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Speaking of Food                12/26/17

A couple of interesting things to report in the food department.
Margo, who turned 5 in December and is a standard size Whoodle (meaning she has a Wheaten mom and a standard Poodle dad) is a big believer in putting something aside for future use. Her owner fills up her bowl every morning, Margo eats and always leaves the bowl like this:

And then there is the much loved Esther, from Peri's first litter in May of 2012, who always goes to her food bowl and lies down in front of it for a few minutes before eating.

Her owner, who is a Cantor, was a little perplexed by this behavior until I explained Esther was probably giving thanks for the meal. (Something she should have known without being told!)

Pupdate                12/25/17

The Nine turn three weeks tonight and much to their mom's delight are discovering something new...

The food bowl has been in the nest for almost a week and the pups have explored it but not one... that I have seen... has tasted it. Time and again I see litters discover EATING (vs sucking) right when they reach 21 days. The biggest exception was Patsy's first litter all of which started eating kibble when they turned TWO weeks. There were 10 of them and since it was Pat's first litter, her system wasn't quite geared to adequately feeding that many. This time around she has more than enough milk AND is maintaining her own weight. But instinct has sent the Nine in the right direction.

MERRY CHRISTMAS                12/25/17

Several happy holiday shots from older pups.

Willy and Oogie from Emy and Boon, going to celebrate their third birthdays very soon.
And Paxton from Nugget and Hoo-Rah who just turned 1.

And the whole gang from here, including the Nine, wishing you a terrific 2018.

Pupdate                12/20/17

The Nine are now in a pool/nest with the sides at 10 inches. That's as high as I can make it since Patsy put a nail... or a tooth... into the bottom ring. I got tired of retrieving pups from various places in the pen... including just outside the pool with no clue how to get back in... and around the room. As a result of their adventures, we have two more "First to" winners.

The parti girl with the least color (who was actually the first to arrive) is also the "First to End Up in the Water Bowl."
The black parti boy is the "Flrst to Get Lost Under the Bed."
The parti girl with the most color is the "First to Cause an Uproar in the Bedroom Crate by Being Loose in the Room and Standing Right in Front of It." She is also the "First to Get Stuck Behind It."

Pat is getting use to them being out, even though it still bothers her since they are way too big for her to pick up in her mouth and put back with the rest of the group. She's good at telling me where they are... actually went over and sat by the bed until I realized she was telling me something. Since I increased the height, she's come out into the tv room and napped by my feet for a couple hours.

I put a bowl of her puppy kibble in the nest and they've all sniffed, inspected, climbed in, fallen out, etc but nobody... that I've seen... has eaten any yet. They are, obviously, fat and sassy so not particularly hungry. And much better this time than with the first litter, Pat is maintaining her weight. She got a gel supplement all last week as well as a "treat" formulated for extra calories and nutriments for nursing moms, neither of which I've ever used before. Well worth the money. Plus, she likes the daily treat so much she's ;earned to take it from my hand instead of making me put it on the floor.

And Now They're Two Weeks                12/19/17

And going strong. Eyes are open! Everybody can hear. Right now, they sound like a whole clowder (look it up!) just purring away. They've been doing a lot of practicing and some have learned to end it with a very small bark.

Pictures taken this afternoon are available but you have to go to the individual pages for the girls and the boys .

The two chocolate/red parti boys and a black parti boy and girl.

Willow and Dusty                12/18/17

The girls who had such fun playing in the snow are not as thrilled with their latest new experience.

They were spayed last week and are still trying to figure out what they did that was so bad they have to wear these new collars!

One Week Old                12/10217

The Nine... and Patsy... and I... have made it through the first 7 days. The pups are A LOT bigger, Pat is thinner and I'm about the same.

After the brief period of non stop whining and crying and agitation, everything is back to normal. Patsy is on a couple supplements to help her maintain weight and she LOVES them. She spends most of her time in the nest with the pups, all night sprawled on her side. They position themselves where they want. And now that their systems have mature enough to control their temperatures, that can be anywhere, with or without company.

The girls are pretty much all smaller than the boys... and no, this is not particularly "normal." The teo red/chocolate/??? colored boys are still re/chocolate/??? in the pictures. My anciet eyes DO see a color variation, just not as dramatic as the camera does.

Big week coming up... eyes and ears open. Lots of barking and growling the first day the pups can hear! And they will become much more mobile

Pupdate                12/10/17

The Nine are growing fast, physically and mentally. Not only are they 2-3 times bigger than they were less than a week ago, they are much stronger... as evidenced by today's ability to almost stand. They are pushing with their back legs rather than pulling with the front, meaning they can get twice as far twice as fast. And because they are still blind and deaf, but have all this new mobility and ENERGY, they have been bored and extremely crabby for the last day plus. Extremely! They have been unhappy and complaining about... whatever... when Patsy is with them and when she's out of the nest, when they're awake and some even when they're asleep, when they're fed and even while they are nursing. (What,Mom? Milk? Again?) Pat has been running back and forth between them in the bedroom and me in the tv room. And early this evening they wore themselves out and all fell sound asleep at the same time. Totally quiet. For several hours. For Patsy, it was a totally confusing time. For me, the whole first almost week tells me this group is as smart as their half siblings in the first litter. Not sure I'm totally happy with that.

And for those of you who love California Chrome as much as I do, he is back in the US. In quarantine in Miami until the 17th when he will return to his domestic stud duties at Taylor Made in KY. Bet he can hardly wait to tell all the other studs about the gorgeous Chilean mares he's been consorting with for the last 6 months.

Puppy Pix-- Old Pups, Not New                12/9/17
Our whole area got a couple inches of snow last night. Willow and Dusty live about 25 miles from me. They seemed to like it!

Something Interesting                12/8/17
To the naked eye, this boy... and one other... look "black BUT." The camera sees this:

Going to be interesting seeing how this color developes!

Pupdate                12/6/17

Those of you who have been through a litter or two on the blog are aware of the "First to" Awards" but this is a first for all of us. Not even 24 hours old, the "First to Do Something First" Award goes to the black girl who also wins the "First to Get Out of the Nest" Award. I kid you not. Not only was she out of the nest, she was almost out of the pen! If she hadn't gotten stuck in the wire, she may have gathered a couple more firsts for her resume. I freed her and picked her up for some loving... which she wasn't interested in... and put her next to her mom's belly... which she WAS interested in. Patsy gave her the once over and a complete cleaning while she nursed. This girl is going to be one to watch!

Almost 48 hours old

FOUR girls

FIVE boys


And, for what it's worth, there are two different colored backgrounds.

The Buns are Out of the Oven!                12/5/17

Yesterday, Monday December 4th, was a LONG and full day. Starting around 8 AM while we were waiting for the vet to open for "walk-ins," Patsy began lightly panting... and her teeth embarked on some pretty heavy duty chattering. The labor continued until the wee hours of THIS morning. She and I spent all day with her not letting me out of her sight and me not letting her out of mine. Around four in the afternoon I was beginning to think the trip to the vet WAS going to have to occur after all and again, she changed my mind by increasing the pant-level. I got everyone else settled and firmly in place OUT of the bedroom and Pat and I, along with the little HD book-not computer thing, went in there, firmly shutting the door behind us. Before I could get started on Game of Thrones Season 5 ( free service) I went back and got Boon because he and Crockett (the Crested) were playing "quien es mas macho" in the two pens and I didn't feel like listening to that discussion all night. So the heavy panting continued, with Pat lying against me on the bed, until I noticed she would stop for a minute or so then resume... took me a couple of those pauses to realize she was starting to push. Not on MY bed! Told her to get down and go in the pen and MAYBE 5 minutes later she had her first pup. By 9 (a little over an hour after that) she had had two more... all 3 white with black patches. Then she took a break. A long one. That girl really knows how to push my buttons. All 10 pups in her first litter arrived in about 3 hours. This group took a lot longer! The next 3 puppies were all black... can you believe it?! Followed by another long pause, then three more, again parti, ending around 3:30 AM. ACTIVE labor (which involves periods of pushing) took EIGHT hours. Around 5 this morning I put two hot water bottles in the pool, close enough to mom and pups that the little ones could get warm even if they were in the back of the pile, away from mom's belly. (They reminded me of a walker pile on TWD, bodies all stacked up and moving, but getting nowhere and making a lot of noise doing it!) Things settled down very quickly then. The puppies got warm, Pat loosened her tightly curled body opening the milk bar to the overflow crowd and everything got quiet, Not a peep from the gang in the other room so I stretched out to get some sleep.

And scared myself wide awake with the thought that the pups had come in sets of three... I assume the first 3 partis from one uterine horn, then the second three blacks from the other uterine horn and then back to the first horn for the second three parti and then,... to the other horn for three MORE pups? For a total of TWELVE?!

If I hadn't been on high alert for almost 24 hours, not to mention 8 hours of constant getting up and down to check the activity in the nest, I probably wouldn't have slept a wink!

Patsy and the NINE are doing well. I'm recovering.

For Those of You Waiting for Puppy News...                Dec.2, 2018

Welcome to the club.
Nothing to report.
Patsy is as big as a house and VERY oddly shaped. She's taking a nibble every once-in-a-while, but not really eating. Gestation is 63 days and this is day 62 from the first breeding. (Breeding and ovulation are NOT necessarily... actually, not usually... the same day, for what THAT is worth.) I'm a nervous nelly and even though nothing is actually "wrong" with this pregnancy, I have to say it is the worse one I've been through. It is, of course, possible that my health scare before Thanksgiving and my first fall in maybe 8-9 years last Tiesday MAY have something to do with it. I like being in control and recent events have shown me I'm not, at least for the time being. VERY frustrating.


Need I Say More?                11/28/17

Pix                11/26/17

First is November birthday girl, Zoe. Her parents are Emy and Shadow, and she just turned 9.

And then Kathy sent me pictures to show me how much Dusty and Willow hate their new home.

How soon they forget!

All Gone                11/25/17

I've been talking with a local lady about the last two Patsy/Boon puppies, the two girls who just turned 7 months. we decided to enjoy Black Friday by getting together and introducing everybody to everybody else. So, yesterday, I put Willow and Dusty in the car... opened the door and let Willow jump in and put Dusty's front feet in then lifted her rear and shoved. Y'all probably remember a while back Willow lived with a couple for over a month and had to be returned due to reasons that had nothing to do with her. She was happy enough coming home and she and Dusty have become extremely attached to each other. They've kept each other entertained... and mostly out of the hair of the other dogs... during their waking hours and sleep together, usually touching, for naps and night time. Willow is, of course, more outgoing and receptive of new people, Dusty more cautious. And that is exactly the way they acted when we met Kathy and her (adult) niece, Katie. Willow walked up and met them, Dusty lagged behind and stuck her nose out toward them as far as she could without compromising her ability to escape if necessary. Katie sat on the ground and pretty much won Dusty's confidence while Willow went on a short walk with Kathy.

In the end, both went home with her.

It is the perfect situation, especially as Kathy has had two dogs together before.

So I am without any puppies in the house.
At least for a few days!

Update: Mid-evening last night, I got an email telling me the girls were doing great and had won over the man of the house, especially Dusty. Made me feel really good. On the other hand, as usually happens when older pups and any dogs go off with me, then don't come back, all the dogs were somewhat subdued and on their best behavior. Things were rather quiet around here last night. Pretty much back to normal today!

Pix                Nov. 19, 2017

I hate this chromebook. Yeah, I said that before and nothing has changed. I've spent several days trying to edit pictures... two pictures and maybe I can get them posted and maybe I can't. The good news is I have a "refurbished" HP coming from Walmart on Tuesday (and maybe not!) But it IS a computer and I can download from my camera to the photo area or copy from an email or an ad or whatever. But in the meantime here's what I'm trying to show you:
Patsy at 7-1/2 weeks:

and one of her pups from the first litter. This girl, Chewy, was Cream bunny... one of the two non black pups, and baby, look at her now!

Speaking of Chewy, a rep from phoned ME tonight to tell me someone had had a problem with one of the two kinds of dog food I'm using, so he wanted me to throw out the two bags of it I had received this week and they were sending me two bags to replace it. Please note: CHEWY called ME BEFORE I had a problem and the man's words were "SomeONE reported...." Now, THAT is impressive!

Pat is going to the vet for prenatal x-rays on Tuesday. Please, folks, 6 or 7 pups would be TERRIFIC! A tremendous Christmas gift for ME... whereas 10... or more... would be an undesirable event of a magnitude you cannot imagine. SO cross your fingers or eyes or whatever that she... well, you know. Smaller is good!

Still Here                Nov. 15, 2017

The month is half over and I'm just getting around to posting the first entry. Shows you what an exciting life we lead!

Please bear with me. I have a new Chromebook which, trust me, is NOT a computer and which I HATE. Have asked Santa for a real computer for Christmas....

Patsy had her ultrasound last week and IS pregnant... something so obvious even then when she was 5 weeks along, I could have saved the money. And something which makes it look like she was just testing the waters with 10. She is due right around the first of December. Reservation list is open. Remember, these are purebred klein POODLE puppies and Ben is the daddy. I've set the price somewhat low for kleins (at $1500) as a number of Poodle breeders have let me know, BUT... and some discounts are available.

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