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Sep/Oct blog

Happy New Year!     Dec. 31st, 2012

The year is all gone and so are Emy and Sparky's puppies. Here are their departure pictures... and for once I managed to get each pup!

The first to leave was Rebus, who is now in Indiana

Maisy moved to New York

Now near Atlanta is Buddy

Bear is planning to take over the music industry around Nashville

Also staying in Tennessee is Dasher

Murphy will be living in Ohio AND Florida

And the little girl with no name because the kids didn't know she was coming has moved to Asheville.

Busy, Busy, Busy!     Dec. 27th, 2012

Been a while, but I'm by myself trying to get these pups ready and out of here. Four have left, one is going tomorrow, another on Saturday and the last one Monday. As of today, they've all been to the vet and gotten good reports. Not even a minor heart murmur. Their weights range from just shy of 15 pounds to 7-1/2 pounds. And they stayed in their large-medium-small groupings. I've never had pups do that before... but as I'm always saying, each litter is a learning experience. Weather has been fair to middlin' and pretty much a non issue for picking up. Fingers crossed, everyone please, that that holds for the nextfour days!

Maggie's kiddos are still doing well and growing. Their eyes are on the verge of opening... a few have slits, but so far no eyeballs are showing. And they remain quiet enough for Penny to get some rest during the day as well as at night. She says she is feeling better but is very disappointed that it is taking so long... it's been two weeks. I am passing on her thanks for all the well wishes she has received.

They Come, They Go     Dec.21st, 2012

First off, welcome to the non end of the world. Or maybe it is Earth Part II. Or maybe I'm a little premature since the day isn't over!

Pups leaving
Two left yesterday... the black and tan girl was the first out the door with her parti brother following an hour and a half later. Both were scared to death, poor babies, and both knew immediately that something was up when I separated them from the rest of the herd on Wednesday so I could take them to the groomer and the vet. They were not particularly thrilled to learn there are other people in the world... they have a hard enough time trying to figure ME out!

One thing, the parti guy's parents reported this morning that he had an ear infection. His ears were fine on Wednesday BUT the groomer pulled the hair out of their ears and his were irritated enough to make him shake his head. Because of that, Jane (my vet) paid particular attention to them. She found nothing except some mild redness which may well have become something more serious in just 24 hours.

THREE pups went to see Jane today and I told her about Rebus' ears so she not only looked, but also swabbed their ears and, again, came up with nothing. I'm debating having the groomer pull the hair... so if you haven't picked up your pup yet, feel free to email me if you want to weigh in.

Today's three boys were initially terrified at the vet, didn't want anyone touching them... they actually looked insulted that I would allow such a thing! But by the time each had been examined and weighed and returned to the group, they had all relaxed enough to curl up together next to my chair and fall asleep while Jane and I did paperwork. Then, I put them out in the car while I checked out and when I returned, they were chewing on the edges of a cardboard box I had in the backseat. All three fell asleep as soon as they went back in their pen at home and 2 hours later, are still snoring.

And the bad news is... of the five pups who have been in the car, only one did not get at least a touch of carsickness. That was the little girl. (But I haven't heard how she did on her long ride home...!)

Black Beauties
Penny reports Maggie's seven are doing great. She says they are so quiet (which means warm and fed,) she forgets they are in the bedroom. Mag has had no problem with Penny's Khala female being in the same room, even when SHE goes out for a potty break, but she absolutely refuses to let the new little rescue they've just acquired in the room. Period. That will last another week or two.

Penny is feeling "okay." Still exhausted, still very sore. She sent me a photo of her incision which is huge and her entire body seems to be bruised, including her arms and neck. Just looking at it made ME exhausted and sore!

At Long Last     Dec. 18th, 2012

Six days old. Pix of the pups in male and female groupings on the website.
They are really shiny black, aren't the?.

So the Win-8 is going back to Best Buy. Sorry, Microsoft, I just don't get it and I just don't want it!
The Verizon 'hotspot" wifi dohickey is going back as well. It IS fast BUT it only gets (opens) commercial websites. Doesn't work for me.

Emy's pups
All of these seven will be in their new homes by the end of the year. Two are leaving on Thursday and the rest over the next 10 days. Sure will be quiet around here!

Here's My Problem     Dec. 15th, 2012

New computer. Windows 8. End of story.

A couple nights ago, I made the big BIG mistake of having pups out while I worked on the computer while eating supper. For some reason, I had to leave the room and when I returned, the pups had given the computer a cup of coffee. Now, I'm not accusing any one pup... but 3 of them are too small to reach high enough to knock over the coffee and 2 others are probably not tall enough....
Granted the old one was, well, old. And starting to let me know it was about to retire. It was reconditioned once. But right now, with puppies going home and new ones needing a lot of web exposure, I need a computer and was hoping the old one would make it another month or three.

Which brings me to Windows 8. Honestly, if I wanted a smart phone with "apps" I'd get a smart phone. I can't do anything on this new thingamajig. I can't cut and paste... and I do A LOT of that... I can't save pictures people send me because I can't find them after... have no clue where they go when I "save" or how to retrieve them... which means I can't SEND them either since I can't attach them to an email. I can't even figure out how to do a favorites list so I don't have to type in every address.

When I went back to Best Buy, they were all polite but looked at me like I was nuts, stupid and old. I'm old. And I don't like changes. Especially unnecessary changes. What was wrong with the way Windows 7 worked? Two years ago, I was using ME or X or something and skipped the one between there and 7 and had no problems... in fact, didn't see much difference.

So for pictures, until I figure this out... or let the pups give it something to drink... I'm going to try linking to my photobucket account. Hang in there. Pictures of Maggie's babies WILL be posted ASAP.

On This Day     Dec. 12th, 2012

On the twelfth day of the twelfth month in the twelfth year of the 21st century, Maggie had her puppies! Guess how many there are. If you said '12,' you're wrong. There are seven... 3 males and 4 females. And each and every one of them is... black. At least, for now. MOST blacks lighten up. Maggie's blacks from last year are still pretty much black. However, Alex has had browns and silvers in his purebred pups, so it is going to be interesting.

Mom and pups... and Penny... are doing well.

One male and three females are unspoken for.

Change for Maggie/Alex Litter     Dec. 10th, 2012

The new litter from Penny's girl, Maggie, is going to arrive a week earlier that I said. Penny called me yesterday to say Maggie was 'nesting' which means she was making a bed in what she considered a safeplace for the puppies. Usually that starts a couple days before the litter arrives. Since Maggie was staying at Alex's house during the breeding period, I asked Penny to check on the breeding dates and she called today to say she had marked it a weel later on her calendar. So it looks like the puppies will get herein the next day or so. Penny said she is "as big as a horse" and since they have horses, she should be a pretty good judge of that. Mag's first litterwas 10. Trust me, I'm hoping THAT is not the case this year!

As Promised (for a Change!)     Dec. 8th, 2012

Got the pictures done AND the microchips in.
Not ALL the pups were thrilled with sitting with a number of small stuffed animals while I hid my face behind a camera and made weird noises at them...

The Santa toy is invisible because the pup is lying on it.
Pix on the puppy page.

Friday the not 13th     Dec.7th, 2012

First, Penny (Maggie's mom) had her surgery and is doing well. She came home from the hospital yesterday and said last night that she was sore and tired but fine. The plan is still to have Maggie whelp at Penny's and I'll get the pups when they are 6-7 weeks old.

Second, provided nothing else goes wrong today, I'm going to take pictures tonight, so look for them some time tomorrow. I'm also going to microchip the pups tonight. (Notice the positive attitude.)

Third, the pups have figured out the new pen and being loose in the room and have agreed on a location to use as a potty. They are ALL using the same area. When they are loose in the room, they almost always go back in the pen and use the newspaper. This afternoon, I watched one of them get really excited because it was on the wrong side of the wire and couldn't figure out how to get to the designated 'bathroom.' The pup ran up and down the 'fence line' whining about the problem and I saw the exact moment it realized how to get around the wire to the newspaper. Ah, relief! This is a good indication these pups are going to be fairly easy to house train.

And lastly, THE RESERVATION LIST IS OPEN for the Maggie/ Alex litter due before Christmas. First pick male and first pick female reservations have been taken by people who were on the waiting list. Two more reservations are available.

, Perfectly at Home     Dec 1st, 2012

The pups are fine in their new location. They are enjoying the extra room but they haven't yet figured out and agreed upon a single are for poop deposits.

This afternoon, Emy actually ran outside when I opened the door without going into check on the puppies first. How soon they forget!

While I was picking up all the newspapers in the puppy pen, I let them out to run around the room. They loved it! They particularly liked some of them being on one side of the wire and others on the other side. "Fence fighting" must be a genetically inherited trait... they chased each other up and down the "fence" line, ocassionally all arriving at the same time at the open end and bumping into each other.You could almost hear them giggling as they sorted things out.

Then I gave them a soft stuffed animal to play with. Actually, I held it out at their level and waited to see what would happen. They all saw it but only the three blonds approached. The big guy stuck his nose out, touched it and jumped back so it couldn't get him. The girl pushed past him and started sniffing it. BUT the little guy watched for just a second, then moved in, grabbed an ear and took off with it. Of course, every one was after him in a flash... obviously since he's the smallest and hadn't been eaten, it was safe to play with it. The first thing they did was tear open the seam down the back (who the heck designs these toys anyway?!) and pull out wads of stuffing. I was about to take it away from them... don't want them eating that junk... when I realized they weren't removing any more of it. They got out enough to make it floppy and then went back to tug-of-war and catch-me-if-you-can.

After an hour of recess, I filled up their food and water bowls, five of the seven came in for refreshments and I shut the door, then rounded up the other 2. Actually, they were just standing there on the other side of the wire, looking in. Five minutes later, seven pups were sound asleep.

And slept for three solid hours.

November 2012

Moved!    Nov 30th, 2012

Last night, I got the pups moved out of the bedroom and into the largerpen in the computer/tv room. They have handled it very well. Better than Emy has. I made her stay with them all night last night for reassurance in case they needed it. They didn't and boy! was she ready to get out of there this morning.But as soon as she came in from her time in the yard, she wanted back in with them and was not happy when I insistedshe go back in the bedroom. It is time for a little emotional separation... more for her than for them.

All the pups are spoken for and I am so happy with the families who have decided to take them into their homes and their hearts. This is a lovely bunch of coconuts! (Pups AND people!)

The waiting list is open and, if you're looking at getting a pup next year, it is the best way to keep up with breedings and the opening of reservations list.

The next litter is from Maggie and Alex and is due before Christmas, ready to go in mid March. These pups will be at least 40 pounds full grown... all the more to love!

Weights Plus a Warning     Nov 28th, 2012

Got the pups weighed last night and the results are interesting. Instead of the two groups I've clumped them in, there are three... small, medium and large.
In the small pup category
"little" blond male at just under 5 pounds
blond female - 5 pounds
black-tan female - just over 5

parti male - 7 pounds plus a tad
parti female at 7-1/2pounds

blond male just shy of 9
"black" male the litter's biggest at 9-1/2 pounds

Warning: Microchip Registration
When the pups come to you, they have been microchipped. You get a form to fill out and send in so the chip is registered to you with your contact information. I usually tell people to wait until the puppy is at least 6 months old because the form asks for the dog's color and if it has been spayed/neutered. It is important that you send in this form and if you move or change any of your contact information, to update it.

Before you get the chip registered to you, it is registered to Revival Animal Health where I buy them. They keep a record of which chips are sold to which people. Soooo, the way it should work is: if a pup gets away and is picked up by animal control or a rescue or taken to a vet, the chip will be read and called into the manufacturer (AVIS) who will contact Revival who will contact me and eventually I'll contact you (IF your contact info with me is still current.)

However, there is a problem. The chips are randomly numbered so it is really, really tough for me to maintain a record of which chips go with which litter. I have the info as to which chip is in which pup. It is the identifying which litter so I can find which pup part that will take some time.

And another, bigger problem is Revival has the same problem.
Twice in the last month, Revival has contacted me about animals being picked up with my chips in them. The first was a cat and the second (yesterday) was a Scottie. Both times I got in touch with the people who were caring for the animals... just to make sure they were a cat and a Scottie... and let them know they were not my animals or my chips. But that doesn't help the lost animals. The same thing happened last year and the pet was a German Shepherd mix. Revival is working on the problem. But the easiest way to prevent it is to register your pup's chip in your name and keep the info current.

And one last thing
I have just one pup unspoken for. The smallest male does not have a home just yet. He is a very special guy... reminds me SO much of his older sister, Cotton, who was lost last year. And no, I'd rather find him a good home than keep him!

Belay That!     Nov 27th, 2012

So, I posted the picture of the available female pupand someone wanted to trade.Now the female is spoken for and there are TWO blond boys available.

This guy is quite a bit smaller than his littermates... well, smaller than 4 of his littermates. Two of his sisters are just a little bit bigger than he is. But he is afraid of nothing and has absolutely no trouble keeping up with everyone else. He is a sweet, smart, delightful pup!

Pix from the East Coast and the West Coast
First, Cash in California, sporting his first haircut

Then Esther in New York with her first "do"

and Montana, also in NY, with her new best friend, a Wheaten Terrier

Two Left     Nov 26th, 2012

The good news is everyone got to choose a puppy over the holiday, everyone got to set up a pick-up time AND everyone got their final payment in before the due date.

Pix of the AVAILABLE male and female
These were taken on Thanksgiving day to helppeoplemake their picks.
The blond is the bigger of the two blond boys and the black-and-tan is the female.

Progress Update
As usual, Emy is more intent on keeping her relationship to the pups than they are. She HAS to be with them a minimum of twice a day. The puppies are so large now they are standing up to "nurse" when she comes into the pen and can only do it two on each side. If she hasn't been in the pen for a couple hours and walks into the room, they all start yelling. BUT if I don't put her in with them, THEY shut up and go back to whatever they were doing. SHE whines and paws at the pen until I make her leave the area.
The pups are consuming a large quantity of puppy food and over the weekend, I started adding the larger kibble adult food which they have taken to like sharks to fish. The larger kibble has slowed them down by a nanosecond! And since their bowls are now ceramic instead of the light weight and easy to dump metal ones, left over food and water stay off the floor.
But the big news is... trumpet sounds and drum roll... everyone is going to the pot on the same end of the pen!. This is a huge advancement in mental and physical developement. And it means they are ready to be moved out of the puppy pen in the bedroom to the big puppy pen in the tv/computer room. I'm planning to do that in the next day or two.

Pictures     Nov 20th, 2012

Here's the thing. My eyes are bigger than my tummy. I keep thinking I'm going to get more done each day than I do. Getting old isn't all it's cracked up to be! So from now on, when I promise something 'tomorrow,' look for it the day after... or 2 days after. Here are today's pictures


Pix of Older Pups     Nov. 18th, 2012

But first...
Smokey is doing well. She has never been a particularly active girl and since she's getting up there in years, she doesn't mind having a safe (from bigger dogs,) private place to sleep... like her crate. She's out for a couple hours, usually sleeping on the back of my chair while I work on the computer, then goes outside for a potty break and walks herself down the hall to the bedroom. Eventually I remember that she wants back in her crate. It's been a little trying for her, teaching me new tricks!

And, now...
This is Miss Esther (Peri/Sparky daughter) in her first haircut

And Belle and Bailey (Emy/Boon daughters) in their first snow

The Bs chasing each other (look for BOTH) and roommates, Murphy (Em/Brogue son) and Zoe (Emy/Shadowdaughter) looking for a treat

New pix of The Seven tomorrow!

7 Weeks Old But Who's Counting     Nov 15th, 2012

These pictures are about 12 hours later than planned, but I had a veterinary emergency that had to be dealt with first.

One of my little dogs had an injury to her left hind. She didn't act like it hurt, even when I messed with it and I was pretty firm, but she wouldn't put any weight on it. With a holiday next week, my vet is pretty well booked, but off we went to wait to be seen as a "walk in." As luck would have it, we got right in. An x-ray was taken and showed a dislocated hip. Options were discussed and Smokey was lightly sedated for morex-rays. Bill, the ortho surgeon, took one look and said it was going to require major surgery as her femor head was practically non-existent. He had an emergency coming in from another vet and if he had to operate on it, he wouldn't be able to get to Smokey with all the other surgeries he had scheduled. AND he was booked up until after Thanksgiving. But, luck was again on our side... the emergency was so bad there was no way Bill could fix it, so the dog was sent back to his own vet for amputation and Smokey got his spot on the operating table. This afternoon the word was she was doing well, awake and alert, and can come home in the morning. And the best news, for me anyway, was she had been "an accident waiting to happen" because of the genetic fragilityof her bones. I tend to blame myself for everything, but I'm letting myself off the hook this time. Smokey broke BOTH her front legs when she was an older pup and jumped off a crate. Before anyone jumps all over me about leaving a young dog unprotected on top of a crate, she climbed up there herself. I just happened to walk into the room as she went flying off.

Two pix from today (the rest are on the website)
the blond girl
the "black" guy

Post Storm, Post Election, Post Something!     Nov 8th, 2012

Nothing much going on around here. Temps going into the high 60s for several days, which I'm looking forward to. Why, I don't know. The yards are pretty much asleep... haven't had the grass cut in almost a month. I should just enjoy it while I can
Here is a picture of Cash Meza in California, worrying about his siblings and other relatives on the east coast

And this is one of those sibs, Bernie Lustig who lives near NYC.

Obviously in good health and growing fast!

As Promised     Nov. 5th, 2912

The 4 boys:

and the 3 girls:

Now, sizes
the "black," parti and one blond boys are pretty much the same size, with the other blond much smaller (on the right end)
and the parti girl is as big as the big boys, with the blond girl as small as the little blond guy and the black-tan girl is in between (even though she looks the smallest in the photo).

LATER today, there will be more pictures... including the individual ones... on the website.

As for moving the blog... again
I'm working on putting it on my website host. It may take a few weeks, or whatever, depending on my writing requirements and moving all that off

Moving Again     Nov. 4th, 2012

I know I have been missing in action the last two weeks or so, especially when it comes to puppy pictures. However, I'll get some new ones... of individual pups... up late today or tomorrow
Here's the problem. Live Journal, where this blog is, is dumping its US subscribers and sticking with Russia, if you can believe it, and Europe. This means I have to find yet another site for the blog. When I moved last month, it was after exploring a number of other hosts, each of which had problems. I've got a few new ones to check out, so we'll see. I'm also looking at using my website host, which may or may not be an option. At least, the number of photos wouldn't be a problem.

One other thing
If anyone knows of a rescue or shelter affected by Sandy, let me know. I still haven't picked where my 10% donation is going at the end of the year. Please, don't submit the North Shore League or any other big, well known, well funded operation. Private individuals are NOT out of the running... one of my recipients the last two years has been a lady in Johnson City TN who feeds the pets of the homeless.

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