Announcing the Arrival of Bill and Bob!
Both sold

Bear with Jack and Mitch the day after shipping

Departure photos, taken 4/12/13. Both boys left the next day.

Bob - - - - - - - - - - Bear (nee Bill)

BILL, moving to Connecticut

BOB, moving to Alabama

(10 weeks)
* * You can easily see the color progression from dark to light in the pictures. * *

On Monday, Jan. 14th, at high noon, Peri had a c-section and an hour later got to come home
with her two "strapping big boys," Bill and Bob, pictured below at 5 and 3 weeks.

(5 weeks)

(3 weeks)

Dad is my miniature Poodle, Sparky.
He and Peri are in the adults section below and if you click on their pictures there, you will go to an individual page of info and photos for each.

Bill (the red sable) is named for my vet and Bob (the red) is... just Bob because it goes with Bill.

(15 days            -       1 week       -            3 hours old)

Both pups WILL lighten up in color... Bob will be blond, Bill already has so much red showing, he could be too!
I expect they will mature in the 20-25 pound range, but NOTHING is guaranteed!