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A very tired mama

Klein is German and Moyen is French for MEDIUM.
The KLEIN is a size of Poodle, recognized around the world except in the US. Here, we have just 3 sizes: TOYS which are up to 10 inches, MINIATURES up to 15 inches and everything over that is a STANDARD. The problem is, you won't see anything in the standard show ring under 23-24 inches and there are a lot of Poodle pups that mature bigger than 15 inches and smaller than 22. That's where the klein/moyen fits in. In the US, those pups are called oversized minis or small standards depending on which of the recognized sizes it is closer too.

24 hours later

Ben and Pat are house pets. Although they are crate and x-pen trained, they usually spend their time following me from room to room, occasionally allowing me to sit on the couch with them. They like car rides and meeting new people. They get along well with other dogs and don't seem to notice the deer who come calling... since we live in the woods, that happens fairly often, (It is a different matter with the feral cats who sun themselves just outside the fence which is always cause for alarm!)

NINE puppies here on December 4, 2017!

Should be ready to go just before Valentine's Day 2018.
One exciting present to cover Christmas AND Valentine's!

Six parti (spotted) and 3 solid black which might silver.Four females, five males.

Until Christmas, the price is $1000.
Reserve yours NOW! Males and females available.

A couple of things... I am in northeast TN and do not ship. Puppies must be picked up. And, I do not dock tails or remove front dews.

Mom is Patsy.
From this at 4 months:
to this at nearly a year:
and this when grown:
Pat is almost 18 inches and weighs a solid 30 pounds (when clipped.)

Patsy on 11/16/17... 7-1/2 weeks pregnant

Dad is Ben.

Almost 2 years old.
Ben was measured at exactly 19 inches and weighing 45 pounds (with a full coat.)

The color and pattern possibilities stagger the mind!

To the naked eye, this boy... and one other... look "black BUT." The camera sees this:

Going to be interesting seeing how this color developes!

Puppies are microchipped, wormed and have their first shots, They are started on paper training. Among their toys are a short slide (which they often end up sleeping on) and a set of stairs (for "king of the mountain" games.) Since the "media" (as in tv and computer) room is theirs for the most part, they get extensive attention and learn a lot of English! For nights and any time I can't supervise, they have a huge 10' X 10' exercise pen (in the media room) which helps them get used to being confined.

To reserve a pup, email me at Once you are approved, a non refundable deposit is required.