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Heads Up!                10/31/17

I, for one, am not unhappy to see the last of October. And I, for one, am not happy to see Daylight Saving Time over for the year. Just wish they'd make it one way... preferably DST... all year long. Especially as "real" time only lasts about 3 months any more and it takes me that long to adjust!

So here's the HEADS UP...
Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th are the Breeders Cup, Thirteen races. ALL of them televised on NBC Sports, except for about an hour both days for the biggie races... the Distaff (for fillies and mares) on Friday and the Classic (for anyone game enough) on Saturday...on regular NBC. Check your local listings.

Now, I'd be camped in front of the tv both days, with the phone off, just for the racing, but I am also scorekeeper for a racing game we have on We are not only doing all 13 races as part of our game but 1 is a 2018 Derby points race AND we are doubling the payouts on 7 of the 13. As if that isn't enough, we are also running our fourth "Challenge" game of the year. The Challenges are not about money... which seems to be the motivator for the interest in racing for at least 90% of people who are interested in racing. The Challenge point is to pick the WINNER of each race in the series. You might think those are the same thing. However, making money betting on a race means picking the horse that is going to PAY the bettor the most and often, that is NOT the winner. The trick is to pick a longshot who is going to finish in the top 3. A lot of people, even in our little "no actual money" involved game, are really into handicapping and they put the time into studying pedigree, past performances, recent works, etc. They generally do the best, at least in our game (which doesn't use things like trifectas, pick 6s, etc to boost total winnings. Handicapping is ALL about those extra betting opportunities.) However, I occasionally end up in the top 3 for a weekend and I pick my horse based on their names, their color, their NOT going back to Storm Cat or Mr Prospector more than once in a 5 generation pedigree and ESPECIALLY their NOT being trained by Bob Baffert or Todd Pletcher or ridden by Mike Smith. The Desormeau brothers, one a trainer and the other, a jockey, are also on my no-no-list. And I seldom play the favorite. So this weekend has a lot of things to consider, even for me, plus there are a lot of European horses here... show them the money and they'll come. I'll be busy, even before I start figuring out everyone's score.

The gist is... if you need me, I'm probably not going to answer the phone. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as there's a commercial!

Pups Checking In                10/25/17

The Patsy/Boon Bunnies have made it to 6 months. One... now Parker but previously Yellow Bunny boy... celebrated after being neutered. Apparently it was a harrowing experience. Look at what happened to his hair!

Isn't that a beautiful... and VERY unusual color for a Whoodle?

Haven't heard from the rest of the litter. Of course, the two girls here are Dusty who is very silvery-gray on her body with black legs and Willow who is still black... but with a silver face.

Pictures. Finally!                10/16/17

Not what I want to get, in the way of photos, but I was working alone.

There are a couple more on the website.
Remember, the girls have just entered their lean, lanky and leggy "teenage" MONTHS and have just been clipped for the first time. They have as much hair as all other Whoodles.

Also, since Boon is now my only male and is too tall to breed Zuri... he tried, remember?... Zuri is available to just the right home. She is a very CUTE little girl... probably going to keep her puppy look all her life. I am looking for a miniature Poodle to breed her with, but if I don't find the right guy before the perfect family for her comes along.... She is 2-1/2 and healthy. And loves attention!

Long Time No See                10/14/17

Nothing wrong here. Just old, tired and busy. Do have some news to report....

First, the two girls from the April "bunny" litter are still here. Mainly for two reasons... they are no trouble and I still haven't gotten any pictures of them. Mean to get that taken care of soon!

Second, both Hoo-Rah and Ben have moved to their new homes. Since I haven't had any "this is not working" phone calls, I assume (and we all know what THAT means) that everything is going well. They have left a big hole in the activity level around here, but that is not necessarily a bad thing!

And third, for the first time in MANY years, I think we're going to have a PUREBRED litter! Since Patsy was in season the week before Ben left and there were any number of things I wanted to know about both her and him, I let him romance and breed her. Technically, they were both first timers since her previous litter was by artificial insemination. (The fact that she allowed him to get close to her in the first place and then to actually breed her means I was at least partially right that her attitude about the PROCESS would change once she had had a litter. Not sure she has any less animosity toward Boon, however.) And I wanted to see if she was going to be an over producer every time AND if there would be some... color variety... with another daddy-dog. Plus, ever since I first met Ben, I've been dying to see what he'd throw. So, if all goes well, early December there will be some answers. Ultrasound scheduled for Nov. 6th.
These will be purebred KLEIN... and hopefully, PARTI... Poodles.
I will NOT dock tails or remove dews OR register the litter, except, maybe with CKC.

And it doesn't change the plans to breed Peri and Boon at the end of the year.

So that's it in a nutshell.


Yellow (Dusty) and Orange (Willow) Bunnies                9/25/17

The last two Patsy/Boon pups at home are still at home. Trying to remember if any of the pups... when they were baby babies... were particularly bound to the nest! They... and the rest of the litter... are 5 months and gorgeous. Got their first big girl haircuts and are striking in a different way than they were in their puppy coats. Now you can see their beautiful long legs and well proportioned bodies. And their "clean" (as in clippped) for the first time faces suit the way they are put together... PLUS you can see their eyes! Now, even though they fit right in with the rest of the gang and have learned most of the things pets should know... not talking obedience training here, just normal living... they need their own homes. Or home.

Just like the homes Ben and Hoo-Rah are bound for. Ben is going to move farther west in Tennessee and become a 'Doodle daddy. He'll like that... and I can hardly wait to see what he throws! And Hoo has captured the heart of... my groomer! He and Ben were there today for their every 3 months beauty appointment (and look terrific!) and when they came to the car it was with an offer I couldn't refuse. I will miss the boys, but am happy they have found their spots at the same time. Hoo is so people oriented he will love going into work every day and meeting all the customers... same for Ben, except his customers will be canine!

Now... Zuri. If I don't find a smaller stud to use with her, I'll have to find a home FOR her. She is just turned two years old and s way too young to be retired! At least around here.

Nothing from Irma Here                9/11/17

Our forecast... just like every other place whose name has been coupled with Hurricane Irma... has changed again. By a lot this time. Thursday afternoon, when I was in town, people were really anxious about our prospect for high winds and much heavier than normal rain. No use telling folks they need to check the NOAA website rather than watch the Weather Channel... and even our usually pretty right on the money local forecasters were feeding the frenzy. But as of today's 5 PM local weather report, any threat to this area has been downgraded to reasonable percentages... bordering on non-existent.

I have friends and close relatives in Houston, and Orlando, Naples and Pt. St. Lucie FL. Was in touch with the Texas folks during the Harvey weekend, but not so much now that the initial danger has past and most of them have left the area, at least until something can be decided about the future. Have NOT heard from anybody in FL since yesterday late afternoon. I'm assuming they are all safe and dry. Two major hurricanes in a little over 2 weeks is more than I want to deal with, even long distance!

On the home front, everything is quiet. Zuri has been in and out of heat without getting bred and I am probably going to sell her. She is only 2 but is definitely not going to get any taller... and Boon, who'll be 7 next month, isn't going to get any shorter. If I wanted an all black litter, I could breed her to Hoo-Rah, but for now, I'm not interested.

Peri is due back in season at the end of the year and she is still thinking nice thoughts about Boon... she greets him FIRST when she has been separated from the other dogs for a while.

And I have not decided what to do about Patsy. Ten puppies in one litter are at least 4 more than I want to deal with and considering that she comes from a large litter (the middle litter of three of the exact same size) and girls usually are rather consistent in the number of pups they produce each time.... (FYI: The female determines the number, the male determines the gender.) If I didn't have more than enough of the oldies... retirees and rescues... still here... I would not hesitate to keep Pat "just" as a pet.

These decisions are never easy!

Willow is doing well. Fitting right back in with everybody... even though she is already taller and heavier than most of them. She's even taking "no" as an acceptable answer when she wants to play with the littlest ones.

So... I hope everyone is safe and dry and has most, if not all, of their possessions intact.

And Back to Two                9/2/17

Sometimes things just don't work out. Unfortunately, for Willow (previously Orange Bunny girl,) her new owner is undergoing some major reconstruction in her life... and there is no room for a puppy right now. So Willow has moved back home with us. Not sure Dusty (Yellow Bunny girl) finds that a great idea. She LOVES being the baby, the ONLY baby. Oh well, we'll all adjust. Eventually.

So now there are two very sweet gals available. Had ALL their shots, sort of housebroken, learning something new and useful every day.

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