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(aka CLOO)

Clooney was bred by a friend of mine and is a great granddaughter of Brogue.
She was born in Washington on April 1, 2012.

As a youngster, Clooney was almost solid black... at least on top. An inch or so from the skin it turned silver and
over the last year, the black has faded to a beautiful dark gray.

Clooney is right around 20 pounds and has a lot of curl to her coat.
She is an active girl who will probably never outgrow puppyhood!

When Clooney arrived, she had the company of her cousin (several times removed,) Peri and Sparky's daughter, Esther.
Miss Esther was a month younger, but already bigger!

Now pretty much grown up, Clooney is steel gray all over except for darker "points" on her legs and muzzle.

(Note how this girl stands four square all the time. She'd be perfect for hands-off showing if that was where she was going!)

Clooney is pictured in a very short clip. Her coat is much darker when it is long.

Clooney and Boon

(Another note: obviously neither of these dogs is thinking about "sitting" in the obedience show ring!)

In mid-2014, Cloo moved to Georgia to be come a much loved and very loving pet.