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Strange Happening             Dec. 28, 2015

Just the two girls still here and they have done something no other pups have. At least, no others that I have had. I'm always telling people how every litter has a meeting some night after I've gone to bed and decides exactly what part of the pen they will use as the comfort station. After that meeting, every pup makes a concerted effort (no pun intended) to use JUST that area. So this Nugget/Hoo-Rah litter did the same thing. BUT apparently, although Critter and Lion went along with the decision, they were not in agreement with the others. As soon as everyone else moved out, the girls changed the location of the loo! It is now kitty-corner to where it used to be. Now that may not seem like much to YOU. But, to me, it shows an ability to conspire against humans.

You have been warned!

Going, Going...             Dec. 24, 2015

Lion is moving to Florida on the very first day of 2016.
AND, in breaking news, Critter will be moving to Ohio shortly thereafter.

That will start a long puppy-less period around here. with the exception of Nugget (whose pups were born in September, meaning she was in season in July,) all the girls were in season in September and October. IF I had a male lined up for Nugget, I would go ahead and breed her right back, but miniature Poodles are hard to find. And a boy who is of good enough quality to use for breeding, is even more elusive.

Calvin arrives soon. In case you've forgotten already, Calvin is the new klein Poodle pup I just bought, still too young to leave home. But this time next year...!. He is cream colored, from a cream mom and a white dad, so very unlikely to sire any of the dark shades... like black. My girls all carry it and Zuri Is black, so it will pop up from time to time. I'll post photos of this baby as soon as he gets here.

In the meantime, I wish everybody
I hope Santa is good to you!

A Week Off. Not.             Dec. 17, 2015

Down to just the two girls, Lion and Critter.
And all the other dogs.
The two weeks before and during the pups leaving are pretty much consumed by puppy activities. The dogs are left to entertain themselves. Which they are quite good at... they can sleep anywhere, any time.
But this week I've been trying to get everybody straightened out for... winter. The trips to the groomer are almost done. The only ones who haven't been beautified are Nugget and Peri. They were both clipped very short just before The Six arrived and while their hair is growing out nicely, I'm not ready to clip them down again. I like this longer soft but not shaggy look. I may take them in January, but might hold off for another month.

It seems like the puppies are settling in with their new families. At least I haven't had any middle of the night calls! I did get this picture of Willy, his first evening in Atlanta... checking things out from the safety of under the chair.

And with the last two Emy litters born in January, the birthday pictures have started to come in.
This is Ranger who will be 2 toward the end of next month

Christmas is coming.
Then New Year's.
Then Martin Luther King Day.

The "Glass" is Two-Thirds Empty             Dec. 12, 2015

Froggy has hopped off to another pond. In this one, he'll be king. And he MAY be called Ozzy or Oz. His new family is going to try it on and see how he likes it. He was 12-1/2 pounds last week at the vet, but feels waaay closer to 15 today!

HALF Down             Dec. 10, 2015

Today's victim, Bunny, left at noon, headed to Atlanta. He is now Willy and weighed 10-3/4 pounds at the vet when he got his departure exam. Willy made me chase him down this morning, instead of coming to me for a belly rub. After the second pup disappears, ALL the remaining littermates have it figured out. It would make me unconditionally sad IF I didn't know they were going to LOVE it (eventually.)

Article on a family that returned its puppy to the breeder
Unfortunately, some people just cannot fathom how much their lives are going to change when they add a new member even if it's ony a dog.

Two Down             Dec. 7, 2015

Nugget/Hoo-Rah's biggest girl has moved in with her new family. She will be living in IN with her paternal more than half sister (from PERI and Hoo-Rah. Peri is Nugget's aunt.) Octopus' new name is Maya and she weighs 11 pounds.

One Down             Dec. 5, 2015

The first of the Nugget/Hoo-Rah litter has gone off with his new family.Coon is about half way through the 12 hour ride to Wisconsin where he will have a new best friend, a 3 year old human in this case, who will call him Rollo. He now weighs 10-1/2 pounds.

Possibilities             Dec. 1, 2015

Most immediate possibility: Critter. Nugget and Hoo-Rah's daughter hasn't realized it yet, but SHE is the only one without a new family waiting breathlessly for her to move in. With four of her siblings leaving in the next 8 days, it is going to occur to her, and to Lion who is staying until the end of the year, that it is not so hard getting attention when there are fewer pups vying for it. However, once Lion moves out, Critter will have to start spending most of her time with the, gasp!, adult dogs. And they are much better at getting my attention. To help her out in attracting people to call her own, I WILL be taking some new pictures of her after the exodus.

I actually like it when I have a pup or two that sticks around after the rest of the family gets on with their new lives. Puppies keep me entertained and let's face it, December and January can use some help in the entertainment department! Plus, this year, there is the second possibility.

Strong contender in the area of possibilities: a new puppy moving IN. I think I have located a miniature Poodle guy to help Hoo-Rah out with color. Unfortunately, he is just a baby. Not even old enough to leave home yet. And in a few weeks when he IS, he'll be a lot happier to find another puppy he can play with in his new home. This little fella is an oversized mini... a klein for those of you who have been paying attention... and is blond or cream colored. More info as this story unfolds.

And in third place is the possibility... remember, this is a possibility only... some of this current litter just might get some lighter coloring as they mature. I've been noticing it... and chalking it up to old eyes and wishful thinking... but today my groomer pointed out several areas on Coon that were not black. Well, not EXACTLY black. Depending on how you held him up to the light. Those areas were NEAR the areas where lightening usually occurs, but again not exactly. Time will tell!

Rain? Again?                Dec. 1, 2015

Three days of rain. Not just a little bit. Lots of rain. Not continually. Close enough that letting dogs out means getting WET dogs in. THEY're tired of it. I'm tired of it. It was bad enough when just the Six were wet all the time!

I know a lot of people kinda roll their eyes when I describe the "road" I live on. I totally understand that. After all, this IS the United States of America. WE have blacktop. WE have home mail delivery and garbage collection. We have houses with addresses marked... we have STREET SIGNS. Back to we have blacktop. Except some of us don't.

Once again, my IMMEDIATE locale has stranded motorists. And these are motorists who live on our "road;" they should know how to drive around here. My son's truck is stuck in my drive-way.

Let me repeat that... my son's truck is stuck in my drive-way.

Well, it was... overnight... until Triple A could get up here to rescue him at noon.

He took my van and made it around his truck and over the rocks to get to the trail up the ridge and down to the county blacktopped road and home. He wanted ME to drive him home last night because what if I needed the van DURING the night? I don't think he was particularly amused when I told him he had a phone and I'd call him on it to come get me.

The point is
I ain't kidding about kinda roughing it where I live.
You gotta love it!


Into the Stretch             Nov 30, 2015

Busy week this one. Vet appointment for four of the pups, doctor appointment for the one human, grooming appointments. Lots of running back and forth to town. The weather is supposed to be coolish, but I think the rain is scheduled to stop before the driving begins. Four of the pups will be going to their new families in the next 11 days. One is staying until the end of the year and the last little girl... Critter... still hasn't decided on a home.

This litter continues to be different. They are louder and rougher playing than most others have been. I've had to be emphatic with them about not making each other cry. They are not particularly interested in toys, including the slide and stairs. After finding the Santa IN the water bowl a couple times, I took the hint and removed him from the pen. Their favorite playthings are plastic 2 liter bottles which I replace every few days. And newspapers. As annoyed as I get with puppies and newspapers normally, the Six have all the rest beat. There is newspaper torn up ALL over the pen. ALL OVER THE PEN. Piles of it as well as pieces scattered around. I tried to humor them by putting some nice flat clean sheets on the other side from the potty area, but they'd rather move it around themselves. When I clean up the pen in the morning and replace the paper in the "bathroom" I barely get out of the pen before they have taken that paper elsewhere. So I've developed the habit of putting down just a little bit where I want it, leaving the pen and then putting more down where I want it. But let's face it, there are SIX of them and just one of me. You don't have to be a genius to figure out who's going to win THAT discussion. As soon as one of them uses the newspaper in the pot-spot, they leave it alone. But continue to shred all the rest. At least it's clean! They play in the water bowl. I can't keep them dry... legs and bellies are always wet and since they tend to sleep piled up on or against each other, backs and sides get wet as well. The groomer is going to laugh herself sick at their coats! The trick is going to be keeping the groomed one looking (and smelling) half way decent overnight until its family arrives.

The one rule they seem to appreciate and follow without question is lights out. Once the tv is off and the lights have lost their glow, the Six go to sleep. Just like everyone else. And they stay that way... or at least they stay quiet... until the sun comes up. Even then, they don't wake me, but play quietly until I show up and start their day. And if that is the only rule they are going to follow faithfully, it's the best one!

HAPPY DAY!            Nov 26, 2015

The Name Game             Nov 25, 2015

Y'all remember my impassioned plea to vote for the names I (and my kids and friend) submitted for the Sunrise Stallions foal naming contest. Thanks a LOT! (If you don't remember... or didn't know about it... Sunrise is a stallion station in NY (near THE city) and they stand Big Brown, Frost Giant and Heavy Breathing. The first foals from Heavy Breathing were born in 2015 and the Sunrise people ran a foal naming contest with, unlike other breeders, actual prizes for the winners. There were 15 mares and foals, most of which belonged to Sunrise, some with co-owners.) For me, names are very important. With years of practice naming my dogs, I tend to combine mom and dad's names to come up with something for the offspring. I don't necessarily use an actual part of the parents' names, but will use the meaning or essence of it.

The results are in! And of the 15 categories, we have 4 winners and 2 runners-up! Our winners are:
(All foals sired by Heavy Breathing.) Out of the mare named:
Lavender Hill, I won for Turning Blue
Tatum Tot, my son won with Channingsinthemood (the only filly!)
Spinnergy, my friend, Karen, won with Callthespindoctor
Shoot the Bugler, my daughter won with Shortofairandammo
Additionally, I got 1st runner up with the Silver Silhouette colt, In Pursuit of Gold and Karen did the same with the Bahamian Twist colt, Island Exertions.

As good as we did, there is a lady I "know" on a horse forum who had 2 winners and FIVE runners-up.

Everyone I know who participated had a great time and was impressed with how explicitly the contest was set up and how willing the people were to work with competitors. The only fly in the ointment was a misunderstanding of when the contest ended and a single person who, it was suggested, used social media to flood the entries at the last minute. (May be it's sour grapes on OUR part that we didn't think of it ourselves! Of course, the blog is the extent of my social media activities!)

And the prizes... IF Sunrise chooses to name a foal with a submitted name and the horse races and wins, the person who suggested the name gets 1% of the purse. Now... think about American Pharoah (whose name came from a fan suggestion) and his over 9 million dollars in winnings....

Devastating News             Nov 23, 2015

I knew when the phone rang and I saw it was my vet's number that it couldn't be anything I wanted to hear. And it wasn't. Jane told me she and Bill are retiring at the end of the year. I told HER I only had a few years left and I felt the least they could do was stick around that long.

Jane and Bill have been friends as well as medical care givers for my dogs. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. We seem to have the same eclectic taste in books and tv/movies and... politics... and I've looked forward to my normal visits to the clinic. They are well aware of how much each and every one of my dogs means to me and have been supportive through all their trials and tribulations. I consider them an essential part of my breeding program AND my life.

So, while I wish them ALL the best in their new lives of leisure, I wish they had waited a little while longer!

In happier news, Lion is moving to Florida and Coon will be moving in the opposite direction, to Wisconsin!

As Almost Promised             Nov 22, 2015

I managed to get weights and photos and apply Advantage AND treat (preventive) ears today.

Weights at 10-1/2 weeks
Bunny -- 9-1/2 pounds (a little over 2-1/4 at 5-1/2 weeks)
Coon -- 9 pounds (was 2-1/4)
Frog -- 11 pounds (was 3) STILL the largest in the litter

Critter -- just under 9 pounds (was 2) WAS the smallest
Lion -- 8 pounds (was a little over 2) NOW the smallest
Octopus -- just under 10 pounds (was just under 3)
So the only change in the order is with Lion and Critter.

Picture taking
We went from the absolute BEST BEHAVED AT PICTURE TIME EVER with Bunny needing only one flash in the face to STILL DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL Octopus who needed 9 shots. With the other two boys, Frog needed 2 and Coon 3. Then there were the two girls, Critter and Lion, who both needed 4.

Don't ask me who this is... it just shows the lengths these pups will go to to avoid the camera.

Pictures on the website and puppy page.

Not as Much to Get Done as I Thought             Nov 17, 2015

If you looked at the website yesterday, you saw that Emy's ultrasound showed no puppies. Since it was 38 days from her first breeding, fetuses would definitely have been large enough to been seen. It is a disappointment... not sure if it is worse for Em or me! She has always been a terrific mama and clearly loves her puppies... her attitude with Nugget, after not seeing her for so long, is still motherly. In the "you'll do it because I said so and I'm your MOTHER" sort of way. She wasted no time in establishing that she was still in charge. But that's what good mamas do. So from now on she'll have to content herself with being a good grandma and Auntie Em. And I don't have to find places to put all the stuff I have stored in the puppy pen in my bedroom!

And in the Good News department, Nugget's daughter, Octopussy is moving to Indiana and will be living with her half-sister/cousin Leila, Peri's -1/2 months old daughter while either Coon or Frog is going to Wisconsin to start the Whoodle invasion there. I am getting a LOT of email and phone calls about the remaining pups... Christmas is right around the corner, after all.

Photos of other puppies
Peri's daughter Josy at 6 months and out for her first Halloween

And her daughter who used to be Lava but is now Leila enjoying her new home in Indiana

I Need a Day Off             Nov 15, 2015

The older I get, and the more dependent on my cane, the longer it takes me to do everything. The pups don't seem to mind... it means more time for them out of the pen once they talk me into opening the gate. By the time I manage to get things straightened out for them... newspapers changed, spilled food swept up, toys located and stacked... they're ready for a nap anyway. A couple of them will hide under the couch while the rest get shut in, but they always come out in a minute or two to hang around the wire "fence"... and gloat!... and I get them every time. Well, every other time if they see me coming... they move faster than I do. Except when I'm trying to walk! Then they cluster around my feet. Apparently, unlike the big dogs, they have no fear of my third leg (cane.) And they weigh more than enough that I can't just push them out of the way with the cane. Thank goodness, years and years of walking around puppies has me instinctively shuffling. Reminds me of that character on the Carol Burnett show, the old guy who moved an inch or two at each step.

All weekend, I've been trying to rearrange living quarters so I can expand the puppy pen to 90% of the "media" room. This is NOT fun! And the dogs have all been happy... which translates to quiet... with their current situation. Having the old... ancient...guys means keeping them safely out of the way of the younger dogs who tend to trample all over their prone forms and having a dog who can't be around the other dogs... Boon... means keeping him close to me but unable to tease the others and having a pregnant dog... Emy (well, Boon gets along with the girls a couple times a year)... means she needs to have her privacy. All of which means, I'm about out of rooms and x-pens!

Update on puppy placements: Octopus-girl is moving to Indiana and will be living with Peri's Blue-Bunny/Lava-now-Leila, a happy situation for all! and either Coon or Frog is going to Wisconsin. So there are just one male and one female unspoken for. Get yours while it's hot!

Pups Now 9 Weeks!             Nov 11, 2015

NINE weeks old. Can you believe it? They are getting wiser to the picture taking game. And they are winning!
Here are today's pictures, girls first:

then the boys:

Bunny is moving to Georgia and Lion is hoping to make it to Canada!

Relatively speaking
A puppy from Diamond and Boon's last litter has puppies of her own. I haven't seen them but their people tell me they are gorgeous and two are still available. Email to friendsandfamily at

Girls at 8-1/2 Weeks             Nov 8, 2015

I know, I know. It's not exactly morning. But, then, I didn't get up in the morning! And by the time I get the dogs settled down enough that I can do some work without being interrupted, it's late afternoon. I'll be glad when all the girls are out of heat so I can send them out at the same time as the boys! Plus, it is a lot quieter around here the rest of the time. But, anyway, here are the pictures of the sweet young things.

Forgot to get new weights on everybody, but will do that in the next couple days.
Or not.

8 to 8-1/2 Weeks Advisory             Nov 7, 2015

The puppies got their first shot Wednesday night, as they turned 8 weeks old. None of them yelped and all were up and running around the next morning. (Sometimes they feel a little "down" the day after getting a vaccine.) They've been wormed twice... no worms either time. I'll do them once more before they leave. These kids are a lot different than the first two litters this year. ALL of those previous pups absolutely LOVED the stairs. They ran up and down them, jumped off (to my dismay!) dragged their toys to the top. They also liked playing on the slide and at various times I'd find pups sleeping ON or UNDER the slide, usually with some of the toys there with them. NOT the Six! I occasionally see one or two on the stairs, but only for a couple minutes. They go up, turn around, come back down, taking the steps at a reasonable rate and the way they are "supposed to." Toys stay at ground level. They DO play on the slide, chasing each other in both directions, sometimes one jumping off on top of another one passing by... and toys stay on the ground. They do sleep on it once in a while. The other pups ADORED the stuffed Santa. These guys chew on him, drag him around some and that's it. I've never seen any of them sleeping on him. Another big difference is the Six want OUT. Not outside which they don't know about yet, but out of the pen. They run from room to room like a puppy stampede, usually chasing Zuri who is only too happy to run with them. A half hour of that and they don't object a whole lot when I pen them up again. They sleep for a couple hours... then tell me it's time for OUT! I've started giving them a little adult food every day. Right now, it's a treat. When I put it in the bowl the whole gang gathers around and eats it up. All in all, they are a good bunch. Sweet, liking attention, a tad noisy, very aware of life around them.

Pictures taken late tonight of the boys. Editing and posting the girls tomorrow.

Girly Pictures Things             Nov 3, 2015

Finally got the girls done tonight. Best photo shoot ever! Luckily, they were getting sleepy and didn't resist a whole lot at looking into the camera. It's actually quite funny... I put one on the couch, next to its stuffed animal, and it looks in every direction except straight ahead. I often have to hold the head up and if it were not for the delay after I click, we'd have a good many shots of my left hand!

Composite on both the website and puppies' page.

Sunrise Stallions foal naming contest revisited
We may NOT have lost.
Word is some of the winning names are ineligible. One is 19 letters... only 18 allowed... and several others are already taken. The "official" feeling... I am told... is the one person who misunderstood about the voting completion time is joined by the tech company that set the whole thing up's misunderstanding about when a day starts and ends. Apparently they wanted the voting to continue through Sunday until midnight even though they posted it was over 11/1/15 at midnight. Plus, apparently it is more than possible that social media was involved in the number of votes that person's names got over the last two days. Have to admit, that fair is fair and while the blog is not social media, I did ask y'all to vote! So right now, it's a waiting game. I sure hope none of you are losing sleep about the snafu!

Different Things             Nov 2, 2015

First things first... new pictures of the 3 boys. Haven't done the girls yet.

Composite on both the website and puppies' page.

Horse things second
Breeders Cup races were a lot of good horses racing each other. Exciting! A few upsets, but American Pharoah showed why he is considered... by most... to be the best of his generation. Personally, I wish he was not being retired to stud... he's just three years old and HEALTHY... as I would like to see him run again next year. Just to prove (to me) that he is THE best of his generation over all. But best or not, what he throws in the way of offspring is going to be no better or worse than those from any other stallion. NOW prove me wrong!

Of the 13 races this weekend, I picked 3 winners, 4 seconds, and 2 thirds. The other 4 finished off the board. Since I was picking by name (and sex) only, not a bad result. The one I loved the most was Found, a 3 year old filly from Europe who won the 1-1/2 mile Turf against the males, including Europe (and sometimes the world's) number one TB, Golden Horn, also a 3 year old. Found was running for the fourth (4th) time in six (6) weeks... unheard of in the US, even for older horses. Rachel Alexandra's little girl, Valentina, finished second in the Juvenile Fillies... her first "loss" in 3 races. Songbird won, her 4th win in 4 races. Some nice 2 year old girls to watch next year!

And then there is the Sunrise Stallions foal naming contest.
We lost.
Fourteen of the fifteen foal names with the most votes came from one person. There was some misunderstanding about the time the contest was ending... and a lot of chatter about it on some of the websites. The names finishing second in just about every category had 20 or more fewer votes. Now, having said all that, the one name that won it's category that was not submitted by the overall winner was Tatum Tot's foal "named" Channingsinthemood by...
my son, Andy.
However, we are unsure how the name had 41 votes when the contest supposedly ended, but 54 twelve hours later.
Regardless, thanks to everyone who voted for us!