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Emy and Boon's Pups Arrived 8/26/11!
All sold

Pictured at 2 years

Pictured at 7 months

Seamus (black) and his 17 months old nephew, Tucker (from Cotton and Brogue)

Random shots at 11 weeks of age

At ease in the new puppy pen, 10/16/11 (7weeks)

Blond female ** 50/50 parti girl and black with most white parti * * Black-and-tan guy

Blond male and black with least white male * * Most white parti female

Random shots of play time before the major collapse:

Emy's litter pictured on their 2 weeks birthday, 9/09/11

Emy has seven STUNNING babies by my new stud dog, Boon.
There are 4 males ... blond, black-and-tan, and 2 black with white on their chests.
And 3 females ... blond and 2 parti (spotted.)

This was Boon's very first litter... he is such a prodigal! Emy has had several litters before and she is a terrific mom. She has had just about every color and pattern in the Whoodle world. Em's pups are sweet and smart and several are in pet therapy programs
because of their calm demeanor.