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(aka EMY)

Emy is a first generation (F1) Whoodle. She is from Diamond and Brogue, and,
like her parents, OFA "good."

When born, she was very dark red with a black mask but has lightened up to a shade of wheaten with an overlay of black "lace." In the above pictures she is 4 years old.

October 2009, clipped

April 2009, coated

Above, Emy at 3.

Sweet Emy is 29 pounds and about 16-17 inches at 10 years. She is all muscle and loves it outside where she alternates sunning herself and keeping the yard free of squirrels.

Emy in full coat and clipped for the first time.

Em has had litters with both my miniature Poodle and standard Poodle. Most recently, she's had a litter with my new Wheaten, Boon. Her pups generally have more Poodle than Wheaten in them BUT it is impossible to say what each's genetic make-up is. People like to think pups from a backcross are 75% of the breed backcrossed to and 25% of the other. However, genetics simply doesn't work like that.

Em is a wonderful mama and is still the best friend of her daughter, Cotton, who also lives here.