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Early HAPPY NEW YEAR!                Dec. 29, 2016
Well, someone told me a few days ago that Mercury was in retrograde yet again... and we all know that means problems. Mine is a mixed bag but I wanted to wish everyone a splendid 2017. May you all be healthy and happy and better off than in the past!

Second, I am having "connectivity" issues with my internet provider... CenturyLink, just in case anyone wants to know. It's been off and on for the last month or so, but I've been pretty much completely off line for the last two days. At a really bad time, since picks started on Tuesday. Down to the last family. Then I will post here and on the website which girl is still available and, of course, Frosty is the boy without a family lined up. IF you email and do not hear back from me in a timely fashion, please CALL me at the number on the website.

So here's what I'm doing about internet access... at least, it's what I'm trying. A wifi hotspot from Consumer Cellular. I've had phone service from them for a couple years and am 100% satisfied with service and price. So, just on the off chance they do hotspots as well, I called this morning and they do so I'm going to try it. If that doesn't go well, there is still the cable company. (Ugh!) Here's the thing, I got rid of my land line and went to cell only because CenturyLink could not find the intermittent short circuit in the line somewhere between the transfer station (about a mile away) and the house. I usually could dial out, but seldom could get incoming calls. Bad weather... rain, snow or wind... made either impossible. When I cancelled the service, they talked me into their DSL, saying it used completely different lines and the short wouldn't affect service. For a couple years that was so. However, the problem I'm having now is a repeat of that situation. Plus it is extremely expensive (in my opinion) and I still have not reconciled myself their bait and switch selling... no mention that the internet service was a reasonable XXX dollars... but REQUIRED a separate phone line that was ALSO XXX dollars, making the total bill (with taxes and fees also not discussed) well over twice the quoted price. Hopefully, the switch from a phone company to a cell phone company will take care of things.

Then there's the van situation. I got it back and it seems to be running ok, even the tail lights are behaving. However, it is hinting that it just might not being feeling well in the transmission area. Since getting around is very difficult for me, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be driving and I'm definitely NOT committing to a new car. On the other hand, I do need something that will last for a couple years without costing me an arm and a leg. SOOO, I'm shopping around for a good used car that has been taken care of and doesn't have a half million miles on it. Fingers crossed!

Those are the major issues here. I am not unhappy to see the last of 2016 and am looking forward to a better year starting... well, today is a good time.

The pups and dogs are well and keeping me entertained. All the best from them as well!

Picking HAS Begun                Dec. 27, 2016
Here is the way it goes. Today's photos of the pups have gone to the families with first pick. the two males to the family with the first choice of the boys and the four females to the family with first choice of the girls. The family with second pick of the girls will get photos of the THREE available females and the next family will get pix of the TWO available girls.

Christmas Eve

Nag, Nag, Nag                Dec. 20, 2016
Seven weeks old today. The smallest pup is 6 pounds, the largest 8. The two boys... Paxton and Frosty are the biggest and the four girls are two at 6 and two at 7 pounds. Weights are on the pictures. Several of them have silver shading on them... not in the normal shading areas, but patches here and there. Rather interesting! They were out running loose in the media room for the first time while I cleaned their pen down to the sub-basement. Which meant when I started taking pictures, they were on the verge of being worn out and after I was half done, they had collapsed in various spots around the room. I got a rest while the three UNDER the couch napped... they just happened to be the ones I hadn't done anything with yet.

The boys first:


Then the girls:

Junior Ran for the Last Time as a 5 YO                Dec. 17, 2016
California closed out 2017 today running in the race created FOR him. He won by 8 lengths, beating the old track record by four-fifths of a second.

With 6 Weeks Comes...                Dec. 15, 2016
Nugget and Hoo-Rah's third set of sextuplets turned 6 weeks old a couple days ago. Hoo has never been a figure in their lives, but Nugget makes up for it. She is a wonderful mom. Up to a point. That point has been reached. She has now moved on to their most difficult lesson... getting on with their lives. This doesn't mean she has one hundred percent forsaken them. Far from it... she still INSISTS on being in their pen with them several times a day. She lets them nurse for a few minutes... and it is still nursing rather than just suckling... actually, the pressure of her milk supply is probably why she does it... but then she keeps moving so they can't. Or she'll lie down on her belly so they can't. She'll check bottoms and play with them a bit. But then she's out of there. They are fine with it. They are well weaned so the need to nurse is more from habit and a sense of security than for nutrition. When she's gone, whether it is just next door in Boon's pen or down the hall in the bedroom, they are fine... sleeping and playing as they always have. Even overnight. They are glad to see her when she shows up, but not unhappy when she leaves.

A few "doing our own thing" pix:
Lion demonstrates another use for the slide.

Please, woman, I'm not ready for any close ups.

Please God, when will it end?
img src="nug1116/nug1116tiger6weeks.jpg">

Older "Puppies"                Dec. 14, 2016
A couple pups who turned 4 years old this week have checked in with photos and updates as has an entire litter that is 4-1/2 years old. AND a young Whoodle girl who is eagerly waiting for one of the new pups to come join her sent a photo for me to put on the pen so the puppy will know what she looks like in January.
From Maggie and Alex's December 2012 litter we have:
Nelson and friend

Margo and her human grandkid

While this is Esther, waiting for her "dad" to come sit next to her

Esther is the only pup from Peri's first litter.

Jolie planning a day trip for her new sister, Raya.

Exactly 3 Hours Later...                Dec. 11, 2016
I started taking pictures at EXACTLY 5 PM and it is now EXACTLY 8 PM. Got at least one decent shot of everybody... well, Monkey's could definitely be better, but she wanted to argue about everything. I think she was ticked about being last... although if she hadn't hidden under the slide every time I was looking for the next puppy, she wouldn't have been. As it was, I had to get Nugget's help to entice her out and close enough to where I could grab her. So I'm going to start with HER:






And I'm Back                Dec. 10, 2016
Lots to do today, including looking at some replacement vehicles since my van has an "electrical gremlin" and it will cost more than it is worth to track it down. However, my son, who is my chauffer since he lives nearby and nobody else does, was not feeling well. And kept feeling worse, rather rapidly. So we went to the ER. And you know how that can go. Much time later, he was diagnosed with a kidney stone and sent home with not much else except advice.

Now, when I left, thinking I'd be gone and hour or two at the most, I locked Nugget locked up AWAY from the pups. They are definitely old enough and are eating mostly kibble (rather than mother's milk) and she tends to play a little too roughly with them, especially when she has no escape from their teeth for a long time. Everyone was fine. In fact

Obviously, the Half Dozen are taking things in stride.

Move Started                Dec. 9, 2016
So far, so good. Four of the Six Pack are in the bigger pen and exploring... meaning trying their hand at the slide.

I'm surprised at how easily they have all managed to climb on board and navigate the ups and downs AND getting back off. They've already discovered the pile of adult dog food Boon had scattered around the pen, which I swept into one area. It is now UNpiled, but still in the same area.

I'll move their food and water bowls as soon as a rest up from my efforts so far.

Just so you know, it's taken me more than a half four to get this far. A few years ago, it MIGHT have taken 10 minutes.

The Seany Foundation                Dec. 8, 2016
You probably noticed the logo and contact info for The Seany Foundation now at the top of the page. It has been on the website for a number of years. My relationship with Sean and his family goes back to when he purchased a Khala puppy from me, and continues today. He had only a short time with Bailey before he passed away, but his mom has stayed in touch these last 10 years, sending me photos and updates. This is the time of year many people are dropping small bills into donation buckets or adding something extra to the collection plate at church. I hope those of you with something extra to give will consider The Seany Foundation as a recipient for your generosity. I know it will be appreciated.

Five Weeks and Company Comes Calling                Dec. 6, 2016
Peri has to spend a lot of time in the big room with me because she is in season and has to be separated from the boys... which means she's spending the nights in the whelping crate which is 3-1/2 feet off the ground. She climbs/jumps out of x-pens... which is how she shattered her leg a couple years ago... so I have to have her where I can play active stalker. Since Nugget was outside and the gate to the puppy pen was open, Peri decided to introduce herself. Unlike Zuri, Peri knows what puppies are and loves them. ALL pups, not just her own.

The pups did great with their first experience at hosting... even invited Peri to dinner.

Two new Firsts
Lion has won the award for the First to Decide People Are Terrific and Should Be Rewarded with Constant Attention. She stays right on top of me... literally... on TOP of my shoes whenever I'm in the puppy pen. It's kind of cute, and since I shuffle, she gets a nice ride several times a day

First to Get Out of the Pen is awarded to Tiger who woke me up yesterday morning crying because she figured out how to get over the gate to her mom but Nugget outsmarted her and got up on the couch. It wasn't a fluke escape as she demonstrated when I put her back with the rest of the pack and she was out again lickety-split. The gate is now higher.

Out of the Nest... Permanently                Dec. 4, 2016
The pool is no more. At least for this litter. The bottom and the top rungs are intact, so it will see use again. But the Half Dozen are now free of a bedroom perimeter. And have chosen in front of the gate for their napping space. Although there is a nice thick rug in the area at the back of the pen where the pool was. We'll see how that works out.

And for anyone with doubts about puppy growth, the expression on Nugget's face says it all...

And a couple close ups of faces so you can see they DO have eyes.

In the next few days, the pups will move next door to half the BIG puppy pen. The slide will go in there with them to encourage their already advanced stage of agility and daring. I LOVE the slide!

I'm Late and I'm Early                Dec. 2, 2016
Yes, the pups were 4 weeks old on Tuesday. A month old yesterday. And I'm just now taking pictures. No excuses. However, to make up for it, I have microchipped them... today... weighed them... today... and assigned their toys... today. Normally, first individual pictures are taken at 6 weeks. So all y'all are getting an extra week and a half to consider your choices.

Remember, these are BLACK pups with black eyes.
Girls first:
REINDEER, the smallest at 3-1/2 pounds:
Has a milk chin, which is fading as her hair gets longer and thicker.

MONKEY, 3-3/4 pounds, small back dew claw

LION, weighing in at 4 pounds exactly:

TIGER, 4-1/2 pounds

and the boys:
FROSTY the SNOWMAN, 4-1/4 pounds, most "frosted"

PENGUIN, the largest at 5-1/4 pounds, has a big splash of white on his chest and has already been named Paxton.


Busy Thanksgiving!                Nov. 25, 2016
Nugget must have called a meeting of the Half Dozen Thanksgiving Eve because they woke up with a purpose in the morning. Out of the nest... and most of them... back IN without help. I tried to get pictures of them scrambling over, especially since they tended to balance on the pool rim half way through the process, but their mama was supervising closely and managed to hide what I wanted to capture on film.

Thanksgiving's big meal almost turned into a "no room at the inn" replay.

This problem was solved pretty quickly when Nugget stuck her head in the food bowl, then turned to The Gang and seemed to say
"You're 24 days old. Time to get with the program."
Which they seemed to understand.

Afterwards, they practiced sitting and GROWLING at each other before taking a lengthy nap. Then starting the whole thing all over again.

People sometimes do not believe me when I tell them how each litter has the light go out in ALL their heads at the same time AND how early that time is for things like eating dry kibble with no encouragement from me. This bunch decided to do all the 3-4 weeks accomplishments on one day... which is kinda of scary. What do they have planned for today?


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!                Nov. 24, 2016

3 Weeks Old Pups Meet Their Dopplegangers                Nov. 23, 2016
On the eve of their big BIG birthday celebration, the pups rested up, with mom keeping watch.

Unfortunately for the Half Dozen (and their fans) their birthday fell on Nov. 22nd and that is still a day of mourning around here, so I couldn't get myself together enough to take pictures.

Fortunately, this is a new day! I sent Nugget outside, put clean paper in the pool and added the toys that will become the pups' BFFs at picture taking times

The babies were interested, even if a little confused! I removed the toys and by the time I had them back in the box, the puppies were trying to decide if it was naptime yet. After all, they had been awake for almost 10 minutes!

I put Mom's food bowl in the nest with them... which they will discover the next time they are awake. Before they reach their next birthday, they will be eating the kibble.

They are this close to really walking and spend some time sitting and staring at each other... which will lead to wrestling in a couple days. They still whine a good bit but, so far, have not started barking in response to noises or to each other or to get attention. The longer they put THAT off, the better!

COLD!                Nov. 20, 2016
Winter has arrived... well, it has let us know it is on its way! Yesterday and today the high has been in the low 40s, with a lot of wind. Icy wind! However, even though Winter is always my favorite season, I am happy to report we are going back to 60s.

The toys arrived for the pups... actually, they are for the picture taker (ME) so I can tell one black puppy from another and correctly identify it so YOU can tell one from another. I wanted a Christmas or winter theme and found a place on line with really reasonably priced stuffed plush. My original idea was a Christmas tree, star, ornament, etc but... alas... that was not to be. However, we have these:

If you don't know how this works, the pups will be microchipped and each CHIP number is assigned a toy. The toy will be in every individual picture of the pup with that chip. This year, when the pups go to their new homes, their toy will go with them. If it has survived. They don't get to play with them until the individual picture taking is over and done with and picks have been made... but there aren't many stuffed animals that make it through a lot of play time intact..

These kiddos are getting big. And strong. They are pushing up off their bellies and attempting to move their legs without falling on their faces. One or two steps is about all they manage... today. I also see them sit... for just short periods, but a real sit is now something they can do. Both boys are out of the nest every day, although neither of them climbs... or even falls... out. Nugget has a habit of jumping up at every sound, prepared to do battle to protect hearth and kin (including me,) and the boys are really good suckers! They are not ready to try exploration... and the tile is rather cold on their bellies... so they let me know they need help and are really snugglebunnies when I pick them up. Nugget has accepted that handling of them as part of my DUTIES and will stare at me until I put them back in the nest. Then she prefers I go about my business and let her deal. That will change soon.

Sibling Rivalry                Nov. 18, 2016
It happens in the best of families and this IS one of the best of families. Not to be outdone by his brother's accomplishment, the other boy is the winner of our second First. He is the First to Get Out of the Pool. Actually, to be more accurate, he is the First to BE Out of the Pool.

Most likely, he was nursing when Nugget got up and stepped away and he didn't let go. He was not happy just seconds later to find himself on an unfamiliar surface, especially as it had just been bleached and smelled... yucky. I was sitting right here and didn't even bother looking up when he started to cry. They cry a lot right now. It was several minutes when I noticed the cries were too far away.

He was definitely happy when I picked him up and let him smooch on my neck and even happier when I put him down on top of the puppy pile in the pool.

What's Going On                Nov. 17, 2016
We have our first FIRST winner! For those of you who haven't been around for previous litters, here's how this goes... every pup in every litter does the same things. Whenever possible, I award the first one to do something the FIRST TO ______ title. This can be the First to Bark, the First to Walk Across the Nest without Falling, the First to Recognize Kibble is Edible and Not Just a Toy, those kinds of things. So the first in this litter that I can identify as being the first... remember they are all black... is the bigger boy. (And that is because he has a big splash of white on his chest.)

This fellow is the very FIRST to Sleep On His Back!

Then, as I said, I left the sheet in the nest and Nugget has not... as yet... torn it to shreds. The pups are using it for... something. Not sure what. Maybe to mark the "time out" area.

Nugget IS trying to bury it... she is tearing up the newspaper in the pen outside the pool and dumping pieces of it IN the pool on top of the sheet. Since there is never any newspaper on top of the pups, I know it is the sheet she's after.

Another Birthday Come and Gone                Nov. 16, 2016

The pups were 2 weeks old on Tuesday. I got birthday pictures and then the day got away from me and I never got around to posting them (although I did manage to get them emailed to all the families.) Here is the whole gang:

Their ears opened during the last 24 hours or so and they've been "alerting" to sound for the first time as well as experimenting with barking at it. Plus, I left the folded sheet in the pool and Nugget sort of tolerated it for several hours. It is easier for pups to learn to walk on a surface that gives them some purchase... which doesn't seem to matter to Nugget. One of the youngsters did manage to push almost into a walking position, before the legs gave out and it fell on its face. It was a few inches further toward where it wanted to go, so lesson learned!
The boys:

and the girls:

This area is currently plagued with a number of arson forest fires. Nothing is particularly close to us, but this is the first day for a while where there is little smoke smell and no haze. I do have an evacuation plan just in case. What a circus that would be!

And Now We're 10 Days old                Nov. 11, 2016

Pretty soon, they'll have to eat in shifts!

New mailing address
Went into town to do a few chores, including picking up the mail. Was un pleasantly surprised to get a notice saying the shop was going to be closed... permanently... at the end of the year. When I signed up to get my mail there, 5-6 years ago, my first question was "Do you have any plans to close?" The answer was a resounding no. So I tried a couple other places, including the post office, and ended up going back to the place I had before this place. THAT place was supposed to close which is why I moved. They ended up selling it and it is still going. I won't say strong, but the lady assured me (right!) they were staying in business. Spent the afternoon calling and changing my address on things like the phone, cable, medical, etc. What a pain! If you need the new address, email me.

1 Week Today                Nov. 8, 2016

All six pups are doing great and growing like weeds. They are noisier than weeds! The two boys and one of the girls are the biggest with the other three girls slightly smaller. Right now. That will change over the next 3 months. Now, when it comes to the boys, one has a nice big splash of white on his chest and the other has a lot of shading going on. One of the girls also has some shading started. And another of the girls has a dab of white on her chin, known as a milk chin.

Here are the birthday pix... and I don't want to hear any grousing about the photographer!
The boys

Durn!                Nov. 6, 2016

The 3 YO colt, Arrogate, crossed the line in front of California Chrome and there is no joy in mudville. This is a big boy who didn't run at 2 or the first half of his three year old year because he was so slow to mature. But he's there now and is absolutely amazing. If he had managed to speed up his growing up by about 6 months, we would have had our second Triple Crown winner in two years. I hate it that Junior lost, but he got beat fair and square, with no excuses.

Already Getting Opinions                Nov. 5, 2016

After several days of barely making a sound. a couple of the pups have learned that a little vocal protesting leads to them getting what they want. Since yesterday afternoon, I've heard... and watched... Nugget display real mothering skill with her babies. She doesn't immediately respond to their cries... which is different than just protesting whines... but checks them out, nosing them gently, before disturbing the non criers with a lot of movement. Usually the pup is is unhappy because it has been relegated to the back of the pack and can't get to a nipple. Sometimes it is behind her back or trapped under her heavy legs.

For the trapped ones, Nugget gets up immediately and repositions herself so they have an advantage getting to her belly. For the one who is just last in line, she will scoot around a bit, stretching out more to give the pup room to get through the crowd at the milkbar.

This is not Nugget's first rodeo and she is outing to use all the skills litters one and two taught her.

Breeders Cup weekend
Four BC races yesterday (Friday) and 9 today, all televised on NBCSN and, since Santa Anita is hosting this year, on Tonight, NBC is airing the Classic live from 8 to 9... the race is scheduled around 8:30 and features California Chrome, the world's biggest winner EVER hoping to add to his treasure chest. Go Junior!

While I hope Jr does it like he's won his last few races... out in front and gearing down at the finish line (I'll take a win anyway I can get it) the horses will have to really REALLY put on a show to top yesterday's Distaff which featured 3 champion girls, with 6 of the 8 runners already having topped 1 million in winnings, and ended with 3 year old Songbird and 6 year old Beholder nose to nose at the wire. Ms B got it by a whisker.

All's Well                Nov. 2, 2016

Nugget and the pups are fine today, after an uneventful night. The babies are quiet and willing to sleep in a pile together when their mom leaves them for a few minutes... one QUICK trip outside and several short ones to grab a couple bites of food. Nugget looks really thin today... after not eating for two days, she ate a whole bowl of food overnight and has almost downed another one already today. Quiet pups mean warm, well fed pups... so these may not make a sound for several weeks!

Halloween has come and gone and here is a little proof that it isn't just for people.
Peri and Boon's almost 5 months old Finn

and Jolie who is going to be big sister to one of the new Nugget babies

PUPPIES!!!                Nov. 1, 2016

Nugget woke me up early... early for us... and was panting and pacing. She hadn't eaten since Saturday night. All signs of labor. And at 1:30 (PM) she produced her first baby... a black girl. Followed within the next two hours by a girl, a boy and three more girls. I think. Nugget is a very OVER protective mom for the first couple days and doesn't want me even LOOKING at the kids. So my inspection was very quick. Everybody is black. And since they arrived earlier than expected and are normal whelping size, I have to conclude that Nugget and Hoo-Rah were doing more than snuggling for several days before I saw she was in heat and put her with Ben.

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