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Introducing Mountain Summit's newest...

(aka Zuri)

Zuri celebrated her first birthday in March with her first haircut.

Pictured at 7 months

ZURI is a first generation Whoodle from a Wheaten mom and a mini Poodle dad.
Her name means "my rock" in Hebrew, "beautiful" in Swahili and "lovely" in French.
She's all three!

I am excited to have this sweetheart who comes from a new breeder in... Missouri.
She has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Her mom is around 35 pounds and her dad a mere 17.

The plan WAS to let Zuri grow up and then breed her to Boon (SCWT) and to Ben (klein Poodle.)
However, she is just not going to get big enough, weight or height for me to be 100 % comfortable doing that. At a year, she is around 20 pounds and maybe 14-15 inches.

Zuri * * *    :  * * * Zuri with her friend, one of Peri's pups