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Litter arrived 6/9/16. ONE MALE puppy available.
See website for details.

JUNE 2016

Busy Week             June 29, 2016

First, let me say all is well. The pups as in both litters are doing great. The black Nuggets start going to their new homes this weekend and the red Peridots are amazingly adult for puppies not yet 3 weeks old. I'm trying to get everything done that I usually spread out over the week because toward the end of the week, I am going to be making several trips a day into town to get pups to the vet and groomer. At least the weather has cooled down to the high 80s and today the humidity seems to have eased up some as well. The van has a.c., but it doesn't get it as cool cold as I like.

The Nugget babies... now at the toddler stage... have reached the doggy equivalent of "the terrible twos." Everything is "no"... from ME as well as them. Be warned! They are into everything, teeth first. And they have gotten big enough they can reach stuff that used to be safe on higher shelves. Once content with being outside their pen for a couple hours every evening, they've now decided the BIG dogs are loose most of the time and see no reason THEY can't be as well. The dogs are with me in thinking that is a terrible idea! But I am letting them out for an additional hour or so early afternoons. Believe me, if you are getting a puppy... ANY puppy, not just one of these... they will find, chew up and then show you things that went missing around your house years ago!

The little pups... who are rather on the chunky side... are already spoiled rotten. I'd be in big trouble if they didn't have such short memories and still need to sleep 50 minutes out of every hour. They are really good babies... seldom hear anything from them... but, when awake, they are very aware of their surroundings... especially when I am in their line of sight. As soon as I approach their pen, they come toward me and want to be petted. At this age/size, I can massage each one of them, all over, with one hand, in a minute or two... with the others nuzzling me, wanting their turn. They are up on their feet, with excellent control, and beginning to climb and wrestle with each other. Peri is willing to leave them for longer periods... over an hour this morning, with no anxiety on her part when she came back in the house. During the night, I'll see her sleeping with her belly turned AWAY from the pups and close to side of the nest so they can't nurse.

Two Weeks Pix             June 24, 2016

Peri and Boon's pups were two weeks old yesterday. Here is their birthday pix. (Different combo on the website)

The Big Guys             June 22, 2016

It's been a couple weeks since I've gotten any pictures of the Nugget/Hoo-Rah pups, so here are a few candid shots taken last night. Please note, this was at bedtime... the pups had been out of their pen for a couple hours, the pen was cleaned up, food and water bowls filled and fresh newspaper JUST put down. (Also please note... the pups are still black [well, mostly] and their coats are still soaking every little bit of light from the room, making their pictures hard to see!)

All's Well             June 21, 2016

Both litters of pups are doing great. The big ones keep me busy while the little ones are still being tended to by their mom. As a progress report, both litters are getting bigger by leaps and bounds! The younger ones are ahead of the curve in one BIG area... their eyes are open already! And since they seem able to look AT me, they probably opened over the weekend. Also, I heard a few yips in answer to the thunder this morning, so their ears are open as well. AND last night, I noticed a couple of them trying to get up on their feet.

Here is a picture taken earlier today when Peri made a dash out in the rain. You can see how concerned the kids are that the milk bar has disappeared.

I'm working on getting their first page set up so all the baby pictures will be in one spot. Will let you know when it's done.

In the meantime
Here is a picture of Lula (black) and Bob (wheaten) enjoying another southern summer.

Lula is from Maggie and Cisco and Bob is Peri and Sparky's son.

In other news
No plumber yesterday and today it's raining, so it's a good thing this isn't a gusher of a leak. Fingers CROSSED!

Waiting             June 20, 2016

for the plumber. I got up early and made sure all the dogs got to go outside and got them settled back down and have been waiting ever since for the plumber. To be fair, when my son called them Saturday afternoon, they said they couldn't say when but someone would be here Monday. And it is still Monday. It's even still light out. But it's been a LONG day! To explain: Friday afternoon, I found a notice hanging on my doorknob that the city water department had discovered a leak... on MY side of the meter... and I should call them. It was after their hours, so I had to wait until Monday morning to give them a shout. However, since my water bill had been significantly higher than my normal (of 16 years) monthly bill, I had already figured there was a problem. But since I live with a gang of dogs who become super protective as soon as a stranger shows up... and there are puppies in the house who don't need to get the idea that that is acceptable... I was... putting off the discovery process. It turns out, when there is an increase in use for several months, the water computers send out a warning which sends out a crew to check. And when the guys looked at my meter, the leak detector... yep, I said the leak detector!... told them there was a problem and it wasn't THEIR fault. So here I am all day. Now here's the problem as I see it: the water connection to the house is under it, meaning the plumber is going to have to crawl under there to see if that is where the problem is. If it is, great! If it's not, bad. My house sits well off the road... like maybe a football field... and much of the distance between the meter at the blacktop and my house is woods. That's a whole lot of hard digging which will mean a whole lot of green money. I know, it's something that has to be taken care of... it's not going to fix itself... but....

On a happier note,
here is a photo of Cooper who turned TWELVE 10 days ago. Still going strong, according to his people.

1 Week Today             June 16, 2016

Happy birthday to Peri and Boon's first five! These babies are thriving. They have about doubled in size. Peri hasn't picked one up in the last day or so... I think she might still be able to do it if she tried really hard, but she's decided using her nose to move pups is a more prudent way of getting them wherever she wants them. They are a little noisier when they are unhappy about something... like me picking them up and putting them on the bed so I can take a picture.

The 2 liter Coke bottle is in the picture to give you an idea of their relative size. AND the color in the photo is pretty close to accurate. The pups have already lightened up a good deal.

A Day Later             June 14, 2016

The puppies have been reading the blog... again.

Yesterday, I remarked that none of Nugget's crew had made it to the top of the stairs. Well, ignore that.

In case you're wondering who... it's the big guy, Cal.

Puppies             June 13, 2016

So, Nugget's pups have discovered the water bowl. And I don't mean for drinking. Splashing is so much fun! They are also playing more on the stairs, but usually only one or two at a time and not any chasing games. Sometimes I'll see one of them standing on the second step, just looking at the next step. I can almost hear "Um, THAT doesn't look that much higher." And every time, the pup turns around and goes back to the floor. They do occasionally chase each other over the slide. But since they've discovered "outside the pen," they save most of the chasing for outside the pen.

Peri's pups haven't discovered anything new... yet. Eat and sleep and yell when Mom picks them up is about it. They are now on the plastic floor of their crate. Peri, like ALL my girs, refuses to have anything under her pups. No blankets. No newspaper. No nothing.

It took her four days, but she managed to tear up the box I had them in. The thing about a box is it keeps them somewhat confined. The crate is huge and while they don't wander much, the pups are easily moved by their mom unintentionally. One or two are nursing, Peri stands up and takes a step or two, and plop plop fizz fizz, they are away from the rest of the litter. And when they cry, Peri picks them up.... I have one more blow up pool and I'll probably use it when I take the pups from the crate to the pen.

Belmont Day Update             June 11, 2016

It's a gray Belmont! And it's a Tapit Belmont! Creator, first, and Lani, third, with the Giant's Causeway gray, Destin, in second. Exaggerator was way back, finishing 11th.

Just heard one of the NBC talking excuse makers say Exaggerator was probably tired as he had run in the Derby and Preakness before the Belmont. (As did Lani.) Then one said because Exaggerator broke from gate 11, he couldn't get over to the rail. (Creator broke from 13 and Lani, 10....)

Conventional TB wisdom is Tapits can't get "classic distances." So there goes that.

And in the Met Mile, the 4 YO Tapit son, Frosted, came in first by over 14 lengths, setting a new record.)

Belmont Day. Ho Hum             June 11, 2016

Without a Triple Crown contender, the Belmont becomes just another stakes race. A good one since it is 1-1/2 miles... more than any of these 3 YOs has run before... but really, most of the card at the track today are good races featuring some of the best contenders in the horse world. NBC, both the regular network and their sports network, is providing four hours of coverage, relegating the auto auctions to second place during that time. (Another plus!) Although I agree with most of the pundits and think Exaggerator is going to finish first, my Belmont pick is still one of the Tapit boys... Lani (YES!) and Creator (yes!) None of the Uncle Mo kids are entered, but both Giant's Causeway and Medaglia d'Oro have two offspring entered. The race is around 6:30 Eastern, if you're interested.

Peri and the Five had a much MUCH calmer night last night. Squeaking pups didn't wake me even once. NOT squeaking pups did! Subconsciously, I'm listening and when there is only the sound of the a.c., I wake up. But all was well. After Day Two's adjustments to being outside the womb, the pups were content to curl against Mom, close to their food source. And Mom has decided no one in the room... including me... is going to sneak up on her with ulterior motives. She is still protective, but now more watchful than defensive. And these kids really have FAT little bellies. They are definitely getting enough in the food department!

The Big Reveal             June 10, 2016

So last night... actually 1 AM this morning... I'm getting ready for bed and Peri lets me know she really REALLY need to go outside to take care of business. Since the pups were 23 hours old and it had been several hours before that when she was out the last time, I believed her. I picked up the camera and got this.

I'm a fast learner, so I put the camera down, lifted Peri out of the nest and while she was making a mad dash for the door, took another picture.

Fat little bellies on these babies! They are as silent as church mice most of the time. But Peri gets tired of lying in one position and when she gets up to change, she always (ALWAYS) picks one up IN her mouth and carries it while she tries to get comfortable again. Needless to say, the pup objects! As do I. But she doesn't pay any attention and continues to hold the puppy until she finds another comfortable position. Unfortunately, for them... and me... it will be over a week before they are too big for her to do this. Sleep is going to be a rare commodity around here.

They're HEEERRREE!             June 9, 2016

In about two and a half hours, from midnight to 2:20 this morning, Peri delivered five wheaten red pups! Four boys and one girl (if my old eyes didn't deceive me!) Mother and pups doing well! Me... exhausted. Although I can't use crying pups as an excuse... there's hardly been a peep out of them. Peri "hatches" her pups. She keeps them snugged up against her belly and curls around them, often laying her head on top. You can't even tell there are pups in with her. It is, obviously, very reassuring and comforting for the babies as they are always very quiet. I will TRY to get a photo or two later today, but Peri really wants me to leave her... and HER puppies... alone. so it may have to wait until she can no longer "hold it" and makes her first mad dash outside for a potty break.

Two male puppies available in this litter.

Peri Update             June 7, 2016

Peri is still pregnant. Today is "term," 63 days after her first breeding with Boon, 61 from the second (and last.) Because of her history, I scheduled a C-section for Friday IF the pups haven't arrived by then. However, that may not... I sincerely HOPE not... be necessary. C-sections are not the easiest on mamas and in Peri's case, it means this will be her last litter as she has already had 2 sections and will have to be spayed. She is in her "nest," where she has willingly spent her days recently, BUT unlike previous mornings, did not eat the food in her bowl. THIS is a good sign. So maybe tonight is the night. 6/8/16 is a good birth day!

Oh Happy Day!             June 5, 2016

Picks have been made!
Monkey and Hippo are both moving to GA while Tan Bear and Panda are both moving to FL and Prayer Bear is moving to NYC.

Their 8 weeks pictures are on their "over 6 weeks" puppy page, along with their weights. Which range from Prayer Bear's 6-1/2 pounds to Hippo's 10-1/2.

The only available puppy is Fox

One from Column A, One from Column B             June 4, 2016

Was awakened today by big thunder and heavy downpour. (Love my tin roof!) It was bad enough to startle the pups and keep them jumping. Off and on all day. Including a hail storm that had every dog in the house ready to do battle with whatever was OUT THERE! Lights flickering (which makes it hard to take pictures) and a couple short power outages... which is unusual for where I am. Went out to town a little while ago, late for me (don't drive from dusk to dawn) and was amazed at all the debris in the roads. Every loose leaf and twig in the area is now free from its tree.

But the good news is
the pictures got done!

The two families with "first pick of the males" and "first pick of the females" have gotten the pictures of their preferred sex. Nobody else has seen them. As soon as they pick, the photos of the available pups will be sent to the next in line. And so forth.

Weights are on the pictures. This litter, in keeping with their record number of "never happened before"s, is the first when the relative sizes have stayed in the same order since birth. The largest, by far, is Hippo (and I'm pretty sure he will always be the BIG brother) and the smallest is Prayer Bear. Panda is a tad bigger than she, then Fox and Monk are slightly bigger than that and Tan Bear is about midway between them and Hippo.

These pix will be posted on the Over 6 weeks page as soon as picking is done.
ONE pup is still available.

Peri is still WITH pup. She's eating and sleeping and definitely not ready to go just yet. But soon.

A Little Behind Schedule             June 2, 2016

So, you were expecting pictures yesterday. And if not yesterday, today. And if not today, when?

As soon as I get my blood pressure down a few notches.

I'm having doctor and medication issues, neither of which are popular with me. First, I was perfectly healthy until just shy of five years ago Fourth of July weekend. That's when I made the mistake of needing a gall bladder removal... and you can't get those on ebay, so I ended up in the ER, and then the hospital. To make a long story short, no one who looked at my chart... which, apparently, was everyone in the Tri-Cities area with any kind of medical degree, including those from Cracker Jacks University and Training Club, could believe I had not been to a doctor since the late 70s. (Except for that one time visit when I had the flu in 1989.) Having NO medical history is the green light to the medical profession, allowing them to arbitrarily assign you every medical condition and complication in the free world. I was an in patient for 10 days, loosing my gall bladder, almost 25 pounds and total peace of mind during that time. Not content to just treat me and my as far as I was concerned made up maladies while I was in their house, the doctors put me on a slew of medications guaranteed to keep me coming back for the rest of my life.

And it's been straight down hill from there.

Without going into any more details, I have benign hypertension (as opposed to malignant hypertension?) and have been on several BP meds to lower it. As a result, I was almost in complete kidney failure... one blood test away from having to start dialysis...
Doctor: I just don't understand it. Your results were all fine until November. What happened in November?
Me: You changed my blood pressure medicine.
After grousing that THAT couldn't have been the cause, he humored me by changing the prescription back to the old one and two weeks later, everything, including kidney function, had improved enough (test-wise) to end that argument.

But things are not good and I've become an old woman dependent on a cane to get from one room of the house to another. When I went in, on Tuesday, for my twice a year interview with Dr. J, I took a list of my problems... all of which were listed side effects of the BP med I was taking like a good girl. Twelve of them. He thought I had copied them from the "side effects of amlodipine" website... until I pointed out the area of MY body each had ruined. After brief consideration, he agreed another BP med change was in order.

A VICTORY. Or so I thought at the time.

The new one has a few drawbacks (that he told me about,) namely that it lowers pulse rate as well as BP and that you can't just stop taking it, but have to be weaned off it. To accommodate those, he started me out on the smallest dosage available... cut in half. I did point out that my PULSE was normally around 60, which he apparently thought was a joke because without missing a beat, he said NOT to take the half a pill if my pulse was anywhere down around 60.

Like I said, this was Tuesday. Tuesday night, at pill popping time, my BP was within my normal range. But my pulse, which I took via the BP monitor AND several times manually over a couple hours, ranged from 52 to 62. Since I didn't want it going any lower... and it was bed time... I took the OLD med and called his office early in the AM. Before he got there, according to the nurse who took my message. That was at 8:30 AM. JUST before 5, she... not he... called back and gave me his message... which was pretty much what he had said directly to me the day before and had little to do with what I had called about.

Last night, I went through the same monitoring process... with the same results EXCEPT my BP was significantly higher (which I attribute to stressing over the new medicine.) My daughter called at midnight to see how I was doing and suggested I call the ER for advise. Of course, the lady said she couldn't tell me what to do... but if it was HER, she would NOT take that half a pill. Because my BP was unusually high, she said she would take the old one and call the doctor first thing in the AM and TELL him to change me to something I could take with a normal pulse of around 60.

Which I did. I called at 8:30, got the nurse's voicemail, left the message that I still was unable to start the new medication and I wanted to talk TO THE DOCTOR. Later in the day, six hours later, a friend in TX said since I hadn't heard back, I should start calling every hour, getting more and more disturbed and demanding, and put the "what to do" decision on them. Sooo, I called. Got the nurse this time... who identified herself as his nurse-could-she-help-me. I said I wanted to talk to HIM. She answered she was his nurse-could-she-help-me. I said I wanted to talk with HIM. She said she was his nurse-could-she-help-me... whereupon I lost it and she got both barrels. Turns out... HE was on vacation. When I asked what they intended to tell me when they called me... she said she hadn't gotten any message from me. Now, I'm old, but I do not (yet) suffer from dementia.... Apparently, his nurse decided she could... or she had BETTER... help me because she started in the cajoling "now, now, don't get excited, let's check the chart" crap.

The upshot is... the old prescription was renewed.

So much for Tuesday's victory.

And I'm shopping for a new doctor. Specializing in geriatrics. Preferably 35-40, over 6 feet, great head of hair (a little gray is ok,) generous smile, eyes that twinkle and a fondness for Whoodles. Or goldfish. I'm not picky.

MAY 2016

Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?             May 29, 2016

The pups have been yelling ALL day. Nugget has been hiding out in the bedroom, trying to figure out how to close the door. I KNEW this would happen as soon as the gang saw there was WAAAYY more to the world than a couple rooms in a house!

Then, when I finally got all the lights moved and plugged into extension cords, my camera decided not to cooperate. Let me clarify. I got shots of four of six pups and needing a break, sat down to download and do some editing. THAT's when I realized the camera... or the memory card (remember those?) wasn't working properly. An hour later, after turning things off and on a number of times and yelling some not very nice words, whallah! 57 pix downloaded to the computer. You read that right... 57... of the first 4 pups. Eventually I got shots of the last two and probably sensing my mood, they actually cooperated to the tune of needing only a half dozen takes each.

Pix on the usual place... ""

Please note the sprig of white hair on Tan Bear's chest!

Well, That Didn't Work             May 28, 2016

Tried getting some pix outside in natural light this afternoon. If there had been more people available to hold the pups still, it might have worked... "might" being the operative word and dependent on exactly how many other people were there. These pups are VERY aware of their surroundings and "outside" is new and exciting and just calling to be explored. A hopeless situation for me by myself. So... tomorrow's another day.

Stay tuned!

Whoodles as Hunting Dogs             May 27, 2016

All y'all know about Margo who has been trained as a bird dog. Well, now we have Emy and Boon's soon,Willy, who is proficient with squirrels.

As for the six neophytes here, they are still hunting for a way to get me to allow them free access to the entire house. Hunt away, little babies!

Best I Can Do... They're BLACK!             May 24, 2016

Picture day again, the bane of my existence when I have puppies! As usual, pictures have been uploaded to the puppies' page,"
These are a couple that didn't make the cut:

Still trying to figure out how to get pictures of EYES. .. so if I ever get more than one or two to look UP, you can see some expression!

Ticks             May 24, 2016

Just found this story on line and it is an important one. People... vets... in the South are more aware of this than elsewhere.

Dog's mystery illness solved by intern
By Amanda Jackson, CNN
Updated 5:54 PM ET, Mon May 23, 2016

Man's best friend gets a second chance at life; thanks to an intern.
Ollie, a 10-year-old Sheltie from Portland, Oregon, was moments from being euthanized when a veterinary intern spotted the problem that left the dog fighting for his life.

The dog's owners had a tough decision to make when his health started to rapidly deteriorate. Ollie wasn't eating or drinking, he couldn't eliminate on his own and was almost completely paralyzed.

After multiple tests and no sign of a solution, Ollie's owners, Al and Joelle Meteney, decided it was time to end his suffering.

"We were at a complete loss," Al Meteney said in a press release. "What do you do in that situation? He is part of our family, and we've always tried to provide the best care we can for him."

Dr. Adam Stone, DoveLewis Animal Hospital, and intern Neena Golden began prepping the dog for the euthanasia procedure. As Golden was comforting the dog, she felt a strange lump in the thick fur behind his ear.

The reason for Ollie's sickness had been found: a tick.

Ollie had developed a rare condition called tick paralysis. This condition is caused by a potent toxin that is released through the saliva of a certain species of tick. The saliva is injected into the blood of the dog, according to PetMD.

"I had never seen a tick paralysis case. It's one of those things you learn about randomly in school; it's on one slide during one presentation," said Stone.

Once the tick was removed, Ollie was back to his normal self about 10 hours later.


My vet told me some years ago that it is only the female tick that carries the venom and only a few of them. Having had dogs experience this, it is amazing to see them go from paralyzed to sitting, then standing and walking in a very short time once the tick is removed.

My first time with this was with a Dachshund in Georgia. When I brought her into the vet's exam room, expecting to be told she had to be put down, my old country doctor just glanced at her on the table and asked "Have you found the tick yet?" I had no idea what he was talking about. A minute or so later, he found it on her neck up close to the ear. He plucked it off, and almost right away, she lifted her head. Amazing to experience.

Individual Photos             May 21, 2016

Late, but as promised, the pix are up on the website and on the puppies' over 6 weeks page. Just to whet your appetite, here's one

And the problem child is

Three of the pups are still black while the other three have various amounts of shading starting to show up. Two pups are already in love with the camera... you'll see which ones...while three others were oblivious... and one was (see above pix!)

Big Race Weekend             May 20, 2016

But first... the pups will turn 6 weeks overnight tonight. If you want an idea of how much they've changed, check out their puppy page at
They are getting their microchips today and being assigned their stuffed animals... as soon as I dig the new ones out of the pile in the tub!... and will have their first individual pictures taken tomorrow.

They got their slide... which it took two days for them to figure out how to get up on (and several still haven't!) mainly because they insist on using the high end... and yesterday, I gave them the cardboard box the microchips were shipped in. As with kids, boxes are much more fun than real toys!

Although they are getting 90% of their nourishment from dry kibble, they still want their mommy... and she, them. She IS willing to leave them for several hours at a time, but cleans and plays with them when she is in the pen.

Now the horses
Preakness weekend. Today is the fillies' race, the Black Eyed Susan and tomorrow, the Preakness. I'm rooting... both races... for the team of Mario Gutierrez (jockey,) Doug O'Neil (trainer) and Paul and Zillah Reddam (owners.) They have the filly, Land Over Sea (second in the KY Oaks) and the colt, Nyquist (winner of the Derby.) Coud be a VERY big weekend for them!

Coat Pictures             May 17, 2016

As I was saying, several of these pups have color... shading... showing up in various areas of their coats. The rest are still coal black. I took these pix to try to show you what I mean. Remember, I've got the hair brushed BACKWARDS to show the underneath color(s) AND the flash on the camera changes the shade you see. For instance, it shows some tannish areas in this picture even though there aren't any.

Here is another one.

How much of the coat will change is uncertain. The lighter areas are not in any recognized pattern, so the entire coat could turn lighter or it could lighten in just a few odd areas.

This is Montana, a maternal aunt to these puppies, on Mothers Day this year. She is a "black and tan" even though her colors are black and silver. It is a definite pattern and was there at birth, although the silver covered a lot less area. It is on the legs and chest and usually on the face, around the eyes, as well as under the tail. The overall body color remains dark.

Puppy shot of black and tan

Five Weeks and Some Interesting Coats             May 15, 2016

Have to say, this last week was a trial for me. A rude awakening. After having family around for the weekend, taking care of the dogs was as much as I could do.Thank goodness the pups are all healthy AND each and every one of them is getting out of the pool to potty on the newspaper in the pen! I didn't leave the house for the first time until Wednesday. And that was between naps. Usually when I'm tired, I can still function, but even thinking was a chore. Not fun!

But I'm back in the saddle again. Sort of. The laundry is done. The floors swept. The dogs happily camped out around my feet while I answer email and annoy people on the horse forums and watch Nashville and Scandal
and inspect puppies... trying to figure out if I'm really seeing what I think I'm seeing or if my vision is screwed up.

A couple pups have a dusty cast to their coats... which normally indicates they will lighten up some. And several have some... patches... of lighter shades of black going to silver on a shoulder here, a ribcage there. When the hair is brushed back, the lighter coloration sometimes goes all the way to the skin. The next month or two should be really interesting, color-wise!

In the meantime, Peri's last Hoo-Rah pups have turned a year old. Jozy in Atlanta sent photos to prove it:

Always Learning             May 10, 2016

The puppies are making great advances in their physical abilities. All are sure on their feet and have learned to climb in and out of the pool. They still sleep inside, for the most part, but one or two has napped out in the pen. Many of them are leaving the nest to potty on the newspaper outside. They bare starting to wrestle with each other and often growl while playing. I've had to block off the gate so they cannot wander out because I'm tired of getting up in the middle of the night to retrieve one who has gotten lost in the room and refuses to follow its mom back home. Nugget nurses them for just a few minutes every couple hours. The rest of the time they eat solid food and drink water.

I Admit It When I'm Wrong, Part 2             May 8, 2016

So I was holding a pup yesterday and noticed... he has some silver gray around the outside of his eyes. Quite a bit of it, actually. More than the little tufts the girl has. Now, you'd think that having found two... maybe three... with some shading, I'd check out the whole crew. And I might tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday. But for now, I'm happy to have been wrong about this fourth Hoo-Rah litter being 100% solid black like the first three... and after I recover from the combination of Oaks/Derby weekend AND Mother's Day... I'll inspect everyone closely to see if there are any others with shadings or any shadings starting other places. I'm planning on weighing everybody as well as it is always fun to watch how the relative sizes within a litter change.

My daughter was here from Oregon... via a two weeks training session in VA... and my older granddaughter and her "baby"... drove over from IN to spend some time with me and the critters. Baby first... Grayson is so TALL. He'll be 3 in June and is in 4-5T clothes. He is also quite the handful... smart, independent and well loved. It took him a while but he has accepted the very hard concept that HIS momma is Nana's little girl and that Nana is Great Nana's little girl. He managed to get over the MY momma, MY Nana, MY Great Nana business pretty quickly... OR he was just humoring us which is also a possibility.

Jenny, MY daughter, was irritating my dogs... she wanted to pet Zuri and Ben kept pushing in front which led to a discussion about him. I said Ben was supposed to have been a klein... but had already outgrown that. I mentioned that Ben has a tendency to ignore me and isn't impressed by a tone change and a firm "BEN!" when I really really want his attention. That happens a lot when a dog doesn't particularly like the name he's been assigned, so Jenny started calling him other things... most not particularly complimentary. Eventually she settled on "Dee." Since she was paying attention to him and not Zuri, he responded every time. So I asked why she was saying "Dee." And she said because he had declined.... The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

And then there was the Oaks... which my filly didn't win and the Derby... which NONE of my four horses won (although two finished third and fourth.) The filly who finished second in the Oaks, Land Over Sea, is owned, trained and ridden by the same owner, trainer, jockey as the horse who finished first in the Derby. Great weekend for them! Nyquist is champion 2 Year Old of 2015 and went into the Derby undefeated AND with the most money of any Derby contender EVER... and came out the same way. His team also had I'll Have Another four years ago and I'm among many who hope this guy does that guy one better and takes the Belmont in five weeks, after winning the Preakness in two. Would be nice to have two Triple Crown winners in a row! And to put icing on the cake, Nyquist is from the first group of 3 YOs from Uncle Mo. What a terrific start for HIS breeding career!

I Admit It When I'm Wrong             May 6. 2016

And boy! was I wrong! Remember when I posted about the puppy who was getting out... and back in... the pool and I assumed it was a boy? Well, there are four boys to two girls so the odds were it was a boy. (Now you know why I don't bet anything other than my opinion on horse racing!) Turns out he is SHE and she's one of the smallest in the litter (although there isn't much size difference... except her sister seems to be the current Big Dog.) But Harriet Houdini is still way ahead of everybody else. She spends as much time... at least, waking time... outside the pool as in. She is even getting out to go potty. Now that is really advanced thinking for such a young pup. Plus, she recognizes me... my feet are about as high as she is... and comes to me as soon as she sees me. And lastly, she has little tufts of silver gray on the outer sides of her eyes! I don't mind being wrong.

As for that... Rachel's Valentina (aka Camper) finished 6th in todays Oaks. She is definitely not a distance runner. Here's hoping her connections keep her a shorter distances.

Peaceful Progress             May 5. 2016

Feliz cinco de mayo! Seems like cinco de febrero! Very cold here... considering. And we were advised last night that minor snow flurries were possible this morning. I didn't see any snow flakes, but the house felt cold enough for them. The pups handled the temperature change... without heat... like nothing was going on. They have fairly thick coats already and snuggled in a pile with mom almost wrapped around them, they were snug. They are getting enough size that they can't all nurse at one time any more.

Plus they are beginning to get around pretty well. Monday night the guy that has been getting out of the pool got back IN as easily as I've ever seen for a pup his age. And yesterday, TWO pups were out for awhile. I didn't put them back and eventually all six were in the pool, so Escape Artist #1 must have passed on some helpful advice. And today, FOUR got out after I removed their food bowl when I changed their newspaper and forgot to put it back in. Eventually, I helped them to get over the pool side (which is about 8 inches) and everyone ate and went to sleep. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to have the gate open for Nugget to come and go without finding puppies scattered all over the house! Usually, a foot high board works but when the house was updated this time last year, all my... useful but only to ME... stuff (like foot high board) disappeared. The pups have been so... unusually... content inside the pool I haven't figured out what I'm going to do when they need more space. I have to move Ben and Zuri from their half of the puppypen which means resituating EVERYBODY. It will have to wait until after the weekend since my daughter is in VA for two weeks training and spending this Saturday and Sunday here and my older granddaughter and great-grandson are coming for a visit too.

AND this is Derby week! The Oaks tomorrow... hoping Rachel's Valentina wins. That will be the first time a mother and daughter have won. And in Saturday's Derby, I'm rooting for any of Tapit's three sons (Creator, Lani... from Japan!... and Mohaymen) or Gun Runner (because I like his name.) But it is a wide open race, with very little speed. Everybody's guessing... glad I'm not into betting!

A First for Everyone           May 1, 2016

This morning I put Nugget's food bowl IN the nest where the pups could check it out, mom willing or not.

Twenty two days old. No teeth. But smart enough to know what food is!