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(aka DI)

My miniature Poodle girl is Harlequin Li'l Diamond Lil, affectionately known as Di. She is out of the last litter of Poodles I bred and her parents are now retired. Di is a black and white parti with both silver and tan markings. She weighs around 20 pounds and is all muscle.

Diamond is VWD 'clear' and OFA "good" at 5 years.
She is very self assured without being bossy and gets along with all my dogs.

JUST before her October 20 2009 litter

Di is a great mama... she loves the boys, she loves being pregnant and she'd never leave her puppies if I didn't sell them out from under her (so to speak!)
I breed Diamond to Brogue for first generation (F1) Whoodles. That means her pups are 50% Poodle and 50% Wheaten.The FIRST generation of ANY cross is the ONLY generation where you can be absolutely sure of the genetic percentages a pup will inherit from each breed.

Just to show you the difference in size, this is Di and the standard Poodle, Dandy.

Di retired in 2011 and spends her time trying to get me to sit so she can be in my lap.