Before Ben left for his new job as a 'Doodle-Daddy, he and Patsy had a romantic interlude. Both are purebred klein/moyen size Poodles.
Patsy is around 17 inches and 30 pounds, Ben was measured at 19 inches, 45 pounds.

NINE beautiful, healthy and active babies arrived 12/4/17.. Six parti-colored (white with colored patches) and 3 all black which,
considering Patsy's own color evolution and that of several pups in her first litter, could very well turn silver.

The pups are turning 7 weeks in a couple days and are making their first trips to the groomers.
Funny how taking a little fuzz of their faces makes them look like... POODLES!

This guy is sold but
THIS beautiful chocolate parti (and his brother who has more white) are available

5 weeks old

The Nine turned 3 weeks and right on schedule discovered...

Two weeks old

The two choc/red parti boys and a black parti boy and girl.

For INDIVIDUAL pictures of all 9 pups, faces and bodies (of the parti pups to show markings) click Girls or Boys

One week old

Newborn pictures from 12/4/17

brand new                        24 hours old

5 males                        4 females