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Patsy and Boon's TEN Pups

DOB: 4/19/17
4 males and 6 females. EIGHT black (with various amounts of white markings) and TWO who will lighten up to some shade of wheaten, with or without black lace (tipping or sabling.)

Individual pictures (first time I've ever had help with pictures, not that it wasn't needed)

Eight months... first snow

Willow and Dusty

Now almost six months:

Willow was Orange Bunny. Dusty was Yellow Bunny

Pups and their new families

    Now living in KY

Blue bunny, male moved to IN.

Charcoal Bunny, male, moved out 8/2 and Orange Bunny, female, on her way west 7/30/17.

AVAILABLE PUPS, thirteen weeks:
MALES (7/20/17)

FEMALES (7/2017)

Twelve weeks, moving time:

Cream Bunny girl ready to leave for Atlanta and 8 hours later adjusting well and loving her new BFF!

Blue Bunny girl, in Ohio and Tan Bunny, now Madelyn, in NC

Yellow-Carrot Bunny, male, now in NC

Pups who have picked their families, 11 weeks old:

15-1/4                  and              15 pounds

14                                     12                                 11 pounds

FYI: weights for the available pups are
MALES: Charcoal -- 15-1/4 and Blue -- 16 pounds
FEMALES: Yellow -- 12, Orange -- 14 and Lavender --14-3/4 pounds

AVAILABLE pups, 9-1/2 weeks old:
MALES (6/26)

FEMALES (6/26)

Available pups, 8 weeks old:
MALES (6/14)

FEMALES (6/14)

8 weeks old. Puppies that have been chosen by their families:

MALES (6/10)

FEMALES (6/10)

Now 7 weeks!
MALES (6/7)


Starting to form opinions and understand there's a flash on the camera
MALES (6/4)


MALES (5/29)

FEMALES (5/29(

5/26/17 Exactly 37 days old, microchipped, eating solid kibble (but still want Mommy a couple times a day,) some even using the newspaper!