found the low end, stood on their back legs and looked out. And complained that they were IN. But that was pretty much it. Peri is ready to move on to the next stage in their lives... the one where they discover Mom's food (which is puppy kibble) and start eating it. The pups are perfectly satisfied with the walking milking bar. So Peri, following normal weaning behavior that has worked well for her (and a multitude of canine generations) in the past, started spending hours... and hours... away from home. Still in the puppy pen, but out of the nest. The problem was before she left for half the day, she would eat all the food in the pups' bowl in the nest. Which meant they had nothing to eat... if it ever occurred to them the stuff in the bowl was for eating... and they were starved when she finally came back. MAYbe she was trying to encourage them to leave the nest.... but they weren't learning to eat solid food OR to get out. A couple days ago, I started putting Peri in a crate in the bedroom when she finished feeding the kids and THEN putting kibble in the puppy bowl. Just a little bit so I could tell when it was gone. It was never gone... until I put Peri back and she ate it. Score: pups 4, me and Peri zilch.

So, the night before last, in the middle thereof, I woke up as I do every hour to hour and a half (I kid you not) and Peri was sleeping in the pen, pups in the nest. Situation normal, even if abnormal. However, this time P woke up, went and looked in at the girls... which woke THEM up... then she lay down again outside the nest, but with her whole back pressed against the cardboard. All four pups hung over the side and considered. They were awake, therefore they were hungry. Their mom was right outside the nest, just this much too far away.... If they s t r e t c h e d they could just barely touch her. I watched as they joustled for position and eventually one was far enough over the edge to have her feet firmly on her mom's side. She was stuck there... until another pup pushed just the right way and one of her back feet caught the edge and she was over! Without taking any time to gloat, she slid down to the business side of her mom and began to nurse. Maybe her loud slurping was gloating enough because within a couple minutes, two of the remaining pups... including the slightly smallest one... were out and nursing. The last pup was stuck... no one left to give her a boost or a shove. So she shrugged and went back to her sleeping quarters and went to sleep. In the morning, Peri was back in the nest with the solo pup and the other three were sleeping in a pile in the pen.

Since the puppies were still struggling with getting over the edge... never more than 3 out at a time... yesterday afternoon I cut the height down by several inches. C-E-D-J seemed to have a good time getting out AND back in. Last night, Peri slept in while all four girls slept out.

Which brings us back to the kibble business.
The pups are nosing around the big bowl... P is keeping the small one in the nest empty... but not eating the food. They ARE taking an occasional drink of water. So Peri is back in the crate. Eventually, even the most stubborn dog will get hungry enough to eat what is available.

In the meantime, the girls are having a terrific time running... sort of a hop-skip-jump kind of running... around the pen. And they love all the other dogs coming up and rubbing noses with them. Zuri, who just turned 12 weeks, runs up and down along side the pen, playing chase with them. Peri isn't paying any attention... which means she's comfortable with their safety. When she came in from her morning potty break, she went to the crate on her own.

It's nice to have a partner to work with in this puppy raising business!

Works for Me (Belmont Update)

American Pharoah is the latest Triple Crown Winner.
He did it easily and with style... wire to wire, drawing away in the stretch. Clearly the best... by far... in the field.

Frosted was second, Keen Ice, third and Mubtaahij, fourth. Materiality, who many thought would be right up there with AmP all the way never did anything and came in last. My guy, Tale of Verve was right in front of him and not to exclude the other two runners, Frammento was fifth with Madefromlucky sixth.

Pharoah looked good before and after the race and it was a pretty race to watch.

Of Nasal Strips and Fuzzy Balls... the Belmont Stakes                Jun 6, 2015

Yes, the Belmont Stakes and for the 12th or 13th time in 38 years, a three year old Thoroughbred colt has the chance to join the super stars who have won the Triple Crown. I wish I were as excited about this year's colt as I have been about the others in recent years. But, as I've said before, I just haven't gotten into American Pharoah. I dislike his trainer and there has been a lot of really sleazy stuff all over the press... I don't do social media... about his owners. NOT related directly to his care of his horses, which is thought to be superb. But about his personal attitudes... he's not someone I'd like to live next door to.

On the other hand, I am willing to admit American Pharoah is probably THE best colt this year. Not winning in a few minutes is not going to change that. He is certainly already the best money maker of many years, most of which is not coming from racing.

I will be ok with him winning... or losing.

If it is the latter, I'd like to see the multinational Mubtaahij or the colt who tried to sneak into the Derby under his own rules, Tale of Verve come in first. And I'd be happy if Frosted did. The rest of the field is equally good... and equally fresh... so we'll see.

And when it comes to "nasal trips and fuzzy balls" last year the rules had to be changed because California Chrome wore the equine version of a "breathe right" which a lot of California horses do. Fuzzy balls refers to the ear plugs many trainers put inside horses ears because they are so sensitive to sound and the noise at these big races is distracting if not downright frightening to them.

SO it's "Jockeys up" and the horses are headed out to the track.
And I'm finding myself rooting for... American Pharoah.

Before Another Day gets Away from Me                Jun 5, 2015

I want to post the pix people have sent of their pups as they grow up. Starting with several blacks...

3 year old Margot from Penny's Maggie and Cisco

Margo's sister Lucy is camera shy, but she lives with Maddie Mae who is from Clooney and Boon

Then there are some of the youngsters from Emy and Boon
like Gryphon



and two of Oogie

Four Weeks Birthday                Jun 3, 2015

Update from the girls:
At four weeks, all four of us are able to walk without tripping over shadows, wrestle with each other (while sitting or lying down... can't do it on our feet as yet,) look around and SEE things, yell very loudly when we don't see Mom! Today, a couple of us figured out how to stand on our back legs while putting our front ones on the top of our "nest" and look out at the rest of the world... for short periods of time. The Two-Legged One put two containers in our nest... one is wet stuff, the other little bits of stuff. None of us has figured out what that is all about. Yet.

And a few words from me:
Pictures... took 20 plus shots to get these ... and only these! It's going to get worse before it gets better! I'll be setting up the pups' "birth through 5 weeks page" and all the early pictures will be there in one place. Once I start individual pictures at 6 weeks, there will be a second page, "6 weeks to departure" as well.

In the pix with the smallest of the girls, she appears smaller than she is. I have to LIFT her to tell which one she is.

And the "good" shots...

MAY 2015

25 Days Old, In New Home             May 31, 2015

More pix on website.

Everything's Fine, Thanks for Asking             May 30, 2015

Thanks to everyone who took the time to email concerns about the inactive blog! Sorry to have been gone so long. Having work done on the house... after putting everything off for several years thinking a move to Indiana was coming soon. If I had known I was not going to have ANY place to sit and/or be on the computer and/or watch/tv... multiple tasks going on in various rooms all over the house... I would have at least posted I was going to be gone for a while. Now I am exhausted... even though I did nothing but point and say "stay" or "go," "green," "not THAT green!," "just make it work," etc and try to keep me and the dogs out of everyone's way... and keep the dogs from going bonkers with all the abnormal activity in their vicinity. They'll eat good tonight when they realize no strangers have been afoot all day. And tomorrow as well. But come Monday....

Charlotte, Diana, Elizabeth and Judith are doing well and I am SOOO glad all this commotion which really bothered Peri. didn't start last week when they would have been affected by her discomfort. I'm surprised she has a voice left after barking and growling for 4 days. Am in the process of moving them to the puppy pen in my bedroom since they are on their feet and getting active. Will try (TRY) to get pix tomorrow.

Eight Eyeballs A-Glitter             May 22, 2015

The girls have their eyes open. At least, they have them open sometimes. Right now, the tendency is to open them when it OCCURS to the pups. As their vision improves over the next day or two, they will do it automatically.

They can hear also. And, unlike usual, they have not become particularly vocal. They are aware of when I open and close the gate and respond by getting up. This just started yesterday. They don't object to Peri LEAVING them, but are all over her when she comes back.

In the last 24 hours, I have seen them sitting.
And actually standing upright for several seconds at a time. They are back on their bellies, usually nose first, as soon as they try to move. But now, they get UP every time they want to go somewhere, rather than just dragging themselves.

They grow up so fast!

Two Weeks             May 20, 2015

And still unemployed!

The pups are almost in control of their heads and limbs. "Almost" being the operative word. They are working on their strength as well and in another week, the two should peak about the same time. Right now, they are still in the "stand... spraddle-legged... and sort of throw your head in front of you and let everything else follow" stage. Good thing they don't weigh very much!

Eyes are not quite opened yet and since they are still whining when they want something, ears are definitely still plugged. Every morning I wait for one of them to sound off in response to some unexpected sound, and for the first day or two, EVERY sound is unexpected.

Size-wise, 1 and 2 are even, 4 slightly smaller and 3 a little little-er.

Peri is starting to want to stay out for an hour or so a couple times a day... although she spends most of the time running into the bedroom every time she hears a squeak.

In short, everything is progressing normally and on schedule.
And Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana and Judith are still black BLACK BLACK.
You win some, you lose some!

Update from Gunny             May 18, 2015

Dear Friends,
I must apologize for my long hiatus. Things have been very busy around here and I am not responsible for most of it. Well, that may or may not be true, but there must be plausible deniability! If anyone asks, I did not wipe my wet face all over the outside couch after I got out of the pool. There is no way that you can prove otherwise.

And I did not roll in the mulch after I got out of the pool either. Just because I looked like a swamp monster. I cleaned up nice, didn't I? (Exhibit A: I'm sleeping so I must be innocent of all charges.)

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what is going on. Mommy said it is a surprise and that I have to wait until August (whenever that is). Brownie seems to know what is going on, but she's not telling. All I know right now is that it involves brown cardboard boxes and a lot of cleaning supplies. So, I've been helping out as best I can... stealing the Swiffers/paper towels/broom/sponge/brush/etc and running away so fast! I get Brownie to help me hide everything. You'll never catch ME, coppers!
(Note: the proximity of our hidey-hole and the mulch is sheer coincidence.)

Of course all that hard work is exhausting. (Exhibit B: I am sleeping, therefore, the mess in the family room is not my fault).

I help out with folding the laundry. I roll all over it to make sure it is folded just right. Also exhausting. (Exhibit C: I am preparing for a much needed nap, therefore, the muddy paw prints all over the shower floor must belong to the other dog. What do you mean her paws aren't that big?)

Most importantly, I fetch my mommy's glasses. And then she has to fetch them from me. When she gets tired of chasing me, she shakes a bag of lunchmeat. Ah! I've taught her well. Of course, all this running in circles around the couch is tiring. (Exhibit D: I am sleeping, therefore it was the other dog that upended your trashcan and deposited the contents down the hallway.)

Other than helping out and getting ready for the surprise, things have mostly been the same. My aunt took me to a lake last weekend. I am definitely a "water-puppy" and wish I had somewhere I could swim at home rather than just wading. It's been crazy hot here, so I got another "puppy-cut." I don't like being hot. It doesn't stop me from enjoying the great outdoors, but it does make me a little grumpy.

I have to cut this short. A new doggie moved in next door. He likes tennis balls and ignoring me. I don't like being ignored. I'm scheduled to go sit at the end of my yard and cry like a big baby to try and get his attention, so I have to go. One of these days it will work.

Until next time!


Now That the Swim Meet is Over                May 17, 2015

JUST as the Preakness pre-entry events... walking from the barn to the paddock, saddling, going to the track, etc... were getting started, the rains came. Lots and LOTS of rain. At times it was difficult to see what was going on through the lenses of the tv cameras. Policy is the race goes on unless there is lightning and there wasn't. It was obvious that a number of horses were not pleased with the development. Most of them had never been out in the rain... yes, they're HORSES, but they're RACEhorses and very young ones at that. Firing Line had his ears flat back against his head for the pre-race warm-up and a few others were not their normal bouncy selves heading into the gate.

Of course, the ONLY one who had run in the rain before was... American Pharoah... and just like in Arkansas, he seemed to love it.

Firing Line stumbled badly coming out of the gate and that was as far as he was willing to race. He finished a reluctant seventh (of eight.) Bodhisattva also refused to take part in the nonsense and finished eighth.

MY horses did very well. Tale of Verve was second, Divining Rod third, and Mr. Z fifth. Pretty much perfect from my point of view... if only they had been one spot better each.

But it was American Pharoah's race, from start to finish. He broke well... and fast... went to the front and stayed there. Victor Espinoza, his jockey, said "I looked at all that mess and decided I wanted to be in front" or something along that line. AmP actually seemed to be enjoying himself... ears pricked forward and dancing over the surface that had everyone else struggling.

Today's reports say all the colts are doing well. The coughing most of them went through after the race is over (they swallowed a lot of yuck) and they are all eating.

I wish I liked this Pharoah guy. There just isn't anything abut him that attracts me. He's not very well put together and even his color is blah. The "cutest" thing is his half tail (which Mr. Z supposedly bit off when they were youngsters pastured together.) Listening to Mr. Zayat kind of makes me think I've missed something... endearing... about the colt. Like him or not, I'm almost a believer... he just might win the Belmont. (It concerns me that he is not going to train there the next couple weeks since it is a totally different surface and layout than any other track in the country and that seems to be the biggest inhibitor to horses... and jockeys... racing there for the first time.) But...

For me, the BIG story at the Preakness was a Tale. Tale of Verve. The "who the H do those guys think they are, trying to get that colt in the Derby" bypasser of the rules of the Trail to the Roses. He sure proved his trainer, Dallas Stewart, knew what he was doing. And it just might be Belmont's extra furlongs are more to his liking than AmP's. Stewart's "take THAT" moment might go unremarked in the Press, but I'm sure he's walking around with a BIG smile on his face today.

Preakness Today                May 16, 2015

I did try to post yesterday to give everybody time to get their bets down for the second Triple Crown Race of the year... not that any money is going to be won on this one. Unless something truly bizarre occurs, American Pharoah is going to take it. But just as I copied and went to save what I had put together, my isp decided to take the afternoon off. So everything was lost and you were spared.

The truncated version is eight 3 YOs in the starting gate, five who were in the Derby, including the first three finishers (AmP, Firing Line and Dortmund) and three who weren't. As for those who already ran against each other, the interesting one is Dortmund. A couple days after the Derby, Baffert let it slip that Dortmund had had a bit of colic Derby week, JUST before shipping to Kentucky. This belated gem of info, of course, set everyone off... especially the people who had bet on him... and has not improved anyone's opinion of Baffert. Then there is Mr Z who finished 13th. He was one of the Zayats' three Derby colts... along with AmP and El Kabeir who scratched at the last minute. Mr Z, the human, said his namesake colt would NOT run in the Preakness at the same time the trainer was saying he would. Turns out, there was a sale pending and the colt was entered... before it was finalized... and is running today for Calumet. Danzig Moon is the last colt from the Derby. He finished fifth after a pretty tough trip, playing bumper cars much of the way with Mr. Z.. Then, among the three who took Saturday off two weeks ago, there is Tale of Verve... the colt who was a surprise entry but never got past the "also eligible stage" even though there were only 18 horses running. As with Dortmund, a lot of grumbling about this with the first grumbles being about how a colt with no points and only $50,000 in winnings was even ENTERED and then about both El Kabeir and International Star postponing their official withdraws so ToV did not get in. Then there is Bodhisattva whose young jockey is celebrating his 21st birthday today. Finally, my sentimental favorite, Divining Rod. This guy had enough points to enter The Run for the Roses but his people said he simply was not ready. Those people are Gretchen and Roy Jackson who had Barbaro. This is the first time they've run a horse here in the 9 years since.

Just because I do not like American Pharoah... don't know why, just don't... I'd love to see anybody else take it, especially Divining Rod or Mr. Z or Tale of Verve, in any order.
But truth be told, it is AmP's race to lose.
And if he does, it will be to either the big Dortmund or the aggressive Firing Line.

One Week Old                May 14, 2015

I'm about as happy with Peri's four girls as I've ever been with a litter. The only fly in the soup is their color! And none of them is one iota anything but black, not a speck of white anywhere. Two of them have a slight "crinkly" look... not near as much as Poodle pups, just a hint.

Just to give you an idea of how much they are going to change in a VERY short time, I put Zuri in with them. She was less than pleased... didn't sniff them, didn't even LOOK at them! Zuri is 9 weeks.

Tomorrow is Preakness preview day.
Letting you know ahead of time in case you want to skip it.

Puppies                May 12, 2015

Peri's girls will be a week old tomorrow and they are about twice as big as when they arrived. Very solid. Still very small, but their strength and... tenacity... let me know I have a healthy puppy in my hand when I'm holding one. Interesting that no pup struggles when Peri picks it up... it just complains...loudly.

Pix of Emy pups
The first photo is of Willy at the vet's office. He had something strange going on with one eye... it protruded and turned out. Came on suddenly exactly one week after he moved to his new home.

The next is Willy... and friends... 10 days later.

Treatment included antibiotics and prednisone. Tests ruled out infection and parasites. So the problem has been termed immune-mediated or, in this case, an undefined problem with the immune system.

Then there is Gryphon whose biggest problem seems to be whether to relax n the porch

or in the yard.

ALL the Little Black Girls                May 10, 2015

are doing fine! The Peri/Hoo pups are about as quiet as any newborns I've ever had. They all have fat little tummies and are quite comfortable, even when Mama leaves the nest. I said before, my only complaint is Peri picking up a pup in her mouth and wandering around with it complaining to beat the band while she finds a different place to lie down... which is usually at least 3 or 4 inches from where she got up. Well, I've changed my mind. I have a second complaint. As usual, Peri doesn't want anything... A N Y T H I N G ... between the babies and the floor of the nest. All of my girls are the same way and it annoys me with every litter.
This is how I leave the pups:

and this is how I find them a short time later:

Since I'm the only one unhappy with the behavior... and there is nothing I can do to change it... I've decided to find it amusing.
Ha ha ha!

And Zuri...
is making herself right at home. She is eating and sleeping and chasing after me from room to room. She is still getting corrected from time to time by a couple of the adults and now runs to me to be kissed and made all better. She's smart and thinks ahead (about everything except who isn't into babies... but there are a lot of them to figure out and remember.) She is already wiser about working around my cane than Hoo-Rah who runs into it all the time and then acts like the cane was out to get him. And Zuri has figured out that she is better off to let me go through a gate first and then follow... any time I suggest SHE go first, I shut the gate with her on one side and me on the other and that is not how she thinks things should be.

When It Comes to Shipping...                May 8, 2015

I can't win! I was all set for Zuri, the new puppy, to arrive tomorrow. So imagine my surprise when the airport called this afternoon and said she was here! While my son made a mad dash to pick her up, I went over the shipping info and sure enough, it says right there Friday. Fortunately, even though she's just 8 weeks, she IS a Whoodle. A scared Whoodle, but calm and laid back and willing to see what comes next. Right now, she's in the chair with me... after about an hour lying on the floor by my feet... not at all backing up from the various dogs who have come to meet her. There were not enough little black girls here, so... Zuri is as black as coal (her mom is wheaten and her dad is white) AND she's also on the small side Let's see how long it takes me to figure out who's who in about 2 months!

Accepting Applications for Rehome                May 7, 2015

But first... Peri and pups are fine. As usual, my biggest complaint with P is she picks the pups up... IN HER MOUTH... and moves around, sometimes for a couple minutes, with it yelling its head off. I think it is different puppies... whichever is closest when she gets up. I can hardly wait until they get too big to fit! These girls are small... but they all have full bellies! And they are already... at less than two days... sleeping apart from each other (as opposed to in one big pile...) which means the room, air conditioning on, is still warm enough for them.

sweet, healthy, young adult male. Loves people. HATES other dogs. New owner MUST be experienced with dog-aggressive dogs... and meet a whole lot of other requirements including no children (because kids tend to not be very careful about the family pet getting out off lead.) Email me for details.

Introducing...                May 6, 2015

and Judith
That's right. FOUR GIRLS. All BLACK.
Easy labor and easy delivery... puppies are on the smaller side, especially the first to arrive, which helps. All are eating and sleeping and pooping up a storm. AND very noisy when mom moves around.
As usual, Peri is super protective and doesn't want anyone, including (or maybe, especially) me, touching... or even looking. That will dissipate in a couple days. Until then, this is going to be the only picture.

Oh, and Judith is the name of the baby on The Waling Dead.

       Nothing Yet        May 5, 2015

Ok, I Lied                May 4, 2015

One last Derby word...
amazingly, all 18 colts are reported in good condition. No nick, bumps or bruises.
And for the first time as far back as I can remember, not a single excuse about why someone didn't do better.

is still WITH pup. She seems to be doing fine... sleeping a lot, staying sedate in the yard rather than chasing around like a maddog, and eating. The last is the biggest indicator of impending birth. A dog usually stops eating a day or so before whelping. She didn't eat at all Friday, but picked at her food late Saturday and has been back to normal since. The pups have moved into position and even with their limited number, it makes her look like she swallowed a football sideways... a Pee Wee League football... but you get the idea. I'm thinking the 6th... just because her last litter was on the 16th and Emy's was the 16th. No wayshe can hold out till the 16th. On the other hand, she may just be waiting for the yardman to get the noisy machines in here and the work done so SHE can concentrate on HER job. He was due last week, but you know how those things go. As long as she is finished with MY part by The Walking Dead night (Wednesday.)

Oh Well                May 2, 2015

So now I'm the biggest American Pharoah fan on the planet. Ok, I'm not.
But I AM rooting 100% for him to win the Preakness and the Belmont.
I am pleased the Zayats got the win, AND with a homebred.

So no more horse talk for almost 2 weeks. Unless Junior or his people do something newsworthy.

UPDATE Derby Day                May 2, 2015

Unfortunately for the Ramseys of all the Kitten horses, their International Star had to scratch this morning because of an abscess starting in one foot.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means a lot of changes in gate position. The actual line up stays the same but since gate 1 is now being left empty, all the horses from 1 thru 6 move to the right. Horses in gates 8, 9 and 10 stay in those gates. And with the scratches of Stanford who was in 11 and I-Star who was in 12, horses in gates 13 thru 20 move to the left. Gate 20 will be empty. (Frammento, who drew in when Stanford scratched was assigned 20 but is in 19. El Kabeir was in 7, Stanford in 11 and I-Star in 12.)

Field now down to 18, for the first time since 2004 when Smarty Jones won. 2003 had just 16, 2002 18 and 2001 had 17. Before that you have to go back to 1984 when Swale won to find a field of 20 which it tends to be recently.

Just for fun, using gate history... total wins from each gate going back to the beginning... I made of list of who would win in the order of how many had won from each gate. I've changed that to reflect the new gates BUT the history does not show the years where the first gate has been empty... so my list is worth exactly the amount I'm betting on this Derby... zilch.

One interesting bit of trivia, no horse coming out of gate 17 has ever won a Derby. This year, Upstart has that spot.

A week or two ago, a rider in Australia had a costume malfunction...

UPDATED UPDATE First Saturday in May                May 1, 2015
El Kabeir scratched. Field of 19... for the fourth time in five years.

UPDATE First Saturday in May                May 1, 2015

Entries closed. No one withdrew so The Interloper is out.
BUT now El Kabeir's people have announced he has "a tender spot on his left front foot" which they are going to mess around with today and then decide whether or not to run him tomorrow. He and Calvin are MY best plan, after Mub, of course.

First Saturday in May                May 1, 2015

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby. Twenty 3 year old colts will leave the starting gate and run like crazy for 2 minutes and 2 seconds. As usual, I've followed the careers of most of them for the last 6-7 months and I have one I favor over the rest. He's "my" Derby horse for reasons unknown to me. It's like falling in love... something catches your eye and imagination, you never know exactly what and it doesn't matter. It is what it is. Now, with the other three I'm rooting for I know exactly why and the reason is the same for all three.

For me, the Kentucky Derby is important mainly for one reason. It is the race that determines the one... only one... horse out of that year's thousands of 3 year olds who can win the Triple Crown. The Derby winner is alone in his quest after that 2 minutes in early May and he is up against all comers. Since Affirmed in 1978, no horse has succeeded in winning the Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont.

In recent history, no horse has won the Belmont Stakes... the third jewel in the Triple Crown... who did not either train or race at Belmont Park as a 2 YO. The sole reason my three co-favorites are on my radar is they all competed there in the Fall of 2014. They are:
El Kabeir who is number 8 in the points standings; he's in gate 7 and carrying Calvin Borel. (Calvin is a madman at Churchill Downs and won 3 KY Derbys in 4 years... 2007, 2009 and 2010.)
Upstart, number 9 in the standings, in gate 19 with Jose Ortiz on board.
Far Right, 10th in the standings, on the far right of the field in gate 20, partnered with Mike Smith (probably one of the rightest jockeys ridding today.)

Which brings us to my heartthrob of the year... Mubtaahij... pronounced: MOOB tah heeg (like beige,) which means "cheerful" in Arabic. This guy has come from his home base in Dubai after winning the UAE Derby, the longest of the prep races for the KY Derby. He raced and won at 1-3/16 miles... TWICE. No other colt in Saturday's race has run farther than 1-1/8 miles. By all accounts, Mubtaahij is much like California Chrome in his demeanor, although he has never been treated as a pet. He is sweet natured, intelligent and curious, and runs for fun. Bred and born in Ireland, he is owned by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, trained by the leading South African trainer, Mike de Kock and ridden by Christophe Soumillon, a Belgian. Cheerful has drawn gate 6

Just for fun trivia...
Ocho Ocho Ocho, which means "eight eight eight" in Spanish, got his name from his number at the 2 year old sales where he was purchased by Jim Cassidy who still owns him.
El Kabeir is one of three horses in this year's Derby owned by Ahmed Zayat. The other two are Mr. Z and American Pharoah.
American Pharoah has a short tail because his was bitten off by another colt when they were babies in the same exercise area.
Bob Baffert (trainer of both Pharoah.and Dortmund, the co-favorites in the Derby) has had 3 Derby winners... out of over 2 dozen starters since 1996.
And while we're on the subject of American Pharoah... whose name was a typo when submitted to the Jockey Club for registration and left that way because the Jockey Club doesn't question the way names are spelled... was the 2014 Champion 2 Year Old. Since 2000, only 6 Champ 2 YOs have been entered in the KY Derby... and only one has won. That was Street Sense... who was ridden by Calvin Borel... and is the sire of Ocho Ocho Ocho.

OH, in today's opening paragraph, I said I've followed most of the colts' careers. The one I haven't... the one I never heard of until Wednesday... was Tale of Verve. When entries closed for this year's Derby, 21 horses with points were entered. There are 20 post positions and 2 "also eligible" spots. Tale of Verve has not run in any points races... so no points at all... and has only won once in six races for total earnings of $54,000. That once was a week ago Thursday. At a mile and 3/16th, the same as Mubtaahij. So if there is another defection by 9:00 AM today, Verve will be in and running just 9 days later.
And probably by that time, the entry rules will have be adjusted to make sure this doesn't happen again!

And the fillies
The KY Oaks is this afternoon. As a point of interest, the girls ARE eligible to compete in the Derby PROVIDED they run in the Derby prep races and earn enough points to get in. (If a filly is going to be good enough to beat the colts in early May, she should be able to beat them in March and April too.) One other thing... total purses for the fillies on "the Road to the Oaks" is exactly half the amount for the colts on "the Road to the Derby." Sounds like real life, eh?