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Shucky Durn             Oct 29, 2015

Beholder is out of the Breeders Cup Classic. A whole lot of excitement and anticipation and interest is out with her. Oh, I'll still be glued to the tv tomorrow and Saturday... it is, after all, the first time I've had cable and been able to watch most of the races... and I'm going to be rooting for a couple of the girls... like Rachel's Valentina in the Juvy fillies and La Verdad in the Filly & Mare Sprint and the Irish 3 year old, Found, taking on the boys in the Turf. Plus there are the guys like Liam's Map in the Dirt Mile, Private Zone in the Sprint and with an eye toward next year, my current 2 year old favorite, Brody's Cause, in the Juvy. But the big race is all over except for the shouting. The problem is picking another contender to shout for. I could go with TC winner American Pharoah like most of the rest of the world, but... I'm not ready for that just yet.

A couple more "firsts" for the pups
Last night, I found myself telling one of them, then another, then... to get out of the water bowl! It happens every litter, often a lot earlier than 7 weeks. They have been really getting the newspaper wet in the very front and I thought it a little strange. Duh! They were just smart enough to wait until I was out of the room before splashing the water out of the bowl. I'm on to them now... not that there's anything I can do about it!

And for the first time, Nugget slept out of the puppy pen. Well, I don't think she got a good night's sleep and she was certainly up early this morning, but she hasn't been in with the pups in almost 12 hours. Not that she hasn't wanted to. I just haven't opened the gate for her. Going to in a bit... the Six are all sound asleep right now and I'm enjoying the quiet!

Voting Ends Nov. 1st             Oct 28, 2015

Some time back, I told you about a foal naming contest for the first babies from the Thoroughbred stallion Heavy Breathing. I, two of my kids and a friend have all submitted names and several of those are doing very well in the competition. However, we want to win... if not the "over all best name," at least for the mares where our names lead or are in close contention. Now the voting deadline has been moved from the end of the year to Nov. 1st. SOOO, if you have not already done so, please go to and vote for our names. There are 15 mares and a chart shows the names submitted for each individual one. It also has the initials of the person who entered the name. Our initials are SK (Kingsport TN,) JB (Evansville IN,) KS (Grants Pass OR) and AJ (Kingsport TN).

The names I particularly want votes for are
Lavender Hill's foal I called Turning Blue
Tatum Tot's foal my son named Channingsinthemood
Spinergy's baby my friend called Callthespindoctor
and Shoot the Bugler's foal my daughter named Shortofairandammo.
Names have to be spelled EXACTLY as in the chart or the computer won't count them.

There are a couple others I like:
Bahamian Twist (mare)/Island Exertions (foal name), Red Headed Gal/Ginger Aspirations and Silver Silhouette/In Pursuit of Gold

Unlike most foal naming contests run by Thoroughbred farms, this one has real prizes including a small cut of the winnings when a horse named from the contest finishes first. Now, if the lady who named American Pharoah had that kind of deal....

Back to the puppies!
Got another bunch of individual pictures. This session took a little longer because ALL six had this attitude

As usual, pictures are on the website and the puppies' page.

My Apologies             Oct 27, 2015

Things have been a little out of joint around here for the last couple days so I did not get a second set of individual puppy pictures done. Emy started feeling poorly late Saturday and since she is just finishing up a heat cycle, that can mean a serious infection. Spent time having her checked out... with no definitive results... yesterday. Because Boon covered her a couple times, it becomes a choice of protecting possible puppies or protecting the actual dog. My girls are always my prime focus. Then today, the thunderstorms... some with actual rain... moved in meaning a lot of my time was spent getting dogs in and out of the house. Some of them... Zuri, for one... think rain is The Most Fun Ever while others... a good many others... have a different opinion and have to be forced to go outside in heavy dew. As a result, the picture taking session was put off for another day.

In the meantime, here is a picture of one of Cotton's babies, who turned 5 years old today. This is Brody who is Emy's grandson and Diamond's great grandson.

Six Weeks             Oct 22 , 2015

Picture day! The pups were each assigned a stuffed animal... actually the microchips were assigned a stuff animal. The boys are Bunny, Coon and Frog while the girls are Critter, Lion and Octopus.

By some miracle, all six were in a mood to sit still for a brief... as in VERY brief... period and let me get some shots. Since I had a light shining in their eyes all the time, the flash didn't bother them so much. I got a useable picture every 2-4 snaps. A record, I think. I doubt that will work the next time.

A not so useable one...

As usual, the good ones are on the website and the litter page.

Family Affair             Oct 18 , 2015

Tonight, the "media" room is full of family. Diamond and Boon's family... which is mine as well. Diamond is in here, along with her two daughters, Emy and Peri, and THEIR two daughters, Nugget and Lava. Everyone is in season except Diamond who had an emergency spay about this time last year and Lava who is just 5 months old. And Nugget, who has Diamond's 5-1/2 weeks old first GREAT grandpuppies who are also in here. Guess that means Em and Peri are the only ones in heat... they just make it seem like everybody! While it's nice to have dogs who are terrific mothers and easy breeders, it means they tend to be a lot of work for me twice a year... and a lot of frustration for all the boys who live here.

Sort of got the puppy pen expanded. I'm not quite done with it since it was a rush job. Keeping my two old guys away from the two hot-to-trot girls proved more work than I expected. I'll finish the renovation tomorrow while either/or are outside... once it gets above freezing.

No more BELLY up to the bar
The pups have gotten so big... and sure on their feet... they no longer need Nugget to lie down to feed them.

Drat!             Oct 16 , 2015

So I wrote a nice long post YESTERDAY detailing the pups' accomplishments, which have been many, related a Junior (California Chrome) update, told of a Beholder video that was, well, strange, and mentioned that Emy was in season and had been covered by Boon. Then I clicked "save" and my host server immediately pretended it didn't know me and went to the sign in page, wiping out a half hour's work. Which ticked me off. So I just left it until I got over my mad.

Which catches you up.

The pups can wait. Horses first.
California Chrome has returned to his stall at Santa Anita. NOT what I would have done with him, but nobody asked. Have to say he looks stunning! Junior is one of those rare animals that occur in every species that are just exceptionally appealing to the human eye. Probably to other animals' eyes as well. You see it sometimes at dog shows. ONE just takes your breath away and not just yours, just about everyone's breath. My Hoo-Rah is like that. Anyway, Junior is back in training, having all grown up and become a full fledged adult stallion. Well muscled, taller than a few months ago. Just spectacular. If I had a mare (and money) she'd already be lodged at Taylor Made Farms, waiting for his attentions. Word is they are aiming him for a January race in California before shipping him back to Dubai. Since you are not able to ask but I know you are dying to know... I would have already sent him to Dubai.

Beholder is about finished with the the home town track training leading up to the Oct. 31 Breeders Cup Classic in KY. Yesterday, one of the sports station (that shows horse racing, the only sport I watch) did an interview with her trainer and showed a clip of her from 2 years ago when she was in the KY Oaks (the girls version of the KY Derby, run the day before.) Now here is what was so unusual about the clip... during the post parade, Beholder attacked her lead pony. ATTACKED, not nipped. She went after the pony like they were life long enemies. Ms B for bully ended up on her behind in the middle of the track. The race was held up while the vet and her people inspected her and, finding no injuries, loaded her in the starting gate. Shestill managed to finish second. So let that be a warning to American Pharoah. SHE is not to be messed with!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The Six are doing well, growing up fast. In some areas, they are well ahead of other litters of the same age. Some days back I noticed they were done with the nest. When I first put the pool in the pen, several of them immediately started getting out. Within a couple days, three of the pups spent most of their time in the pen and seldom went into the nest, even to sleep. The other three did the opposite. Then, suddenly, ALL of them were out and staying out. So I gave it a couple days and then removed the pool. They are sleeping in the front of the pen, with or without Mama-Nugget, and...are you ready for this... using the back of the pen as a potty area. ALL of them. Usually this behavior starts at 6-8 weeks, not under 5. It is great! Makes it easier for Nugget to clean up. And for me as I just put newspaper in the back area instead of all over. Which means the pups have discovered... newspaper. There isn't a dog alive anywhere in the world who doesn't LOVE tearing up newspaper. Obviously this is a genetic condition! One of my biggest annoyances with every litter is them seeing me come with newspaper in hand and standing exactly where I want to put it. They jump up and try to grab it before it hits the ground. They rearrange, and re-rearrange it. ALL pups in EVERY litter. In other accomplishments, they are getting the majority of their nourishment from dry kibble, not their mama. Strangely, it's only been in the last couple days that they have been drinking water. Now that they are doing that, they are well on the road to another of the things that annoy me... playing in the water bowl. These pups are well aware of everything in their vicinity. They like the big dogs, they recognize and come up to me, and they LOVE Lava and Zuri. At least once a day, the two older pups play chase with the younger ones. Lava and Zuri chase each other from room to room, racing past the puppy pen coming and going. The pups in the pen race after them and wait for them to run back so they can chase them in the other direction. Now, we're talking a matter of 5 feet inside the pen... but that's a long distance when your legs are just a couple inches long. I am doubling the width of the pen this weekend. (It is already 10' long.) And I'm going to put the slide in for them to start climbing on. All in all, for her first effort, Nugget has knocked the ball out of the park!

Relative Pictures             Oct 14 , 2015
A few families have sent me pictures of their dog kids. The oldest of these is Montana, a Diamond/Brogue daughter... full sister to Emy and Peri... who lives in Manhattan and likes to back her favorite team.

Then there are these two Peri/Hoo-Rah pups.
The first, Jerry, from the 2014 litter.

Then, Josy from the 2015 litter, showing how she smiles her way around every problem.

The last picture is an incredible shot of a horse... Salama... during a workout a couple days ago. Salama is a 3 year old filly from Peru who earned an entry in the Breeders Cub Distaff and has made her way north to train. I don't know who took the picture but credit is due!

First Clips             Oct 10 , 2015
Managed to trick the two big pups... Zuri and Lava... into letting me get their pictures. The problem was every time I'd go outside with them, they'd camp out around my feet or take off to the other side of the yard and there was not way I could a shot. So I went up on the deck and told them they couldn't come up there. Over and over I had to tell them, but I did manage to get some pictures.

This is my favorite of Zuri, who just turned 7 months.

and this is my favorite of Lava (from Peri/Hoo-Rah May 15)

And here are the BFFs together

Oops!             Oct 9 , 2015

All caught up with the new pups, I forgot about the birthday of the last four. Lava and her sisters turned 5 months on the 6th. Lava celebrated by going to the groomer and getting her first big girl haircut. Unfortunately, she refuses to stand for the camera so you will just have to take my word for it that she looks charming.

Today is Zuri's 7 months birthday. She got her hair cut too and looks darling. She's celebrating today by babysitting Nugget's youngsters.

Meanwhile, out in the yard, pups' dad is showing off how HE looks in a more relaxed (as in non show) clip.

But Patsy wants to play.

And Hoo agrees it sounds like fun.

Just a game between pals, eh?

Patsy leaves him in the yard and shows off how she'd look if she was a show dog.

Four Weeks!             Oct 8 , 2015

The Six have reached 4 weeks! They got chipped, weighed and had photos taken. Well, five of them were chipped. One female... the largest... cried and struggled so much, I stopped. She'll get chipped later. It is VERY unusual for pups... or grown dogs... to cry when being microchipped. This whole litter... with one exception... ALL did! Really loud objections. Their mom was outside having a cow because she heard them and couldn't get back inside. (When I got done with everything and let her back in the house, the pups were sound asleep and I was innocently editing photos.) This behavior is something I lay at Hoo-Rah's feet. HE is the biggest wimp in the house... actually, the wimpiest dog I've ever had. He cries if you look at him the wrong way!

no chip --- just shy of 3 pounds
# 815 --- 2 pounds plus a tad
# 512 --- 2 pounds even and smallest in the litter TODAY
# 628 --- 3 pounds on the nose and largest (barely) in the litter
# 012 --- a smidge over 2-1/4 pounds and didn't cry
# 261 --- right at 2-1/4 pounds

And this is just a hint at how difficult it is going to be to get decent pix...

Better shots on the website

More Nugget and Pups             Oct 5, 2015

Other new pix on the website.

Other Things             Oct 4 , 2015

Pups are doing great. I've toyed with blowing up the third rung on the pool to keep them confined a while longer. But the only time they try to get out is when they're hungry and Nugget's clock says it's still a half hour till dinner. Figure it would be just as easy to solve the problem by putting a bowl of food in the pool. Problem solved. I may not be as quick on my feet, but my mind's still as sharp as a rusty trap.

In other news
Steve sends these two pictures of Nugget's litterbrother, Bo. Uncanny how much they look alike!

While in the non Whoodle but related world of 'Doodles, here is a shot of 8 year old Goldendoodle, LuLu, in her wheelchair

LuLu hurt her back two weeks ago yesterday while playing ball at the park. She woke up a couple days later unable to get to her feet. MRI showed several herniated discs. Surgery was NOT recommended. Her mom has been diligently working with her and is seeing some improvement. Next week they start hydrotherapy and step up the exercises. LuLu is in good spirits and enjoys her rides around the neighborhood almost as much as her walks! Prayers and good thoughts are requested, please.

The horse world
Big race weekend here and abroad. The last Breedesr Cup qualifying "win and you're in" races being run as well as two more Trail to the Derby points races.

More Firsts             Oct 2 , 2015

It's rather cold here right now. So cold I haven't had the air conditioner on for a couple days. And it's been raining most of the week... with 5-6 additional inches due by Sunday night... THEN we'll get the water from Joaquin. Thank goodness I live on a hill!

When I got up this morning and sent Nugget outside, I put a baby blanket in for the pups to lie on, just to put a layer between them and the plastic of the pool. (Overnight, Nugget had removed the newspaper and bundled it up in a corner of the pool.) The pups curled up together in a pile and went back to sleep. I tell people all the time that NONE of my girls will leave anything removable under their pups. No blankets, no rugs, no paper, no thing. Then I let Nugget back in and a few minutes later

Something else I'm always telling people... MY puppies start eating dry kibble... on their own... between 3 and 4 weeks of age. So the Six are 23 days old today... that's 3 weeks and 2 days...

So this little male (I checked to see if he was a boy or girl) gets the prize for "The First to Eat Mom's Food."

He also gets the award for "The First to Escape from the Nest."

Gonna have to keep my eye on this one!

First Relocation             Oct 1 , 2015

Didn't get the pups moved until this morning... figured we all needed a good night's sleep last night because things were going to be topsy-turvy after the Six were in their new home. And I was right about that... at least for a short period of time. I sent Nugget outside, then delivered Michonne, Carol and Maggie, Daryl, Hershell and Glenn to the swimming pool in my center room. THEY were not happy and immediately began to cry.

Boon totally ignored them, Shadow and Sparky couldn't hear or see them, but Emy (their grandmother) about came unglued. No, she is an experienced mama and loves babies, so that might be it. But she really wanted in with them.

When I let Nugget in, she knew right away the pups were in the front room rather than my bedroom and was contemplating climbing into the pen until I opened the gate and managed to entice her through it. Then she and Emy got into a fence fight. Luckily, the nest is in the very back of the pen and they were in the front, so no one got stepped on. Once I got Emy's attention enough to make her back off, Nugget got in the pool and calmed the pups. After some licking, cuddling and nursing, they went to sleep and have been quiet ever since.

As has Nugget... to my great surprise!

Hoo-Rah and Patsy have been in here, along with Diamond, Lava and Zuri. Since the pups are quiet, they've either not noticed them or just don't care.


Happy Birthday to the Six!             Sep 30, 2015

Three weeks old today. New pictures... below and on the website. You can already tell this bunch is NOT going to ham it up for the camera. Plus, based on the short picture taking session, we have our "First" winner.

For those of you who are new, every litter I give awards for "the first to..." which cover pretty much every accomplishment from first bark to first escape from the nest to the first to hide somewhere when I'm trying to get everyone back in the pen.

This litter has two winners for the first award... which is not for the first to do something, but the first to show me something. In this case, it's attitude. The winner for the THE Most Laid Back goes to the largest male, we'll call him Hershell. The winner of THE Most Likely to Have It Her Way goes to the largest female, who we'll call Michonne.

Hershell was fine with being picked up, moved around, lights flashing in his eyes.
Michonne questioned whether or not her mom had given me permission to handle her and wanted to check my credentials.

Which leads us to the first "First to..." award for the litter.
Michonne wins "The First to Bark Because She Knows What Barking Is and How to Do It." She gets the award NOT because I've identified her as the one pup who IS barking, but because her attitude tells me she IS the one pup who is barking.

I love it when pups know who they are right from the beginning!

And a first for the entire litter... today they are moving into the big "media" room. Their new nest is a large blow-up pool and the pen is big enough for Nugget to get out of the nest without leaving the pups. I expect she is not going to be happy about being on the ground level where the rest of the pack can easily see her brood. Since she tends to bark at every little thing (Michonne comes by the trait naturally,) she'll probably be hoarse by tomorrow morning.

Two girls totally comfortable and happy no matter what
Lava and Zuri, enjoying time in the yard between rain showers.

Determination             Sep 27, 2015

Sometime during the day yesterday, when the pups were in the bedroom and I everywhere but, they doubled their strength and at least quadrupled their will. Last night, when I went to bed, I watched one of the pups try to wiggle his/her way between Mom and the side of the crate. What he wanted there, I don't know but he was positive it was the only place he was going to be happy. Nugget was busy giving bedtime baths and ignored his shenanigans... but she definitely didn't move over or try to help him in any way. When he couldn't just push his way through, he CLIMBED! Now this is a pup, one of six pups, who yesterday morning couldn't get up on his feet, but here he was 12 hours later, on his back feet trying to get over his mom's shoulder. I sat there for a long time, wanting to turn out the light and go to sleep and debating with myself the advisability of taking the rambunctious puppy and putting him in another area of the nest. Just as I was about to get up, Nugget shifted position, knockeing him over, toward the interior of the nest. Then she stretched out full length on her side with her body, from her rump to her skull, pressed against the crate's side. Obviously, she was of the same opinion as I... he had no business in that area. The pup climbed around her face for a bit, then went to sleep right under her nose.

Today, I've seen several pups at the same time climbing up their mom's belly to the top of her rib cage. They stand on each other and push up until they get to a spot level enough for them to stop for a few seconds... then, they tumble back down to the "ground" level and start all over. They are using Nugget as their personal tread climber! For a first time mama, she is consistently tolerant of their activities.

ran away from the girls she was racing against yesterday in the Zenyatta Stakes. She is clearly in a different class. The debate now is whether American Pharoah's owner and trainer (Zayat/Baffert) are going to... risk... running him in the Breeders Cup Classic on October 31st if she is entered. She has earned a free entry in the girls' race, the BC Distaff, as well as the Classic. And there are number of well thought of colts training for it, including Keen Ice who beat him in the Travers. Secretariat ran a few times after winning the Triple Crown... and lost two of those races. He was retired to the breeding shed at the end of his 3 YO year... as AmP is scheduled to be... without the loses affecting his value as a stud or reducing the esteem he was (and IS) held in. But things were different then. As for Beholder, she looks the best she ever has and is having a grand time at the races. However, she has never run outside California, never shipped any distance from her home track. The difference in prize money for the Distaff and the Classic is a whopping $3 million (total) with placing first in the Classic worth $2,750,000 compared to $1,100,000 for coming in first in the Distaff. Second in the Classic is awarded $900 thousand versus a mere $300K for second in the girls' race. So, (pretty much) basically, Beholder's people have a fairly nice incentive for attempting to be the first connections ever whose FILLY won the Classic.

Good News! (Well, Sort of.)             Sep 24, 2015

MS Lava has found her family and will be moving to Indiana. This is terrific news for Lava, although she may not agree shortly after it happens. And it is actually good news for me too because, as my kids will tell you, I have enough... more than enough... dogs here already. Especially those of the non breeding type. (I tell the kids my motto has always been "She who dies with the most dogs, wins.") However, actually letting Lava go is hard because I really like this puppy! It is probably her "go along to get along" attitude which she has had from the beginning. The entire litter is that way, but I've had the pleasure of living with Lava longer than the rest of her sisters.

I just hope she doesn't turn into a little hellion after she leaves!

It is already time for me to consider where to put Nugget and the Six as they are rapidly outgrowing the nesting crate. The girls and Daryls are not moving around a great deal yet, but they do tend to spread out instead of sleeping in a pile... leaving Nugget with very little room to do the same thing. My choices for new accommodations are the puppy pen in the bedroom or arranging a part of the geriatric area in the living/media/dog room for them. I am leaning toward the living area of the house because... I'm awake out there and will be able to observe the pups' progress more readily than I can while sleeping with them in the bedroom. The old dogs won't mind sharing their area... they use just a small part of it and considering they are somewhat blind and nearly deaf (except for Emy,) probably won't even notice. The downside of moving them to the main part of the house is just that... it's the main part of the house and there is a lot of activity there. Nugget is NOT going to take to that. Even if I put the nest in the back corner, where no one will have access to the pups, she's going to be unhappy... and very vocal about it.. What to do, what to do?!

Here are the old guys... Shadow and Sparky... with their young (9years old) roommate, Emy... doing what they do.

These pix taken at different times on different days this week.

The Six are Two (Weeks, That Is)             Sep 23, 2015

Everything is right on schedule. They have little black eyes peering out at me every time I disturb them. Still can't see anything... or hear anything, but both those senses will come into usage in the next couple days. They are able to hold their heads high and are making attempts to push up on their feet. In another week, they will be on their feet and sort of walking around... one or two steps, then falling, back on their feet and so on. They are aware of their environment. They know when Nugget leaves... but they don't protest like they did just a few days ago. They know when she comes back... but don't demand she feed them right away like they did a few days ago, even if she's been gone an hour. She doesn't WANT to be gone an hour, but at least once a day I make her stay outside in the sun and fresh air for most of that time. She has developed the habit of running into the bedroom... when I open the gate... and sitting in front of the big crate until I pick her up and put her in the nesting crate.

Birthday pictures here and a different pair on the website.

Some Pix from the Home Front             Sep 20, 2015

Thought you might like to see a few shots I took last night.
First is one of the rescues... almost 10 years old Squirt, a Pom/Poo/??? mix

Then this nice picture of Zuri... rain = mud = dirty faces

And, finally, Lava with the same "problem"

Since the weather report is calling for "scattered showers" for the next 4-5 days, more than puppy faces will be dirty!

Bring On the Weekend             Sep 18, 2015

TGIF! As if I did anything different on weekends than I do during the week. A number of years ago, a friend of mine flew in from Oregon for a two week visit WITH the understanding that the first week she would be here alone taking care of my pack. I flew up to Ohio to visit my mom for the first... and as it turned out, last... time in too many years. The day after I got to Ohio, I called home and asked my friend how things were going. She said everything was fine. Then she asked, "Are you having a good time?" and when I replied in the affirmative, she said "Good! 'Cause it's the LAST time you're getting away from here. All day long it's 'let dogs in, let dogs out"... and I thought you had it easy!" I took her a present from Ohio, a nice swesatshirt. On the front it said "Let dogs in..." and on the back... you get the picture. And THAT's the story of my life.

No televised horse racing this weekend although the PA Derby is Saturday. It was a holy mess LAST year with a lot of unhappy people spouting off afterwards. Nothing exciting expected tomorrow.

Nugget and babes

Six at One Week             Sep 16, 2015

First birthday today! All six pups are well and growing.

Mom has everything under control. For the most part, she is feeding them in shifts. And between shifts she is resting... or eating. And she has really been consuming the food!

Bad News             Sep 14, 2015

Don't anybody panic. The pups... and Nugget... are fine. Nugget has even learned a new command... "feet down." She runs out to the pot several times a day... and I mean R U N S! And when she comes in, she tries to jump up or climb up into the crate with the puppies. She's really too heavy and not agile enough. I have to pick her up. (She's really too heavy and I'm not agile enough....) I don't want to try lifting her while she's bouncing around. Hence, "feet down." All four have to be on the floor. She's getting very reliable about it and probably, in another day or so, won't have to be told. She's a good mama even if she is still overly aggressive about protection. Her attitude about us co-owning the pups has improved 100%.

No, here's the bad news....
The only caterpillar I've seen so far has been 100% snow white.
And worse than that, in the last couple weeks, the dogs have gone from consuming 5 pounds of kibble a day to 7 pounds.
That means we're in for a rough winter. A REALLY rough winter.

Lava is still looking for a home. Well, SHE's not looking. But you know what I mean.

Opinions!             Sep 12, 2015

You know what they say about opinions... everybody has one. Well, that goes for dogs too. Even newborn puppies. The Walking Six spent a lot of time and energy yesterday expressing how much better it was inside the womb. After 48 hours of good-as-gold behavior, they let me know they were not particularly excited to be alive and well. I say "me" since their mother paid no attention to their whining, seeming not to hear it. To avoid it, I turned the tv up high enough folks in the next county knew what I was watching. The complaining last about 12 hours and sometime during the night, the pups ran out of stuff to grumble about. Or maybe they just wore themselves out.

They sure wore ME out!

Happier pups...
Just got a couple pictures of several of Peri's puppies.
First, take a gander at Esther's eyelashes:

Then there is cute-as-a-button Jozy:

It's Carol, Michonne, Maggie, Daryl, Hershel and Glenn             Sep 10, 2015

Three girls and three boys. So far, although Hoo-Rah is sadly lacking in the color department, he is doing a good job with gender. Three litters and there are 8 female and 6 male.

Nugget settled down nicely once all the labor was over... especially when she had to go outside and the only way was if I picked her up and put her on the ground. She got even, however, when I was trying to get pictures, by climbing up my leg to get back in the crate. She is still overly aggressive with the other dogs... definitely not unusual with a first time momma... and I'm being very carful about watching her body language when I'm working in the nest. I never fault a dog with puppies for being protective, but there is no sense in forcing the "who's in charge" issue unless a pup is in danger.

The Countdown is Over             Sep 10, 2015

No sooner did I post yesterday's update than some squeaking from the bedroom informed me... and every dog in the house which was every dog who lives here... that Nugget was serious about this puppy business. It took her a little over two hours to deliver six nice size, apparently healthy pups. In case you can't guess what color they are, here's a hint. Their daddy is Hoo-Rah. Except for that color stuff, everything's good. Only thing that might be a problem is Nugget's belief that they are HER puppies. She told me emphatically to keep my hands off. I am being very cautious around her business end. As an example of my unusual caution, what I know for sure is there are at least two girls and three boys. I didn't stress her any more by checking the gender of the last pup. The first couple days might be a trial for both of us, but once the new has worn off and the hormones have stopped surging, we'll get back to normal.

For now, this group is named in honor of The Walking Dead:
Carol and Michonne and maybe Maggie
Daryl, his brother Daryl, and his other brother Daryl... opps, sorry, wrong show.
Daryl, Glenn, Hershel and maybe Rick
But to keep things uncomplicated, they'll all be Puppy-Puppy.

The Countdown has Begun             Sep 9, 2015

Apparently Nugget not only understands English, she is able to influence Mother Nature to a great extent. I've said several times that the earliest her pups will arrive is the 9th. Which is today. And Nugget is in the not-so-early stages of labor. She skipped a few steps and last night... actually, around 2 this morning... bedtime... allowed me to leave her water bowl, but told me in no uncertain terms she didn't want her usual bowl of kibble in the crate with her. Now, since she was with Patsy and Hoo-Rah all day, and their food bowl was empty twice during that time, I don't know if Nugget was filling up or if they were unusually hungry. Once she had the crate situated the way she wanted it, she lay down to sleep. I was thinking "Ok, so we're getting close to whelping time" since dogs usually stop eating a day or two or three before that starts. I was planning to get some good sleeping done in anticipation of spending a few nights without it. But about five minutes after lights out, Nugget was up, rearranging the newspapers and blanket. That took her some 10 minutes or so before she was satisfied again. It made me reassess my previous 'close to whelping time' idea. "Nesting" usually means the pups are pretty much on their way or at least have their tickets punched. And, since Nugget was up and down most of the night, I think they're on their way. She ran outside this morning and wanted right back in... so she could try to get under the couch. The bottom of which is about four inches off the floor. I put her back in the crate. Where she has been panting and digging and whining ever since.

Now, since this is her first litter and she is a young girl, the hormones could be inciting her instincts a lot more than they will next time around.

OR she could be really REALLY close!

Nugget's younger brother
just sent me this picture of himself and a couple pals enjoying the waning days of Summer.

Willy Gravitt, from the January 2015 Emy/Boon litter.

All Better (Fingers Crossed)             Sep 7, 2015

Who says computers (cars, etc) can't get better by themselves overnight. Today, everything seems to be working fine with mine... the computer anyway. Haven't tried going anywhere in the van yet. It might have been my host. I never check the page that has problems listed because all the sites I maintain are very simple. It has to be a system-wide issue to affect me. I think I am going to try to find a back-up host, one of those free sites

Now, MS Nugget.
Slept through the night. Well, pretty much. I woke her several times with my getting up and down. Since she is in the second story crate, the other dogs have to jump up to see who is in it... and the little dogs climb up which ticks me off because I don't need any more vet bills. After the second or third time I did my Sergeant Major "HALT!" everyone decided Nugget smelled familiar enough to let her sleep in "our" room. This morning, I let everyone in the bedroom outside, except for Nugget, and she waited patiently for her turn. She went out with her usual buds, Patsy and Hoo, and when she came back in, wanted to stay with them. Since she's nowhere near whelping (but I have been fooled before!) I let her. Tonight, she's going back to the bedroom. One thing. She definitely weighs more than the 20 pounds she did when she returned home. A lot more. And it's not all puppy. I have several 18-22 pound dogs here... Diamond, Peri, Sparky, Hoo-Rah... and Nugget feels like a good 8-10 pounds more than that. Much closer to Emy's 30 pounds. We'll see what she weighs after the pups have come and gone.

One more thing
in my best Columbo voice... gas here is $1.92 and has been under $2 for several weeks.
Just saying....

Catch Up             Sep 6, 2015

Problem. Probably just for me. BUT today... after some windows updates last night which were forced on me... I cannot SEE any of the websites that are on my own host. I can't see the three pictures I uploaded for this blog post, or any other pictures, even in the files.. So... I'm posting anyway and hoping I can get it figured out with either CenturyLink or Ipower (the website host) tomorrow. One thing, I tried using a Verizon "hotspot" 3 years ago and had the same problem, so I'm not very hopeful that Wi-Fi and I are compatible.

We're getting closer to the arrival of Nugget and Hoo's litter. So far, she is still carrying them up high, in the rib cage. A few days before birth, they'll "drop," like human babies, but with dogs it means the pups move back, away from mom's head, into position for (we hope) easy departure. For those who don't know, a canine uterus is in the shape of a Y. The two branches at the top are called "horns." Usually, pups are whelped from alternating horns.

Nugget is still living with Hoo and Patsy, but tonight I'm going to bring her into my bedroom and put her in the big crate I use for whelping. Since the dogs are going to be unhappy about an "outsider" moving in on their turf AND Nugget is going to be unhappy about being crated, I doubt any of us will get much sleep... for the net few days!

Which should make us ready for the pups when they get here!

Peri/Hoo 2015 plus one
Lava, now 17 weeks old (4 months TODAY!) is still here, as is Zuri, who will be 6 months on Tuesday. I've had a number of inquiries about them... all as separates... and while I'm willing to sell them that way, so far no one has seemed exactly right. I've said it before and I'm repeating myself again. These girls are a delight! They are still puppies, but they are sensible puppies. Very people oriented and able to read us well. I wish I needed them here, even as pets!

Peri/Hoo 2014
Got an update from Jerry's family. Seems like he LOVES water. 99% of Whoodles do... playing in it and drinking it. But Jerry takes it a little further...

Water... REALLY?

Horse racing
Starting with yesterday's Spinaway for 2 year old fillies... Rachel's little girl... and she is (currently) on the small side... showed her win last month in her very first race was just a prelude. She was first again and this time ran a totally different race. She knew what she was there for and lay third most of the way until her jockey edged her to the outside and told her to go. Down went that head, back went her ears. And Rachel's Valentina crossed the line in front of Tap to It who was the bettors' favorite.

(photo by Jessie Holmes)

For anyone who thinks, horseracing is NOT a contact sport, here is an Ariana Spadoni photo of Frosted and American Pharoah in last week's Travers

Just another day at the office.

Not as Easy as It Sounds                Sep 2, 2015

Last Thursday, I called my landline phone company... CentryLink... to inquire about an overcharge of $22 on my bill. My landline is dedicated to my computer dial-up service and has been for a number of years. I don't get or make phone calls on it. In fact, there hasn't been a phone plugged in for so long today I had to look for 15 minutes just to find where I had stored my old phone. I have the very basic-est of services... nothing but local dialing, no lon distance, no voice mail, no caller i.d., no... well, you get the picture. It is the same price every month. But this month it was $22 higher because there were five 411 calls made on July 25th between 7:30 AM and 11:47 AM. Mow you all know I don't even think about getting out of bed until noon. Or 1. Or later. I explained all this to Levi, the nice young fellow at CenturyLing HQ who took my call. He asked why I was still on dial-up when they have this nifty, fast DSL available. I got the subject back to the overcharge and he wnt through all the steps to enter a "dispute.' He said, when I asked, I should go ahead and pay the entire bill and the $22 would be refunded IF it was proved I hadn't made the calls. Since he had been so nice, I then asked about the DSL service and he said they would mail me a modem and all the connective cords and instructions and all I had to do was plug the modem to a power source and to the phone jack and register my computer on line and I would be good to go. The cost is just about $10 more than what I'm paying for the landline and the dial-up service (before taxes, I'm sure, since phone and cable companies never include those in their quoted prices,) so I said "Sign me up." while thinking "and God help you if it isn't that easy." And THEN I told him he HAD to use my MAILING ADDRESS, NOT my physical address, to send me the modem. After we discussed country living, he agreed. So yesterday, the new van and I went into town and picked up this little, ligh weight package from CenturyLink at my "mail boxes re us" place.

And that's when things started to go south.

First off, a friend called on my cell and asked what had happened to my landline which was reporting it was not a working number. So I tried it and got the same message. BUT I had a dial tone. Ummmm. No biggie. Then I got all the instructions, assembled everything in the kitchen... which is where the ONLY phone jack in the house is located... and started attaching cords as directed. Wonder of wonders, all the lights lit up, one by one, as they were supposed to. I was almost giddy! Then I turned on the computer and the CenturyLink page appeared almost immediately. I was hooping and hollering like I had just won the lottery. I went through several pages, one right after another, until I got to the one that asked for my phone number. The computer told me it was not a working number and asked for the info off the letter that had come with the modem... which was a BAN number and my phone number. Which was still not a working number.

So, really irritated, I called CenturyLink and tried to explain to the girl what the problem was. She couldn't understand what I was saying and kept telling me the number I was calling about was... not a working number. Eventually we "got cut off." Since I didn't do it, I'm assuming she hung up on me. So I called back, but chose "internet support" as my option. Several minutes later. the guy in Delhi finally understood that my 15 years old landline number was disconnected, dissolved, or deceased. THEN he says "Oh, you're JUST getting high speed internet?" and when I agreed that indeed, that was correct, he tells me they routinely cut off the normal phone landline and give a new number that is specifically for DSL. Why nobody bothers to mention that when you order the service is a mystery. At the very least, they could make it part of their instructions or even the introductory letter which lists the old number as THE phone number associated with the service.

So now I have the new DSL number and finished setting up the high speed connection AND the wireless part so I can use my computer in the living room (or whatever this room is... actually, I can use the computer in ANY room in the house... or so they say.) And that's where we are right now.

So far, so good. I answered the dozen or so emails I'd gotten over the last few days and then watched Rachel Valentina's racing debut last month, her brother, Jess's Dream's racing debut a couple weeks ago AND Beholder's blow-'em-all-away performance in the Pacific Classic. Gotta tell you, that Beholder gal had herself a good ol' time and made it look like she was playing with tortoises. Can hardly wait for the Breeders Cup Classic!