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Good-Bye October, Hello...SNOW?          Oct. 31, 2014

You read it right... we're expecting 2-5 inches of snow before Sunday morning AT MY LEVEL!! The rain... mostly drizzle... moved in on schedule about 3 this afternoon, with temperatures dropping. Down to 33 at 5 and headed lower. So much for the kiddies and Halloweening! High tomorrow not expected to reach 40 with low 40s for Sunday and 60s on Monday (from a predicted overnight low of 22.) AM I ready for this? Absolutely not. I put a nice thick blanket in the puppy pen this afternoon and they have mostly played right on top of it. They even went and got some toys and are now sleeping on top of the toys on top of the blanket.

Marna in NYC sent me these pix of Montana (Di/Brogue)

On the way to an appointment

Out and about with friends

Breeders Cup today and Saturday
The big race, the BC Classic, will be televised on NBC in primetime tomorrow night from 8 PM to 9. The race features California Chrome, Shared Belief, Tonalist and several other 3 year olds as well as a number of older horses competing for FIVE MILLION dollars at the end of a mile and a quarter. We all know who I'm rooting for, but honestly, JR makes me feel good just thinking about him... so win or lose, I'm still a fan.

Sad news from Kentucky this week. Zenyatta's 2014 weanling filly by War Front had to be euthanized after an accident in her paddock. Z Princess was a gorgeous big baby with a lot of people excited about her future.

Zenyatta is not expecting a 2015 foal, but will be bred again after New Year's.
Cozmic One (aka Coz,) her 2012 colt by Bernardini, is training well and her 2013 Tapit colt, Ziconic (Zic,) is following closely behind.

TEN Weeks           Oct. 25, 2014

These little kids are staying fairly small... at least, they are not gaining weight at any great rate. In a few days less than 2 weeks, they've averaged just under 2 pounds:
Sidi -- 9 pounds even, from 7 pounds even
Lion -- 8 pounds even, from 6.25 pounds
Lovebug -- 8.5 pounds, from 6.5 pounds
Critter -- 8.5 pounds, from 6.75 pounds

Patsy, on the other hand, feels like she's gained 10 pounds. (She hasn't, but she's gained more than 2!)

I'm looking forward to the next week... the calm before the storm. I pretty much stay isolated in my woods most of the time. One or two trips into town is more than enough. But the week before pups leave has me in town twice a day, usually twice for each pup BEFORE the days of departure. In the case of this litter, only 3 are leaving right away. Critter is still available....
And, for the first time, actually looked somewhat interested (rather than belligerent) in his photo

He's going to miss everyone when they're gone!

Getting There           Oct. 23, 2014

The pups are growing up fast and getting more independent all the time. It's a pain! Just getting the four postable pictures (on the website) tonight was a huge chore and we had quite a clash of wills. I'm bigger... and the alpha bitch... so the job got done. But not well. And the pups were all mad at me when it was done. But they have short memories and each forgave me 15 seconds after I turn him loose. I say him because Sidi let me take her picture, but displayed attitude instead of trying to get away.

On the other hand, Hoo-Rah and Patsy LOVE the camera!

He is 14 months, she is 14 weeks.

DOUGHT!           Oct. 20, 2014

It hasn't rained for days.
Not that I'm complaining.
This month we've already had enough rain to make up for the 6 inches or so we were down for the year. Well, for all but an inch of it. Good enough.

The pups are doing well. The only problem is now that they've discovered there is a whole big world out there, they want to be out there. And they squawk... loudly... to advise me of that. If I'm in the room with them, they settle down fairly quickly. But whenever I leave the room, they protest they miss me! Even if they are sleeping when I make it to the door. The period from 8 to 10 weeks is a rough one. For me.

Nothing else is going on around here. Gasoline is down to $2.70 a gallon, without any kind of discount.
Wonder how long that will last.

Nine Weeks Old!           Oct. 17, 2014

On the eve of the pups' nine weeks birthday, in celebration of that and over 24 hours without a single raindrop AND almost 8 hours of full sunshine, I let the pups go out on the deck to play... for the first time. Unlike most litters, the Stooges and Z did not hesitate. They were over the stoop in a flash and exploring the bright, airy immense new world without qualm. Of course, they had Patsy to lead the way. They found the leaves enjoyable... although I wish I had swept them off the deck so they didn't have them to eat... and the limits tolerable... probably because the deck is a good five feet off the ground.

After a half hour or so, Patsy butted the gate at the head of the stairs open and tried to entice them down to the ground. She ran out to the yard and didn't realize she was alone until she stopped. The pups didn't even notice she was gone. Up and down, several times, the most she got was a couple whines from babies who stood on the edge, looking down. Disappointed, Pat came into the house. THEN the pups followed! I closed the door, fun-time over, and within a minute, five puppies were camped out at my feet sound asleep.

There is a composite of several deck pictures on the page of Peri playing with the pups a few weeks ago.

Puppy Shopping (Part 1)           Oct. 17, 2014

Some of you may know I'm looking for another puppy for my breeding program, a girl. A few years back, when P was just a baby, I thought she'd be my last breeding girl, but things haven't worked out that way. Emy is not getting any younger and until this time, Peri has not produced normal sized litters, plus there is the matter of her having had two c-section. At first, when Peri's current litter arrived, I thought I'd keep the female. BUT... I would be "forced" to breed her just with Boon, IF she got big enough. I have no qualms breeding some father/daughter combos... and Hoo-Rah/Sidi would work for me... but a lot of people are squeamish about it. (For some reason, most breeders are ok with mother/son even though moms have more influence on the pups.) Reluctantly, I decided to sell Sidi and she's going to the PERFECT family for her, even if they are in Texas. As much as I like Wheaten Terriers, I just don't want to add a SCWT girl. For one thing, I could only breed her to Hoo-Rah which wouldn't go over well with Boon. So, needing someone I can use with both my guys, I've spent a lot of time looking at other people's Whoodles.

It's a mess out there! There was one F1 Whoodle girl whose picture I really liked. While downloading it, my computer screen froze just a tad below her eyes. When I glanced at the screen it was like looking at one of my own puppies. Of course my first thought was "she'll fit right in!" But after almost two weeks of trying to deal with her breeder, I gave up. This person... and I'm not even going to tell you if it was a man or a woman... NEVER answered the phone. Not once. I had to leave a message every time... and I tried calling at all hours of the day. Eventually, I'd get a call back. BUT the breeder never remembered we had talked before. That was bad enough... but not a deal breaker because once I got the pup, I would have assumed full responsibility for her and not needed to contact the breeder again, regardless of any problem... however, this person also had a problem answering questions about the pup, couldn't tell me about her parents... not even their registered names... and didn't seem to have any knowledge of how pups are raised (shots, worming, sizes, etc.) This was supposed to be an experienced breeder. Reluctantly, I gave up on this girl since the more I thought about it the less sure I was that she even existed.

I tracked down every lead, asking if the person I was contacting could recommend someone else if they didn't have a pup that would suit me. I kept running into people breeding Whoodle to Whoodle. The whole point of breeding mixes is to REDUCE the probability of genetic defects. You take two unrelated breeds, especially those that share very few genetic issues and, since most of those are caused by recessives which have to be inherited from BOTH parents for the problem to happen in the offspring, you get a sounder healthier pup in the first generation. However, the pup is just as likely to inherit recessive problem gene(s,) now from two breeds, and has a 50/50 chance of passing some on every time. As long as a particular gene is not matched by one from the other parent, the next generation is also sound and healthy. However, if you then breed two Whoodles... or two dogs from ANY of the same mix.... you have greatly increased the possibility of combining recessives from BOTH breeds. Talk about polluting the gene pool!

Eventually I found a beginning breeder who has some idea of what she is doing, both with dog breeding in general and with Whoodles specifically. I got pictures and registration info on both parents, a Wheaten mom and a Poodle dad. The parent dogs, while younger than I usually like when buying a pup for breeding purposes, have had two previous litters and I was sent pictures of those pups as babies and after the first litter turned two years old. All of this was on an "ask and you shall receive" basis which makes me comfortable dealing with this young woman. Mama-to-be is due in season "soon." Since I have a hard time explaining to some people that dogs keep their own schedules and it may be every six months for a year and a half and can then go to five months, followed by a year or two spaced at eight months, I totally understand what I am being told and the breeder seems reassured about me. I put my deposit down and am now waiting for Nature to do its thing. The sooner the better, from my point of view, as it would be nice to have the new puppy while MS Patsy is still in her puppy stage, but que sera`, sera`.

What's New?           Oct. 15, 2014

So, I'm not listening to the weather report any more until December. I know it by heart and don't feel the need to waste the time.

Lovebug has decided to move to Washington DC and start his presidential campaign in November.
Which leaves Critter as the one who has no destination lined up.

The pups have a new plaything which they've worn themselves out trying to conquer. I bought a toddler slide for them to climb up and... slide... down. However, when I started putting it together this afternoon, I realized it was 18-20 inches high and if they fell off the top... which they are sure to do... they could be seriously injured or worse. After a few moments thought I remembered the stepstool in the bedroom, got it and taped the slide part to it and wah lah! a slide that is just a little over a foot high. When I put my contraption in the puppy pen, they took one look at it and hid in the corners. Remember, they're just 8 weeks old and new things tend to look scary, at least until they stop moving. Eventually, I put Patsy in the pen and she immediately started sniffing around and climbing on the slide. With that endorsement, the Stoos and Z began their investigation. I lifted them, one at a time, and put each on the level "platform" part, with one hand on the butt so the pup couldn't drop off backwards. Of course, as soon as the pup stood up and took a step, its front feet went sliding down, followed closely by the rest of the pup, Once they got over the initial shock, back each one came to try getting up on the platform... which is just a little too high for them right now. It wasn't long before one enterprising pup went to the bottom of the slide and tried getting up from that end. And THAT is why they are sleeping so soundly right now. They tried it by the single pup, in pairs and at one time, as a team. Every once in a while, Patsy showed them what she thought they should be doing, first from the platform end which she jumped up on and right back off since she doesn't fit very well up there and then from the other end where she just leaped over the pup trying to scramble his way up, again, falling right off, for the same reason. Eventually she got bored with watching them and asked to get out of the pen. They never noticed she was gone. And they haven't made a peep in HOURS!

Strange Glow in the Sky!           Oct. 14, 2014

Woke up late morning and it was light out. It was light IN too. It's been so long since we've had anything but rain, it took me a moment to recognize the sun. As soon as I took a deep breath, however, the dogs... and pups... all sounded off. No more sleep for me. THEY remembered the sun and wanted out in it. And since our weather report calls for severe thunderstorms and a stalled out cold front for the rest of the week, I accommodated them.

The pups, except for Patsy

don't go outside, so we made use of their free time with weights and pictures (on the website.) Weights:
Sidi -- 7 pounds even
Lion -- 6-1/4 pounds
Lovebug -- 6-1/2 pounds
Critter -- 6-3/4 pounds
and Patsy is an even 13.
Here's a pix that didn't make the cut...

My Phone has Drowned           Oct. 12, 2014

We have had so much rain... and I'm talking deluges... that my always iffy landline has conked out on me. My son talked with a guy who knows a guy who works for the phone company and he told him to dry out the box and try connecting again. Well, that ain't gonna happen for several days because we are predicted to have nearly another full week of this same weather. Don't know exactly what the problem is, high/low/front-wise, but the dogs now have webbed feet and ALL my wrinkles are showing.

I ran up to McDonald's to post this so y'all would know what was going on. Since I can get on the internet up here, tomorrow, I'll try posting the last of pictures. And then go back home and pray for a drought!

Not a Peep           Oct. 9, 2014

I went to bed about one this morning. (Yeah, I know, early for me....) The pups were already asleep and didn't seem to notice when I left the room. And as often as I'm up during the night, I didn't hear a sound from them. Or from anybody else, for that matter. A couple times, Peri crawled out from under the bed and spent a minute or two looking in the bedroom puppy pen. She didn't seem bothered by the pups' absence, just a little puzzled.

Usually, the pups sleep through the night until 8 or 9 when Peri has her breakfast. Then they yell a little bit to let her know THEY haven't eaten for hours. She ignores them and goes back under the bed to sleep some more. They shut up. This morning, she ate and the pups didn't make a sound because they were several rooms away and didn't see she was up. I didn't hear anything from them for another couple hours. Then, when Boon and Hoo-Rah (my morning has broken instigators) spoke up, the pups chimed in. Loudly. So we all got up.

Here are a couple pix from yesterday when I shot a whole bunch of Peri playing with the kids. There is a composite at or you can click on the "composite" link on the website and a couple other pages.

Moving Day for this Litter           Oct. 8, 2014

Because I spent almost all day on Monday and about half the day on Tuesday in bed, babying my back, I've sort of lost track of where I am in this week. I was pleased to realize it was Wednesday and the second night of The Walking Dead on "regular" tv. Yea! I am so pleased I liked it last week after waiting YEARS to see it.

Last Sunday, I took the Stooges and Zelda Critter, Lion, Lovebug and Sidi from the bedroom and put them in the huge puppy pen in the tv/computer room for the day. Below are some pictures... not exactly good ones since they were taken looking down on the babies. When I went to bed, at Peri's insistence, I took them back to the bedroom. Now here's the thing, she sleeps under my bed. THEY sleep in the puppy pen. And the other thing is having to help her in and out... read: up and over... is one of the main reasons my back is giving me fits. But today, with my back about half way to all better, I moved them back to the tv room. And here they are staying. The pups LOVE the big pen. They run and play non stop for about an hour, then sleep for about an hour, then run and play.... Right now they are in sleep mode. Peri is out in the yard, keeping us safe from the horses who are in the pasture that can be seen from here. I wonder how much yelling they... the pups, not the horses... are going to do late tonight when I turn out the light and remove myself, and Peri, to the other part of the house. And that's another thing. This litter is 7-1/2 weeks old. If they lived anywhere else, they'd be weaned and not allowed around their mama any more. Here, ALL my girls seem to never forget the pups belong to THEM, not me. Every one of them wants to spend some part of her day with her offspring, no matter HOW old they are. Di and Emy are best buds and they always accept and treat Peri like their younger relative, which she is.

And because everyone is going to ask... the black and white pup is Patsy, my new klein Poodle, who is almost 4 months old. She gets to be big sis for the babies and the baby with the big dogs. Good work if you can get it!

Lots Better           Oct. 7, 2014

Having taken the day off yesterday... didn't lift a single dog, not even the puppies, I fully expected to wake up this morning without a backache. And I was almost right. It's just a dull ache unless I move the wrong way so this is day two of not picking up the dogs. The pups are a different story. New pictures are on the website and the puppy page and here are a couple that didn't quite make the A list.

In other good news, my son is being released from the hospital this evening. He had a stress test this morning and this afternoon, at 4, was still waiting for the results so he could be discharged.
It is STILL raining, although there was a period of maybe 8 hours early this morning when it stopped. Parts of our "viewing area" are under a tornado warning which basically means somewhere in Tennessee and five of the eight states bordering it, there is a blip on a radar screen.

Bad Day Off the Blacktop           Oct. 6, 2014

No new pictures of the puppies. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Work up this morning and my back was "out" as was the electricity. The electric is working again, but I'm hobbling around with the cane in one hand and hanging onto the wall with the other. This happens all the time when I'm lifting mama dogs up and down, in and out of pens, etc. Then my daughter called to tell me my oldest son was at the hospital ER with chest pains and was going to be admitted. I called him right away and he WAS being admitted and it was NOT ebola as his sister had suggested. We all, including the doctors, are inclined to believe it was an anxiety attack... which he is prone too... but they're going to do a stress test tomorrow. AND we've been under a severe thunderstorm watch since about noon. Lots of wind and rain, but nothing drastic. Yet. The watch continues.

So I'm going to watch tv, take more aspirin and maybe go to bed early.

No Sense Wasting Time           Oct. 5, 2014

Since Sidi changed her name from Zelda and is having her mail forwarded to an address near Dallas, the idea of picking a pup early seems to be catching on. Lion is pleased to be moving to Michigan early next month. Either Critter OR Lovebug is going to make the DC area his home, but the other guy is still shopping around.

I have to tell you, this "party of four" business is really relaxing! So much easier with quadruplets than nonuplets (and yes, that is the term for nine at a time.) There is a joke about how to tell a new or novice breeder from an experienced one and it goes: a new breeder says "My dog is pregnant. I hope she has a dozen!" while an old one says "My dog is pregnant. Four or five pups would be nice."

And in the horse world
Wise Dan
made mincemeat out of his opponents in the Shadwell Turf Mile at Keeneland yesterday. The 7 year old TWO time Horse of the Year overcame a bad start which put him in the rear around the first turn and into the backstretch. Mid-herd at the far turn, he navigated through and around and won going away. This was his fifth straight win, the second since undergoing and recovering from colic surgery this summer. Next competition: the Breeders Cup Turf Mile on November 1st. This guy absolutely deserves a third Horse of the Year award!

The "Road to the 2015 Kentucky Derby" (brought to you, in this case, by moi) started 5 races ago for this year's 2 year olds. The winners of these 5 races have earned 10 points each, with the second placers garnering 4 while thirds have 2 each and fourths, one. The only colt to have picked up points in more than one of these races is Bold Conquest who was second in the Iroquois last month and third yesterday in the Breeders Futurity, giving him a total of 6 points. Normally I don't pay attention to these "training" races, but with only four puppies to tend to this year, I have plenty of free time!

Sidi is Moving to TX           Oct. 4, 2014

The news makes me both happy and sad. Her new family is perfect for her and will give her a wonderful life. Thank goodness I made the decision to sell her before I got any more attached!

Just so you know, the early photos of the pups, from birth to 5-1/2 weeks can be viewed (and copied if you want) at periaug14to5wk.html
and the pictures after that are at
They can also be accessed from the main web page in the link at the top of the page that says "Puppy Pix from Several Previous Litters"

COLD Weekend Coming Up... Yea!           Oct. 3, 2014

The "freeze" warning IS for higher elevations but WE have a "frost" warning for tomorrow night. I'm hoping that means I can have the grass cut next week for the last time this year. Or maybe the week after. Months of no grass cutting means months of no one accidently forgetting to close one of the gates. Well, no one except me.

AND with cold weather about to start beating on the door, my son made my day this morning when he called to tell me the electrician is out of jail and will be over Monday... or Tuesday... to see how big a deal my new wiring is going to be. Living in the woods out in the country means several types of small animals move indoors with me from time to time... and wires inside walls tend to get beat up. I hope I'm going to be able to run a couple new lines for a reasonable amount of money and we'll be nice and cozy this winter... which is supposed to be at least as rough as last year's. Fingers crossed!

Ran across this article on yahoo. It's about a national reining/cutting competition with most of the horses outfitted in hackamores instead of bridles and bits. The photos are really nice

Pups not doing much of anything new, but they say "Hey!"

The Scary Month is Upon Us           Oct. 2, 2014

And already we have a freeze warning. Can't remember if it is for tomorrow night or Saturday night. Right now, it's for "higher elevations," but it doesn't bode well for the rest of the year and the months until Spring!

More pix on the website, taken this evening, and here's one to whet your appetite.


Less then Three Months till Christmas           Sept. 30, 2014

Just saying....

Pups are doing fine. I really like their warm and friendly attitude. They actually DEMAND I pay attention to them, even if for just a couple minutes, every time I come into the room. Since there are just the four of them, they can stay in the bedroom at least another week. I gave them a shoe box, taped closed, to climb on... it is not as high as the step stool... and they climbed on it as I intended. Then they chewed it up which I had not intended. It was serviceable long enough that when I removed it (in pieces) yesterday, they had grown enough and improved their agility enough to climb up on the step stool... although at nap time, at least one of them is under it.

They have TERRIFIC coats. LOTS of coat. Way more than I usually see at this age. And, this may or may not be a plus for people, it has more curl than usual. What their adult coats will be like is as much a mystery to me as what color(s) they will be!

Other puppies
Here are a couple pictures of Gunny waiting for her little person to come home from school.

She's from Emy and Boon's Jan 2014 litter.

And these are of Nelson who is most likely the largest Whoodle I ever had.

Nelson's parents are Maggie (SCWT) and Alex (large standard Poodle) who belong to my friend, Penny.

6 Weeks, Individual Pix Starting           Sept. 28, 2014

I wanted to do just about anything today except take pictures! Just one of those days... head hurts, back aches, have to go to the grocery store, it's getting ready to rain, you get the picture. Luckily, the pups were fairly cooperative. So there are some pictures on the website and they will be on the puppies' page as soon as I get it set up and here are some different ones.
These are some PRETTY babies!

First, Bug

Then Critter

And Lion

Finally, Sidi

Next pix, mid-week.

Lion, Critter, and Lovebug           Sept. 26, 2014

The microchipping is done. Not one of the boys even whimpered... which is normally the case. I find it fascinating since the microcipping needle is HUGE. The chip itself is about the size of a small piece of rice, so the needle has to be way big. But sometimes, pups cry when they get just a vaccination. The only thing I can figure out is the bevel of the needle... that's the point, right?... is incredibly sharp and they just don't feel it.

The stuffed animals for the boys are Lion, Critter and Lovebug

and the identifiable individual photos start this weekend.

Zelda/Sidi is not microchipped. I normally do my own dogs when I take them in for their hip x-rays at 2 to 2-1/2 years. For the longest time, my vet didn't have a universal scanner. The one they had read only the "Home Alone" chips which AKC pushes. (Yes, I know they're called Home Again or Home Safe or something.) I use AVID because I've used them since the early 80s and have no complaints. A few years back, my vets got a universal reader... I think they're pretty much standard equipment just about everywhere since the company gave them out to everybody... but I am in the habit of taking the chip and my reader with me at hip x-ray time. However, I am thinking about changing that practice and chipping Sidi, Patsy (the new klein Poodle pup) and Crockett (my 4 year old Chinese Crested) the next time I order chips. Hoo-Rah is already chipped.

New Pix of the Guys           Sept. 23, 2014

Thirty-eight days or five and a half weeks, it's all the same thing. It means the pups have wills of their own and boundless energy and curiosity. Well, maybe not energy. But energy is totally resupplied with a brief nap. There are photos of the boys on the website... one of each... although I took way more than that. The camera's flash also has a will of its own so a good many of what would have been decent shots are too dark to use.

Microchipping tomorrow or Thursday and then we'll do away with "Larry, Curly and Mo" and go to stuffed animals for identification.

Zelda is not getting an animal and probably won't have pictures every time the boys do. Since I'm pretty sure she's staying here, I won't be making a baby book for her. And she already has a real name... Sidi, short for Obsidian.

Same Tune, Different Verse           Sept. 22, 2014

This month seems to be just dragging on. I've been at least a week ahead of the calendar since Labor Day. Maybe it will get better this week after regular network tv (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX... I don't have cable) starts the new season. Last night's Madam Secretary turned out to be way better than the previews suggested. I only watched because there wasn't anything else on. I'll tune in again next week. The biggest problem with it is it's on CBS and CBS can never get Sunday primetime started ON time. I don't understand why no tv channel can figure out how much time to allow to football games. They've certainly had enough practice!

New pictures of Ballad
This is an Emy/Boon pup who never met a camera he didn't like!

And for those still trying to figure out the vicious animal being warded off with a stick...

Maybe Next Time           Sept. 21, 2014

The PA Derby did not go the way all us Chromaholics would have liked, but it wasn't Jr's fault. All week long his competition has been making the statement "If we want to beat him, now's the time." because it was his first race back after a 105 day lay off and he's still a baby... well, a teenager, which means he probably wouldn't be as on his game as normal. Even his own people were saying it was basically a prep for the Breeders Cup on Nov. 1st. Then, he draws THE worse post position in any race... #1, on the rail. And for California Chrome, it's particularly bad since he rocks back and forth every time he's in the gate and often is caught rocking backwards when it opens. A horse has to be especially quick coming out of the first position because every other horse in the race is veering left, intending to cut him off and get in front. What no one even hinted at, although it happens often enough with heavy favorites people were thinking it... I know I was... is a jockey or a number of them working together to box him in and keep him from running his own race. And that is exactly what happened. Pretty blatantly. Jr's jockey, Victor Espinoza, has flat out said he was not only boxed against the rail but the two horses right in front of him slowed and allowed the winner, Bayern, to pull away from the field. The clocked times for Bayern and for the field show that as the truth. Ok, so it's a horse race and there are always people out there, knowing they have little chance to win before the race even starts, who, given the chance, will stop the heavy money favorite. (Think Triple Crown races... think the Belmont which seldom has more than two or three colts running who were also in both of the first two legs having to compete against a field of fresh colts.) It's "legal" but hardly good sportsmanship. Still, most people would have just shrugged if it hadn't been the Bob Baffert trained Bayern who won and set a new track record doing it. There is a lot of suspicion surrounding Baffert. One comment I heard was "There were no 24 hour round the clock security cameras in the barns the 72 hours before the race and Baffert always does well when that happens." At least Jr was ridden by his usual jockey who, when he realized he was never going to be allow to race, let the colt run as he chose. And Jr made it an easy trip.

But in November....

Pix of Lula and Bob
Lula, the black, is from Maggie and Cisco while Bob, the wheaten, is from Peri and Sparky

and after a day in the woods

The Day of the Horses           Sept. 20, 2014

The horses across from me were out and there was no one home. And I can't get around enough to get them back in. I let some dogs out in the yard about an hour ago, just opened the door, didn't look... I need to stop doing that since yesterday the guys cutting the grass left without shutting the front gate and when I opened the door, six dogs ran down the stairs and out the gate. Luckily, I was still standing there, waiting for ol' blind Shadow to go out and saw them. As soon as I yelled, they wheeled and came right back, looking like six kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Today, the dogs ran outside and chased each other to the end of the yard and a minute or two after I shut the door, they started barking like they'd cornered a dinosaur. When they didn't quit, I looked out and there was one of the horses coming up my drive. Actually, he was about a third of the way up, trying to decide if the dogs were a danger. I put on shoes, grabbed my purse and ran out, stopping in the yard to get hold of Popcorn 'cause he has a hole I can't find that he gets through whenever he wants. By the time I'd oozed out the gate without letting any dogs escape, the guy was headed back down my drive. He wandered back across the track to his own yard, but, of course, didn't go back through the open part of the fence. I hocked and honked, but no one came out of the house, even though there were a couple cars there. So I drove around to their driveway and back up to their house... the drive goes behind the fenced areas and behind the house and I sat there, honking again. Still no one. What to do?! There were TWO horses out... the gelding and the little mare... and the other mare was in the middle of one of the pastures, minding her own business. The neighbors directly below me are a city couple... they moved here a number of years ago after they "retired" in Chicago... and I figured they wouldn't know anything about corralling horses. On the other hand, there is a family of about a dozen kids who live a short way down the blacktop and they had a horse themselves for some months last year. So I went there. A teenage boy and girl came out on the porch in answer to my honking, but said there were no adults home so they couldn't leave. (Fancy that. Kids who know and follow their parents' rules!) They suggested going next door because they thought those folks were home. Which I did and they were... but they don't know anything about horses. They did say they had the horses' owner's phone number and would call him. I hope it's not his HOME phone because he's not there to answer it.

Anyway, I came back home, let the dogs in and a few more out, hoping they'll sound the alarm again if either of the broncos tries roaming down the track toward the road. (The dogs won't see them if they go UP the track. The grass is good where they are currently munching away, so they may stay there for a while. The problem is, they're separated from the other mare and she may decide to join them. I don't have a clue where the other gelding is.

And the PA Derby is in about three hours....
This photo of Junior yesterday is my new screen saver. I smile every time I see it.

SO! It bothered me that the dogs weren't barking and I couldn't see the loose horses. I locked everyone back up and drove down my drive to see where everyone was. The fenced mare was still behind bars... or ropes in this case... but in the pasture where the fence was down and moving... grazing... toward.the open area and her buds. I couldn't put the ropes back up because it would keep the other two from wandering back to captivity if they went in that direction. I parked at the end of their driveway, blocking enough of the track that anyone... gas company employee or resident... wanting to go to the top of the ridge would have to go VERY slowly to get by me. The big gelding crossed over his driveway and chopped on the grass by the fence that he was out of and was maybe FIVE FEET from the opening. For the life of me, I knew I couldn't get over there quick enough to bump him into that pasture. Eventually he crossed back over to the other side of the drive. And swished his tail at me. (Ok, he was brushing off flies.) After about an hour... luckily for me, I was in the shade.... a car with a man and woman started to edge by me. I said "Are you here for the horses?" And the guy stopped, edged back and told me "No" with a question mark. I told him the horses were loose and the woman said "Oh, gosh, the horses ARE loose." like maybe I was pulling a candid camera trick on them. She got out of the car and when I said I had a dog lead she could use, remembered she had a rope. After retrieving it, she started into the field, moving slowly and well out of a direct line to the escapees. The man said "Be careful." The lady had just about moved to a position where she could herd Houdini and Friend back toward where they belonged when a lady rushed out of the house, demanding to know what was going on. She was a bit upset when she realized her horses were loose.

It was obvious from the way she moved that she had little idea how to get them back under lock and key and was rather intimidated by them. The little mare looked at her and thought "GRAIN!" and walked right up to her. The woman opened a section of rope right there and "Lady" went in. But the big gelding, "Red" as it turns out, wasn't interested... and since the woman had nothing in her hands that looked like a bucket with grain in it, he kept walking away when she approached. Instead of coming at him at an angle from behind, she kept heading him and he was on the verge of getting agitated. In fact, he moved quickly away from her and behind the barn where we couldn't see him... or her when she followed. There was some thudding of hooves against wood... don't know if he kicked at her or what... but after a few minutes, he appeared inside the barn area and eventually, the woman walked back around the outside. She spoke to the couple who were still waiting by the fence and when they came back to their car they told me she said she had the grandkids in the house and they had all been asleep. I know how THAT feels. But I'm a light sleeper and someone honking nonstop... outside MY door or any of the neighbors'... would wake me up.

Since she wasn't upset there were only three of the four horses there, I'm assuming the other gelding is off somewhere with the people who know how to handle horses.
We all went our separate ways.
All's well that ends well!

Last of the Summer Whine           Sept. 19, 2014

Or maybe not since there are still a couple days to go! But here are the last of the 4 weeks old pictures since the pups turn 5 weeks tomorrow.

I'm backed up with pictures
A number of families have checked in with updates and over the next week or so I'm going to try to get caught up. THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE! I do not need everyone else sending me updates (although it would be nice to hear from some of you who haven't touched base in a long time... you KNOW who you are!)

Starting with Di and Brogue's daughter (sister to Emy and Peri,) this is Montana getting ready for a trip to the pool

and taking a dip.

Her mom says she runs back and forth between the pools, occupied or not!

And here's an interesting picture. Guess what animal this is

Answer tomorrow.

Not Monsters YET           Sept. 17, 2014

The 3 Stoos and Zelda are doing great, especially considering they've been all but deserted by their mama. Peri left them for almost 8 hours last night, spending her free time UNDER my bed as well as on it. (Emy sleeps under there EVERY night... maybe little sis thinks there is something special about the place.) The pups got up a couple times when I did. They came to the front of the pen, looked out at me, gave a couple whines and then went right back to sleep when I turned the light off. Good puppies!

The guys /\ and the gal \/

Pix & Another Letter from Gunny           Sept. 15, 2014

Another letter from Gunny

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 9:04 PM
Dear People,

The "Dog Days" of summer are officially over. I did not understand why they called these days Dog Days until now.

During the summer, every day is a Dog Day. In addition to my two walks,days are spent running around the house and tackling the small person, giving him a thorough face bath (and maybe a nibble or two), greeting the other people any time they leave my sight for more than thirty seconds, convincing all of the people that I have NOT been fed today and it is their sworn duty to do so, playing in the pool, attacking the hose, digging in the mud, performing flying acrobatics into the people's arms, and other general good dog things.

Now the Dog Days only occur twice in a seven day rotation. Five days a week I am ripped untimely from my crate. Instead of getting the full range of morning belly rubs, there is barely enough time for a pat on the head. (My little sister, Brownie, says that I am over exaggerating my plight, but as she gets to sleep on the bed with Auntie Kasey and sometimes doesn't come wandering downstairs until long after everyone else is up, there is no way she could know what my morning is like). I am left to stagger blindly down the hall to jump on Auntie Kasey's bed and wake my sister. She is also not a morning puppy. She does not appreciate the fact that I like to roll upside down and sideways while digging and singing loudly. (Mommy calls it 'Moose Calling.') If she moved faster she would not get sat on. I have told her this in no uncertain terms by yipping at her every morning and bouncing around her (and occasionally smacking her with my giant paws). When that doesn't work I bathe her face. She then proceeds to complain loudly and goes tattle to the nearest person.

This is followed by my little person leaving. Mommy takes him and his sister in the car (without me--a travesty!) and comes back without them. I am stuck at home with Brownie and Auntie Kasey. Since I am now without my little person to leap on, there is only one alternative...

So far I have discovered that Brownie does not like it when I jump from the top of the couch on to her. Or when I jump from the top of the stairs on to her. Or when I jump from the floor onto her (when she's sleeping on the top of the couch). Or when she's sleeping upside down and I step on her. Or when she's sitting in the family room and I try to run through her. Or when I try to help her get her harness and leash on by zooming around her as fast as I can. (The last one makes Mommy laugh. Even when I knock over the end table and lamp.)

It has been too cold for my pool. Luckily I have found a substitute. I can catch the water in the shower if you would just let me in! It is not my fault that the shower curtain came down. Honest.

As you can see, the Dog Days of summer have ended. There is no enjoyment to be found anywhere. I do not spend my days running around and playing. I do not get to ride in the car to go pick up the little person (Brownie says that this is not true. And perhaps it isn't. I believe that as soon as Mommy comes home that I should be loaded in the car to get my little person. No amount of body slamming the door seems to convince her that it is 2:30). I have no pool (Brownie is saying that this is because I popped it. I was just moving it to a better location. And what would she know? She refuses to get her paws wet). I do not pick up obscure items on my walks and try to carry them with me. (Mommy just likes to say "YUCK!" a lot). I do not insist on being carried home when I get tired or something seems scary. (I'm just hugging you. That's why I wrap my paws around your neck and refuse to let go. They carry the 13 pound dog around, so why not me?)

I do not like this "Fall" thing.

However, I have heard that there is something that is coming after Fall…the people were speaking yesterday of a tree IN the house. I am not sure if this is true, but I am already making plans…they also spoke of Trick or Treating for candy. I can do tricks for treats, but if they just want to skip to the treat part, I'm okay with that.

It is time for me to go now. There are feet that need to be sat on and a small dog that needs me to give it a bath. Once it is done complaining it is sure to fall asleep right next to me. Which is good, because tomorrow is NOT a Dog Day and she'll need all the rest that she can get to keep up with me.

I hope that you are all much less dejected than me.

With muddy paws,

Four weeks old and out of the nest...
When I first put them in the puppy pen, they camped out by the front "fence" and whined. For what seemed like hours. Peri wanted in with them so in she went. She sniffed each one, gave it a lick or two, then wanted back out. They still whined. For more hours. When that got them nowhere, they started exploring. The pen is four times the size of the nest, which is 2+ feet by 4 feet... lots of room to explore. All four started moving like they were prancing... or goose stepping... then one ran a few feet. Then he ran a few more feet. Eventually he bumped into the far side of his new "room" so he turned around and ran back. Apparently it looked like fun because they all started running. Now they've forgotten how to walk. The first time they exhausted themselves and Peri wasn't in with them, they all camped out UNDER the step stool in the corner. They don't all fit, so legs and butts were sticking out everywhere, but it was their hidey-hole, at least for THAT nap time. (The step stool is in there for them to climb on which they'll start doing in a few days.) They VERY quickly figured out where the gate is and now I have to really pay attention when letting Peri in and out or half escape at the same time. Peri has decided these pups are way more mature than her others were at the same age... she is spending hours away from them several times a day. She feeds and cleans up, then she wants to visit with her mom and sister or follow me around the house. Three to four hours later, she wants to feed the kids, clean up again and go somewhere else for mommy-time. She does spend the whole night in with them... once I'm in bed and the light is out.

More on the website.

Not Much to Report           Sept. 12, 2014

The week between 3 and 4 is somewhat slow for puppies. They are not discovering anything new, just practicing and developing the skills they learned in the first 3 weeks. They are into mom's food, not eating it, but knocking the bowl over and scattering kibble everywhere (which mom cleans up without comment.) They're sticking their faces... note I said faces not noses... into her water bowl and then coughing for several minutes. They're continually exploring their environment, the very limited space of the nest, but not yet trying to get out (maybe because they haven't fine tuned their vision yet and "out" is not IN focus? I'm just guessing here.) They've learned the sound of the gate opening means mom is going to magically appear or disappear and hands are going to lift them, turn them on their backs and belly rubs are really soothing. Other sounds are not so important although LOTS of barking noises just beg for little puppies to join in. Walking has become natural. Anything faster would be a waste of effort in their small space but NEXT week....

Oh, before I forget! Now one of the boys is about the same size as Zelda with the other two still a bit smaller. AND Peri has decided they are well enough on their way that she is willingly leaving them for several hours at a time. She spent a night... from about 3 to 7... sleeping on the bed with me (and the other dogs) and today has been wandering around the house since noon which was 3 hours ago. She'll let me know when she's ready to go home.

Hoo-Rah has really stamped his look on these pups and not just color (which is incredibly uniform and deep on all four.) They each have a sweetness of expression, a roundness at eye level which is supposed to be appealing in all infants. And their coats are all crinkly like black velvet paintings (which is seen in purebred Poodle pups but less often in Poodle mixes.) I have had the wrinkled look in one or two pups in just about every Whoodle litter but it has not translated into a different adult coat than everyone else has. For those of you who did not know Brogue, he had a very curly coat for a Wheaten so I am used to seeing a tad more wave in my adult Whoodles than other breeders might.

An article I saw on line yesterday got me thinking about the uniformity and quality I'm seeing in Hoo's pups. The article was on Hansen, who was one of the (KY) Derby Trail colts two years ago. He is listed as "gray" but is a white Thoroughbred who looks very much like his sire, Tapit, one of the leading sires in the USA. Hansen's first crop of foals is approaching weanling state and is being inspected by bloodstock agents and interested buyers everywhere. And they are, apparently, spectacular, individually and as a group. Unfortunately for the US, Hansen has moved to S Korea and 2014 is the only foal crop we're going to see here for some time.

Big Day!           Sept. 8, 2014

The pups have made big strides in growing up since they turned 3 weeks old! Last night (read that early this morning,) as I was heading to bed they, let me know they have learned two different thing. First, they had a growling contest. All four of them, standing face to face and shoving each other around with their shoulders, trying to be the loudest. Second, they were standing, pushing each other with their shoulders, to determine which is the strongest, if only temporarily. There were no winners... or losers... in either contest. A minute later, all four curled up against their mom and went to sleep.

showed his terrier rear all day yesterday. I put Diamond and Emy in the tv room puppy pen with him. Neither of them is anywhere near being in season, which was his first disappointment and he didn't handle it well. He tried courting first, then started getting insistent. Both of them told him in no uncertain terms to pedal his wares somewhere else. And he got belligerent. I spent most of the day playing bad cop with him. Last night... whenever... I took the girls back to the bedroom with me. And I've been debating ever since about who to move where and when so I can get Peri and the pups down on ground level without making too many beings unhappy. I vacillate between leaving Boon where he is for the next two weeks while moving the girls into the dog room during the day and putting the pups in the pen in the bedroom AND moving Boon back to the dog room now, putting the pups in the tv room pen and leaving the girls alone in the bedroom. I spend as much time in the tv room as I do the bedroom... and I'm usually awake in the tv room!... but I like listening to the pups at night. Actually, what I really like is the over all silence at night, punctuated with an occasional puppy squeak. Decisions, decisions!

Last of the "3 weeks old" pictures
Same order as before: Zelda, Larry, Curly, Mo. Well, Z then the three boys!

THREE Weeks Old!           Sept. 6, 2014



Curly (or maybe Mo... or Larry)

Mo (or Larry or Curly... one of the three boys anyway!)

The three boy pictures are of three different guys, one of each. I saved three shots of each boy. I just don't know if BoyA or BoyB or BoyC is Larry (or Curly or Mo.) They'll get "stuffed animal" names in a couple weeks, once they're microchipped, and that will be the end of the Stooges.
Or not.

More on the Name Game           Sept. 5, 2014

I'm trying to decide what the new puppy's name is. Not Zelda, the klein Poodle pup. She has her registered name, but I'm not sure I want to use part of it as her call name. Since she's so young, Pup-Pup is working well. Right now, she's interested in getting every little bit of attention she can get, so when I say something, she comes running whether I'm talking to her or not. (Phone calls have become a problem if I'm expected to contribute more than "Un-hun" or "Ummmm.") But that's neither here nor there.

I've been going over clever names of my past and hope if I share them, my mind will voluntarily move on to another subject. So here goes...

I got my first Shar-Pei puppy while we were on Ringling Bros. She was the darling of the entire show and we had a "name the pup contest." Of course, most of the names were Chinese or plays on Chinese sounds. My favorite was Dung Heap by we went with Chain Link.

My first CSP stud dog was 7 months old when I bought him and was already registered... first his kennel name then Totally Awesome. Of course, he soon became known throughout the NW as Toad or Toady. Toad sired a nice litter with one of my own girls whose registered name consisted of three (THREE!) kennel names and nothing else. (This was Tarzan and Jane's mom.) Her call name was Ying. One of her Toady pups I named Totally In Control, who we called Inca, and another was Totally Ying Too, called YT. Just to keep things interesting, Inca was a white cream and YT was black. My daughter wanted to keep a pup from the litter, a copper colored girl, who she spoiled rotten and turned into a problem child. Her name was Total New Cents... who eventually produced a nice red girl we sold to a lady who had a small group of bottle fed calves. The first thing the pup did was get trampled by them. No sooner was she recovered from that, when she swallowed a sock and required emergency surgery to save her life and recover the sock. Her owner named her Last Red Cent. Down the road, Redder gave us Worth Every Penny who was mom to Penny Auntie who produced Chump Change.

I once had a really special puppy that I wanted a high price for and a young woman who had been trying to buy one of my girls wanted her more than any puppy she had ever seen. She had several people look at the puppy for her and everyone of them told her I was asking too much, that she wasn't as nice as I thought and she could get something as good for less from a "big" breeder. So she passed on the pup. I immediately decided I'd keep her and show her myself and I filled out her papers right then. I started showing her the day she turned 6 months old... three shows in two days... and she won 5 points each show (you need 15 for your championship,) One Best of Opposite (the second highest award of the show,) Two Best of Winners (meaning she was the best of all the non champions competing in that show) and at the third show, Best of Breed (which is also Best in Show at specialty or one breed shows. By the way, Toad finished HIS championship the same weekend... but that's another story!) I had named her You Snooze You Lose and with every ad I did for her, Snooze was spelled $nooze. At Nationals that year, when she had just turned a year and was competing in Best of Breed, I was offered first $10,000 for her, then 15, then when I just shook my head, 25 thousand for her. Turning it down was stupid, but felt so good! The pups in her first litter were named:
Money Bags
Money in the Bank
Money Talks
Money to Burn
Money's No Object
Can't remember the rest. As sometimes happens, one puppy died right after it was born. He was always remembered as
Money Down the Drain.
(Admit it. It is SO funny!)

My kennel name was Hao Kan which is some Chinese dialect for "good-looking" and is pronounced HOW CAN. Some people did me the honor of naming their pups something flattering...
Hao Kan I Lose
Hao Kan TNR Tank You (a play on his call name of Tank)
Hao Kan I Belong to Graling

Those were the days!

The Importance of Names           Sept. 4, 2014

Dogs know the importance of names. They know THEIR name, usually before you do. And it behooves you to pay attention when the dog is trying to convey the name message to you because he will be much easier to get along with if you know who HE thinks he is. More than once I've had a dog come to me with no information about it other than where it was found. I usually just let it be for a while... saying "here, boy" or "get off of that, dog!" or "darn it, darlin', that was my favorite couch" until I KNOW in my heart of hearts what boy/dog/darlin' 's name is. Take Hoo-Rah for instance. He was known as Poo. Not his registered name... which is incredibly bad! Since it is easier to change a name to something similar sounding... the dog can answer to it without lost of face... I tried several names that rhyme with Poo. There was Yahoo, Hoodoo, Whodat, Doozy, etc. And then I remembered my first thought when I got him out of the crate was HOORAY! The ray part seemed rather mundane, so I went with the Marines. Which might explain when men are so attracted to him....

Names are fun. They can show your ingenuity and creativity. They can reflect your politics or how you feel about FINALLY having a dog in the house (pro OR con.) They can follow a theme or tell everyone what your favorite book was as a kid.

One of my first litters of Shar-Pei was just two pups. The mom came to me pregnant and I knew little about the sire. The kids and I went into town to see Tarzan of Greystoke and when we got home, we had new babies. Of course, they were immediately named Tarzan and Jane. From the git-go, Jane was sweet, friendly and easy to get along with. And Tarzan was... Tarzan. I learned my lesson right then and there. Dogs tend to live up to their monikers.

You may have noticed my RELATED girls have gemstone names... Diamond and her two daughters, Emerald and Peridot. Also, the sisters ' names are GREEN gems to reflect the Irish background of their daddy. One step removed, if I keep Peri (and Hoo's) puppy, Zelda, I'm thinking of naming her Obsidian or Zircon or Serendibite, all of which are black. Her nick or call name will stay Zelda because Peri's pups have had human names.

Speaking of Z and her bros, they are walking and sticking their noses in mom's food and water (with little interest) and doing some scuffling with each other. They are coming up on 3 weeks and I'm trying to decide if I am going to move them to the bedroom puppy pen or out to the BIG pen in the computer/tv room. Since too much room too early is NOT a good thing, I'd have to divide the big pen... which would keep Boon happy as he has decided that room is HIS and would not be happy moving elsewhere. What to do, what to do?!

All Even Steven           Sept. 2, 2014

Now everybody can sort of see and definitely hear and even stand up. Walking isn't in the cards just yet... maybe tomorrow. The pups are mouthing each other and practicing their first wrestling moves. They are also sleeping well apart from each other, at least during the day when it is pretty warm, even with the a.c. on. One of the boys... who shall remain nameless since 1) he doesn't really have a name and 2) I can't tell him from the other two... already has an attitude when I disturb him. He growls at me. And when that doesn't make me stop, he yells for his mama to come to the rescue. The look on her face says "get over it, kid" and she doesn't even bother to get up. As a result of his... pushiness... I deliberately disturb him and hold him until he shuts up... every chance I get. Of course, that means I'm waking up one or two other boys pretty often until I get the bossy one, but it's good for all of them. And no, I don't ever grab Zelda by mistake... she's still somewhat bigger than her brothers AND she has white on her feet.

17 days old

A Day Off!           Sept. 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day. Happy end of Summer. Happy start to this year's football. Well, two out of three ain't bad!

The boys are still blind as bats. This is not unusual except usually ALL the pups open their eyes at the same time... within a day's time. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the gender differences with this group. I'm really looking forward to the next month to see how things go!

Two of the boys are unspoken for, not that they mind. And since the Indiana house hunting is going nowhere fast, pick ups will be here in Tennessee.

Black is the NEW black!
Or maybe not. This is 21 months old Boru O'Gara (don't you LOVE the sound of that!) who is out of Penny's last litter from Maggie and Alex. Except for his face, this guy still looks really, really black. BUT he's still very young.