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Dec. 31, 2014

Wishing everybody a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

Of This and That            Dec. 28, 2014

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Santa was good to you all. There's nothing new to report from here. A couple weeks to go till Emy's pups arrive.
One thing
This year, the big Spring NASCAR race weekend at Bristol is April 17-19, changed from March in previous years. Motels in this area are pretty much booked solid, as are campgrounds. And traffic is not good... especially Sunday afternoon/evening after the race.The pups should arrive between 1/11/15 (60 days from the first breeding) to 1/21 (63 days from the last.) Easter is the first weekend in April and NASCAR the 3rd. SOOOO if the babies arrive 1/15 or 16, they should be ready to go the SECOND weekend. Fingers crossed....

Jerry (Lion) pix
This is a before-his-first-clip shot of Peri and Hoo-Rah's boy

and this is him the next day, after his clip.

Note the front legs where the lighter colored hair is clearly visible.
Finally, here's Jerry with the next smallest critter in the house

Merry Christmas anyway
Dec. 25, 2014           

The Season of Good News            Dec. 24, 2014

Since the families on the waiting list have already been informed and have responded, I'll let the rest of you in on Emy's ultrasound results.
She is with pup. And no, I don't know what sex or color or even how many. What I do know is the reservation list has one spot definitely open... for a female. The pups are due in about 3 weeks... can't tell any closer than that because she and Boon were together, intimately, for 8 days. And she is getting really big already.

AND, for people interested in Emy pups from previous litters, here are 2 pictures from 2 families whoeach have 2 of her pups from different litters and different dads.

The first two are Coco (the blondie in front) and Penny. Coco is from Em's daughter, Cotton, and Sparky and is 4 years old while Penny is from Emy and Boon and is 2-1/2.

Then there are Zoe (the parti girl on the left) and Murphy (the black-and-tan... in this case, SILVER) boy on the right. Six years old Zoe is from my standard Poodle, Shad, while 4-1/2 years old Murphy is from my mini Poodle, Sparky. (A great example of the size difference between pups with standard Poodles and those with miniature Poodles in their backgrounds.)

Emy's pups are ALWAYS good looking and fun... even if they don't live with a brother or sister in the same home!

Gunny's First Christmas... Dear Santa            Dec. 18, 2014

Dear Santa,
Would you believe me if I told you that I have been a very good girl this year?
A sort of good girl this year?
Would you believe me if I told you that I can explain?
You see:
I was just standing on the coffee table to make sure that the candles were all blown out. If the house burns down my sister will not get any presents.
And I only tried to chase the deer to make sure they would get back to you in time for Christmas Eve.
Yes, I barked at the tree - but these people should know it does not belong in the house. I tasted it and it's okay, but a little sticky. I heard it fell down last year. And the year before. So I wedged myself behind it to make sure it was secure. We are good. Oh, and I drank some of the water under it too - should be okay for your reindeer, but I may have to test it again later.

I only snuck the cookie to make sure that they were safe for you to eat.
And I climbed in the fireplace just to make sure you would fit down it.
I was flinging that ornament around because it was in the wrong spot. You couldn't see it where the people put it.
I tried to help wrap the presents - but next time I promise to let the people take out the wrapping paper.

I may have borrowed my sister's stocking. Momentarily. I was just checking to see if there was anything left in it.
As for the tree skirt…Brownie was piling her toys on it to make sure they would fit. I simply spread it out a little more to make sure all of mine would fit too. The rumor that I was running full speed through the house while it billowed out behind me like a cape is a lie made up by my sister. (She's trying to get a bigger stocking than me).

With that in mind, there are a few things that I would like for Christmas:

1.) Brownie's stocking.

2.) A bigger couch. I am starting to slide off the top.

3.) Brownie's stocking.

4.) I want to be allowed to play in the bathtub whenever I want.

5.) Brownie's stocking.

6.) Oh, and snow. But not in Brownie's stocking. It should be outside where I can ROLL in it. And then run through it. And eat it. And ROLL in it some more. And then spread it all over the inside of the house.

Brownie told me that the only thing I will be getting for Christmas is coal. But that would be alright too. I'm pretty sure I could make a lovely mess on the carpet with that.

Oh, and Santa, do you have a dog? If so, I'll leave out one of my treats for your puppy. You can pick it up when you come to get your cookies.
Now, if you will excuse me, I have a little boy to go jump on….

Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Whatever You Celebrate!!!)


Now I Ask You, Part II            Dec. 14, 2014

Can someone please tell me why Microsoft has to send me updates not just once every 6-8 months or even once a month but over and over again? Like everyday for over a week? Today was the first time since a week ago Friday that I logged on and off my computer without getting the "Do not shut down or power off your machine until we get done downloading all these fixes" message when I tried to go do something else. Of course, the day is not over yet and when I want to go to bed tonight, I may still hear from the Gates Gang. Honestly, is that anyway to run an airline?!

On a less exasperating note
Here is a photo of Peri and Hoo-Rah's son, Louie, inspecting the Christmas tree

For Christmas, he's hoping to learn to stand on three legs....

Now I Ask You!            Dec. 12, 2014

I recently got a nice email from one of Peri's pups' people telling me how great she is doing. Sidi has gained 4 pounds in the last month. She is bright, has a sense of humor and is appropriately selective when meeting strangers. Sidi was a big hit with her groomer when she went for the first time and gave everyone kisses or, at least, nice wags of the tail. She is accepting of changes around the house

gets along well with the entire family

and makes it easy for her folks to give her bellyrubs

Sidi is sweet and laidback

So I ask you
does she look like she could ever do this?

Yea! It's Almost Wednesday            Dec. 9, 2014

I'm in love with The Walking Dead! MYTV has an exclusive syndication deal and broadcasts two episodes a week, back to back, on Wednesday nights. They started with the first episode and have already finished the first season... which was just six episodes... and tonight they're airing the 2nd season finale and the third season premiere. Since the FIFTH season just started on whatever network the originals are on and season three and four have 16 episodes each, we should be caught up by the end of Spring. And then it's just one episode per week. Sounds like I'm in for some heavy withdrawal!

A rare occurrence!
A wild elephant at a game preserve in S Africa has given birth to twins. This happens maybe once in a thousand pregnancies. Mom is 31 years old and has had 3 male calves previously. The twins have not been sexed as yet because the rangers do not want to stress the family.

Twins usually do not survive to maturity. Their moms do not produce enough milk for two and normally the smaller of the two gets shoved aside. Fingers crossed for these two.

The Sun WON'T Come Up Tomorrow            Dec. 7, 2014

Well, it WILL, but clouds will hide it. Again. We had six straight days of overcast and rain. Real downpours. Temps were in the 50s, but it was very cold 50s. Today the skies are clear and bright. The dogs have been making the most of it... by playing in the many pools and puddles scattered all over the yard. Sometimes you can't win for losing!

If this girl isn't pregnant, I don't know what is wrong with her. Talk about bad moods! She has decided the BIG puppy pen in the tv room is her domain and ONLY Diamond is allowed in. Usually, when there are no puppies in residence, the pen is open... actually, I fold up the front of it so I have the whole room back and the dogs spread out all over instead of everyone camping out ON my feet. Emy won't let anyone in. She IS an experienced mom-to-be but it is really early for her to be staking a claim to a nest site. Especially as she knows I prefer moms and pups to be in the bedroom for the first month, if not longer. But, to be honest, I don't really mind her attitude. We can work out puppy living arrangements when they are imminent... and she has other things on her mind!

I Believe I Can Fly!            Dec. 3, 2014

Patsy is a trip! She is still very much a baby, and not just in age. Like all youngens, she goes through growth spurts. Right now it's legs. Seems like in just the last 24 hours she's gotten 2 inches taller. Which makes her a little clumsy... not that she has ever been particularly agile and/or graceful. But currently she is tripping over leaves and cracks in the tile. She sounds like a herd of elephants thudding through the house, even when she's walking. Especially in the middle of the night. When she's supposed to be sleeping. Like everyone else. Was. To benefit the small dogs... there are 2 who are little and old and can't get up on the bed without help... I have a storage chest by the foot of the bed. They can jump up on it and then onto the bed. Well, that was the theory. Even though I've shown them numerous times how to get up and down, for up they prefer standing on their back legs and pawing at me. And for down, standing on top of me and pawing at me. They have me well trained because I don't even mind. I've left the chest at the foot of the bed because some of the bigger dogs use it and Diamond even sleeps on it. Until recently, Patsy stayed on the floor. She slept with Shadow, wherever he was so was she. Then she started sleeping under the bed with Peri and Emy. Last week she continued her lesson on getting on top of things, which had been confined to making it up on the chair or couch from a running start, with getting on top of the chest from a running start. It was just a small step from the chest to the bed. Where she now sleeps. Curled from the top of my head down my neck and shoulders to my back. It's very toasty on cold nights. Since Pat has "off" as part of her vocabulary, she understands what I mean when I say it to her. When she's on the bed and I tell her "off,", she's gone from willingly falling from the bed to the floor to sort of jumping down. Unfortunately, that is no longer thrilling enough for her. So now she is practicing BROAD jumping. She stands on the edge of the bed (or chair or couch or chest,) squats back a little, then launches herself into space. UP and away! So far she hasn't broken a leg. Although, her chin and nose are a little sore. If I were young enough to do that diving thing they do with dogs, she'd be my first choice as a partner!

Speaking of babies... Rachel's youngest
Somehow, this just seems wrong to me
This is Rachel Alexandra's 2013 filly. Born 2/12/13, she is not yet 2 years old. Here she is at 10 weeks, with her foster mom, Ojos (a Quarter Horse,) who took over when RA13 was just a couple days old because of her mom's illness

RA13 (which is how foals are designated until they are officially named... RachelAlexandra2013) was a really big girl early on but the horse on her left is also from 2013 (MissCatalyst13). Perhaps that is a colt.

And they are doing what most 2013 foals bound for a racing career are doing. But they aren't even TWO yet.
Here she is training with a different companion


Looking Forward            Nov. 30, 2014

The end of 2014 is approaching rapidly. For me, November and December THIS year are very quiet. Even with my young Patsy disrupting as much of the peace as she can. (Actually, she is such a sweet, sane and sensible puppy, it's hard to remember she IS a puppy!) The relaxing (boring already after just one month) time will end... fingers crossed... in mid January 2015.

Emy has been in season... early this time around... and spent a week in the company of Boon. Her ultrasound is scheduled for the week of Christmas and the reservation list will open (provided there are a few blips on the radar) a few days later. She and I have had a long talk about numbers. She usually has large litters which, when she and I were younger, was terrific. But now a little moderation would be a good thing. Of course, this isn't up to me and I'll be happy with anything I get. Just saying....

Chrome is feeling his oats today
Junior came out of his first race on the turf yesterday full of vim and vigor and himself. Some time this year he went from the equine version of a teen ager to a full grown man. He is definitely a young stallion in all his glory. This morning he spent some time out in the California sun, as usual, watching everything that was going on around him. And when his people attempted to put him back in the barn, he refused to go. He had to be backed in. (Remember him refusing to walk down the ramp of the cargo plane when he flew to Kentucky? He had to be backed down then too, The trick is to be smarter than the dog horse.) For California Chrome, 2015 has lots of possibilities, all leading up to the breeding shed in 2016.

A couple more pix from yesterday

He's BACK!            Nov. 29, 2014

Benoit photo

California Chrome likes the grass! He won the Hollywood Derby this afternoon by two lengths over Lexie Lou, the fabulous 3 year old Canadian filly and probable Canadian Horse of the Year. Jr broke from gate 5 and led into the first turn, allowing eventual placer, Sawyer Hill, to take the lead until the second turn, then he moved ahead again and easily beat everyone else to the finish line. The win gives Jr 4 grade 1s, including 2 classics, for the year AND opens up a whole other world for 2015. Yea!

A Thanksgiving Letter from Gunny            Nov. 27, 2014

It has come to my attention that there is a very special holiday coming up. My sister (Brownie) tells me that it is the very beginning of the Wonderful Cooking Days, where delicious food can be found everywhere. She has also informed me that there will be a tree growing in the house-- I believe this is what people call "pulling my leg". Trees and potty are for outside only. All doggies know that.

Trees aside, I have also heard that this first special holiday is known as the "Thanksgiving", where we (the doggies) tell the people what we are thankful for, and the people commence in giving the food to the dogs. In an effort to get the most turkey (yum!), I have compiled a list for my humans.

A dozen things that I am thankful for:

1.) Morning belly rubs. (Followed by me rolling upside down all over your bed).

2.) Packed lunches involving lunchmeat. (You can clearly see me, I am taller than this other dog and sitting much prettier)
3.) Squeaky toys filled with fluff. (Also, hallways filled with fluff)
4.) Dixie cups in the bathroom. (I most certainly do NOT have to go downstairs to get a drink)

5.) Brownie's Dixie cups in the bathroom. (You were done with that, right?)
6.) Delicious treats. (If you insist)
7.) Brownie's delicious treats. (I don't care if they are the same, I want hers)
8.) Walkies! (I have a leash so my people don't get lost. Sometimes they're a little slow and can get left behind)
9.) My food bowl -- no, my sister's food bowl -- my food bowl -- nope, definitely Brownie's
10.) Car rides. (Roll the window down -- further -- further -- further -- BAT DOG!!!)
11.) Windows and doors. Windows to watch other dogs taking walks (which they are not allowed to do) and stray kitties, and BIG stray kitties with antlers (even better than kitties)

and doors for the UPS MAN!!!! (He's here, he's here, he's here! Quick, Brownie! Sound the alarm, sound the alarm, sound the -- why didn't you open the door? I was just going to lick him!)

12.) Lots of people to tackle, lick, jump on, take me out when I ring the bell, follow me on my walks, scratch behind my ears, carry me, throw my ball, pick up all the fluff in the family room, brush me (if you have to,) put away my toys, keep my seat warm (you weren't sitting there, right?) take me on car rides, fill up my food bowl, pick up my poop, stuff my Kongs, put my blankie out for me, catch me when I jump from the top of the stairs (I'm going to be in the circus, just you wait and see,) let me rub my dirty face all over their pillow (just my Daddy's because he gets REALLY excited about it), race to the car (I won,) up the stairs (I also won,) and out the door (you're slow,) to steal dryer sheets from (puts a little Bounce in my step,) fold laundry for me to roll in, and go to the store and bring back those plastic bags full of wonderful doggie things! And of course, feed me turkey. (Right?)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Beware the Flying Pine Cone            Nov. 24, 2014

I live in an very eclectic woods. We have oaks, maples, poplars, the Deep South flowering trees whose name(s) I do not know and a number of other tree-breeds whose names I do not know either. And lots of different types of evergreens. This is not a planted/cultivated/maintained woods. It is survival of the fittest and the trees are practically shoved out by all the bushes, scrub, grasses and weeds. You cannot just take a stroll through my woods.

The deer love it.

Today we had wind. Heavy wind. Moving very rapidly and with force. All day. Pine cones hurt when they hit you in the face.

Until today I had not seen a single pine cone this Fall. Now, they are all out of the trees and lying on the ground. As if I didn't have enough trouble getting around already.

Junior on turf

California Chrome did a brief 4 furlong (half mile) work yesterday on the turf at Hollywood Park. His folks wanted to see how he liked it because they want him to run in... and win... a turf race this Saturday. He seemed to take to it. But... it's GRASS. Don't most horses like grass? We'll see how the weekend goes.
One thing, the report of his work carried the information that he galloped on the turf "with the dogs out." Which gave me visions of him running along with a pack of Shih-Tzu and Pugs trying to keep pace. However, in turf racing parlance, "dogs" are barriers that keep exercising horses toward the middle of the track, to protect the inside close to the rail lanes where racing is conducted. Learn something new every day!

Patsy Growing Up Fast            Nov. 21, 2014

Today Patsy and I went to the groomer for a wash and set... well, we both went but she was the one who got any work done... not that she was the only one who needed it. Then we went to vet's for Patsy's first rabies shot. While there, she got weighed and is a hunking 20 pounds 6 ounces!

In order for us to have our ladies day out, she also got her first lesson in walking on a lead. As with so many puppies, it was not a pleasant surprise for Patsy to find out she was tethered to me by a collar and lead. She did the usual shrieking and rearing all over the place trying to get away by any means necessary. After a minute or two, I picked her up, untangled the lead from her legs, body, tail and face and told her it was time to stop the wild-mustang-in-a-fight-to-the-death-with-.the-BLM routine. Pat took a deep breath, gave me a mental shrug and a lick on my check as an apology. When I put her back on the ground, she walked like the sensible young lady she is. Not perfect, mind you, but with no more resistance. What a good dog she is!

All 20 pounds of her!

Jerry Wants You to Know...            Nov. 19, 2014

This snow stuff is ok!

Polar Vortex - Not            Nov. 16, 2014

Unseasonably cold, yes, but nowhere near as frigid night and day as last year. Not that I'm complaining. The dogs seem to be enjoying it. They always like cold weather more than hot. It's a genetic thing they get from me... or maybe I got it from them.

The pups from Peri and Hoo-Rah
seem to be adjusting to their new homes. The Three Stooges, previously known as Lion, Critter and Lovebug, and Zelda, once called Sidi, are now Jerry, Brody, Louie and Sidi. All of them are doing well with house training and don't seem to be particularly backwards with meeting new people.

Jerry is having a problem with resource guarding... whatever he has, he intends to keep... which is something none of the pups did while here. Since he, and the other three, are under a lot of stress right now, I'm hoping his family... the adults... will be able to reassure and comfort him and train him out of it. If anyone else is also experiencing this problem, please let me know.

Since there are no new baby pictures to post, I'm giving you a wonderful one from 2012.
This is Rachel Alexandra and her very newborn son, Jess's Dream

Jess's Dream, now a 2 year old, is in race training and may make his first start before the end of the year. He is sired by Curlin, Horse of the Year in 2008 and 2009. Mom, of course, was Horse of the Year in 2010. Vegas odds for Jess's Dream for the 2015 Kentucky Derby are 35 to 1... exactly the same for Cozmic One, Zenyatta's 2 year old son by Bernardini. Z was Horse of the Year in 2011. Of course, since neither fellow has done any racing yet, I wouldn't put much stock into what the oddsmakers say.

What's So Great about Peace and Quiet?            Nov. 12, 2014

They say it's not over until the fat lady sings... guess that's what she was doing last night.

Gone            Nov. 11, 2014

Lovebug has headed off to his new life. He now has three children who could hardly wait to put him in the car and make him their own. They haven't settled on a new name yet. (The President thinks he has trouble with Congress!)

I guess Sunday night was a so called "slumber party" because last night both Lovebug and Patsy went to bed as soon as I did and pretty much slept all night. 'Bug slept right next to the bed at the end where my head is while Pat went back to sleeping in the open crate with my standard Poodle, Shadow. They did get up a couple hours earlier than usual but that was ok since Lovebug had to be up anyway.

Everyone is outside playing in the 70 degree sunshine this afternoon. I haven't told them it is the last day before the big freeze so as not to dampen the fun. The electrician was here on Sunday and everything is up to snuff and we'll have enough heat to get through it. As long as the power lasts! Haven't heard that there is going to be any "weather" with the cold... like freezing rain, sleet, snow or even wind... but we, like most of the rest of the country, will see.

Test on the informational emails I sent
Question 1: what is the first sign of stress in puppies and dogs (and people?)
Answer: coccidia shedding
Sidi, who is adjusting very well to her move, is proof of this. She has coccidia showing up microscopically in her feces. Her mom didn't mention any loose stool and judging by her description of Sidi's activities, she is definitely not feeling under the weather, so all is pretty much normal.
Sidi, in her car seat

Going, Going...            Nov. 10, 2014

Three down. Jerry (lion) left early Sunday morning and after a 12 hour ride, got to explore his new surroundings. He and Quinten got to be bffs on the trip.

Brody, previously known as Critter, had a much shorter trip as he is staying in the Kingsport area. He met his new folks Sunday afternoon.

The boys' departure photos:


So far, so good for all three pups except Jerry is being treated for conjunctivitis. Will keep you posted.

The only one still here is Lovebug who is leaving tomorrow morning and will be home long before the polar votex gets a chance to make everyone miserable. In the meantime, last night he was allowed to sleep... loose... in the bedroom with all the big dogs. He and Patsy were up most of the night. I kid you not. Both of them know the routine... lights go out, play stops. Last night they established a new routine... play all night, sleep all day. They're resting up now for lights out in a couple hours....

Getting Ready            Nov. 7, 2014

All four pups have been to the vet for their departure exams. All of them did fairly well. Their first car rides and the first time any human besides me has touched them. They DID at least SEE another human when first my son and then the cable guy (on loan from Charter-NC as in North Carolina) were in the computer/tv/puppy room trying to get the newly mandatory cable box working. Both men pretty much ignored four staring puppies and tried to keep their cursing inaudible. The cable box is now working, but that's a story for another post (once I get my anger back under control.) Seeing men in their own home didn't really prepare the pups for strangers touching, even carrying them. A couple even yelled their hearts out trying to get me to intervene.

Departure weights are
Critter - 10 pounds 9 ounces
Lion (Jerry) - 9 pounds 13 ounces
Lovebug - 10 pounds 12 ounces
Sidi (Sidi) - 10 pounds 8 ounces
Obviously, they've all added at least 2 pounds in slightly under 2 weeks which is a pretty good rate.

I have a couple more things to add to the list of how these pups differ from previous ones... and again, I'm giving the credit (blame) to Hoo-Rah because they are just like him.
I've had a hard time convincing the pups NOT to put their teeth on my fingers, pantlegs, shoelaces, etc. They HAVE learned not to bite hard, but they still think they can get by with it when they are excited. Dad "wolf bites" my hands all the time and a tap on the nose is, apparently, not enough deterrent for him to remember from one moment to the next.
The pups also still jump on me whenever they can. Hoo-Rah thinks I'm just kidding when I tell him to get "OFF!" over and over.
The vet said "The apples didn't fall far from the tree." which isn't particularly reassuring when both those lessons are VERY important to ME. None of my other dogs do it... not even baby Patsy... and usually puppies pick both things up very quickly.

Sidi, who is leaving tomorrow AND is keeping her name, went to the groomer today and looks beautiful. She also smells really, really good! She was scared but didn't yell much, even with the dryer.

A Few Things I Just Noticed or Keep Forgetting to Tell You            Nov. 4, 2014

The first thing is the pups' new toy. As with humans, youngsters seem to get great enjoyment from non traditional "toys." The pups delight in paper. They can hardly wait for me to put clean newspaper down in their pen twice... sometimes three times... a day so they can rearrange it, use it for a slippy-slide, drag it around (sometimes with one pup sitting on it,) rip it to shreds, etc. A few days back, I put an empty 2 liter plastic pop bottle on the floor in the middle of the area where the pups were playing. (After removing the top, the plastic ring around the neck and the entire label.) You would have thought it was an alien from outer space! Several of the pups left the room... one stopped outside the door and watched the thing! from the other side of the doorway, the other disappeared from my sight entirely. The remaining two backed away, then cautiously circled it a couple times. When it just stayed put, the boldest of the two CREPT up on it and eventually S T R E T C H E D out enough to touch it with his nose. When it jiggled a bit, the pup raced away, followed by his sibling. The only thing they didn't do was shriek! Just because I'm mean, when I locked them up for the night I put the bottle in the pen with them. By morning, they were fairly use to it... as long as it didn't move. Of course, they're puppies and puppies are either eating, sleeping, pooping or playing and while they were playing... which is generally racing around... they kept moving the bottle. It took a full two days before they realized it hadn't come to get them. Now, it is one of their favorite things to play with. One of them is always chewing on it, toting it around, jumping up and pouncing on it or trying to get away from someone else. The really neat thing is... it's CHEAP! As soon as it starts getting edges from being flattened or the neck is gnawed on, they can have a new one. By the way, my older dogs like bottles too, but they'll go through one a day. You do NOT want them eating the plastic. And milk bottles don't seem to be as interesting, probably because they're flat.

Another thing... last night I noticed some dirt on Lion's front legs. He's the pup with the light areas behind his ears. The light areas weren't dust and the dirt wasn't dirt. More shading coming in.

Then there's the scratching, sometimes with grunting or whimpering. All four of them do it from time to time. They don't have fleas. And as soon as I get their attention and tell them to stop, they do so I don't think they actually have an itch. Perhaps the sounds indicate enjoyment...?

Which brings us to something else they've inherited from their dad. Hoo-Rah is the biggest WIMP in the house. He yells if I look at him crosseyed! When I picked him up after his first trip to my groomer, she said "He's not like any of your other dogs...." and it was because he cried the whole time they were doing anything to him. He yips about everything! AND all four of these pups do as well. When I got Peri back from her two weeks running loose on the ridge, she had a dislocated hip. She never made a peep when I was inspecting it or when the vets all took a run at her. If it had been Hoo... or any of these pups... we would have been arrested for dog abuse.

Back to the Classic
Everyone seems to have come out of it ok... well, haven't seen anything on Moreno which worries me since he finished last and that is very unusual for him. Jr's people announced he will be back running as a 4 year old. Someone... don't remember who it was... wrote an article suggesting Jr, Shared Belief and Bayern owed it to the public to meet again before the end of the year to determine which should be Champion 3 Year Old and possibly Horse of the Year. He suggested two Grade One races... a mile and an eighth at Churchill Downs on 11/28 or seven furlongs (seven-eights of a mile) at Santa Anita on 12/26. California Chrome has 3 Grade One wins this year, while Shared Belief has two and Bayern also has two. (The guy didn't mention that Bayern's two were with assistance....) If any two of the colts say they're in, the other one will pretty much have to show up or not be considered for the title(s.)

This is the finish of the Classic

California Chrome - Toast of New York - Bayern

The Beginning of Good-Bye            Nov. 3, 2014

This is the last week Peri's pups will be here. All four of them will be gone to their new homes by this time a week from tomorrow. If I wasn't going to be so busy all week getting them ready, I'd be really sad.

The difference between this litter and the Emy/Boon litter earlier this year is more than number, color and size. From the git-go, Peri's pups have REALLY been "into" people. Emy's babies liked me well enough, but I wasn't the main part of their lives. Interestingly, both attitudes reflect the way their dads seem to feel about me. Hoo-Rah would be happy to sit all day in a backpack strapped to my back while Boon thinks he can crawl into my lap for a minute or two every few hours and all is well. Truthfully, I wouldn't want to have more than one or two guys of each attitude! Peri and Emy have the same temperament when it comes to me... they're ready for any attention I want to give and don't pout when I tell them to go play somewhere else. Can't wait to find out how these latest puppies get along with their families!

One thing I noticed a day or two ago, as black as the Peri/Hoo pups are, I found one...ONE... who had some lighter hairs around both ears. That doesn't mean he is going to be blond and it doesn't mean the rest won't eventually lighten up a little bit. It IS reassuring in that it goes along with what usually happens with Whoodles, at least, with MY Whoodles.

Pix of previous pups
Speaking of the Emy/Boon litter, this is 10 months old Bo who lives in the Atlanta area

AND speaking of Emy (and Peri,) this is 8 years old Brisco who is from the same Di/Brogue litter as Em

It Could have been Worse            Nov. 2, 2014

Everything from the weather to the Breeders Cup Classic could have turned out a lot worse than it did.

I had about a half inch of snow Friday night which, thanks to an early light rain, disappeared rapidly. And while it was cold, Saturday night was not nearly as bad as predicted. An extra blankie on the bed and a hoodie on the head and I slept just fine. TONIGHT, however, is supposed to set a new all time record low for Nov. 3rd. Even "Fall back" seemed to go ok. I'm always much less disturbed by that than "Spring forward" 4 months later. I never seem to adjust to that change. I actually don't see any reason for it. Lopping an inch off one end of the blanket and attaching it to the other end doesn't make the blanket any longer.

Which brings me to horse racing.
The Breeders Cup Classic was exciting... and very frustrating... from start to finish. I'm fine with California Chrome finishing a VERY close third... less than a yard separated his nose from Bayern's, who finished first, JUST a nose in front of second place Toast of New York. There were nine 3 year olds in the field of 14 runners and the first SIX finishers were just 3 years old. No kidding about the idea that 2010 was a VERY good year in the breeding shed!

BUT right out of the starting gate the race turned into bumper cars and if there had been the ding-ding-ding sounds of a pinball machine, it would have dinged non stop until the end of the first turn. There is a terrific series of full field photos posted on which I tried to copy and couldn't. SO, here's the link
They clearly show the number 7 horse... Bayern... already veering sharply to the left as he breaks from the gate. That could happen accidentally but the jockey would immediately correct such an intense variation from the normal direction. Not only did Garcia not correct, he allowed Bayern to run in front of several horses... most especially Shared Belief who was in the 6th gate... and bump a number of other horses to get immediately to the rail. The pundits expected Shared Belief and the number 4 horse, Moreno, to be in the front of the pack with Bayern and California Chrome right behind. Tonalist was expected to drop back and not be a factor until the stretch. (Jr behaved in the gate and broke clean AND managed to make the full mile and a quarter without getting into any trouble.) Meanwhile, back with the herd, the 9 horse, Toast of New York went everywhere Bayern did, cutting in front of Shared Belief and Moreno, forcing both of them to power down, and there was a little more knocking around until after the turn which started the spacing out of the field. The finish was Bayern, Toast of New York, California Chrome, Shared Belief. (Tonalist, after trailing most of the way, made it to fifth and Candy Boy was sixth.) Poor Moreno finished a distant last. Even though nobody filed an objection, the stewards had no choice but to call an inquiry. Their decision... and more importantly for many, the reason for it... made no one happy except Bob Baffert and the people who had money on Bayern. The stewards... cravenly... left the order of finish stand because the interference occurred right out of the gate and did not affect the results.

Somebody please tell me when a race... of any kind... actually becomes a race and when interference of any kind becomes... interference.

The poll on paulick... did the stewards make the right decision in the BC Classic, yes/no... has 80% of responders saying NO.

People are suspicious... especially since Garcia said he rode as he had been instructed. Especially as Bayern's last win happened because his competition...Jr... was boxed in and not allowed to race. Especially since Shared Belief was interfered with not once, but twice... the second probably more because of the first rather than deliberate. Especially because the Classic is THE RACE of the year for the entire WORLD... $5million purse... and it wasn't fair

The only one who is just shrugging it off is Baffert who said
I have never seen so much animosity over a horse race. It seems like people forgot how to watch a race.
If the stewards had not posted the inquiry, there would not have been one. Mike Smith (who rode Shared Belief) was not going to (claim foul). He said all the trouble happened a little later when the 9 (Toast of New York) came over and by that time, my horse was already gone.

Duh. And duh.

And today the stewards announced there would be a meeting and suspensions and fines were possible.

For non interference that did not affect the outcome of the race?

Duh. And duh. And DUH!