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My darling Whoodle BACKCROSS (F1B) girl is out of Emy and sired by Sparky.

She stands about 18 inches tall, is around 30 pounds and as solid as a rock!

October 2009

She was born in a litter of 8 and was one of the 3 blond girls I called "the triplets" because they were so alike I couldn't tell them apart.

Don't ask me which of them she is!

In April 09, a change in hair styles

from 6 and 7 months.

Cotton got her name because her coat is so soft. Her temperament is just as soft... she is sweet natured and laid back. She plays nicely with everyone, regardless of age or size. AND she listens when I tell her something.
Cotton has a great attitude!

I had not originally planned on keeping this puppy, but time after time, I found something wrong with everyone who wanted to buy her until, finally! It dawned on me that Cotton belonged here and my subconscious knew it.

For breeding purposes, Cotton is backcrossed again, this time to her grandsire, my SCWT, Brogue. Interestingly, although Cotton is more Poodle than Wheaten, she is the spitting image of her granddad. Just compare their photos!

This should make the resulting pups STATISTICALLY ABOUT 50/50 Wheaten and Poodle (with dash more of the SCWT.) I suspect ALL of their pups will all be the very pale wheaten color of both Cotton and Brogue, but THAT is not up to ME.
They should also be in the 32-40 pound range.