Nugget's Second Six (from 6 weeks on )
Pix from birth to 6 weeks

Sired by Hoo-Rah (black klein Poodle,) the four boys and two girls are... all black!

Puppies are identified by the stuffed animals in their photos.

Update on weights: at 12-13 weeks, the two girls were still the smallest, weighing in at 10# plus, after them were Fox (13#,) Monkey (13# 10) and TanBear (15+) which leaves Hippo, still the largest JUST shy of 20.

Starting July 2nd, 12 weeks and leaving for their new homes!

Monkey         moved to GA on the 16th

On the 14th, Fox headed to NYC to become his family's second Broadway star

Baxter left for FL on the 10th            and Cal moved to GA on the 12th

Nellie left for FL on July 4th            Wicket moved to NYC on the 2nd

June 22, 10-1/2 weeks old

This puppy available! SOLD, moving to NY!
Email for details.

June 10, 9 weeks old


June 5th - 8 weeks, picks made

Moving to GA

Moving to GA, now CAL                 Moving to FL, now BAXTER

Moving to NYC, now WICKET                 Moving to FL

May 29th, 7 weeks

May 25th, 6-1/2 weeks

Six weeks old, first individual pictures, 5/21/16