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October 2012

Do You Need Anything?     Oct. 31st, 2012

There are a lot of Mountain Summit pups in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. I've heard from a few people... those with power... but not from most. With everything people have to deal with, I don't want anyone thinking they HAVE to check in.

BUT if there is anything I can do, if you need people to know anything about your situation, let me know.
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Batten Down the Hatches!     Oct. 28th, 2012

A lot of people are waiting for Sandy, but OUR storm has already begun. The original warnings were for late Tuesday when Sandy's wind and rain were supposed to circle around and hit us from the north east. Yesterday, the warning was changed to Monday because we were going to get hit from the north west AND the south west sooner than previous expected. But the cold front off the Great Lakes and the rain coming up from the Gulf have arrived early. It has been snowing all afternoon about 30 miles north of me. The mountain ridge between me and there has kept my weather to just rain and the temperature is still in the low 40s, expected to drop at least 10 degrees over night and stay down all day and the rest of the week. We're still going to get smacked around by Sandy, but by the time that arrives, we will have already settled in. Tomorrow night the winds are supposed to come... 40-70 miles an hour for 24-36 hours. Snow accumulation between now and Wednesday night is predicted to be 12-24 inches at the higher elevations, a trace to 5 inches at mine. I have a vet appointment scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow but will probably cancel, depending on what the weather is doing. Since we are all supposed to lose power, I'm planning to hit the dollar store tomorrow morning for lunch meat, candy and chips. (Won't be able to get IN any grocery stores!)

Dogs are not upset... yet. They're pretty good indicators of problems. We'll see what happens when the winds get here. The pups are doing well... eating kibble although they still make demands on Emy several times a day. They are running already and learning to pounce. And they are VERY interested in the big dogs in the room. I've enlarged their pen (two weeks earlier than planned.) Emy is spending most of her time away from them. In fact, she has driven me crazy with her escapes from the pen... which left it open for the other dogs to go in. Which they did... not to see the pups but to eat their very expensive food! I've fixed it now so she is stuck either in or out and she is good about wanting back in every few hours to feed and clean up. The pups don't seem to miss her when she's gone. In fact, if I put her back in earlier than she wants, they don't swarm around her and often seem surprised that she's shown up.

Older puppy pix

Montana turned 3 and had a party...

And Koda had to go shopping for her birthday present...

Bernie is calm and cool in New York, waiting for Sandy

As is Esther, also in New York

All Better  '   Oct 20th, 2012

The phone company guy came out, spent about 20 minutes working on the outside "test jack," yelled he'd either be back or would call me and left (closing ALL the gates behind him.) Another 20 minutes or so later, he called and said the phone was fixed.

And here are the pictures of the pups at 3 weeks (and 1 day) old.
This is Emy's way of getting away from the pups while letting them know she is still there. She lies like this for hours, with that one leg hanging inside the pool.

The pups are reassured by the presence of her leg... they'll go up and sniff it, even climb up on the side of the pool next to it and peer over at her.

The prize for "First to Get Out of Nest" goes to the black boy who stood on top of his parti sister who was sleep by Em's leg and climbed over the pool wall to take a nap on top of his mom.


The gang has grown quite a lot in 3 weeks. Emy is starting to nurse them sitting up and even standing. The two smallest pups are one of the blond males and the blond female (probably the last 2 born) who are quite a bit smaller than the other 5. They can't reach nipples when Em is standing up so she'll nurse the bigger ones, then lie down for the two smaller pups. By the way, the blond girl is really blond and light apricot... she has faint patches of color on her face. And you can see how much of the parti girl's black has already lightened up to red.


The prize for "First to Walk Upright All the Way Across the Pool AND Back Up Without Falling" goes to the parti boy. Backing up is very tricky for pups, especially when they are just learning to walk.

And right on schedule, the parti girl, larger blond male and black and tan girl have discovered mama's food. I saw them in it last night and again this morning, actually taking food out and chewing on it.

No Phone, No Computer     Oct. 18th, 2012

My land line is down and since I'm on dial up, that means no computer until the phone company figures it out. If you need to talk with me, please call my cell at 423-276-2580. I'll be back on line asap.

In the meantime, the pups have reached 3 weeks and are well in their way to being real live doggies! Pictures as soon as I'm backm on line... which probably means not until next week

WARNING!     Oct. 16th, 2012

US Merial, who manufactures Frontline, has a new product on the market which is supposed to be a new and GREATLY improved tick and flea prevention/control.
The produce is called FRONTLINE TRI-TAK. It is supposed to work on ticks AND fleas. Frontline has always been very lax in the area of flea control... it may have even stopped their claim of flea control, so any improvement would be a GREAT improvement. However, when I called my vet to see if they had gotten any of this NEW product in (the Tri-Tak,) the FIRST thing I was told was animals have to be kept totally separate from each other for 24-48 hours after it is applied.
Note I said ANIMALS, not just dogs.
This means if you have a cat or ferret or bird, it cannot be in contact with the animal you have put the Tri-Tak on for a minimum of 24 hours.
That would mean, to me, that a child should not be petting or touching the animal either.
And probably YOU shouldn't.

On the other hand, if your dog is the only animal in the house and there aren't any kids around and you wash your hands often, AND the product really DOES kill both ticks AND fleas, go for it
As for me, until this "don't touch" problem is straightened out, I'm using the old Frontline for ticks and Advantage for fleas.

Big Weekend     Oct. 15th, 2012

Days 15-21 are important ones for puppies, ANY puppies. Their eyes open and they learn to see, their ears open and they learn to distinguish sounds and they learn to deliberately make various sounds, they get their feet under them and learn to walk... and sit. AND they become aware of their litter mates as individuals.

The Seven discovered each other Sunday morning, something I realized when they work me up talking to each other and sort of play wrestling. The first thing I heard were little puppy growls which sound like soft rumbles or sometimes rattles and are different... lower pitched, for one thing... than the vocalizations they previously made.

Newborn and very young puppies whine. Sometimes the noises are whimper-type and sometimes they are wailing, depending on what the pup wants and how much it wants it. As of this weekend, the pups still do a little of that, but now that they can hear what they sound like, they tend to be more specific in their complaining. Think of some time when you were absolutely terrified and could hear someone screaming near you... and then discovered the screamer was YOU. You got control pretty quickly. Same for the pups.

They already have an "I'm lost, where is everyone?" sound and a "There's no nipple available and I'm hungry" sound and today have spent some time practicing the "I see you and I'm going to get you (as soon as I remember how these legs work)" sound.

They are also practicing "head wrestling." This is a sport where two or more pups sit or lie next to each other and try to get one another's head, ear, muzzle, foot, etc in their mouths. It is complicated because none of them has real control over his/her own movements and the other pups keep falling over or onto them. Practice makes perfect, so this time next week they will have moved on to "running, sort of, until something stops me."

Big Scare     Oct. 12th, 2012

Nothing to do with the pups. They are fine. As is Em, who amazes me with each new litter. She HATES having any bedding, including newspapers, in the nest. Digs in whatever I put in with the pups until she has it all clumped up on one side and them clumped up on the other, on the plastic. Well, because of the exceptionally low temps we had the last two nights, I put CARPETING in the pool, covering the entire area when she has the pups situated. And she, smart girl that she is, left it alone. THEY are sleeping on it. SHE is stretched out just off it so they can nurse without leaving it. Their footing is much better on the carpet than on the slick plastic, so they are starting to get their feet under them. They aren't moving very far just yet, but are getting the idea. Last night, one of the blond boys was away from the pile and starting to get whiny about being lost. Em put her mouth around him but the pups are too big for her to pick them up, so she took her nose and shoved him toward the rest of the family. As soon as he touched one, he drug himself into their midst and went back to sleep. I swear Emy sat there just shaking her head and tsk-ing!

Now for my scare
I mentioned last week that I am in the middle of last year's nightmare when Cotton and Peri got out of the yard by simply walking through the gate left open by the man who worked for me. Tommy was taking stuff out of the yard, getting ready to go home, when I went into the house and the last thing I said to him was "Make sure the gates are closed." At that time, they all were except for the one up front that he was using. I accept that some of the fault was mine since I did not check that ALL the gates were closed before letting dogs out.

So, Tuesday afternoon, the two men who take care of my lawn and have taken over the poop scooping chore, were getting ready to leave and I said, "Be sure ALL the gates are closed." When I went inside, Clooney, Peri and Keogh were bouncing around, eager to get out to see what damage the men had done to their playground (damn men are always moving sticks and rocks and other interesting things from the places the dogs have chosen for them!) so I waited until I heard the car doors slam and then let the dogs out. Something... I don't know what... just something made me look out and the front gate was wide open! It is the very gate John was standing at when I said to be sure all the gates were closed. And it is the closest one to the front door which is the one the dogs use to go outside. Peri was already half way through it, moving cautiously since she's not used to it being open. Keogh was standing behind her, looking at the gate and then at the car with the men in it. Clooney was still trying to decide if she wanted to go down the steps into the yard. I yelled at Peri and she backed up. Keogh went past her and out the gate but when I yelled at her she turned around and came back. What really ticked me off was John looked out his open window, SAW the open gate and the dogs right there, but didn't even bother to get out of the car (which would have sent Peri and Ke scooting back into the yard double time. I was able to close the gate before Peri got up enough nerve to go through it, but I'm still mad about it.

Last year, Keogh and two pups along with Diamond, Cotton and Peri were all out together when the gate was open. When I called dogs in, Ke and the pups were right there on the porch. The other three were gone. Diamond came back several hours later. Di and Keogh are two of the VERY few dogs I sometimes allow to go from the house to the car without being on a lead... usually they ARE leashed... too many exciting things out here in the woods to get their attention... just sometimes I have my hands full and at their age, they aren't likely to chase off very far. Peri is... perfectly willing to take advantage of whatever situation comes her way. I doubt she has any active memories of her ordeal last year.

But I do and I've been yelling at myself ever since.

Two weeks     Oct. 10th, 2012

ago tonight, 10 PM, the first of Emy and Sparky's current litter arrived. They are doing well... getting big (last week I could hold two in one hand, today it's one hand/one pup.)
They are AT THIS MOMENT still slugs... not even trying to get up on their feet. BUT they are opening their eyes and in the next day or two, will be able to see AND their ears will open (so they'll start barking at every little sound) AND they will begin trying to get up on all fours. By this time next week, they will be walking and sitting on their rumps rather than sprawling all over the place.
Here are a couple photos

the black male and one of the two blond males:

And the parti girl... as usual, expressing her point of view:

The Older Half Siblings    : Oct. 5th, 2012

Cash in California

Bernie in New York
Esther in New York

Cash and Bernie are Emy's boys and Esther is Sparky's daughter
. Can the Emy/Sparky pups be anything but breath takingly beautiful?!

A Day Late and a Dollar Short     Oct 4th, 2012

Soooo, the pups were born a week ago LAST night, not TOnight. Here's their 1 week birthday shot

The 4 boys are on the left and the 3 girls the right AND they arranged themselves that way.
Here is one of them as soon as their mom came back from a break

There are lots more pictures on the website... click the link that says
"Pix of Emy and Sparky's pups"

is trying out a new home! He is living in SC after moing down there last Friday. And, so far, things are going better than expected. While he has not done a complete turn around and become his new family's version of Lassie, he IS making up with them and not hiding from them. Everybody, please keep your fingers crossed. Lucky is a really nice dog and deserves a home of his own.

And now:
a sweet face from one of Penny's litters and Maggie and Cisco's Chase

A few pix     Oct 3rd, 2012

Four days old

The 4 males and the 2 parti-colored pups (m left/f right)

The 3 blonds (f/2m) and the 2 blacks (m/f - with tan)

Oct. 2nd, 2012

There are clear photos taken on the 30th posted on the website. I'm going to try getting one here... but don't hold your breath!


Now all I have to do is upload some pix that are NOT on the website, to give you some additional photos to look at.

September 2012

Pix & Anniversary
    Sep 30th, 2012

Let's start with anniversary...
it was one year ago tonight that I got Peri back. I have a vivid memory of getting the phone call telling me she was coming into the Mills house but dashing back out before the door could be closed and how long the 5 minute drive from my house to theirs seemed. I was discouraged when I got to the porch and the screen door was shut tight. But when I went in, almost immediately there she was, all the way across the room and down the hall, peaking out at me from the bedroom. As poor as my eyesight is, I saw the exact second she recognized me and her mama... she turned into another dog as if by magic and came running down the hall, practically jumping into my arms. It will always be one of the best moments of my life.

And, of course, it is the one year anniversary of NOT getting Cotton back.
Having the two girls missing will always be an experience I NEVER want to go through again, but I will ALWAYS be grateful and humbled by all the kindnesses shown me by complete strangers.

Now the fuzzy pictures
for some reason, I cannot post photos directly to the blog (again,) so I am linking them from the website file. It worked in practice.

Here are the pups in birth order

female - male - male - female - male - male - female

And the 3 girls

And the 4 boys

For me, it is interesting that the birth order was the two parti, the two black, the three blond.
The blond boys, born 5 and 6, were so close together I don't know which was 5 and which 6. The blond girl was 7th.

All are going well. And there is already one I can identify by her cry... the parti girl is NOT a patient puppy and she is very vocal when she is unhappy... which is any time she's awake and there is no nipple in her mouth!

Em is eating her regular food and going outside voluntarily (and VERY quickly.) She's already jumped all over poor little Crockett because he beat her back to the bedroom and dared to approached the puppy pen. He survived without a scratch, except to his ego.

Pictures     Sep 28th, 2012

The biggest problem with pictures from the blog point of view is I've tried all day to post them... using two different browsers... and what you see is what I've managed to upload. Tomorrow, I will put them on the website.

The smaller problem is when I went in to take the pictures in the first place, I grabbed the wrong camera. Instead of the nice new one Marcy sent me (thanks again!) I got the old one that makes everything fuzzy. So, you're saying, why not just get the new one and go back and take more pictures? Well, I'm answering, Emy was upset enough that I took all her babies away to get the first batch, even though they weren't gone that long. It's took her 36 hours to get them to shut up and she wasn't pleased that I disturbed them. She'll be over it in a day or two.

Business cards
are FINALLY in the mail to those who asked for them. There are reasons I always put off Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning until next year, year after year... not being able to find anything afterwards is the main one.

And last
I am in need of some creative mortgage financing ideas. The particulars are small loan, repossessed property now owned by Freddie Mac, NOT going to be primary residence OR rental property.

Well!     Sep 27th, 2012
They're here! Seven stunning and amazing BIG pups. (Comparatively speaking.) The first one, a parti girl, arrived 10 PM and five others in quick time... a couple hours. Number seven, a solid blond girl, showed up around 3:30. There is one other girl, a black with tan already on her feet, and four boys: a mostly black parti, a solid black and two solid blond. All the light colored pups are really light.

Em had the first one in the dog room, but really wanted to come into the bedroom, so I moved her. She's done well and they've been fairly quiet... tonight I'll put hot water bottles in with them. Warm puppies are quiet puppies and I want to get some sleep! And I'm going to get off this computer and make Emy go outside for a few minutes.

Will get a picture or two tomorrow morning when she goes outside again.

Hang in There      Sep 26th, 2012

Emy's still cooking those pups. I think they are browning now and should be making their escape in a couple days. Em is big, the pups are moving forward and she is happy to be in a puppy pen all by herself. Don't know if I'll leave her there as it is in the "dog room." I may move her into the bedroom once the pups arrive. We'll just see how it goes.

Hey   :  Sep 22nd, 2012

We're still here. Everything is still calm and quiet, even the weather. Emy is still eager to go outside and sit in the sun or lounge on the deck. She's still eating a normal amount and, big as she's getting, still quite comfortable. And I still haven't set up the puppy pen. I hope I get moving before she does!

Business cards
Several people have asked me to send them my business cards to pass out when they are out walking their pups. Anyone wanting cards needs only to ask! I'm happy to send them.

Big news
But I'm not yet willing to share the specifics. However, in general, it involves a move and means I have a number of rescues that HAVE TO be placed, the sooner the better. If you know of an adult home needing a small mixed breed dog, PLEASE put them in touch with me or vice versa. And Lucky is still looking for a place.

Interesting pictures

I'm Back!     Sep 17th, 2012

I wasn't really gone anywhere. I just had nothing to post about and was really busy with other things. A quick update...
Emy is doing well. She is getting really big, but is feeling fine. Em's reservation list is full but it looks like she's going to have a good number of available pups when the litter arrives. I'm going to get the puppy pen in my room ready in the next day or two and will move her into it as soon as it's done. That means Diamond is going to move back out to the dog room and she's already avoiding it like the plague.

It looks like everything is under control with all the pups in their new homes... I really HATE typing that because it is basically DEMANDING that something go wrong.

Some time this Fall, Boon is going to be bred to a Wheaten Terrier girl and I'll be helping her people place the pups. They will have their tails left long and will be CKC registered. The waiting list for THIS litter is different than my normal waiting list. If you're interested, soon is better than later for letting me know.

And a few pix

Sassy Peake

Tucker Sybrandt

Seed Ticks     Sep 4th,2012

MAYBE the mystery is solved. Seed ticks... which are very VERY tiny baby ticks... are making an unusual late Summer appearance. The two girls who just moved to Connecticut are proof of that. Over the weekend their new mom found them scratching like crazy and when she started exploring their coats she found a whole lot of little dots on their skin, a few were small freckle size, but most barely visible. Usually, seed ticks come out/hatch/whatever in the Spring after a week or so of unseasonably warm weather. I didn't see any this year, but the last week or two, I've scratched several a day off my skin. Since I wasn't seeing them on the dogs and no one was particularly itchy, I did not apply Frontline. BIG mistake. The last three pups to leave here all had some on them. Clooney, who roomed with those puppies, has a couple on her. Peri, who is clipped very short and also was in with the puppies, has none. Frontline WILL kill the baby ticks the same as it does older ones, so EVERYBODY in the house has been treated with it. Everybody except me. All I can do is continue to scratch them off.

So the cheyletiella is probably not the problem. However, I am sending ivomectin to everyone who asked for some. It won't hurt to use it.

And if you still have any concerns, you can pick up some flea/tick shampoo with PYRETHRIN which is what we used to use to "control" those critters before Advantage and Frontline came along. The good thing about pyrethin is it gets other little unwanted bugs as well. Since pyetc is no longer the treatment of choice and the once a month topicals do not kill anything but fleas and ticks, other pests are making a comeback.

Reservation list
The September litter reservation list is full. If you missed out, do not despair. There will be unreserved pups available. Of course, having just stated that as a fact... like I had control of the numbers situation... there will only be 4 pups!

This litter is a repeat of the one that gave me Cotton. Don't know if I mentioned that before.

Bernie in NY

Penny and Coco in NC

Cash and friend in CA

Esther in NY

Big News!     Sep 1st,2012

I have made no secret of the fact I am NOT in charge around here. The dogs allow me to live here because I am the only one old enough to drive.

Two weeks ago, I... and a number of other people... were disappointed when Diamond's ultrasound showed she was not pregnant.

However, her daughter, Emerald, anticipated that result and took care of the Fall puppy situation, with a little help from Sparky.

Now, MY intentions were to skip Em until Spring next year. The boys, who are my early warning system about girls coming into season, all sounded their alarms. And because it was too early by a couple months for Emy to be back in season, I basically laughed at them and told them they needed their play-dar checked.

They're the ones laughing now.

This litter is due at the end of September and will be ready for their new homes the week before Christmas

The reservation list is open... two spots available.