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(nee "Goldie")

Nugget is the daughter of Emy (Diamond/Brogue) and Boon, which makes her an F1B (Wheaten.)

As a puppy, she was sold to a family who named her Goldie and did the best they could for her. However, once she reached adulthood, it was clear she wasn't happy in an active house with lots of people coming and going all the time. So she moved back home to Tennessee.

The first thing that changed, after her environment, was her name. First, she is no longer gold or even blond... or cream. She is as close to white as any (non parti) Whoodle gets. Second, Goldie doesn't quite fit with Diamond, Emerald and Peridot. Even Zuri, the puppy brood-bitch-in-waiting, has a name that translates to "my rock." (The only girl here with a "normal" name is Patsy, the klein Poodle. Get it?) So, Goldie is now Nugget, a name she immediately responded to.

Nugget is 24-25 pounds and maybe 19 inches tall. As I said, she is off white...french vanilla... and has a fairly curly coat. She is extremely sweet natured and affectionate AND is getting along well with her relatives and the other dogs here, regardless of age, size or breed. Her favorite thing is playing out in the yard with Zuri and Patsy.

My Poodle guy, Hoo-Rah is the dog Nugget will be bred with.