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(aka Hoo)

Hoo is a great guy! He is well bred, sweet natured and totally gorgeous!
DOB: 7/13/13

Hoo is a small klein, standing a little over 15 inches and weighing around 18 pounds.
This is a size of Poodle, recognized around the world except for guess where. In the US, MINIATURES are up to 15 inches and everything over that is a STANDARD. The problem is, you won't see anything in the standard show ring under 23-24 inches and there are a lot of Poodle pups that mature bigger than 15 inches and smaller than 22. In the US, those pups are called oversized minis or small standards depending on which of the recognized sizes it is closer too.
Klein is German and moyen is French for MEDIUM.

Normally, the dogs are here for their entire lives. The number of retirees snoozing on the furniture here has forced me to buy a chair just for ME! However, I have reached the stage when I can't keep everything especially if it is young and would adjust easily to a new home. And in five litters, Hoo-Rah has thrown ONLY black pups. (Many have minor white markings and a number give indications of silvering as they age.) All black is great for Poodle breeders... but not for hybrids. Therefore, the gorgeous, sweet Hoo-Rah is looking for new digs.

My small klein Poodle guy is terrific! He is as sweet as any dog I've ever had and absolutely has never met someone he didn't want to be friends with. Here he is meeting his new vet the moment she walked through the door.


He is a beautiful solid coal black with a heavy coat and has a wonderful pedigree (champion sired, 3 champion grandparents, English on dam's side.) He is an easy, persuasive breeder and his pups have been as sweet and gorgeous as he. He would be great for a Poodle breeding program. And perfect for a family looking for a pet. Since he is so people oriented, he is NOT available to a kennel home.

Hoo-Rah at 3-1/2 years.

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These photos make Hoo look big. But this one with my son (6'5") should put his size in perspective.