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(pictured at 1 year, sporting her first haircut, showing off her silver markings)

Like most of my dogs, Patsy has a low opinion of picture taking...

PATSY is a parti-colored (spotted) klein/moyen Poodle from a litter of 9 parti-colored pups.

Pat just shy of 3 years:

Pat's parents are both parti-colored and both moyen or klein. Mom is 18 inches and dad just shy of 17.
Patsy is 17-18 inches and a solid 30 pounds.

(pictured on 10 months birthday)

And here she is 11/16/17, 7-1/2 weeks pregnant.

Klein is the FOURTH Poodle size, recognized around the world except for guess where.
In the US, MINIATURES are up to 15 inches and everything over that is a STANDARD. The problem is, you won't see anything in the standard show ring under 23-24 inches and there are a lot of Poodle pups that mature bigger than 15 inches and smaller than 22. In the US, those pups are called oversized minis or small standards depending on which of the recognized sizes it is closer too.
Klein is German and moyen is French for MEDIUM.

Patsy at 4 months