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(aka "PERI")

Peri is a first generation Whoodle. Her DOB is 10/24/10. She is OFA "good."
Her parents are my miniature Poodle, Diamond, and my now retired Wheaten Terrier, Brogue which makes her a little sister to Emy.
At 5 years, Peri is 19 pounds and about 16 inches (10 pounds and a couple inches less than Emy.)

almost 4 months old

This girl has retained a lot of her "lace" (sabling,) even more than Emy has.
She has also kept much of her puppy independence...
sometimes she likes the camera (or is willing to accommodate me)
and sometimes, not so much!

In September of 2011, just before she was a year old, Peri escaped from the yard through a gate left open by the man who worked for me. Her niece, Cotton (Emy's daughter,) was lost too. Two weeks later, I got Peri back. This is her out in the yard the day she returned, followed closely by her mom, Di.

Her weeks running loose in the woods changed her. She has lost some of her "take it or leave" attitude and her favorite place to be, now, is close to me.
She still is spunky, sassy and sometimes silly. Her favorite playmate is my Chinese Crested and they pretty much wear each other out, making both easier to live with!

Peri has had 2 litters with Sparky, my now retired miniature Poodle who is almost the exact same size as she. My new guy, Hoo-Rah, is her new beau. Their pups are a tad larger than those with Sparky, generally in the 18-25 pound range.