Emy and Sparky Pups

DOB: 4/28/10
3 females (all blond) and 5 males (1 black-and-tan, 2 blonds, 2 reds that probably will turn a shade of blond)

These two are of Spider at 15 weeks.

And a play group at 11 weeks

Farther down the page are photos take
7/11/10. Brother, the right now black and tan puppy was not in them because he didn't want to be in the yard. However, since then he's been talked into it by the other pups soooo after 2 days of rain
heerrree's BROTHER!

And here are a couple other pups, although with one exception, I'm not sure who they are:

and Elliott (with his nose off the ground for a change!)

Pix taken 7/11/10
The pups are learning how to do the steps from the deck to the yard... well, some of them are! There are no pictures of Brother on this page because every time I put him at the bottom of the stairs, instead of running off to join his littermates, he worked his way back up to the deck and finally went into the house so I couldn't get him.
Running is the first thing the pups engage in once they're out in the yard as evidenced by
Lola    and Charlie
and Marco
There were others doing it, but it's not always easy to tell who is who, even from the front, at a sit!

Marco still running

Remy running and relaxing
Charlie a little slower



In pairs and groups. I will not absolutely swear to positive identification!

Marco with Spider

Charlie and Marco (the back view)

Beckett with Spider

Lola, Remy, Elliott and Beckett

Elliott and Beckett

Remy, Elliott, Charlie, Beckett and Wombat (the Goldendoodle)

And that's all folks!