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A Week? Five Days?                Oct.30, 2016

Rest in Peace, Leila                Oct.26, 2016

It is with deep sadness I announce the unexpected loss of Peri and Hoo-Rah's year old daughter, Leila (once our Lava.) This beautiful little girl made her home in Indiana and had been healthy and happy all her life. She was much loved by the humans and other dogs in her family. Leila will be greatly missed.

Cause of death is unknown.

We're Ready                Oct.25, 2016

Nugget paid another visit to the groomer today, for a shave and a haircut, so she is all set for puppies. She doesn't look particularly gorgeous, but she is clean and has no long hair to get all yucky during whelping and all the other stuff that goes along with very young puppies. PLUS it is easy to see there really are puppies on the way!

The Heat is Off Again!                Oct.24, 2016

Back into the 70s. Hope the weather makes up its mind before the puppies arrive!
The last reservation spot has been filled... I think. So now there's nothing to do but wait.

Last night's Walking Dead season 7 premiere was exactly as promised. I called it right on those who were sent to the Zombie free afterworld. Knowing there would be two, made it easier to figure out... although I was guessing as much as anybody else and on Saturday had changed my mind, temporarily. A lot of people missed the statement by Greg Nicotera a couple weeks ago that two cast members would be lost and were pretty shocked and unhappy with the turn of events. Have to say I am LOVING the new bad guy... or maybe it is just the way he is being presented and how he is delivering his performance. He is definitely living up to the hype!

Peri/Boon litter check-ins
Finn (Cola) is turning into a STUNNING example of a Whoodle! Here he is in all his almost 5 months old glory.

The Heat is ON!                Oct.21, 2016

Yesterday and Wednesday we set new heat records... 84 and 85 respectively for the highs. Today it is over 30 degrees cooler. And rainy... dampish rather than wet. I've turned the heat on because tonight is supposed to be in the high 30s and Saturday night, the low 30s. It is supposed to warm up to normal daytime highs in the 50s and 60s after the weekend. But I have a feeling the heat isn't going to be off very long!

The van is back in the driveway. After the business last week and the oil change company being so good about replacing the dead battery without a bat of their eyes, I went out to pick up dinner on Wednesday... in a hurry to get back so I could get the dogs settled before the debate started... I was in the drive through line at Fazoli's and turned the car off. There were three cars in front of me and I should mention once you are in line, there is no way to get out without going past the pick up window. When the first car in line left, I tried to start my van and got the same click click click of a dead battery as the week before. Unable to move, I put in a car to my son... thank goodness for a kid living near his mom!... and then went through an elaborate pantomime with a guy cleaning tables on the other side of the window where I was dead in the waters. He was obviously NOT getting it and eventually... a long time to get to eventually... went to get someone in authority. At the same time, the people in the drive through window realized no car had pulled forward and there were lots and lots of drive through orders. They looked out their window and were a little perplexed when I waved at them from 40 feet away. So, to make this story shorter, a couple employees pushed the van out into the paring area, my son arrived as I was on the phone with AAA, scheduling a tow which showed up almost 2 hours later, so I missed the first part of the debate. Since it was so dull, I didn't mind all that much. In the morning, the garage confirmed I had a bad alternator and quote me a price that was more than half my social security check. We negotiated a different, lower price... with some input from my son... and added a tune up and I got the van back late this afternoon. It's feeling better as am I!

Ben and Nugget are fine. Nugget definitely has a BIG belly... with two more weeks to go. All the other dogs are great. One observation: dog food consumption has NOT increased around here. Yet. It is usually an indication of the kind of winter we are going to have... the more they eat (to put fat on,) the colder the winter is going to be. They were definitely right last year. Fingers crossed that they are this year as well!

Puppies On the Way!                Oct.19, 2016

SO! I took MS Nugget in for her ultrasound last week and she is MOST definitely pregnant.
Ben is gonna be a daddy!
And THAT, unfortunately is all we know at this point. He is a "silver beige" which is Poodle talk for "chocolate white tipped sable." Tried to get some shots that showed his unique coloring but....

And today, he went to the groomer, so his short coat is a different coloring... white tipping all cut off. But his head looks great (even with the still too short ear covering) and I love the way she did his tail. Chocolate is an offshoot from black and is a dilute, different from "brown" in that the nose, footpads, eyes, etc are light colored, rather than black. Bred to a dog carrying black... which we know Nugget is... all the pups could be black. Or none could. It is NOT likely that there will be any chocolate because, as a recessive, that gene would have to be inherited from both parents... and Nugget is PROBABLY not carrying it. (This is why I have never seen or heard of any ADULT chocolate Whoodles. It is technically possible to breed backcross Whoodles in chocolate by using chocolate Poodles for the first generation and the backcross. If I were younger....!)

(Pictures were from last week.)
On the other hand, Ben is carrying enough white... maybe not parti (harlequin), but mismark (on the chest) or bi (feet, chest, face) and Nugget is PROBABLY carrying all the various spotting alleles based on her pedigree and the color producing performances of her sisters and aunts.

Litter due around Breeders Cup weekend.. of course! November 4 and 5. Which means they will be ready for new families at the very end of January/early February 2017.

Which brings me to the reservation list...
ONE spot for a MALE available.
List will be closed on Saturday Oct. 29th.

Check Ins                Oct.11, 2016

There really isn't much that goes on around here that is unusual or noteworthy... at least when there aren't pups being pups. Although the latest tv season has started and there are several shows where at least the first couple episodes have been good... Designated Survivor is number 1, but I'm also watching This is Us and Aftermath (on syfy) which gets touchy since they are on at the same time. And of course, the delicious Lucifer is back. However, I've had to tune to the dramedy that is the 2016 presidential election for entertainment. Talking with my daughter after Sunday's debate, I heard her eXclaim:
MOTHer! You are having way too much fun with this election!
Very astute, my daughter!

So, changing the subject, a few pix...
The two California dreamers from Peri and Boon:

Zeph (on the left) and Archie enjoying their weekly playdate

And their HALF brother, from Emy and Boon:

Willy with his new BFF, a Bernadoodle puppy

FYI                Oct. 4, 2016

Since there is no news to report, I thought I'd explain what is going on/not going on with Patsy

and Boon

Patsy is less than fond of him. She acts afraid of him... even when he is not paying any attention to her. She doesn't want him anywhere near her. I've tried to fix this by putting them together in a large (6' x 6') x-pen set up right next to the couch. I was thinking... hoping... that Patsy would get used to him, but so far, that hasn't happened. SOOO when breeding time comes in a couple months, it is going to be tricky.

The vet and I have discussed artificial insemination. Even though it is more reliable with both dogs being present (versus using extended or frozen semen) the best estimate is that only 50% result in pregnancy. And that is when the inseminating vet(s) are well experienced... which mine are not. We have already discussed breeding Patsy with Ben... for purebred Poodles (klein size...) because once she has had a litter of pups, she may be more relaxed and accepting of other suitors... like Boon.

As of right now, I have made no decisions... still hoping she'll change her attitude when she comes in season again and I won't have to chose.

New camera
My son bought me a new Sony... teeny tiny! And the pictures above are from it... taken flashless, at night. I plan on practicing with it... with and without a flash... hoping to figure out a way to get a truer representation of puppy colors. No promises.

This photo is of one of the ancient rescues at my house. She is Smokey and is 13 (I think... sometimes info is not accurate.) She is on the pillow on the back of the couch, where she is anytime I'm sitting there. She weighs about 5 pounds and is a blue and white something-or-other.


Quiet Reigns                Sep 27, 2016

Seems like the pups took most of what was left of Summer 2016 with them when they left.
Thanks goodness!
We had 4 times the number of days 90 and above as we usually do in a year... 17 x 4 = 2 many! Even had one day of 92 late last week, but the humidity was way down and it was almost pleasant.
And yesterday we got our second decent rain in over 6 weeks... actually, a number of heavy thunderstorms came through in the afternoon and evening. So heavy, I was surprised at the amount of damage to my "road" when I made my mad dash into town for dinner around 6. Bought a lot of fast food, the better to enjoy the debate with! Never been a fan of wrestling, but I might be changing my mind.

Have some pictures to share that were sent this month, of pups from previous litters.
The oldest puppy is Bo, from Emy and Boon's early 2014 litter (making him 2 years, 9 months.) He weighs 39 pounds.

His person says: " He is a lover. Couldn't ask for a better dog."

Then, from the January 2015 repeat breeding of Em and Boon, Willy at a year and 9 months)

Can you tell they're full brothers?

And a girl, sweet Pepper from Nugget and Hoo-Rah's September 2015 litter
Pepper is such a good girl, her family is on the waiting list for a best friend for her.

Finally, two of Peri and Boon's boys who were lucky enough to move close to each other

Boys and puppies!

Planning on doing an ultrasound in a little over two weeks to see if Ben is going to be a daddy!

All Gone                Sep 20, 2016

The last two pups left within an hour of each other on Saturday. Ranger went to a home with a Whoodle already in residence and Lola is living with a family with dog experience and a 9 year old son to keep her entertained. I slept pretty much all day Sunday (except for tending to the usual dog duties and watching Fear the Walking Dead and Talking Dead for 3 hours.) Yesterday was a repeat of Sunday, except I watched Lucifer from 9-10. Email has backed up. Work on not only my own website but several for other breeders has been neglected as have the laundry, making the bed (I'm in it most of the time anyway) and anything else that doesn't have to do with my immediate survival.

But I'm back.

The 90s are over for the summer. New record of 62, 63, 64... lost interest after 60 (normal is 17 in a year...) breaking the all time (going back all the way to when they started keeping a tally in 1890) record of 55 days. Humidity is way down as well. And we had a good rain... several inches... on Sunday. (Probably why the dogs were willing to ignore my sloth.)

Do I miss the puppies? Yes. Am I happy they've moved elsewhere? Yes. Especially as Ben has done all he could to become a first time daddy and the pitter patter of baby paws will be thundering through the house again in just a few months.

But we need to say good-bye to Cherry Delight (now Lola )

and to Lemon Twist (now Ranger)

both pictured at the vet on Friday. Ranger weighed 15# 4 and Lola was 14# 7, 14 weeks old.Their depart pictures are on their puppy page.

Continuing the Exodus                Sep 11, 2016

Actually, the third puppy, Zeph (nee Orange Crush) left a week ago. And it was almost a massive mistake... on MY part... one I am always afraid of making and this was the first time I did. I had underestimated my exhaustion... easy to do, especially when you're so tired your thinking prowess is diminished. When I picked up the puppy to take him to the airport to meet his new family, I had to scan TWO look-alike boys. Which I did. I even scanned the puppy I was taking after I left the pen with him. Same number. However, I neglected to check my list to make sure the number was the one in the records as going to California. Now, to make things even worse, the puppy who was leaving had been to the groomer the day before and was clean, fluffed up and smelled good and I had trimmed the hair away from the front of his eyes. The one I had in my arms had had none of that done. Ding ding ding went the bells in my head, which I ignored. Then, I'm sitting outside the airport, wondering why the puppy sitting next to me was panting and clearly anxious. After all he had been through the two days before, he should have been relaxed and just waiting to see what happened next. I picked him up, noticing he had a slightly sticky boy puppy belly, and tried to look into his eyes. Which were barely visible behind the unclipped hair around them. DING DING DING went the bells and this time it sank in. There was no way I could get back home, pick up the right puppy and get back to the airport before the plane arrived. I briefly debated trying that and just being "late" when I got back. But... his family was flying all the way across country expecting to meet him within minutes of touch down. What would they think if I wasn't there. So I called my son, who turns his phone off when he doesn't want to be bothered... and often forgets to turn it back on... and he answered. I explained my problem and asked him to go to the house and get the right puppy... and the scanner!... and bring them to the airport like yesterday. Since he was half way to Johnson City... it wasn't going to be a quick trip! I made sure he knew how to tell the boy puppy from the girl puppy... the only two in the pen... then tried to relax for a couple minutes before the family arrived. I was suitably impressed with Zeph's new mom when she took one look at the pup in the car and said "That's Lemon Twist!." I live with these guys and can't tell them apart and she can just from photographs! Amazing. Eventually my son arrived with Zeph (and the scanner) and was back on his way to Johnson City. Zeph snuggled right into his mom's arms, seeming as glad to FINALLY meet her as she was him. His good luck continue because they were able to drive all the way to Nashville in time to get on the plane home AND no one noticed he was too big. (His brother, Archie, made it on board as well.) So the story has a happy ending, my embarrassment not withstanding. The pups are going to see each other often as they are neighbors. I've already got pictures to prove it. But today's post is about Zeph's departure. Unfortunately, the pup I took the photos of that day was not Zeph. And it's taken his dad all week to get me one. So this is Zeph's ARRIVAL portrait.

Zeph weighed 13# 3.

Good News                Sep 8 2016

You probably remember my dissatisfaction with the national medical system and our local practitioners. Well, today I am much happier, at least with today's visit to my doctor. My regularly scheduled twice yearly visit was in June and I convinced Dr. X to change my blood pressure medicine to a different kind. Of course, that didn't work out well and he disappeared on vacation that same afternoon apparently without leaving anyone with enough authority... or maybe just enough sense... to handle things while he was gone. In fact, the people left behind... again apparently... weren't even clued in enough to make notes because when Dr. X returned, he had no idea what my problem was. (To be fair, he has no idea what my problem is even if he doesn't go on vacation!) Anyway, he cancelled the new med... which I had a three month supply of, but hadn't yet taken a single dose... and put me on something else. Today's visit was strictly for blood pressure, to see how I was doing with it. I was supposed to have been on it for 3 months, but it's only been two.

So the good news is... I've lost 10 pounds... while eating everything I can get in my mouth.... and for the first time in 5 years (which was when "we" started taking my blood pressure,) it is within normal, ACCEPTABLE range. I refused to do lab work... we did it 3 months ago... but did get my flu shot. And made my next appointment for March 7th.

For today, at least, all is well!

New litter in the works!
The waiting list has been notified, so now I'm letting everyone know...
if things go well, the ultrasound will be the week of Oct. 10th, and pups will be due the first week of November and ready for their new families at the end of January/early February 2017.

The Exodus, Day 2                Sep 5 2016

On the second day, the first of the three lookalike boys moved to California. He and Eddie, his new best bud, seemed to hit it off right away. They went to sit in the car while Eddie's mom and dad and I talked. Even though we couldn't hear anything, it did seem like pup and boy were communicating. They all flew from Nashville back to California so someone must have been communicating with The Powers That Be as well!

Archie (nee Mellow Yellow) weighed in at 13 pounds 6 ounces, the largest of the litter. He was tied for that spot 10 days ago at 11 and 3/4 pounds.

The Exodus Begins                Sep 4 2016

The first three pups saw the doctor and getting good reports, visited the groomer for some hydrosurge bathing and made their meet and greet appointments with their new families. Well, sort of.

The first out the door was Finn (nee Cola King.) He weighed in at 12 pounds, 1 oz (up from 10 and 1/2 pounds about 10 days ago.) Finn didn't find anything overly taxing during his busy 2 days, barely getting wet mouthed during his first car rides, and got a thumbs up from both his new "mom" and new vet.